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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Strange bus ride

Seems like there is a lot more people than we usually have on route 32.. sro.. Standing room only.. The only chick who isn't mentally challenged that I have seen with a bus pass in years. She was going to stand up in the front of the bus. I was standing near one of the doors. I let her know that there was a seat near the back of the bus she could use.. She was very fortunate to have a seat while it was unfortunate we almost ran into a white Toyota. License plates I think it was 67 something.. Don't recall. kvr must be down or my site was down for awhile (traffic).. I don't have my book yet but I have some code to try out so I am pretty excited about that and finaly having some money I am down to $20.. Some guy is talking about the union exc.. He said he was against but paid dues for two months and that people who are screwups are the ones who want the union exc.. exc.. I heard someone say once that no one is perfect.. Hopefully that is not famous last words befour he is replaced by a machine... Design... It is called passive solar.. Amazing powers of observation will tell you that the black metal is very hot.. I said solar water heater but realy it is something more up our alley.. Like an electric car door where the black metal is hidden until it gets warmer.. Somewhere on the internet they used beer or soda cans and painted them black.. It is global warming of the indoors.. That thing that Al Gore warns us about... Not the gasses but the darker tones heating stuff up.. repainting our Scrap might even work... Truck Tool boxes, what else.. Oh yea non-demonitatial truck boxes... Doesn't matter to me who makes the trucks we do custom stuff just change our shirts on the weekends..

Monday, August 28, 2006


Larry Olivarez posters go up where used car lot was towed away

For a year .... year and a half I was getting abuse about driving a car.. For a while every day I would walk past the used car lot between Nueces County juvinial detention and the ditch. Every day I would get abuse asking me why I didn't drive and then what do you know the used car lot was removed right before the Larry Olivarez signs went up.. I may call and see if I can get the cars towed from thier current location.. Not only was thier a used car lot on county property there is an asian resteraunt where some guy cooks with a wok in front of apac. I can imagine that no one has jurisdiction over anything and that is a big part of it.

The corpus christi police department stopped me this morning.. didn't seem like a big deal.. I am not sure if I am going to be harrased by them or not. Seemed like they were around on friday but that doesn't mean they are concerned about me.. They wanted to know where I was going.. Here is Larry Oliverez email if anyone want's to ask questions about the whole conspiracy that the apac security should have been aware of. mailto:info@larryolivarez.org and the website http://www.larryolivarez.org/index.html

Friday, August 25, 2006


he's going to wok for the rest of his life...

He's stupid he is going to wok for the rest of his life.. Alot of people like to sell cars near his resteraunt.. Some of the cars may have went into protective custody. It sorta looks like chaos.. One car had a sign posted over the price like they were trying to hide it or something or were told to remove it... Very odd.,, asian chick at the times market... She doesn't like me because I don't by lottery tickets.. They may be trying to sell it by convincing someone they could do a better job of running it.. Three midight lovers for $1.. I am not sure if I should call the asian chick sister or not.. The wedding ring doesn't bother me as long as it is just her that comes to the apartment... I want to order my python book but sleep is something I want pretty badly right now..

Thursday, August 24, 2006


cars and such

More of the abuse last night.. It starts by talking about what excuse I am giving for not driving exc. exc. exc. ... It would be proper to prosicute the reasons I don't drive but we have a job to do and we don't play games around power tools and saws... The moron kept me up past 10:30... List of cool sounds... It's the compresser and the drills that make all the cool sounds.. Time is an important thing also not just money.. Some sound samples may be worth doing just to keep the kids busy.. High tek though is probily not something that is afordable in alot of cases.. One of the recycling places will go away if we go away along with all thier rail cars exc.. I am going to get the harrasment about driving... I am not answering questions unless I can make fun of the person around my apartment I just won't do it.. It apears the guy is realy mad because when he asks a question that is none of his buisness he feels he can use harrasment to "overcome the objection" as they claim they do in telemarketing..
Walmarts and other companies became warehouse stores... We should be borrowing some of thier shelf item lists they hang from the ceiling.. computerised cut lists sent from one machine to another, dex tracker software of corse would use sound to distract someone at the exact time they are making the cut.. So the counter to that would be to send the length to the machine instead of the paper.. I am going to get my python book and then I should make some cash... Lots of jobs are listed and I have a strange resume that should get me at least some telecomuting stuff.. maybe not but it is part of the new charecterasion unless I get laid... software or sex.. or some chick wearing software or getting laid by some chick wearing software is probily best


