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Thursday, May 31, 2007


jehovahs witness....

I am roleplaying stuff around the mall and matching it up to stuff said at fti....

I noticed a street called lum.... I am following it anyway because I remember when the internet went out of buisness... I miss the internet.. Lum does alt-a and has an below average default record... trades below book and is buying back it's shares... They may be paying to much dividend but I can not tell..... mainly I just look at it to try to figure out what it should do.... I had a little and decided to pass on the 13% yield (some of that is capital).. and went into fund (a closed end fund with above average returns over a long period of time)... The 10$ call (if you look down lum street, you are matching the two kelly's up to the love in the graphiti)... you get a gym that is $10 a month.... it is a way to get an extra 8% off the stock if you go for the jan calls....

One jehovahs witness or he appeared to be a jehovahs witness was saying god get's rid of people he dislikes and more stuff was said that sounded more catholic than anything else.. Today the woman is a babe... then she went to flower bluff... If I went out there sunday or saterday it would probily be considered stalking..

Sunday, May 27, 2007



Some nude woman somewhere?? No it is probily a gag there is womens clothing over a few miles of town but no woman to be found.....

Yesterday there was bright yellow ash on the grill.... I have never seen that befour... It could be a baste according to the internet, I don't know and won't rule out cleaning products or bafoonery.. (i.e. sending something through because it has a bright yellow ash)... seemed to be an awfull lot of it... The fryers look bad and there is nowhere to stick the greese to get rid of it... Gone along with the wire mesh run away french fry picker uper (usefull for the bottom of the fryer)... seems to be on the smokey side..

Thursday, May 24, 2007



I am not sure how much of the rta corpus christi caller times article is true. We are back up in gas prices so there may or may not be a crunch about routes... I think the route by work is part of a plan by one of my co-workers to punish me for not having a car, The day after I took the bus I was hearing stuff about driving and one could asume (but not correctly) that I would have to take three buses to get home... It is great if it is exactly there when I am ready to go, not to be a but-head about it and certainly it is great to go downtown and near the buisness.... changing the route to make it more fun for tourism would make it cooler, It is a neat route anyway for cruising, and alot of us downtown would like you to come by for shopping and buisness..

What is true about this article about rta... $4500 of extra benifits a year translating to well over 6000 extra riders to pay for health benifits or possibly some crime on the bus gave someone health insurance.... dis-belief I can't say what if any of the article is true.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007



laxatives excuse me it is some sort of laxative that instead of being in her purse is out in the open for some reason and sitting on the table for a couple of hours, drama it is all drama...


economy exc. exc. exc..

It should be perfect... I have alot of time I bring a notebook with me I do some coding, I am motivated to do something about my life... I don't think that is the intention of what is going on around me, It went pretty well considering and it is wednesday and I am not in pain, probily tommorow it always seems to be that way but less and less so.. Starting out the fry baskets were just killing me... Now I can grab the heavy one with the dividers and be all right and I did the grill without to much problem at all.. I found my stupid name tag, and I realised that I sweat when I work hard and it is hot back there... wonder if the underarm deoderent gave out..

Some chick is bringing suppositories in the building at night... lots and lots of drama... It is just a pattern of stuff that looks like it should not be inside.... It seemed like that on a ride home also that she isn't driving with enough hands while we pass alot of places with missing rails on the highway... She was saying that I would be better off without mike and the chick that talks about laura all the time.... Ya but I don't want you to drive off the highway with them to thier doom (doesn't say I)..

lier loans her and her chick, check exc.. exc... The name of a real estate agent. and she could work in robs town.. .. customer or seller I don't know.. It is hard to tell about corpus christi because both houston (houston mentioned as a good housing market) and then to the north san antonio and people asume they are a hot market.. localy the job market is well down but when you start talking about condo's it is hard to tell and maybe people advertise out of market...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


the abuse around the apartment started up again..

I am getting some abuse where the manager in question claims I stink while all his employees go out and smoke... It is the question on employment profile that plays devils advocate to talking to kkr's customers about thier tobbaco use... To follow up on that it is my fault I went to a desegrated school distric and was targeted for tobbaco marking to children not thier fault for marketing to minors... I am getting very steady racial and sexual abuse in the apartment..

The miller light people who where out in the open and marketing thier products (including miller) were around for three years and then all the kkr people left and the abuse became much worse..

Saturday, May 19, 2007


useless facts

grill in french is grid evidently....

I noticed that she has an hour glass figure that is camouflaged by her bagy cloths..
She is tanned but not burnt... she pobily shouldn't be tanned, To much of a chance of getting burnt and it is really really bad for the skin. I could roleplay more of that but I don't have the whole gist of it..

lori this lori that... lori ann??


Black Athletic Balence Shoes From Walmart 2nd worst pair of shoes I have bought

They are not the worst pair of shoes I have ever bought that belongs to someone else... I am talking about worse as in hurt not design these could be the worst designed shoes I have ever had... Someone came up with the stupid idea of putting holes about the size of a thick pencil underneath the padding and above the rubbery part... I am not that heavy and wouldn't be considered overweight by any means.. From day one the weight of my body was enough to cause bumps on my feet.. (bumps that I hope will go away).... After about a month of testing the shoes started to squeak badly and people on both sides of the street could hear them... (I was also listening to a bunch of abuse about why don't you buy a car probably unrelated to the poor quality of the shoes).. For the last month and a half I have been walking my several miles in shoes that squeak,, (I would of course give the name of the retailer sometimes without the request of the listener)..

