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Sunday, January 29, 2006


friday night not saterday

most of what I hear abuse wise is on friday night and not saterday night now.. One of the people close to the apartment said they are trying to get you for conspiracy to comit murder... Didn't have to wake up early to do laundry woke up at 6:00. Drawing for christ was on,.. 200,000 perverts in san francisco.. He was talking about old methodists or old time methodists.

Friday, January 27, 2006


the trades

I was planning on knicle and diming it down but the cash flow was gone... The horse ran well for awile and then it stoped so I had to shoot it.. I can just grab alot of small odd lotts for the positions I want.. doesn't matter it is called dollar cost averaging... 10% interest rate had to go sold 300 nvtl, 800 serius and 100 xmsr.. postions in everything except serius.. had to reduce options to.. It probily will go back up and it looks like a good company but there is a gyration that I had to limit a bit more... bought 11 shares of hyb.. I can buy them one at a time.. bonds may do well when interest rates top.. They have been pretty good about giving high yields and capital gains.. I can move stuff over to reduce my brokerage costs.. one brokerage for mutual funds and the other for other stuff and everything over 700 shares can be done through scott trade.. I hear roleplaying of paramount.. looks like they never finished building the building.. afcb.. oh thats what a**holes are supposed to roleplay.. litium batteries... A front for a meth lab maybe.. AA employment agency.. doesn't look like they are real active.. greek or aribic sounding person.. The person downstairs has a problem where he wastes his time talking about finacial transactions... It's like he never ran his mouth happens anyway.... Some chick at work I don't know if it is bad luck to see her... Seems kind of odd like something is going on or something.. reminds me of my old boss... or young boss however you want to put it...


another high risk synthetic oil


the questions are as follows is that realy an australian web page.. did anyone realy buy thier plant i.e. prove it. are they realy borrowing alot of money... exc exc... I dont think it is a u.s. exchange.. I could be wrong.. syntrolium doesn't show up.. says alot of the company is owned by one firm...


maybe I could sell

maybe I could cash out... trying to figure out why I want to own serius if I only get paid once a year... there is a way out it is the retirement part of it I am having trouble with.. there realy is something called paramount don't know how they do or anything they tell me there is something brown that only hires bi-ling... I keep 300 shares of xmsr and 100 shares of yahoo... may not be a bad haul.. and I get rid of the rest of the margin and move it to the other account take the options into... nite.. 10% is way to high... keeps some mutual funds and bonds so that I can write some checks and I stick with wire trnsfrs from the other account....

Thursday, January 26, 2006



One of the nights I had staid late and roberts eyes looked sorta yellowish... The guy at church of acts looks kinda redish at times. I think that is organ failure.. I am literly afraid of saying I will donate organs under any curcumstances... The audio abuse is sort of nightmareish I think I heard someone suggest that I quit... That is what I was thinking of when cindy said cindy crakawitz.... cinder block... cracked foundation sorta close to church of acts... she seems mad at me sometimes.. She has at least 3 twins or something like that only one of witch is somewhat unhappy but the overheard says is evil.. past carrs laundry exc... someone was roleplaying the stramge real estate company... bridal or mary or something I forget... maybe it was spouce real estate or something... looked like thier was air under the foundation and the yard sloped down away from it. The way to stop that or start the hault is a cinderblock border backfilled with compost leaves exc... I am not sure what else.. maybe it should be raised... speaking of guys with or gun failure I think of the cricle k near texas a and m probily around 1999 - 2001 closer to 2001 working at the circle k thier splitting image like a flash back of mr robery and an older person who looked like him at one of the other stores... probily not an uncommon look creapy though... I though about going to that particular circle k to see if that particular person still worked there creepy as that would be.... I was looking for code so it must have been 2000,2001 sometime probily 2000


It was 1999 and I knew I was doomed....

heres another one she says she has been trying to get him to sell it to pay it off.. listening to all this is hellish... I don't understand how that will help me if I am blacklisted... more pervert stuff again it is roleplayed down the bus route as busted... more condo stuff again looks like the value went down 5 grand.. isolated people who are harrased just dont change behavior and I have a hard time understanding why it is about drugs.. they riped my check some hours.. robert has a decent delevery about the guy in alice.... I read the thing about rejectection as it relates to perversion... You are afraid of rejection so you become a democrat is how it goes.. revenue up 43% and profit is down... I don't see anywhere but bankrupcy and ripping off a bunch of corpus banks partialy because of abuse.. I look though and try to find a way...



