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Sunday, January 30, 2005


genocide started in sudan when blacks started yelling into bedowin tents

you know better than that but sudan seems to be an important angle for people who have an angle about why there is something that says hijact on it. Some people are in favor of cancer, don't like democrats (or demo party's) and and.... I have somehing organised that may be intended to slant things one way or another, people are concerned about k-dan or sudan and not iraq at least some of the contacts are. To me that is not a place of origen (or gen) that is just combined an adtitional stuff from the source.
The elecection was today in iraq. there have been ferrikans people that have been round here also. Not even real muslems and friends of micheal jackson. There was also someone who may have been a black cop over here. Way to many people have been over here and it is causing problems because they are covered by thier numbers.


Join the Syndcate

I just created the join the syndicate option. The vst stuff is linked from the vst page it is a mess but I am firing up the frontpage 2000 and am going improve upon what I have done. There is a little bit of deja vu when looking at these blog beta's A good programmer is probily out there somewhere

Saturday, January 29, 2005


making a million won't help you he says

I get sort of pissed off and ..... I called the cops I have had it with other people harrasing about my finances the car crap I can drop. have the voices told you to do anything.... no scully I have to admit there is finacial stuff going on as far as mostly rumored investigations being yelled at the apartment but that isn't a threat about my brokerage acount. Some mention that giving bad advice is almost as bad as giving good advice a complete crock of shit about south african steel companies and law suit abuse. I was remembering that when I saw the gm graphiti but that is just vandelism as far as the police department is concerned.. I want to be more detailed but frustration and then impatience just go shoot the basterd scully.
christen waved at me on the way to work pulled into the parking lot were the graphiti was and then could have been going the direction of wallmart. she could have been going anywhere as far as I know. Sounds like a black guy older, but I could be wrong it is possible he could be hispanic he has that sort of voice though, I think I am supposed to believe he works for verizen

Friday, January 28, 2005


sad state of tek stocks (this month anyway)

It is what started as a controled panic in november realy. Alot of people are probily in
the same shoes I am in. I may have known alot earlier though as I tell people it was 1999
and I knew I was doomed so I started to put some money back. It was alot of harrasment from
outside sources. If you know someone has a problem where they spend their free time doing nothing but harrass you should you spend every dime you have and leave yourself completly at the mercy of vandelism or whatever else such loosers come up with and the answer I gave myself was no... (no way in hell). Even though I knew I was doomed I still would go to the clubs and drink a sprite even give the dancer $1 sometimes.
People who are doomed should invest for income it only makes sence you have someone harrasing you who seems to have a desire to interfer with your income that's what you replace.
Add a looming deadline and you get some agressive trades. My two stocks of the month nvtl and xm(sr). They paid me $350 for my nvtl and it looked stable until I bought it and then it droped like a rock. I may have lost more than the person that bought the option (if you look at a short term and I just sit and look at the news). option expires in june. 200 shares of xmsr the right to buy them from me for $200 in febuary at $37.50, I could make money and keep the options at $35.. I just get to watch everything drop and wonder what is going on. It would freak me out if I didn't come up with 22 grand last year. Look at nvtl and earnings estimates and try to figure out the price I don't understand it but I have seen it happen befour where everyone knows what is going on but me. xm I grab $200 next month and the price drop is no big deal.
Thats all the investing for me for awhile until I consolidate and then go again. (unless of corse I realy am doomed with a one month horrizen and then there's plan 2, or I could just get a job

Thursday, January 27, 2005


military intel or lack of...

Every place probily has one, The guy who has no hair on his legs who thinks he knows everything. Given a cell phone he makes it to the page and into the story fairly easily. At least in iraq the guy was smart enough to reproduce. Here it is a femail that sounds sort of beat up almost. She is impressed when he is abusive about driving unconfortable when I started to talk about how my breaks went out and how I was on the highway after days of not sleeping. Responce to syndication is he is trying to scare me.
I was talking about the hijact thing (not talking about all the distractions) again he has a problem that I walk. graphiti everywhere company names steel companies, car companies, maybe a muffin company could not tell it is almost subjective the vauger it gets. half a dozen people dead and do we care about who we have contact with no we care about driving. The cell phone may be a little bit more than my budget though it is tempting to add pictures of crime with the words. The car badgering thing up here befour the city election could be usefull.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