another dex-tracker mirror

These people are not checking copy rights and stuff.. I am not tripping on it, I am just noticing these people could get into trouble. http://ftp.roedu.net/mirrors/sf.net/d/de/dex-tracker/ the asian site may have posted the program when I advertised for help with the program.. It is possible that this is just a german mirror to avoid long distance bandwidth.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


The number one spot for dex tracker in google..

I am thinking someone at l.k. jordan is mad at me but I don't seem to be doing better through the other ones.. I did get a job offer cleaning up city hall or so the phone said.. I don't realy need my hearing to write music software just to write music, I am buying a manual this weekend though.. I hate looking up stuff on the internet and don't realy like e-books and the one I have doesn't have examples of the commands.. You just have a command and not even an explanation in python.. I could go for a certification, I am a little more motivated than I have been befour.. I sorta hit a brick wall on the promition I think it is fresh meat that I need to figure out how to log into. I noticed I was mirrored on some unix site in china or somewhere, probily china where they don't like windows so much.. Every day it is some stuff about alochol whatever maybe because of the security camara or something.. The blade is sitting at more of an angle than it was.. doesn't seem to bother the people I work with.. Martinez was even has almost the same expresion satire like of the guy in the safty video when they tell you what not to do... I would freak if that hit someone I may even have nightmares about it..

Monday, August 21, 2006


He says I have got a video camera what does that mean to you

Some vocal weirdness (avoid targeting) around the apartment last night and a quote in the title...
she is bus route 17... Most likely..

saw blade at an angle
sitting on a stool (on a pillow on a stool)

I want you to make a yellow tape
and put all your initials on it.

thousand tiny knives
aluminum shards or acid.

this probily needs some work not on the lyrics but on the rythem and order
of things. I finaly got my check from absolute I am back to be happy with
them.. It may be the post office that delayed it I have had that sort of
problem in the past.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


search of arab on the python group

This may be a hoax or most likely is a hoax, or you can have variations with other views I can't find anything right
away. The guy does claim to have links to python books and says you are required to delete
them within 24 hours to avoid the copyright restriction also roleplayed on another site.

Daniel predicts the US presidential election for 2000
On 12 Nov 2000 23:44:00 -0000, Daniel Joseph Min wrote:
The 42nd President of the United States is the very
last of all the American Presidents to hold office.

He will announce our *National Emergency* shortly,
thus will continue in the office of the President,
having already been inaugurated in due diligence
when he was elected President. Gore is still VP.

&There is no reason to repeal the 22nd amendment,
given that Mr. President William Jefferson Clinton
has been elected twice only, and no more, thus the
amendment does not apply. Neither does a term limit
apply in his case, given that this is indeed a true
state of emergency with bloody violence seen to be
escalating in the State of Florida and elsewhere,
spreading like wildfire as it is in the mid east.


python thread

more on kia arab notice program blows up and () from 2000


packing stuff

We could be using construction waste as part of out packaging.. Someone with a garage saw and access to used wood that is in durable shape.... Maybe that is unworkable.. We have some packing wood that may be able to be reused instead of thrown away.. I am not sure we sort the steel out.. We could be close to a zero trash company.. Glue two together and you have a sideblock.. maybe that isn't strong enough..


