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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


bush says he won't pdap with any conspiracy theories

Here's the profile, A vived weight lifter who enjoys steroids and listening to steely dan music.. He/she says roleplay it c.o. powel 1911 and hey 19.. Bush says roleplay this his cheney starts like a roid rage and has to leave in a wheel chair.. Bush says he is not going to pdap with any conspiracy theries so you will have to pdap with out him

Sunday, January 25, 2009


hey 19 a place where airplanes go

so I am walking down 3rd going towards caranqua (spelling)... when one of the two black men waiting for the bus starts yelling at me and he acts so I try to out run him I turn down buford.. he is faster with the shoes he has compared to my no-slip skeetchers and he is getting ready to trounce me and then I change directions and he bought it... his feet were gone...

I don't know if he is a member of the nation of islam or what the deal is and I miss the bus route 19....


this is what I think might be up on my demoz list... not k-dan steely dan and then you walk past co powel1911 much worse if you roleplay it like that... I makes it look like a cover up if you don't want some white guy who has been walking past it since 1998 and ended up being published with parts of it from riding the bus and walking past it..... the hijact conspiracy

Saturday, January 17, 2009


bk women

burger king corpus christi texas ... You are supposed to wait until there is women in the loby and then say something bad about the cook.. Either that or I will be sleeping with jesse's sister and he doesn't want me looking at other women.. Let's be honest it's a last ditch attempt to make her date feel good about himself because he will never measure up to me.. (most of the time it is women by the each causing jesse to be a jackass)... anyway they will never measure up and be abusive to thier dates exc. exc. she will be calling out my name in bed so it is very important....

Thursday, January 15, 2009


maguire properties possible dump then pump scenario

We now have three stories in a very short period of time (typical of pump and dump schemes) and it could be taken figuratively because of the ticker mpg. A dump the pump scheme (or a dump and them pump scheme).. after what we saw that looked like short covering the former president announced he bought alot of common share throwing into doubt the bankruptcy and giving the preferred a perceived value that now includes one interest payment. both the common and the preferred went up.

In addition to the ticker symbol being mpg it is also where Hyundai motors finance division is.. We have confidence in you so I suppose that after the former president got rid of his Hyundai he is now trying to buy his way back in as president of the company. Exactly who is doing what insider trading,planting articles, pump and dump exc.. it is all circumstantial but it looks like someone is doing something questionable

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maguire properties

some report that was probily seem by almost no one was in error.. So that must mean that the stock is worth more but the cumulative perfered that went down with it also and would get paid first is worth less... Irrational price move... I don't see it as a trend but it could be the start of more postings by the company (penny stocks do that when they are pumping but I dout they are doing that)... two days of steep declines followed by a denial as the second story...

it may be the demand is coming from people moving out of the short position where they are long the perfered...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Hyundai we know where you live (maguire properities)

I was making fun of them saying I was going to look for the company with all the Hyundai's in front of it and short it. I found the finance division it lives in california (la I think) at maguire properities ticker symbol mpg a favorite of shorts and you can find several blogs at seeking alpha about them going under... It could be an intresting company for roleplaying purposes... thier twin towers.. the hope building.... why did you go bankrupt it was mpg... exc... exc... They only have around 200 plus employee's but the thing is they may be reapling for thier jobs in addition to it being a favour to Hyundai plus the promise of returning the car in the first year if you loose your job... This one may be worth going through the street names around the building to get a better feel of it..

the play is for some people to short the stock and insure it with the comulative perfered.. (neither pays a dividend.. but the perfered dividend if still owed until bankruptcy)

Friday, January 09, 2009


duct tape basic

This is a free basic programming language that is being designed to be cross platform and compiles to fasm assembly... Not much to see so far..

variables are defined with

dim x byte

your two choices are byte and word at the moment
the other thing I have working is a simple for/next loop

for x = 1 to 10
your code here

it expects (for the moment) for all code to start at the begining of the line. The compiler is written in python and tested with the 2.5 version.. there may be some non-visable charecter in the fornext example..

Duct tape basic"

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Flat Basic

Here is a very small begging of a basic and python to fasm compiler for windows and dex os. mostly it is going to be a basic compiler but I am after alot of python features including the ability for this to compile itself and I have other parsers that are in python but not compilable by shed skin (python to c compiler). I have dimmed a couple of variable types. this requires python and of you will need fasm if there is ever enough to compile. command is

flat_basic.py basic_input_file asm_output_file

dim var byte

dim var word

this is fairly simple stuff the compiler is available here X


Monday, January 05, 2009


Hyundai (bad marketing campain)

We have confidence in you so if you loose your income in the first year just bring your car back....

What are you saying about yourself if you buy a Hyundai, I have no confidence and I am going to loose my job. What I am looking for is the company with nothing but Hyundai in thier parking lot and then I am going to short it... I bought a little bit of merril lynch bonds now owned by bank of america at around 60 cents on the dollar simple interest at around 10.5 11 %.... I don't see any realy good trades so I buy a little hear and there... the average recession is supposed to see defaults at around 10%... The yield on quest is around 17%... truely insane the stock only yields 8%.. 100 share min though (it's a bond cut up not a perferred)

Friday, January 02, 2009


gmac bonds (home run)

gmac bonds would have been a home run.. I was reading where the bankruptcy value was around 30 to 40 cents on the dollar and they were trading at around 15 cents on the dollar.. guess what they trade at 50 cents on the dollar.. I bought a very small amount of bank of america's new division.. merril lynch.. trades at a little bit over 50 cents on the dollar.. $15-$16 for a $25 unit simple interest of around 10%... ytm (yield to maturity)... you know you are getting the other $10 over the life of the unit..

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