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Saturday, March 31, 2007


double stacker...

Someone kicked my corpus christi caller times newspaper into my door... It has been like a hotel room next door so it is hard to tell who it could have been.. They have started to delever it at around 3 am.. kinda amusing.

last night this chick came by burger king.. she is stacked... My fryer filter thing is still fried.. I started to filter the best I could last night and then the cook took over.. It filter part of it is ripped now.. What comes to mind is someone who is on steroids although there is some hint that all the worst equipment is coming to the store.. Seems like a number of people are "dis-grunteled".. Usualy when there is a dispute you hear people say well they are just dis-gunteled.. The pure number of disgrunteled people may indicate there is something wrong.. I offered a stock pick.. I was picking up some odd lots of irr... It is a mutual fund by ing.. The other ing closed fund has done well and you are stealing the dividend that is payed on the 16th.. You can dollar cost average it after the 4th if the ex-date has much of an effect on the price.. They are back to collecting dividends a little along after that...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


some more of ormats products

As it turns out ormat sells turbines that capture waste heat to energy.... Including generators to generate electricity from regassification of natural gas. They have sold two of them to a spanish utility for that.. I am revising my theories a little bit on how the capitalization should work.. maybe it should be done as units with some portion of a ormat share included.. They have some tek I may have overlooked that works well with the industry that we have.. We have been watching them burn off stuff at the refineries for decades.. You would finance your projects with the small tax that pays for units and slowly grab control of ormat to move it's headquarters with it. I haven't looked to see how big this company is.


Sunday, March 25, 2007



I happen to know (a friend of course, if I were to buy breakfast it might cost over $1) a person who can come up with a really large breakfast for less than 50 cents, ... sin toast, bisket, eggs (as requested), re fried beans... jelly if you ask nice. It is completely a no air pollution situation. I am on sort of a reversed time where I am eating hot dogs on breakfast time..

Saturday, March 24, 2007


political games...

Mirror the customer.... I am thinking there is a small amount of political retaliation against the blog and talking about the abuse I am getting amoung some of those that support pete alverez.. I can't tell but you start a conversation hoping to have someone add to it??? I like having the state police downtown.. It is not as good as having the police on the "middle south side".. It is a check on the city department and when it starts to look like people want to get rid of the customers I have to question why.. We are in robstown also with the cameras.... Alot of the loans would just transfer ownership of the whole company to the lender and then they probily fire everyone.. It is one of the things I learned from researching jer . I was reading about fallen angels.. supposedly if you pick fallen angels the rate of return is much greater than the market as a whole... My best picks are income growth and institiom ownership... I noticed a mutual fund that has returned 600% in a ten year period (including cap gains)... ticker is fund.. they should give good advice when they tell you what you own and decent cap gains distribution most of the time in december.

I will look around someday and the person in the kitchen will be angel and there will not be enough ormats in the cooler... falling knives will be falling from where the gloves are stored (I should have put them up before I left where they belong).. ya and jason....

THere is a smallcap oil company around $1 that is profitable from the guru site, I will have to get the letters for that one..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


devil says you can change to alternative feul and not make the investment

The devil says we can change the world and not make the investment or pay for it one way or another... The devil will tell you how business's will pay for it without telling you that it will reduce capital gains collected by various governments and retirement funds that government and business have to pay for. The devil will say that there is only one way to do it and play the other side about why it should not be done... waste not want not... I have seen estimates that as much as 10% of electric is wasted in distribution and another 10% is wasted on standby energy... I have seen the lower wattage t.v. sets that use less material and are smaller.. (72 down to 35 watts).. I am still waiting to see any politition in either party come up with something better than what I have heard so far..

I am not saying that if you don't make the investment that it turns out to be free or pay for itself in either less inflation or lower prices... The devil is looking for a way to do it that doesn't work... ways we know cause problems from 1979...

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


The good and bad of john edwards global warming plan

It may be important that global warming isn't described as india and china warming up to you because you are sabotaging manufacturing... The good the fund part that invests in new tek... the bad forcing only u.s. manufactures to pay for it... We don't really need a situation that instead of fixing a problem it just moves over seas and reduces energy costs by making it impossible for people to buy food...

There is alot being made of bush living a more energy efficient lifestyle than both edwards and al gore.. From what I can see it is more of a result of living in the country and being more independent from the grid, being more informed from the tresury dept (on available energy tek) may help but alot can be made of it contrast and the tek that is now available..

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Monday, March 19, 2007


offbeat theory from page 9 real estate source

If you are anti-u.s or a supremest group of some sort such as the nation of islam... including alot of muslem groups and drug related groups what would you consider the enemy... housing.. sabotage housing and you cut off alot of jobs for illeagel imigrents and funding to various tax jurisdictions...

Platnum home lending.... what you have is Isreal Ledesma... perfect for anti-jewish groups to roleplay and some chick named norma Carrion... carion as in rotting meat perhaps.. Says they still do lending without income verification.. prices look very high in the picture real estate magizines but they can jump in one month and then come back down.. It is not a very scientific way to look at prices..