Saturday caller times

Looks like an act of sabotage or something.. Since when do we import cars from north Korea?? I was reading the unemployment rate article and had to really question the headline as misleading although I sometimes see misleading headlines in the finacial things I read.. I should be careful with brown sugar.. I had a little bit of a food reaction, I think because of the brown sugar. There must be some kind of chemical difference between the relay dark stuff and lighter brown sugar.. They will never put that on a label though.. My muscles seem to contract when I sit down after being upright for awhile. I notice it takes a little stretching or moving at full speed again..


route 32

I am sure the chick is up to something... for the security camaras maybe, The guy looked like he had been out of the sun way to long and was begining to get heat stroke.. There is a time and a place for all things under heaven and that is not the time or the place... There is one mobil home sign left right on the route just daring me to paste something on to it.. looks like the board is moving a little bit back and forth in the wind.. fantastic view from the bus..

Friday, August 18, 2006


heavy abuse last night

I was getting heavy abuse last night, comments about not driving.. Not as heavy as I was getting when I was working at apac.. There is a car dealership near a snow cone place on baldwin that has decided to join the criminal conspiracy to harrass me about not driving.. Retired people don't like family buiness because they don't help fund thier retirement maybe I can get an informant.. They sound like liquer warehouse I had worked at sounded..

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Council of American-Islamic Relations

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, What sort of horror story about a wiretap and harassment would support their position on wiretaps. I.E. That there should not be any. I heard a little bit this morning again and then some one told him to shut up or he might beat him up, a lot of times I hear crap about transactions I make in an abusive manner. The theory being that we can create a horror story that supports the council of American-Islamic Relations by harassing Dexter about not driving and be abusive about investing money..

The paper came early today.. Staff sgt Micheal Chadwick "CHAD" Lloyd died today, remember the first paragraph.. Harassment and abuse about money in a way that sounds like a horror story that would support the position of the Council on American-Islamic Relations position on wiretapping of Arabs to prevent terrorist attacks, not saying that it did happen just that when you have the power to promote the American-Islamic agenda by harassing some guy who did not short trade Hilton or hotel stocks for you without fear of proscution there is something wrong.. Checking to make sure he wasn't targeted is a responsibility of the military .. I don't plan to reveal my
"source or source code" as it were there are words that can be looked up on speculation in google groups but you also have to check the features.. One person purported to talk to another person for reasons unknown in a suspitious manner. I.E. Can the posts be changed? How long can they be changed. Who would look for the post exc. Along those lines..

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


kia arab

This is something intresting I found on a python forum from 2000

"Please give an example of the "bombinh". I suspect you do
"from module import *".


a) don't do it
b) read the language ref. about from module import *, and names that begin
with underscore.
Moshe Zadka .

take that however you want to.... trade import it is all the same thing. maybe a stretch on the meaning though..

kia arab

couple looked like I had come back from the dead or something.. very odd.. They add to making the residential street near apac more suspitious and he shakes like he has parkensons.. I will start hanging out on the bus and it will be someone who looks like him..

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


when woman decide things why ask

People with alternative lifestyles at work keep asking me my age and other personal information. Realy no ones buiness though I told him every day I get a call telling me about identity theft and how other people want to be me... It is true it is a suspitious question in the world we live in today. Women they advertise they tell you how old they want you to be so it is up to them, whatever she wants.. (I didn't say this) So if some woman says you should grow up... well... I haven't seen my check from absolute yet.. I am needing the cash bad.. It may be the post office and not them.. looks like there is another check that hasn't arived also..

Monday, August 14, 2006


Other inhalers

I have noticed other inhalers at work besides magic markers. 3m has a glue in an aerosol can that includes several explosive gases and naphtha. I don't know if I should do a study to see if there is more use on Friday and Saturday of inhalers than what you would normally see during the week. I am not sure why you would need that instead of elmers wood glue, also causes nerve damage according to the can. I noticed a lot of use on one of the cans on Saturday.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


magic markers

Not that it isn't possible that I would get frustrated but the guy causes problems.. Today we got high on magic markers... Not because we wanted to but because both of the tables were painted with artwork in magic marker.. and I did use the marker a little bit to label some boxes, alot of boxes left over from yesterday. I may have saved a couple of large items from getting damaged.. I still haven't got my check from absolute.. hopefully they have sent it...

