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Friday, October 22, 2010


if it doesn't resemble extorition..

If it doesn't resemble extortion do I know how to act. Its like pavlovs dog or whatever because it is expected... there is another air thing though the land lady and the air conditioner thing instead... may be worse.. I am hearing the sound at the apartment but not at work that is an improvement.. There is someone with a wiretap they pay for the sound regardless, maybe someone else slides...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Gabriel Gaitan arrested

Corpus Christi Texas. Gabriel Gaitan arrested at work, reports are that several plain clothes officers took him before work monday. According to the caller times he was picked up in connection with a three year old homicide. He seemed intrested in drinking and had brought in a beer bong (without the beer) on one occausion. It sort of had a devils advocate feel to it where he promoted that at our table and then went to the table next to promote his beer bong. I remember one of his friends (who seems much taller now :) ) was realy big on promoting driving, while he was realy big on promoting drinkng.. (the driving guy from the end of the table stopped or was replaced by someone taller :) His other thing was that he was showing a picture of a child he said was his daugter who came to a trajic end. He would show the unclothed photo saying it was the only one he had. He seemed to have some bad reactions to that once in awhile where someone would comment about it as being perverse.

He seemed like an ok person for the most part but I thought it was important to jot down a few details in case they are not irrelevent.



I started with clorox... looks like mad money recomended befour the x..
more flo
and probily more ora

The max percentage is 5% of portfolio.
and then there is three weeks off and just watching the market

It looks like I could start it off with more clorox after the x, befour the x
doesn't seem like a good trade.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



They are roleplaying the airgas bid???



I am going to have this coincidence that when my funds are received at brokerage, then people complain more about air. I thought the market had went down... It's not going to happen, I am not going to change that I am making deposits, I have someone with control of communication harassing me also.. Usually I will hear an abusive male when the market goes down, I just expected it to because of the prices I saw on u.s. stocks in Germany. The account went up over $3000 last month, It does sort of feel like extortion to promote Scott trade to get yearly mutual fund revenue. Usually I will get threats (audio i.e. I am going to be abusive to you because you need to use that money for a car) about cars, but it doesn't take money to buy a car that is just an excuse.

Saturday, October 09, 2010


she says seems like it is about a woman

It is mostly nation of islam ant-white anti-interracial stuff with a few white supremacists and some extortion threats... It will promote the (catholic) church (for racial reasons) and drugs. It all depends on who your near what it looks like.

Friday, October 08, 2010


no direct deposit

I don't see my direct deposit this morning and I may have been followed in a threatening manner Wednesday. I can estimate the check but I may be investing low, so I might cut expenses next week because I have extra and I want to "make a stash"..... looks like 9 shares of Clorox is my choice, a dividend achiever mentioned on mad money. I estimate the x from udr will drop from 10.9 to around 10.7 of the account.. getting rid of some of the effect of it.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


roleplaying the x

I think she just comes over to role play the statagy of "the abuser" to harass me when udr goes x-div because it is almost 11% of the account (and dropping as new funds come in). In the last month I gained income from the burger king merger ($10 a quarter), mcd, and clc and lost some income when my ford bonds called. I also made some new investments so it is mostly up. I was looking at maybe kmb again but the price is going up so I may do Kraft or Clorox.

Monday, October 04, 2010


lost at love and she is yelling at the stripes

We are probably not getting a hotel room this weekend so I will be investing that in the market.. maybe next weekend is the omni weekend.. I don't know if I always see her during x-div week.... I was looking at maybe playing the up and downside of that. she says that I should be afraid.... seems like escalation de-escalation type stuff

Friday, October 01, 2010


I got a raise

I got a raise.... risk/reward ... I understand that well, you get paid for risk in the market exc... I want to do some coding sunday or saternight I think... some processing stuff. The audio sequencer thing I think, to see if i want to hack it (with csound and java sound) I keep seeing that irish bank problem thing, but I am not sure I have a statagy for it so I will just watch it...

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