Sunday, March 18, 2007



amr... without looking into it to much we are in the summer driving season when oil prices go up.. s that is sears.. e omar... I may not have a trade I am not sure what I have although sears/kmart is said to be very good.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


nation of islam.. customer service..

seems like the women I am working with are not getting alot of sleep.. does that mean anything not realy.. There are some isolated instances where things are said that would sorta drive the customers off.. I heard one guy tell me he would beat up a customer and steal his girlfriend.. Outside of work when you are trying to annoy someone.. It is a buisness though.. Some stuff is breaking.. mainly fryer stuff.. The nozle holder in the filter thing and the weld on the handle also broke..

Nation of Islam short trading reference.... page 9 of computer music magazine march 2001. has NI in it's headline and then page 11 has a headline that says SHORT.. the date is also listed underneith new york and an explosion... listed as european sources or probibile european sources..


Wednesday, March 14, 2007


burger king fryers

I am doing some research into burger king fryers. http://www.lonestaronline.com/listings/details/index.cfm?itemnum=830556001 is one and it is all one unit. heres another one, probily without a lid


It seems that the protector gloves are being stored with a boxcutter up high where the box cutter flies out.. bad if you ever pull it towards you..

Monday, March 12, 2007


marketing tobbaco to minors

If there is any dispute that tobbaco marketing is different than the 1980's when they marketed tobbaco to minors at carrol high school in corpus christi texas tx then here is the site to dispute it. http://www.realitycheckny.org/RCNY/ I saw it in the wall street journal today.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007


he don't want to buy an index he wants to buy your soul

http://www.seoulsemicon.com/_HOMEPAGE/home_eng/asp/main.asp I was reading more about it and it says a company of good people not a company of vandels.. I emailed the frost bank people because it would make a good adr.. You have to go to the pms near church of cleanlyness or somesuch close to the catholic hospital.. They don't like burnouts and they arrested or threw them out of the complex.. It is very quiet now.. It just fades away.... (THe archie paint job and you do a comparision of led lighting to other types such as floresent). For futher sources read the seoul website, archie comics, and search of led in various search engines..


even semiconductors have seouls

The corner is being watched I always get aproached now where it looks like an archie comic book. The graphiti doesn't realy match what I am seeing.. It is fading fading.... fading away... archie is nine watts not 4 watts (or district 4) someone should put the current watage on it's own sign.. It sorta works with kep (korea electric company alot of witch is from oil).. they are much more "addicted to oil".. The whole adr probily has done well since it seems less likely that everything is going to be blown up...

stunt driving.. That could turn out badly..

Saturday, March 10, 2007



Some chick that I could not see very well sounds like she threw a tantrum.. Like she is mad at me or something or that is her reaction to frustration.. I don't like being there in the morning there are to many people agressivly asking for money.. It is the same reason you shouldn't drive downtown if you work down town, to many people are desperate..

I am able to handle the weight better but cutting bacon seem to have irrated it somewhat.. I am not paying the catholics to cut me open, I just won't...

I could have much better affairs.. seems like there is a switch of people once in awhile.. There is to much complaining.. There could probily be schools of thought about weather it is supposed to be a way to sell drugs or whatever or someone or where roleplayed... We work because we have to... at least most of use it is understood..

reminds me of freedkin.. I would watch jason on t.v. (jan april sept oct nov) so he is roleplaying how jason is trying to hurt an unborn child or this and that the other... (I remember freedkin going around claiming he was a comunist, envirementalist, satanist))

I say I don't like smoke and then into the national association of individual investers for as little as $25 a month exc. exc..... It is because of smoke I became a capitalist.. I was telling him about how the money will be invested after we sell his truck for the investment club members..

Friday, March 09, 2007


led bulbs are coming...

They are already here but $70 for a light bulb seems kind of steep (for nine watts 70 watt equivilent lasting 10 years).. I think the watts are dropping or are going to drop and the cost probily will. There is a korean company that is listed doesn't appear to have an adr but is part of some korean index funds (theres is not available yet)... seoul semiconductor (under the brandname archie)... best to get some people who hate nbc (owned by ge).. organise regestered perverts to protest and get them to test out the bulbs for us (less buisness for those nasty floresent bulbs from ge)...


stephen king

In three kings Solomon asks for wisdom to dispense justice, I noticed three kings in the front of the book visual like... You would understand why someone would be offended by dark tower 7 and rip it to get it out of the library. The rip was on page 717 near chapter three of whatever that is at the end of the book talking about bill and federal..... copyright 2004.. I don't know how to search for peoples delusions on the Internet, would be an interesting search, probably want something with religious undertones..