Friday, August 11, 2006


overhead door company

When you think of horton you probily think of d.r. horton, not sanwa shutter corp.. There is no mention on the website at all of a u.s. listing.. If there is an adr it is an unsponsored one.. I am getting to see alot of interaction, roleplaying as it were.. I would like to be in my element so to speak. There was some sort of union election for leaders exc by the siu (if I have that correct) I came in to that to late to know about shop issues exc.. The rest they could just mail you for the leaders.. You would think it would be easier to find cwa + corpus christi on the internet but I don't have any info on things..

Thursday, August 10, 2006


searhing for python stuff


arabic spellcheck project I was looking for the quote about blowing up pearl instilations worldwide seems like it came from a published programmer... I was told to go to airport road this morning. My boss is mark... That is intresting, and me now as part of the source should be protected.... lots and lots of hours.. I was asked about what street that is on on the bus.. airport road.. just a strange coincidence and maybe some satire. I did look for plummer and liquid plummer on speculation.
What would pm stand for??? The cwa people seem alright suprised me that they would represent manufacturing.. Natural gas prices are a real killer for us because they are a real killer for our customers probily not so much for our product but for construction. The usual problem makes raw materials higher, higher gas bills and higher electric bills. Not realy sure what happened yet when all the terrorists were running amuck probily find out tommorow morning in the paper...


Terrorists run amuck in britton

Terrorists were planning to blow up a british airline this morning.. Less demand = lower oil prices. That is what you would think. The price is down $1 this morning. I think they shut the airport down entirely.. 32 people were arrested. I start work this morning hopefully I can fix my finances, The money is good but the housing market is not at it's peak.. We may have other markets that we haven't looked at.. Someone once told me you can make a door into a table.. I was looking at all those heavy poles long past and thinking about how that reminded me of those home turbine kits I was seeing on T.V. The poles may not be the right design though..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


intresting people of pythonforums.org


Joined: 03 Mar 2006
Posts: 471
Location: Where ever the voices in my head tell me to go

This is a link to from the bottom of the page. He has been posting every 11 days and he just installed a box in the back of his car. A computer box.


This is someone with a simular name


This is the actual profile


Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The end of the apartment at the waterford.

This is going to be the end of the waterford lease in corpus christi texas. I think the crime family around the apartment wants to prevent my furniture from transporting to another apartment. Every Saturday the crime family starts to be abusive.. No details yet or guarantees that the job is going to take. It is the end of a very abusive relationship with the waterford crime family. Alot of the abuse is centered around plastic recycling OPEC hates plastic recycling... I don't think plastic is effected as much by oil demand alot of it is a waste product from refining as I understand it.. She is going to be my favorite person again... Feels like family when I hang around del mar.. I give the city the benefit of the dout I am working for departments that debase and ridicule the excuses I hear to be abusive.. They also loose their jobs if there isn't constuction and people who make extortion promises are bad for business.. The abuse has to end.. Sounds like the guy who used to ride the bicycle to the maverick market now circle k on Everhart across from the bank that is now a strip club.


how do you protect military people when abusive people control comunication

There are so many military people there is no way to protect all of them. The people around my apartment make them all targets it is what they do. They control comunication. 24 hours a day sexual abuse. It is my fault because at some point I will kill somone over it. I think they are preditors or something.. they don't care about the terrorist attack, they just care about sex and oddly enough where it came from. The noticed the netherlands, land of dope and sexual perversion and the sexual abuse is nonstop because I went to the state child protection people and because it is a great story for preditors..

Monday, August 07, 2006


circle k people in corpus christi abuse because they sold tobbaco to minors again

Title says it all. There is no job though to get fired from but they started being abusive again. Back in the old days when they had problems with 14 year old kids who went to desegrated school districts they would market tobbaco to them and sell them from the maverick market... I was calling around for jobs it appears that manpower has someone who sounds like the guy from the apartment complex who went from moody to being in a good mood after I called the cops...

