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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


old scary and hurricane stuff

I think the quote goes old scary.. You don't talk to older people because they are scary exc. exc. exc. (Meaning you tell your children that)... bus.. http://www.cyclingforums.com/archive/index.php/t-65818.html I remember mark asking me once if I knew any horror stories about food exc.. I was talking about mcdonalds and how the time on the burger was changed once.. If you know something is going to burn your skin should you spray it on something hot and turn it into a steam where you know you are going to brethe it in.. I couldn't figure out what the yawning was about at burger king until I had seen the post but I dout that is the problem.

R programming language... You can have a conversation in a car with a loud radio and they will be able to seperate the conversation from the music.. There is a law enforcement and music college that in across from chi town..

The hurricane ya I was walking home from work in 50 mile an hour wind and it would hit the frost bank building and the rain would bounce off of it.. not even stick.. I was watching it swirtl and then start to come towards me.. Thats when I chickened out and went undernieth a black building... Some of us are still alive in corpus christi it is the next one that will probily doom us..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Tropical storm dolly

I was hanging out at the burger king when it came in... Not much to it in corpus christi.. Our traffic is slower though, Lots of rain and not much wind... I could say nada again...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


The word roleplayed may be psycopath..

1) railroad crossing look out for the cars can you say that without any r's (gnu s)
I think it is railroad seafood or something...
2)burger king I have seen how faust you can do it now let me see how good you can do it..
3)alien landing zone (digital mars??)..

user interface in d using something embeded with the r programming language (otherwise known as gnu s) as output.. I think I am hearing dui.. (d language graphics)

I thought our adress was 128 but that is an italian resteraunt that has been down there for years...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I am going strait to the top

The quote goes "I am going strait to the top and I am going to screw over anyone who stands in my way" Is it live or is it memorex or just someone who sounds like him (maybe for symbolism reasons) exc. exc.. The phrase I would look for is "OUT OF CONTEXT, but I will still try to screw you over let me be robert for awhile "... his name does rime with arab (robert rob it's all the same)... They do look like they have a bunch of graphic problems though..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008




This has to be retaliation by burger king in corpus... guess who martinez is probily her name... No one hires that many perverts by chance. A man is paid to despertly attempt to keep his pants from falling down in a loosing battle with gravity... .. The employer is o.k. with that.


everyone they hire is tearing the place up... I think the story or the game is whatever it takes to tear the burger king up.. They took money from my check again..
I hear benzine, it think jesses voice changed rapidly.. I saw his first name when I was walking from (what is now labeled a citgo)... with a bunch of female like names that ended with estella... You keep going and you are at the navy-army credit union. entirely unrelated probily but I noticed that and the date of 2000 on it, past a store that was rebuilt there after it had burnt down. (family thrift store)

I noticed the dexter adds for showtime on my vst page.. America's favorite pyscopath. not we have all the stars from showtime at the burger king.. We have the L word, we have fire starter, We have me dexter.. I was slightly annoyed but it is probily somewhat amusing..

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