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Saturday, July 30, 2005


we killed him she? says.. around 5 am

hopefully it's not as bad as that sounds.. The abuse gets realy bad starting on thursday then alot of phone calls, always some cops.. The fruits are using the circle k camera's you may find tapes of people that can be linked to encited violence. I get a bunch of abuse when stocks go up and down and then some fruit says he is supposed to embarrass him and that is why he is abusive. xm is almost back at $35 that is $200 thereabouts.. hoping for a little time. boss woman has a cool tatoo, amung all the wierd body piercing styles and other tatoo's some artistic person thought to center tatoo's. We should all thank that person for it...... alot of abuse about making extortion threats said to get rid of excuses about driving. reminds me a little of mike durwalker as a voice profile. Alot of times it is effeminate men complaining and making threats about investments..

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


yahoo and conspiracy stuff....

I am looking for whatever is being roleplayed

Mr. William Clay Ford Jr., 47
Chairman, Chief Exec. Officer, Member of Fin. Committee, Chairman of Environmental & Public Policy Committee and Member of Environmental & Public Policy Committee N/A $ 5.33M
Mr. Jim Padilla , 59
Pres, Chief Operating Officer $ 3.00M $ 686.00K
Mr. Michael E. Bannister , 55
Group VP, Chairman of Ford Motor Credit Co, Chief Exec. Officer of Ford Motor Credit Co of Ford Motor Credit Co N/A N/A
Mr. Bob Dover , 59
Chairman of Jaguar and Land Rover and Chief Exec. of Jaguar and Land Rover N/A N/A
Mr. Gregory C. Smith , 53
Exec. VP and Pres of The Americas $ 1.88M N/A

The only two that stand out is william (bill) ford and michael bannister. bill and mike are talking about movies. bill and mike are talking about golf (gulf). and then jerry takes over (ford?). This company is like a family. I noticed all those trust things on the website. You have one of the comedy movies where it says This could happen to you and then terrorist attack and airplane. What have you done for me lately. ........... ............... ..................
yahoo went down below $35 not a big loss maybe more cash that way. I traded serius from a $5 option to a $7.50 option. I am not sure that was a good idea, and it was because I wrote the wrong symbal down. I am trading xm if xm goes down perferibly for $200. The perfered option at ford at around $40 is like getting the bond at over $7 and the option for the right to buy at $13.50 or there-abouts. At least as far as effecting the price I wouldn't exchange it though. look for it for less that $40 and grab the yield..

Sunday, July 17, 2005


more of the harrasment

Anyone who knows me knows that If something were to happen to me the money should go to help the protistants in nothern ireland who have been the victoms of violence and that under no circumstances is anyone claiming to be related to me to get anything. I am getting some harrasment that suggests that it is someone different to not get into a black persons care as opposed to not getting into a white persons car. Alot of audio harrasment as a matter a fact regarding the issue, the usual harrasment about money. what appears to be a dissaproval when I come in with a company report or something as if other people have some sort of say or something in the matter. Alot of sexual abuse that is used as an excuse to have a wiretap and is the foundations of the extortion threats. see prison gangs in search engine as to how the gang pyscology works. I would suggest that you are more likely to have a murder because you are making extortion threats with survailenc than any other reason and it doesn't protect anyway it is probily a likely source of a later homicide. When the catholics talk about people who hear gods calling take confession and spend there time around other men it sounds like satire of the people around me. Just like apac seems to be a satire of miller light at times. .................. I am under alot of pressure to invest in a conservative mannor. seems odd considering how bad the sexual abuse is from the men around the apartment and at work at times. I am under alot of pressure to spend nothing because of the harrasment about my finances anyway. Someone was overheard talking about index's I don't know that I completly aprove of them, I don't completly dissaprove you have to keep in mind they are keeping in some cases $33 percent of your dividends and higher. The eco index spawned something called xtf. This is for people who invest based on personal beliefs, It may be that a closed end fund could use eco but turn it into an eletric only fund. not index but low expence. cpn covered trades, uu, spi, a couple of nothern utilities that have alot of hydroelectric. $50,000 is the absolute min to be listed on the pink sheets. other companies overseas windtricity (or whatever the irish company is). two spanish companies one wind power one hydroelectric. have to be alot more sizable in cash to pull off multiple markets. 1% of $50,000 comes out to $500. doesn't realy pay that well with smaller amounts of cash.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


