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Thursday, August 28, 2008


burger king loby

oorpus christi texas... homeless guy blond sun bleached blond his hair is naturally red is hanging out in the burger king lobby with the bosses kid (skinhead robert).. His voice does is sound like robert heady somewhat.. good question he is was hanging out by the grey hound just one street over from the 911 all the time. He is missing two teeth so his voice may sound different than 2001 also cigarettes and time.. His probily isn't the voice and time.

We are talking about the bushes.. looks like the stripes cameras are blocked but he says one of the bushes was removed.. I told him it makes it easier for us to go to the bankruptcy court you can tell we are running out of cash because we can't afford maintenance.. looks like a Chinese restaurant that used to be on the outer road..

If I take the 1 from the 1911 leaving 911 (by the korke bar) and then take the okie (saxit oak 12) in a figure 8 I get 1.8 by the citgo plant... cancer... or in the nation of islam spinoff in k.c. I get the nation of the earth and gods code build..destroy It also goes by john a cemetery on the north side.. nation of islam was on the north side and then went to the other side of town before it disappeared

Some comments were made about the management of the roxy downtown. The club may have been scaring people a little. One guy was across the street once trying to get my attention even though I was on the other side of the street. One of them told me I didn't meet the dress code and that probily forshadowed thier problems in a way.

some men treasure thier girl friend exc.. exc.. and they don't make them be with other people I heard tuesday night.. I think she is excuminicating the wrong resteraunt..


Tuesday, August 26, 2008


we are all crazy..

corpus christi ..... It goes something like this.... The burger king biskets are barely burnt and then they have a little bit of an after taste.... A few days latter the biskets from yesterday are left in the bisket warmer and they are burnt again along with some eggs... So I offer to pay for the bisket and had an employee taste the bisket. employee says the bisket is good.. but I remeber the same color bisket being passed over in the morning by another employee.. We can tell the difference and we get only the best but we have to sell the other stuff also. It seems like having the biskets and the oven is expensive at night and we would be better off just replacing the system or turning the oven off and letting people know that we have sold out if we have to.. electricty and all plus we have a microwave Does burger king make any money from it.... (about the oil someone asked me once)... We are freezing all the waste now.. We could be doing alot of things.. hiding a dead body in thier later on.. We could be enviremental terrorist complaing about the cardboard and plastic not being recycled...

Company policy short someones check and then on monday night when we don't need two people anyway have backup for when the person quits. have backup try to get in the way and look,....

Sunday, August 24, 2008


bernie the burning (or flaming) man of burger king

corpus christi downtown burger king. It is fun to set the fryer up so that it has a reaction with water when we are away.. This has something to do with chicken and something that melts or something as the fryer gets hotter. At least if your name is bernie the burning man of burger king. You read literature of people naming their kids things like Sherrie and brandy because of alcohol. If your dad is an arsonist is your name Bernie??.. It boiled over once, I turned it off it stopped game over and then I turned the fryer back on ..

http://www.watchtower.org/ Jehovah's Witnesses are big in town (and we are trying to find one that witnessed Bernie).. several weeks of convention and lots of business if these wierdo's don't burn the store down...

tonight the chick from the state police asked me what I did on the weekend... Did I tell her I parsed out and behave like the token white guy.. (writing parsers and looking at parser tokens anyway) No just say I was writing software and didn't say it is going to be really cool...

del mar.. I was looking at jobs at del mar... They are using grant money to hire and some other things I notice about del mar.. They back the jazz festival in a huge way and also have older computers and really up to date musical math theory magazines that maybe me and one person from the faculty reads.. They had a bunch of old heathkit synths in the warehouse.. This is the stuff that new music festivals are made of... It's like the karaoke place.... alter the marketing just a little bit... I.e. advertise in the computer club newsletters and play their stuff with the karaoke where you can hear it outside at the greyhound... I am not seeing them as being that interested...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


star street and c.o.powel 911 ( corpus christi )

Corpus Christi Texas ( tx ) It is around the corner on star street.... We are walking away from the newspaper.. befour we turn down star street we see C.O. powel 1911... I step on the one.. The buildings are dallas motel... and then crawdady's resteraunt.. The building with the same name as the editor that published buzz (ian mccdonald I believe )... and then the grey hound bus and instead of fl (fruity loops) it is fl (fred loya) with his advertisments on the bus instead of buzz...