My VST software

For the time being my vst software is on the side of the blog. stormpages doesn't seem to have gone down completly but since I cannot edit and because it looks like crap I am going to play around and see if I can come up with some form of syndication. The vst software link is almost invisable. The conspiracy aspect to the software remains. keep in mind the harder it is to see the link the more underground and desirable it is. (ya right). I am moving it to dance teck (in uk) and then linking to it. The syndication code isn't that good as of yet and you will not find me on yahoo but if you want my headlines you will need to go to the vst page and then hit source when you back click the mouse. I will work on getting more hiteck later


Low tek tools high tek crimes

It now costs almost nothing to comit securites crimes. The tools of the trade are just spray paint and roleplaying games. $1 for the paint $7 for the trade. Intense harrasment lately claims about extradition of the like. I have been saying I am getting harrased by people who shortrade airlines stocks and I have the evidence to prove it. Seems like you would just have to go downtown and compain I am trying to encite violence agains't him.
It's not your fathers gang graphiti anymore now we get stock symbyls. sounds like someone wants me to put up with him. (or just put with him), Just walking to work and back we get steel companies, We get car companies. That's the one where the harrament became heavy again cars. The things I put up with and certainly you can't feel good about the company. GM or if you don't blur it is em...... went down 20 cents on news hardly seems like it would have been worth the trouble and a big stake in xm besides. I think the final judgement is that no one should put or put with this moron and a coverup is in order.

Monday, January 24, 2005


I believe Hetrosexuals have a future in radio

All the wierdness aside about serius radio, The football players and everything else I would
like to suggest a large part of the price is due to hype. To get sort of an idea about how investers think go through the stock history and then go through the news. The low point is when they said they were making changes to thier fruit station. Why do you ask, I think the answer is simple the largest market for music is younger people. All of a sudden you tell parents we are here to tell you your kids should not reproduce. The price of serius plumets to less than $2.50. It is almost suspect because it is right befour they land howard stern. There is no station blocker (or any of the other great features you have with most cable boxes). Tell investors you are going to promote pornography and prostitution instead of fruitloopness and the price triples
If you are looking at xm vs serius that one item is almost the deal maker. If you are looking for price per subscriber and the rate subscribers are increasing. They have positive cash flow and it is almost baseball season never underestimate hype. What will they pull instead of carmazen will they get donald trump. With the serius model you would guess $150 per share by mid baseball season.
One thing to note about all this satalite stuff is that you have all these wireless phone providers that are having prices drop for service. You also have a stereo that is obsolete realy
befour it is even put into the car. Long distance is almost worthless, I suspect that it may be better for wireless carriers to infiltrate the radio rather than to compete with it. The add-on device, the pay per listen, The off-peak specials, The deal with real player to rebroadcast local stations. Thats the dark horse, what happens if someone figures out how to put thousands of station on the thing.. back to beer comercials and other people who want to brain wash us..


my first post and a test of sorts

This is just a test page I am still trying to grasp all the feeds and such to add to the http://www.dexrow.com website. After getting kicked off of several websites or more
percise the whole internet almost went bankrupt and kept taking my pages with them. I have pretty much had everything people have paid me to sing, paid me to advertise and most of all told me there deepest terrorist secrets. For two years I have had the number one site in "corpus christi" + "organised crime" with something that looks like hijact and something that looks like a bunch of riots against free trade ( I have seem to have lost the number one placement and will probily be hosting stuff my software from dance teck in uk). Perhaps I was distracted so what happens do you suppose. I get people around my apartment acting like it is thier fault and deserve to get hurt. with no strife it probily just dissapears into distant memories. New york is so far away, Now that the body bags are coming home I have been torn between advertising the hell out of myself and my brand name and some caution to prevent someone from getting hurt all the while I have been putting up with a pretty intense audio harrasment campain, suggestions I should comit sucide (or maybe it is one of my neibors that should deniabilty and claims of other person-ness could be at play).
Everyone knows it is a coverup by the city police department and that city elections are coming soon. All these other things are so far away presidents and generals. Politics is local and so is law enforcement, It had died down some I still get threats about using my brokerage account and I am pretty sure that the wiretap is partialy there to try to control comunication and not realy there to get evidence. There is the two wiretap theory the one wiretap and someone who is very good with sound trying to keep the other wiretap from seeing anything.. things have been quiet lately maybe something is about to happen. 4 out of 5 times it is a coke dealer.. Another one of the patterns harrasment from the neiboring apartments and then voom its a coke dealer usualy on payday. If I figure out this rss thing and feeds then this blog thing may be the way to go some of the pages look pretty good.

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