more chatter probily tailing off

no harrasment about getting walgreens in an envolope.?? maybe a little audio hard to tell may be a trailing off of the extortion thing that sometimes start on friday and ends on tuesday or wednesday. I get a ride home from a buitiful woman tuesday. The truck seat is a little slick with slacks, cracks on the windows it and the seatbelt was the next thing I thought about.. I should offer her a diet pepsi, 8 12 packs free with rebate coupons. the refigerater completly full. I feel thinner allready. heb and walgreens have then for $2.50 so it is free with a small donation to the city and the state in sales taxes.

Monday, July 11, 2005


the usual chatter

I am hearing alot of the pre-paycheck chatter.. there is probily a limit to the number of days the brokarage account can go up 1000. looks like more cap gains and less cash not what I planned probily shouldn't complain

Friday, July 08, 2005


he says you want to sell all your stocks in augest

You want to sell all your stocks in augest he says. The first thing he asks me is if I made money yesterday. As of late I make money everyday early this week the portfolio went down and back up.. xm is getting close to $36, yesterday the portfolio went up $100 today it went up $1,200. possibly over $70,000 by early next week regardless of weather I invest. Yes that is what I want to do pay a few extra $1,000 in cap gains tax because your my friend and I believe that is good advice. It has gone up almost every day since the end of may.. I bought ford perfered I just sell options not shares. Oil prices suck, I am going to put together one of those hybred mowers with a bailer think so it can become ethonal.. Yesterday the explosion, I was thinking of taking the day off and then with the t.v. I decided to go to work when I was walking back towards kostoroz, a couple of black people were doing the lawn a white person in a rusty pickup truck does a uturn and flips someone off. It's the perscusion complex where it is probily me but I say there closer.. The number of larger trucks that come near and do uturns, this guy though is the closest one to a wreck yet. The worst case sit.. put the rent on a card and let it float for 20 more days... thats september not augest, I start looking for cash. sept 11'th always look out for that day. wavetrain

Thursday, July 07, 2005


leftover stuff

computer crashed last night did not let me mention enviremental terrorist sign or protest down holly painted on a field for sale. I get some mention about after all I have done for you and the next time you see jenny rios exc. exc.. I am not sure what that was about and then. turned on the t.v. and the train bombing (british was on). I know I specuated on that I don't know if I posted it. sorta looked like a train bomb in califronia san fran... everone knows they are all homo's. likely to have a neg support on demand. Noticed people running last night also a couple of hey bails.. I could become a contraianion on the colapse of briten... got options?? The threats. across the mexican border on to the train and bam... just a guess. alot of threats about trading in any stock. The audio in particular was about novitel and a south african steel company. some audio that I comited some kind of crime or something probily the excuse to keep me away from things that would make me understand a contact (if there is one) or to prevent anything from being looked into. It is about novatell and I cost averaged it and it has been in my blog for along time. sold alot of puts at $10, dollar cost averaged the price down, the proper thing to do is go to the sec and not harrass me. contraian view is the british etf as a covered trade to grab some cash. I don't tend to do country etf unless there is a div to speak of (or any mutual without much div)

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


oil prices at $61...

