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Friday, October 21, 2011


flowers vs bimbo...

I was looking at something that I find odd.... It went from flowers (flo) owning the world to flowers having less products on the shelf and outright matchups with other products..


1) independent distribute who might sell his buisness.
2) suspicious restaurant that might be involved with prostitution (give bad advice intentionally.
3) sales don't seem to match up with volume dropoff localy..

I would intentionally try to get you to short the stock because your not a prostitute unless I convince you to do that.

does that mean buy or sell, betting against a company that raises it's dividend every year is risky indeed. I noticed the price split made the option price more affordable and I must have a lower average price or it is not worth getting a large purchase... I don't think it is as atractive as intel (and the sarcasm value of intel is very very good.) You are going to harrass me near a citgo plant about a jewish geothermal company and you are ant-semantec (the virus protection software intel owns).

Friday, October 07, 2011


not her fault....

It is not her fault if she is the angel of death but it is probably bad news if you see her. Seemed like intrigue the morning before I was hurt at sam kanes.. A newspaper at eye-view that looked discarded before I passed the wet cement. The woman with the two men that was almost chasing me near the newspaper (They usualy try to tie you to the drug trade close the the citgo refinery). It's up to the cops to plant drug evidence it is not up to me to help them plant Intel or evedence. Across the pizza hut on lepard close to where the senetor had his office. The hurricanes, the street name close to a british terrorist insurance company name, safari hotel... I so farri.. clearance 90 and then the quotes that look like 11. You wouldn't know it unless you had clearance. It isn't going to get repeated unless it promotes itself. Your not getting clearnce you are a security threat... :(

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