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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


You are all roma

I noticed csound 5.09 has come out.. (9 is also roma's number for the dallas cowboys football team, are those shirts from target (store) I wonder).,, what we do is take stuff from the internet and then tell people they are a member of military intel and use that as an excuse to do whatever we want. The other side of the coin is that it is nation of islam and they want to help if they think they can help destroy america.. hard to tell realy. I suspect that strongly anyway.

something from the election....

Jail first country second oh that's cain not mccain..
country first self second is something I saw in some software somewhere..
I may use that as a reference for the next article or paper I write..
(Like I should care about getting published)

Monday, September 29, 2008


burger king sink

burger king corpus christi... This is a snapshot of lisa in the morning... The burger king sink looks like it came out of young frankenstien.. You can't get any water out of it without soap unless you unhook it. She doesn't want the soap unhooked... They don't care how long it is going to take they are going to rip me off anyway.. What they end up doing is throw ice cubes in the water to fill the sink up quickly and probide water the tempiture of frost bite (contriducting the instructions for tempiture for the sanitizer)


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


burger king shorted out

burger king corpus christi texas. jesse shorted burger king out last night.. shut the broiler, two microwaves, the french fry holder out right befour bayfest... His side of the story is that he was throwing the water on the floor in my direction.. Like he is trying to electrocute me or something. The same reason why we don't spend $2 on electrical tape. It does seem like we have events befour events that drive away the traffic. My proposal is to turn burger king into a bank holding company that has restaurants... no shorting.. He doesn't seem to be in any trouble for doing that..


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Corpus Christi Gas Department is against electicution

The Corpus Christi Gas Department is against Electicution..... I don't know about the headline but down the street (star street) from grey hound and around the corner the C.O. Powel 1911 mark is in danger of being altered again by the gas department. There is already a gash near by where they went in a first time to repair the line now there is paint marking where the gas is for some reason... DEATH PENILTY CASE maybe....

I am getting the idea people don't like the word short trade on my vst stuff... tuff... My (downtown) burger king check is short.. I get overtime every week clock in befour 11 and then leave between 7 a.m. and 8 am with no break... how does that come out to 39... one word thief..

Maybe (probily) a somewhat fictionalised account based on a regae record shop in a motel that was torn down when the new federal court house was built...

You listen to what kind of music... ray music.... and they would dress up like women to go the crawdady's resteraunt (on star street) to prevent lawsuit abuse by not allowing the coastal (refinery now citgo) employees to sing... You went to what type of club.. (not one where they can hear your voice and study it I hope)

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Monday, September 22, 2008


burger king plus arson plus corpus christi

corpus christi texas burger king. It is like foreshadowing, a former burger king employee asks me how to find my stuff on the internet. I tell her just look up arson plus corpus christi plus burger king in the blog engines. I supose you can just look up my name and surf land of cigo.. Any way it is like foreshaddowing between second shift and the traffic it is impossible to do the grill and the boss (jesse) finds another way to rip me off. We clock in and out at 4 oclock and the game is that now we don't tell people to log back in. The game also includes not alowing the employees a break when we clock in and out..

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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Free Drugs from the guv ment

As part of the continuing effort by drug addicts to win the war on drugs. Seems like I am hearing voices so I may be going on disability and getting a large amount of drugs and money from the guv ment including skitphrenia, anti depressants and pain killers. We are talking large care packets from the guv ment paid for by social security enough for dozens of my homeless friends...

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008



burger king corpus christi texas. jesse was working last night. This is intresting ... We get the black chick and younger (maybe according to apearence) black chick with carrol high school shirts and then the black child.. I am writing a parser and ignored the child.. then a older fruity person sits in the booth next to me and shakes both benches (because of the way bk is constructed.) this is followed up by jesse in the restroom and the crapper being occupied but the urinal next to him is empty.