I don't cover the bills with this job... there an act about a car... I don't cover my bills with this job and the rest is realy silly.. I hear someone talking about getting a free 100 shares.... must be a combination of puts and calls. It may be some sillyness about automobile defecintcy.. nite is 100% owned by institutions that can be a sign of a realy realy cheap stock and you can go real long the calls... don't care that much about what side of $10 it is on.. sold a put for $54 yesterday for some reason I hear something about it.. I hear some screaming outside... no one has said room mate yet... I am not a very trusting person and real estate is out of the question for at least 11 months... I should look into the free 100 shares... maybe I can find a mathmatical scam..

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


cash whatever

Do I think mentioning the guy who got shot is good or bad.... I don't know.. trade with cuba is another story.. sugar cain or ethonal could be coming through the port at some point. hopefully some good coupons so we (the consumer) can help drive thier cost up.. Market going where... down til baseball season probily. was hopeing to start taking cash out.. not sure what will happen with that.. there is a different symbol for ford perfered at the different brokerages..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006



It could be the end of someones tires behind heb.... chick with white pants and tight... wow... seems to be alot of stuff on the chicken side of the road and just a little on the mcdonalds side of the road.. except for billy jean street and that one dog makes it seem like a drug house.. not that it is just gives it that apperance.. Some dude in a trench coat not sure what that is about.. people playing around you have to notice the church by the mosque.. (not that that mosque is or is not suspect) and then walk around the first assembly of god.. You may get the same feel only it is a synagogue behind it.. not sure if it is still open though.. it's a coverup.. well hardly.. roleplaying it as the street is laid out.. If there is a roy's house of godliness with a plank fence that may make the neiborhood..

Monday, January 23, 2006


black chick

black chick has my attention... don't know if she has any interest in keeping it.. looks like a 6-pack or tall millwalkies best. Classy and not classy at the same time. All of a suddon someone dissapears from the bus stop.. person with trench coat takes a position behind me in the camara view.. There is a cop at the h.e.b. doesn't mean anything.. I asked what did you do befour you worked here to the person by fti.. sounds bad but I am not sure if he is talking about himself or the person who was coming over to the house with the femail.. sounds illeagal in a vauge sort of way. Lile laundering money possibly.. reasonable suspition.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


very early

I hear the person downstairs very early 2 oclock or so... It is one of the corner apartments I am having trouble with may have threw the timing off on sunday so he (they) may move the abuse to saterday... looking for options to grab cash out in certain cercumstances... fording coal trust has a nice yield, The problem I see is they are tied to the steel industry and that could be inpacted by oil prices.. I have only paid a g off the margin still have to reinvest and dispose of margin... I may try a msn search to see if they have some listings msn does not.. The reinvestment option if that is required is probily xle energy spider to hedge oil prices or I will look into the makeup of xle and pick stocks out of it to get the hedge and the div.. looks like march options are listed at msn now don't know if they are traded yet..

Saturday, January 21, 2006


heres the earnings

The Company reported a net loss of $13.5 million, or $0.27 per share, on revenue of $56.3 million compared to a net loss of $2.3 million, or $0.05 per share, on revenue of $64.6 million in the same period a year ago. The 2005 results include $2.1 million in .... this part of it caught my attention but I don't know if it should raise an eyebrow or not ......

Goodwill and Intangibles, net and Other Assets for October 2, 2005 should read: 38,191 (sted 11,592) and in the same table, Total Assets should read: $105,747 (sted $79,148).

I am not sure what that means when it gets revised upwards if anything. The concern is they are going to screw data general in the same way (whoever haunts stuff).... Well they are haunted that means mistakes and less employment and police reports..
then corpus goes bankrupt and all the water gets pumped to san antonio. The guy who does the brokerage stuff missed out on a customer...


news of the wierd??

so you have this company that does customer service for newspapers

APAC Awarded Multiple Year Contract from The Minneapolis Star Tribune, January 2006

APAC Customer Services Announces LA Times Contract Extension, December 2005

APAC to Provide Lifecycle Customer Care Support for Freedom Newspapers, October 2005

and you have this guy that has something that looks like a terrorist attack... My cash flow went up about $400 at least still looking for another way to do that.. I currently am getting alot of abuse and someone threatning to blacklist me from one of the apartments. I can't tell if they are doing well or not.. bankrupcy or no bankrupcy.. They do other companies according to the news reports.. alot of people say it is a challenged buisness. I am just worrying about the iranians now, Said you know I don't like peace smoke (the name changed) I don't want to die.. I don't want to hear any more radio activity.. I am starting a pro-war investment club... $10 a week the price of a carton of cigerettes and put it into xle (the energy spider if I get that wrong).. looks like the end of the buisness cycle possibly according to the profit reports.. maybe not the end of interest rates going up, I hear some mention of interest rates going down..