No More Plumming snakes just pythons and boa-constructers... Realy it is the storm department we may not even have that sort of thing... Hopefully it didn't sound different than that.. Didn't mean people or anamals or however that sounded.. The white guy and jessie had a bottle of water that had a wierd taste to it.. Then we go to the safty meeting and they talk about breaking the water lines and getting sewage in them or some such thing that may have happened only once.. It was everest water and it looked like it was sealed.. almost 100 degrees may be melted plastic or something.. The tehano music ya it is just like the rock music turn it up whatever... They probily wouldn't mind working with software as a contracter.. If I was to ever do such a thing or get involved with sample disks again...

Sunday, August 06, 2006


The neibors are promoting fruitloopness to interfere with a lie detector test again

We are back to promoting a federal crime by using sexual harassment everyday again. I think it is being done so that I am unwilling to take a lie detector test about the terrorist attack looking stuff on the internet. Thousands of hours of harassment, must be life or death like treason. What I get from them is they don't care about 3000 American lives they want to promote fruitloopness in a way that would make me unwilling to take a lie detector test. Part of the sales job that is being used is he/she read a book one time so you have to be. I can't rule out porn and prostitution as possible side crimes. I don't believe there is only one wiretap, could be that all chaos breaks out at some point. I get city cameras everyday at work along with a lot of bandwidth that could be used for the same thing..

Friday, August 04, 2006


freddy fender , we will pass the bond issue stick around

We will pass the bond issue for the seawall stick around o.k. I remember listening to him alot as a youth.. The record was a well worn one. The rent they come by they want lots of money... maybe it is a system thing to give people the benifit of the dout. I am inclined to think pre-ordaned... That someone has already been told what to do in advance and they will be in prison.. I think they call it hearing gods calling... Benifit of the dout though and not where I am getting retailated against for talking to the cops..
I don't talk about work because I want good sources... maybe someday I get a cellphone and upload some good or bad pictures of a storm. Music though.. because people always want to know what kind of music we listen to at work.. We listen to electronic music or at least we better listen to electronic music because it is in the safty films. Looks like they may be old coastal films and I have to rate the music as well above average. Electronic music from cell phones.. Some different styles of tehano music, excuse my spelling.. Alot of it slow, some of the more lively stuff sometimes.. Some rock music once in awhile.


first tropical storm

The first tropical storm of the year sounds like it is wimping out. It may help to break the heat a little bit in some areas. Natural gas has been going up because of electric demand. Hopefully I can cash my check today. It is a little less, for only three days this week makes it hard to keep up on bills and stuff... Keeping my fingers crossed for hours.. New source code out.. I was paid a little to try the ftp thing for a month, there is a little bit of traffic but mostly it is on soundforge at around 100-150 pageviews.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


skills based program.... sbp

I am not realy intrested in talking about work but since there is alot of graphiti sep I will explore double meanings and possible cover stories there of since some have been stocks. It looks visable from the big trucks we run. It is right at you visable in your face on some of these signs. There is some talk about privitising.. They mean outsorcing I.E. you no longer do the job instead of ownership not to be confused with selling the plant to the public or someone else and keeping the job. A lot of assumptions were made about the trash buisness at $1.50 . Some of the jobs are never coming back I.E. some of the trash people but on the other hand there is new tek coming and just like any buisness you can't just cut costs to be "profitable" you have to expand the product line and revenue base per say. Alot of supply siders would say you should get rid of trash entirely but how praticle that is and at what cost is hard to say.. The exciting buisness of sewage.. Alot of stock scams and mis-information and then you have to think about what you have.. Gas, alot of organic material ie grass clippings and wood type products like tolit paper and other mis stuff. ethonal made from sewage is floating around in news stories on the web how much is real and how much is weird fiction is hard to tell. At $100 a barrel oil it is supposed to be worth it to grow algae from the nutrients in the sewage. What the cost is based on and how making oil from sewage in different countries is not realy available from what I have seen on the web at this time. Given iran and thier ambitions along with venezuala wanting more influence in the gulf of mexico may mean we are going to pay a high price regardless of how it is done..

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