I suspect this is more of the pervert stuff we yell back and forth to each other now because law suit abuse may cause a probem with ccisd's raise this year and the catholics would pay for medical care. We are talking about the stuff that is ccpd's policy of non-enforcement and the control of comunication stuff where the word pervert is used often and that is why ccisd teachers deserve a raise even though they were marketing tobbaco to 14 year old kids... When the other manager was doing that with his kid we would get an older black woman who would say pervert in some fashion outside the burger king drivethrough.. It is hard to tell if it is all the manager and then prediction of behavior or if child exploitation is part of what the black chick is doing.. buitiful people and we give them black shirts like priests at the b.k.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hurricane Ike The Morning after

corpus christi texas ..... The morning after what you may ask nothing happened.. The water is quiet almost without any waves at all. Everything is boarded up. We were open at the burger king last night but alot of other places are boarded up and I suspect most of the traffic isn't coming back until later today (with less cash because it was spent out of town) .... There is the usual picture of a board with some comment painted on it. Everything else in corpus has tags or artwork, but paint something that will get you in the paper I think not... Something like that would have to be planned in advance maybe some intresting plywood art...

Speaking of... I have my latest tagger theory for what happened down alameda ....
The vandels perfer ( stacy ) manlove ....
oa (overeaters anonom..exc) ... the docter is taking up alot of space
mise (that is the wise or in some cases unwise button in windows)

and that is it they tried to delete the good docter so they could use the space for something more inportant (in the eyes of the deleter)


Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hurricane ike

Hurricane ike is coming to corpus christi texas... we are all doomed... We ( burger king ) are going to be open. I didn't realy see much that was worth photographing on wednessday morning, but they (news people they) were saying originally board up on Thursday. I did go by the doctors office on almeda that was burnt.. I have had some trouble with pysdogangs.. some "tagging gang" at some point spraid painted my old url at onetime close to apac.. I probily have them beat and have my choice of magazines to "tag". I am sure some of these are cover stories. etching concrete is the type of thing that might make me want to break your fingers.. The old sidewalks have dates that could be altered to hide their contents.. I looked at it and saw the OA tag that I have seen down texan (Part of an ate group??)... and I saw mise.. and then were they broke the windows.. maybe the m is upside down wise as in unwise.. If you look at the tagging as being dependent on location for symbolic reasons then the doctor is just a symbol for general or dennis (dennist).. The "male nurses" that take the bus are atracting a bunch of nonsence that involve the cops all the time. Plus the security people across the street and neiborhood watch are all over the texas/alameda intersection all the time.

Monday, September 08, 2008


andrews distributing

I was taking the andres distributing test.. realy it is a test about life, you know he's your buddy and well we ( miller ) have always been our buddy we give them awards and stuff and well I hit the wrong button and didn't charge you tax on that one item... It happens that's life... They don't seem to promote themselves on the internet well.. you would thing that they would combine marketing and you would see it on thier building and such... Plus some google adds on the side that would probily end up mainly being add's from the headquarters somewhere in canada or south africa (I would do it for a flat fee of course and even use spell check). back to the math test I have all the answers but I was wanting a donation and I want it all in small amounts... tell your family it is for dexters music software and I will hook you up.. h a ha ah ha ha

Saturday, September 06, 2008


burger king 911

burger king corpus christi texas ...... It isn't fair to the rest of the homeless people that I am inside and they are outside.. I bet they are exc.. exc.. They come over with thier kid... come closer closer exc.. exc.. The kids pants are loose and the homeless person is holding him up towards the roof.. I am planning on locking him out and letting all the other homeless people inside.. He seems to be realy close to the family but he mostly sleeps outside and hangs around the greyhound..

someone is giving me a 911 source or making fun of the newspaper.. I know the real truth.. the coastal \ cit go people don't like alcholics because a sample of what the smoke is doing to their lungs and voice is being made at the karaoke bar.. The date is in the sidewalk.. (step on the 1) and coastal environmental is also near a marking that says (march 2001)... Thor is a public company that does business in the Netherlands and it travels to the Netherlands with them.. I think there is a reason why Venezuela is worried about being invaded.. It has to do with conscious, deals that were made and what they did with the info..

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Monday, September 01, 2008


co powel 1911

I found another co powel 1911. It is by something called costal enviremental, The other one is by a korake bar it gives off the impression that it is some sort of medical expierment that is being spied on along with the date or someone who is trying to avoid a lawsuit against a refinery now owned by citgo.. very strange... cancer sounds good, all those raspy like sounds... They were singing love shack tonight second noght in a row..

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