Friday, January 20, 2006


gas $2.50

Market got wacked... two options of xmsr sold for $40. I am not taking money out of the account until next month based on what happened today.. thereticaly I could take a g out of the account in cashflow (or off the margin). You might refer to it as an accounting gimick or a return of the float.. My interest costs drop because of it but I don't get the effect every month.. Check for 59 cents from what claims to be washington mutual from dallas. could be a credit card company.. Banks keep changing names.. I get to sell two more covered calls on monday and that is it I am done.. Black chick keeps going around like my jacket would match her outfit and that she needs more on.. Not that I have any fasonation with green partularly. People starting to remind me of back in the day.. That is who the guy reminds me of this hispanic guy who is talking about the guy at texaco saying you don't want to mess with him or maybe get involved with him he is in the mob.. I was also reminded by some of the people by the bus stop... small world..

Thursday, January 19, 2006


the homo moron

and then the homo moron that keeps saying you don't want to pay child support do you exc. exc.. I don't know if he he stupid enough to think he is going to get money or not. If I just hear and don't get aproached then there is no profit motive it is just abuse. The homo's may work in teams. It is just like the drug people you have to aproach someone and ask for money and it is likely to get you hurt. My philosophy is that I walk around everyone and if you want to talk to me then I am going to want to know why you are wasting my time. theres more abuse off the phones mentions about the I.R.S. like I care and that paying taxes is fraudent... It's a buiness and when you have a buisness you pay taxes guy doesn't understand that if it is about me. advertising is legimate becase I get paid for advertising doesn't matter if it is conning the person who goes to the site or not.. I don't use thier advertising anymore may consider doing in the future Because I have no respect for anyone because of the abuse. They (ccpd) may have tried to put a better face foward lately.


loosers at heb

I have been talking about the contract between here and the base in flour bluff but the guy has a problem If I say something at h.e.b. I don't know how many people these morons are harrasing but I am sure there is going to be more wrongfull death suits against the city.. Future Telemarking in east of eden his son knew there was going to be a war and bought up the crops and his father made him give the money back.. (this is stienbeck). Like I have always said and you can get stuff from other sites. Someone benifited because you couldn't possibly justify spending that much time harrassing one person and they deserve to die. It's inportant that I get abused inside of h.e.b. and not say something about it.. very inportant to this guy. Came back to my apartment and harrased me for saying something


week and a half

takes a week and a half for my check to be cashed. they are sucking the interest out of me.. should drop quite a bit for jan and feb. I was getting ready to cancel it today and go in person.... looks like the people I work with go to the keno apartments or king whatever that is... There is a couple of women that look alot like women at apac.. She says she went to a strip club on her 18th birthday (gentalmans club)....

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


nvtl exc...

sold my last 5 nvtl contracts into febuary.. $150 isn't to bad.. xmsr doesn't realy look like it is going to do much by friday-monday and then there is just the usual stuff. Certainly don't want to listen to abuse at a company function like I listen to it at work. I was talking about the murder contract and how said abuse at the house is part of the contract.. It's the democrats they are soft on murder.. I said I don't know why it's because they were selling tobbaco to minors or something at carol high school I don't know.. The best thing would be to ask the person trying to comit the murder they would know more about why than me...

Sunday, January 15, 2006


times market..

doesn't sound like a real disire to have me killed this sunday.. van may have scared them off. Times market girl, I think I am in an unatractive mood maybe, $3.99 for backen (spelling) only if she wears it as a g-string... I am thinking they are not real.. Trying to decide if I should shop at times market or not.. maybe I get on thier nerves I am not realy intrested in the products.. looking around where the crime scene van was could have been vandelism a car maybe... mailbox maybe.. graphiti that I can't see without thier high powered flash.. maybe it is of something else routes exc... market is closed tommorow.. four days of decay.. usualy I don't look at it with this much detail.. not enough to start sucking the cash out of it yet.. getting much closer after this week hopefully.. 4 xmsr and 5 nvtl... and div's.... still not taking a g out of it though...


crime scene van

Crime scene van is outside this morning. woke up at around 4, to do laundry. I am hearing the he is crazy stuff.. doesn't sound like a repeat. flash is noticable or I wouldn't have noticed them. It was around 5 something. Saterday is the day I hear alot about respect. like the mafia is outside or something..

Friday, January 13, 2006


bank says it didn't cash scottrade check

bank says it didn't cash scottrade check. local bank to a local broker and then securities transfer out of state. person downstairs says the postal service gave him his sherman-reyalds stuff from the same box I mailed to.. moved two nvtl contracts to feb netting cashflow of $66. still have 5 jan contracts to move.. may have been good to do them all today.. deversification of selling times may be a good idea.. doesn't look like the margin will be gone on the 20th if the postal service doesn't come up with my check.. someone had aproached me and said the postal service didn't deliver theier credit card payment.. could be extortion.. I always have problems with brokerage mail though..