And mohamed sayed unto the nation of islam get two 9 month pregnent black chicks and then call the white guy who writes buzz plugins a pervert.. Go ahead and commit a murder it is bush's fault.. It's no one's jusrisdiction.. mohammed says we are working at sitel at the 711 (cpl building and former world headquarters) building and it is bush's fault... Just send some money back to dallas for the holey land foundation... we are so holy, holy. For it is on the internet as well as on the street and the planes are going to fall out of heaven.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


this is the chick right here

stalking article

I think she read this and thought it would be amusing to try it... The other people I saw monday where somewhat threatning.. I saw her at the bus going to my neiborhood and then at the grocery and then at work this morning.. she did smile sunday..


the quiet befour what.

all's quiet mostly I hear the person I heard when I sent a resume to robstown for a part time dishwashing job that I don't have any interest in. It includes my software... I am after grants or co-marketing so it could be fruitful I here what do I have to do to get that to stop get you fired. Yesterday (sunday I heard the death threat, how is that not the intention when you hear audio harrasment )... It's not the resume it is the dex tracker.. just the word I think... I think it is called electronic stalking.. On the way home it is quiet and then when I walk up the hill towards the police department (rented space) I hear that he went to a fruit club. over and over... they are cops aren't they?? they have to go to the fruits and they are statisly more likely to need thier incarceration services.

I have seen her for 4 of the last 8 days.. Ya but what does she want, she smiled once sunday when she past by, it is always on the other side of the street.. It isn't threatning it is just wierd.. I changed my route,

Sunday, August 10, 2008


C.O. Powel

C.O. Powel is seen in the streets of corpus christi texas I am not talking about Colin Powel, I am talking about one of the old concrete pourers who have thier names in the sidewalks... 1911 (I lost where this was at) .. june 1912 (In the rear of an artitect. 1916 by the newspaper the corpus christi caller times .. these are some of the sites I was going to in 2001 and still do, pasing by such names as sherman exc... In a city with the military and citgo can you ask what do you get when you want to get move out an army of 1 .. 911 .. goa music go army it's all in the context and I would have to find it again to realy get the feel of it..


Saturday, August 09, 2008


electructing people at burger king

burger king electrocution story aug 2008 corpus christi tx texas, It's extortion of electrical tape. The maintenance guy said he would wrap the cord to the freezer.. It is still showing copper wiring. The policy is to throw water on the floor, big mop buckets full of water on the floor... I told them they need to wait till my day off to electrocute someone.. I think someone thought it would be better to break the squeegees than to fix the cord..


Monday, August 04, 2008



I went to my job interview today.. hopfuly it went well. THE BIG FIGHT AT THE BURGER KING in corpus christi texas .. This is silly but where do you dig these people up at. chris or whoever he is supposed to be wants to turn all my fryers off so that I can't use them and then wanted to move the refigerater and then not plug it in.. Everything o.k. in there behind those eyes.. I am getting alot of people hanging around phones and asking for money.. I don't think it sounded bad enough where I would have to be tracked outside of work to see If I am going over the bridge or not.. I am getting something like that on the bridge, has the look and feel of stalking I lost one of them and then get to hear him talk about it from half a block away.. eerie..

I have permission to distribute calico and there is no permission needed for the 'Demo' that is with stk.. hopefully the new version befour colege starts..

Friday, August 01, 2008


burger king

I am getting yelled at alot now at the burger king in corpus christi. I work 9 and a half hours or so without a break and if we get to much buisness I get in trouble for not getting my work done. On the down side if we don't get any buisness any more I will not have a job. It is like the programming book I booght recently that talked about starbucks and said realy all they do is move money to thier data base. If selling coffee doesn't work they will find another way to do it. Seems that somewhere along the line that having customers is getting in the way of getting the work done. Seems like a silly concept. All I can realy do is complain and when I go back and look at the compaints the coupon adds come up.. It is the special backstab the cook and get x amount off.. You won't find that at wendy's. The blog is supposed to show underlined links now but I don't see it..

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