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Thursday, March 08, 2007



I have a perminent 4.9% rate offer... I don't have the cash flow for that though.. looks like subprime is going to save me some money in a couple of months. most of your bond funds borrow at prime or libor (london benchmark) and then go long. The difference is an extra payment you get in december... I got out of new century to soon.. looks like as far as lending goes it is now shut down.. I am going to have to take out some cash.. I hate doing that, hopefully there is some left over to reinvest in div stuff..

revised electricty theory.. tax 1% on your electric bill where you get it back in shares or you can get it as a rebate if you put panels on your house.. I am starting to see estimates about when the panels are going to be cheaper than grid electricity.. some inacuracy about panels having to be in silicon although alot of them are and there is a shortage currently

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007


new century

There is more volume than shares. It is possible that profit takers could take the shares up... One trade to make that is fairly safe is short new and buy wiw. I sold yesterday for a profit and now have 15 shares of wiw.. can't do that again for a month but I keep what I took for a long term investment.. yields around 6% and invests in tips.. Now it is .38% of my account.. I noticed a free $50 through the $4 brokerage it add starts with a 3 and I believe the min to open the accound is $50.. This is the dividend reinvestment acount provider... anything with a dividend can be set up through them.. (I will have to recheck the details) Trade is $4

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Monday, March 05, 2007


more tobbaco issues retaliation

If you are doing medical research on tobaco for a city-county hospital with brown vs board students how would you phrase it... suggest that the guy is jewish.. say that the feds are natzi's... These are a few more of the details on what the ccisd school district allowed on campas... How do you cover up something like that... sunday night it was locational skitzaphrena followed by a corpus christi police car.. more sexual insults heard down low.. I keep hearing that I am not cooperating.. I believe I am seen as the enemy and the sexual comments (pervision I don't believe democrats should get married to each other) are indictive of a racial issue and retaliation for the tobbaco industry and possibly some military personel.. I don't have any clear picture except they control comunication with the permission of the police department and that it is up to the catholics (former city county hospital) to diagnose such things..

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going cold turkey on sub-prime lending

If there is no market for sub-prime then what... That is what I heard on cnbc today that there are no takers for the loans.. also of note the federally sponsored lenders are no longer doing the same type of sub-prime and that in 60 days there may be newer tighter regulations... This all says that sub-prime is dead as a business, killer the resale market.. what does that mean for the companies that are currently in business and heading towards bankruptcy maybe... There is a criminal probe of new-century and they expect shareholder lawsuits... What that means is that the shares will go down every time one is announced and it is possible that in addition to not being able to resell the loans they may have to pay back all the money they owe rather quickly.. quick bucks for someone but it isn't them unless they can get a lender interested in a company that looks like the enron of morgage lenders in an industry that looks like the titanic. I have to desclose that I am short new century..


short trade venezuala

I don't see an etf where you can short trade the whole country.... vandelism I was looking at swc ... nothing there realy except that it trades below market like many and russia and brazel are big parts of the currency.. yields around 6% and is done by leg masson.. They have recently hired someone who used to do the retirement funds for att. My search turned to msn... started coverage befour a downturn in the stock price acording to what I see on the web.. I saw another possible trade roleplayed.. near church of acts.. act is an mp3 output in china that is high groath but can't go into the u.s. market because of copyright issues..

I sold scottish power and bought uu and ora... uu owns the lines only and is going into windpower plus it is in pounds.. ora is a geothermal company that pays a dividend they have a policy of paying out a certain percentage of the profits as dividends.. expect to see higher dividends, don't expect them to save the world.. current tek doesn't do that.. In the texas market the houston post would have you believe that the texas market can take every watt that is thrown at it and we have relatively high wholesale prices.. good if you are a local booster trying to get a plant.. bad if you are a green and you have to defend very high natural gas prices. The best thing for the state of texas is to look at what california has done in the past and figure out a way to do it right (as opposed to the way they did it) I went 1% ora and .88% uu. I can get my income and groath that is about the same not that the merger is bad it just has to much cash (that is now not doing anything better to sell and buy the purchasing company)

Sunday, March 04, 2007


stripes signs

I am looking at the stripes signs.... Not all the same.. On route 17 I see when it hits you (and then another) when it hits you (and then something that looks like it is a folded up version of a conversation with a police officer at the one downtown) how good is your memory... some of that isn't showing of course but it looks like something out of mad magazine that you fold to get a different meaning. it doesn't even look like it is folded very well. strange...

I was trying to decide if it looked like someone was trying to get us sued or not.. couldn't tell.... lawsuit abuse.. they talk about how they have to have a cigarette and I am asked if I am going to buy the stuff I see in the adds (x-box).. reminds me of freedkin.. I was saying that the democrats wanted him to join a union or association and that the association of individual investor would take that money he was spending on cigarettes and..... He said the democrats want him to get castrated also... I was having a hard time saying that wasn't so..


Thursday, March 01, 2007



vonage looks like it may not be doomed. I don't understand it so I am staying away from it. I think it is unpopular in some quarters as a concept.

jrt came up in a screen as high institution ownership.. it is 12 earnings this year and it listed as having 10 times earnings for next year... 8% div yield.. This is comercial real estate and they own the loans in some cases calateralised by the buisness. I might buy into part of a percent..

my watch is jrt, babcock and brown and ora...

the last two are political babcock has a pretty high yield because it is an austrialian fund (listed on the pink sheets and it's multinational).

spi is being bought by endosa.. I started with a half american utility.. no telling what it is now mostly euorpean with international wind exposure.. spinning the towers off may benifit the shareholders..

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