Now that the walmart shoe test is over we at the dexrow blog are going to test brazos shoes from acadamy (designed for comfort the box claims)... The do seem sized a little bit long so you may go a size smaller in some cases..

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Thursday, May 17, 2007


theft and programming

because theft is part of programming... zooming isn't a big deal but I might do it because I can, if it works... I will delete this post later\\

I have an ogl app which has zooming. I override GetDC and PrepareDC like

def GetDC(self):
dc = wx.ClientDC(self)
return dc

def PrepareDC(self, dc):
ogl.ShapeCanvas.PrepareDC(self, dc)
dc.SetUserScale( self.zoom, self.zoom )

I did the project some months ago, so I am not sure about the caveats. I
think you need to redraw the shapes + lines after you've set the zoom
With a bit of work ogl can do a lot of nice things. Reading the source in
wx.lib helps tremendously when messing with ogl.
In my project the shapes are not self-drawn, but wx.Panels (or other wx.
objects). This allows me to reuse a lot of widgets. Maybe you want to look
at a similar approach. If you have lots and lots of shapes you might want
to optimize this approach a bit to save window resources.
My wx.Panels hold a wx.PropertyGrid and I can attach lines to each
property. You can achieve behaviour like this by hooking into the
connection point stuff. There are probably many more possibilities to
extend ogl.
You are right though, the docs are not beautiful, the source code isn't
too cleanly structured because of it's C++ ancestry and it's difficult to
hook into several things.
I never dealt with FloatCanvas, so it might be the better choice for you.
I just wanted to say that ogl can do what you want although you might have
to put a bit of effort into it.




I am hearing some action reaction stuff??? insulting sexual commentary from someone coming from somewhere... sexual abuse and then I see a knife on the table.... The knife is from a fuel recycling company (so it says on the handle).... The job doesn't require all of us to be armed, it isn't good for the goods you are better off using something blunt.. There was a fire or a gas leak in one of the fryers.. maybe it should be refereed to as a fire and a gas leak. If anything is going to burn it is probily the oil filter, It is leaking realy bad.. I didn't see it and I am not positive that happened just hearsay... Most likely that is what happened.. I was probily wrong it was the spicey sause that was sitting there yesterday...

I was starting to search for a simple graphics editor written in python that I can convert into a code generator. To create shapes and stuff that can be used as instrument place markers (instead of just having rectanges something that can be defined by the user... I may search different librarys like tkinter exc...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



There is a mist coming from the front..... into the food.... speficily the stacker sauce and jalapeno... I am tending to think I am getting scripts from people around me but I am not 100% sure... The bottle says keep out of the reach of children...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


kuf dok

kuf dok .... I won't say how that is printed... There is another hook-em horns chick on the bus.. blond hair.. died probily..

dok of what I don't know.... don't realy have the whole story yet.... tired... some pain mostly it just feels that something is in the wrong place.. not pain but unconfortable... I am thinking I go back to the mouse but left handed...

Postal lady is odd... I go out there at about 4:30 pick up the mail... Don't they sort it befour it goes on the truck??? Some american express stuff ends up in the box.. Is there a reason it can't hang out with the rest of the mail???

Sunday, May 13, 2007



atr...rta (rual transperation autorita)

ask rta


ask dok


dam dok...

what I get is

ask dok, ask rta, dam dok, ems, sane

not sure the last two are part of the same story... this is everywhere I go spraypainted on everything..

Thursday, May 10, 2007


citgo problems in court

As anyone who has been near the citgo plant knows (known as coastal befour it was bought by the Bolivian republic of Venezuela although some people call it other kinds of a republic) You can hear who has been in or near the plant. It shows up in the voices as sort of a gravely sound. It is no surprise that citgo is now in trouble for releasing to much benzene and stealing endangered species that they have demised instead of following the correct procedures. Citgo is requesting that the owner of the plant is mentioned.. It appears the owner feels like they are doing something that would effect the opinion of a jury. I personally would like to note that when I used to walk behind the plant down the rail road tracks that you would see oil spills on the tracks.

(Note about the author.. I just wake up to npr and listen to just a little bit mainly I get my news from environmental news services and would not be prejidiced by npr as a juror )


Monday, May 07, 2007


summon python package

As is the case with a number of cool looking packages it appears to need .net to compile and .net is a pain to get. I would also consider it less portable than using the regular packages like wxwindows because you are not going to be on alot of p.c.'s so you are missing alot of "the" platform not to mention it is unclear who besides networks have .net

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Thursday, May 03, 2007


burger king marketing

Here is where I question the wisdom of the person running the marketing for burger king (the corporate people) a sponge promoting alternative live styles giving away truth or dare games... Orbitz (the people advertising alternative lifestyle vacations) backing our advertising and "the choice is yours" advertising that could be mistaken for abortion advocacy... I am looking at spider man to see if there is anything else to it but I don't really see more.. We are curently running a spiderman game where you win prizes up to a million dollars...


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Dex Tracker .016

Dex Tracker .016 has been released. Included in this version is a random score file editor that generates a random value for a certain number of rows and places a period for the other collums. Also included is a $20 bounty for anyone who can fix the issue I am having with tracker.py and run.py so that I can run tracker.py from the main program (and include a bunch of features that are breathtakeing hopefully)

Dex Tracker is a tracker front-end for csound (written in python) that includes many features that are not found in other csound front ends or other trackers for that manner including templats and code generators.

The home page is at


and the software can be downloaded at


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