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Sunday, February 16, 2014

I haven't posted in awhile...  I added some new poetry instead of putting it to music I posted the lyrics connected to the dex tracker site.  No big deal, I am listing to some Nicki Minaj,  I suspect that there are no terrorists jumping out of these songs, that is probably not true of everything I listen to but I don't know any of the terrorists personally so everyone is probably out of luck.  Not sure what good code breaking does really.  playing around with adsence and google adsence keeps going around in circles.  I am not sure if I was thrown out or what, not that it pays all that well to self publish but it is nice to know that if I show adds they will count them.

Sunday, December 04, 2011


war or war like projects and an end to recession.

I see that prices are dropping for solar panels and I don't thing that even a trade war will stop the prices from going down further. Remembering world war two you had no growth and then 20% inflation in the 40's after the war for a year.. I don't see that happening, but I think that solar will take off in the western states unless the government stops it, A completely different concept than government subsidies. Theres a ploitical thing about choice and using as much as one wants to with 100 watt bulbs exc.. no conservation because the more you burn the more jobs you have so I suspect that solar will be the only growth area for instalation of so called green energy and maybe bio-gas if people get tireed of driving garbage around. I have averaged down my price of wm 1.3% and recieved one dividend lower thats about 1% every quarter I limit my account to 5% in wm though.. I don't see any hurry to buy a little at a time get some dividends... listening to marc faber he seems down tone and is talking about comodies going down, wm is only part comodities and it has to buy as well as sell.... I am not sure about oil going down though, I see panic going on in the plastic market where oil is being taken out either through ligher containers or organic materials like corn stalks..

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


term code for merc medco matches zip code for bank...

The merk medco code was termination is/was 69 matching the zip code for first commerce bank (now kleberg bank).... The security guard would always say if you get me fired you will have to support me.. I would suppose you would need a board to play chess/checkers... Looking at the zip code you would have your fired/911 depending on what branch you were looking at, you wouldn't know because the merger had not taken place yet, internet says it was 2007. If you knew way in advance you had the date of the attack. For some reason I was thinking both attacks but that is not true..

KLEBERG BANK P.O. Box 911 Kingsville, Texas 78364-0911 (361)592-8501
P.O. Box 7669 Corpus Christi, Texas 78467-7669 (361)850-6800

Thursday, November 10, 2011


something roleplayed...

I sorta get concerned.... someone roleplaying something about a child maybe (I saw said person on the internet also)... pants, I roleplay the pants (color exc) they wear the.. then h.e.b. stop.... maybe they are not role-playing something, maybe they are and need a cop.

Friday, October 21, 2011


flowers vs bimbo...

I was looking at something that I find odd.... It went from flowers (flo) owning the world to flowers having less products on the shelf and outright matchups with other products..


1) independent distribute who might sell his buisness.
2) suspicious restaurant that might be involved with prostitution (give bad advice intentionally.
3) sales don't seem to match up with volume dropoff localy..

I would intentionally try to get you to short the stock because your not a prostitute unless I convince you to do that.

does that mean buy or sell, betting against a company that raises it's dividend every year is risky indeed. I noticed the price split made the option price more affordable and I must have a lower average price or it is not worth getting a large purchase... I don't think it is as atractive as intel (and the sarcasm value of intel is very very good.) You are going to harrass me near a citgo plant about a jewish geothermal company and you are ant-semantec (the virus protection software intel owns).

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