someone says look at that looser who wals and she also talks about her looser boyfriend... I am not sure of the gist of that except everyone around her is a looser, could be guilt by association. They all look under age so I just ignore it. Went towards $68,000 this morning a full 10g since begining my training at verizon wireless. I have been very fortunate. then the market pulled back a little bit. The harrasment is getting to me, I am pretty sure that they harrass people and then sell cocaine. It's the amount of cafeen (spelled wrong) that I drink just to handle being around it. It is even worse around the apartment close to paydays sometimes. (stock pick) syntrolium because the loosers who walk have noticed what these gas stations are doing to polute the landscape. The part the people find the most offesive it the waste caused by that third number when gasoline hit $1. The people that call bush a natzi haven't realy said anything about the crop burning they are doing up north (bio deasel, and verities). I suspect there is going to be a new found "envirementalism" in the eastern states at some point is heating oil prices keep going up. the hybreds start coming with more of a vegence. The electric industry, some day the nucular plants they built in the 50's will need to be replaced. Some day (and alot recently) gas plants are going to closed because of cost (and effiecnetcy). That is why I am investing my money in spi's. I wasn't expecting to hit $70,000 til october a little of a suprise xm pulled back after it hit the money at $35 back down to $34. ............. stupid truck tricks truck with port lavoca on the licence plate things instead of licence plates. I bet if someone who looks like me walks past petes radiator and whatever the shop is with the skyjacker truck parts they will get someone who drives like an idiot like that just walk down holly.. what you get it a four wheel drive truck coming up to you parrell and doing a u-turn. It is a conspiracy man, that means the police can keep your truck

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


novatell rumor somewhat true

novatell company report came out. The best source is still lucent tech, mostly goes there first, at least as far as 3G equipment sales. The company report says they may be included by a laptop maker. At least a desire to be standard equipment. I made around 10 seperate trades of shares, calls and puts. They don't seem to list all the countries they do buisness, It may be that alot hasn't been constructed as of yet, places like packistan exc. I grabed two puts of calpine at $3, they gave me $86 for october. shouldn't matter that much if it trades around $1 of where it is at. grabbed $180 out of xm, no reason to risk it going down to just $100 trade again, take the money and run. looks like calpine is set to expire out of the money, may be worth around $140 in cash, or $20 a month in decay (cash value stays the same when you trade).

Monday, July 04, 2005


threats about below prime loan and other extortion

I recieved an audio threat about taking a below prime rate loan. I invested alot of it in FpS.. ford convertable yielding 7.5..8.0% + 20%+ capital gaines diveded by the call date. It is the same old threats, they plan on commiting wirefraud and riping off credit cards.. I was hoping to bring up the cash value up to $10,000 by the end of the month. also getting threats about getting fired seems to contridict the idea that I shouldn't invest. spi is a new one on my watch list, alot of wind turbines, quarterly div's income in pounds and $.. found xtf as inviremental etf but it seems like some sort of world wide clean energy etf would make sence.. many of them are not listed in the us but are public companies that invest here... I haven't heard any threats about when there is supposed to be a wirefraud crime.

Friday, July 01, 2005


reasons why she is forex (to much crown royal)

reasons why she is forex. he drinks to much crown royal he smokes to much exc... I don't know if john's is still down there and then you have a port shopping center. I was thinking maybe shipping some giant magnifieng glass's to mexico (they are supposed to be about as effecient as solar). boil off all the water ship it to the drinking system, ship the electric out, damn up the rio grand and pump the water toward larado nuevo and other realy dry places.. Call my company the rio grand authority with power plants on both sides of brownsville. The eco enviremental index has come out along with the exchange traded fund xtf. I was scanning through that looks like western windfarms that bills itself as the only us traded windfarm company (you can trade wind in canada and not mess around with fee's if they ever make canadian dollars off of it) and instead spi, scotland power inc. spi is said to be an ads instead of an adr think of the comercial (make it happen) is listed (they have windfarms). I am a little perplexed as to why a hydroelectric spanish company and windfarm company are not listed. also hear a little bit about an irish company. investers have a demand for the companies, imagine a small cogenerater that is solar and gives off alot of water. corpus christi as a giant battery endless sun and water. xmsr is just a few cents under $35 something happened to the demand for the options. at one time that would be a $400 trade. looks to be about $170 or something per each for augest or if buying it back is $180 in cash tuesday instead of waiting for expiration on the 15th

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