Thursday, January 12, 2006


still waiting for scottrade check..

sent the mail back to apt 501 sent to wrong apt.. figure if she didn't deliver it the first time she may notice it the second time.. still have had my check delivered to scottrade. I need to call them or something. Alot of audio abuse again crap about buying a car, nothing special money wise. looks like nvtl (I may be off harrasment makes it hard for me to answers cops questions and function well). nvlt looks like $23 TO $43 per contract moving it to feb.. as opposed to allowing it to expire.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


apt 501 mail

I am getting mail from apt 501. I resent it second time that something from sherman williams ended up in my box... He is the guy downstairs that would mean he works for the chinese if what I have read is correct. not everything I read tends to be.. a planed out script at work or not???.. cant tell... Take the money and run was suggested as advice.. good advice.. That is not where all the harrasment comes from but it has been part of the problem.. Not sure all who was using it when it was not always the apt holder with the bbq's alot of the current.. check still hasn't shown up on the other side at scott trade... now it is thursday on the thing tommorow that is probily a problem.. not sure how old she is?? They are saying she needs a girlfriend, she says she needs a boyfriend.. without being offensive content it is uncool and there are kids up there. Something we shouldn't have at fti or anywhere else. can't tell if some of the conversations were thought up in advance or not. I tend to suspect that is the case. (Democrats may be considered offensive and an intresting keyword)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


wyse haunted by iran contra..

it starts about rather being homeless and then ends up being some comment it is about drugs. The calls go into overdrive and they become obnoxious.. It's a pattern abuse then the callers try to overwelm you ... I think I know what b.s. is. got my full $59 this morning. scottrade is taking some time to deposit my check. makes me think something has gone wrong (or they have laid everyone off). xmsr gave a little bit back.. On watch for another 10 days then they expire and I resell them anyway.

Monday, January 09, 2006



I just don't care, meaning I am not going to have abuse in my place. It's East of Eden I think of when I think of fti, diverision to some other kind of crime lots of harrasment exc.. comes to work with black eyes and everything.. It's both people is what I read for a large percentage of the time. udr is not a good opton play not enough volume I don't realy like the notation I get distracted and make the wrong trades.. xmsr looks like I will hit at least 1 $200 trade maybe 2 $200 trades if I am lucky... I still don't feel 100% coughing up green stuff. I should probily sleep and stay at the house this weekend. She should if she is roleplaying stuff walk past the church and then she should walk past a simular religous establishment .... I won't role play it for her ... I didn't check apac to see if the place is still going to be there (I.E. on the internet) seems to be a lag between the times things are anounced and the time they dissapear.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


to extend and revise

I hear a femail this time harrising me about money but not about a car.. starts about break ends about lunch. reminds me of apac.. A bad omen in a stairwell and some sexual harrasment.. I am not sure who is supposed to be busted for what though..


sunday harrasment

the opisite harrasment as friday that I need to pay off my margin. .... I am trying to move stuff after x-div... there is going to be a big drop.. it offsets the credit card companies when the rules changed scottrade did me dirty.. I was ahead of the curve enough to keep from getting screwed by it... all those hours and paper harts... Ya but that isn't the valentine I want. It ends up being a party for the military where they get all the women and such.. I get harrased they get the women.. Thats when you start telling them where to go... around the apartment it started off as it does alot he says he is mentaly ill only this time I am on the outside porch leaving.. I didn't stay around long enough to hear verious forms of depression and stuff. I have to watch the monday market.. nickle and dime stuff or $10-$25 STUFF... then it is the 15'th or monday realy 16th. ..20th. .and end of month.. options expire the 20th... something about averiganging works strongly in scottrades favor.. settlement date probily as opposed to call date..

Saturday, January 07, 2006


more harrasment about money

abusive guy talking about money again my money to be exact... apac paid me my vacation, I don't know if they will want it back or not. I never hear it at cvs just walgreens and heb.... realy cant tell what the person wants.. I am realy big on not paying 10% and that nocked a huge chunk out of it.. dex tracker project is now at source forge and I may be shopping at cvs or the sourceforge files section anyway.. harrasment occured friday.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


someone asked about robert

robert does his management stuff and there is some pressure.. just job stuff and then of corse it is all above board and real and everything it is fti... there is another audio source though that tries to combine with that pressure, I am getting pressure from stuff that makes no sence from other people crap about driving and the other crap at the apartment befour I go over the bridge. The vote buying stuff is another one I have been hearing for some time.. saw something that could vaugly be about something vaugly related to xmsr.. It is a leak or something haven't looked at it to compair.. I am still waiting for subscriber numbers I believe the 20'th is all I can wait and then sell someone the right at a couple prices again.. holiday stuff book came today but it is at the office may be selling and post office delay.. walking past a strip club and there is some crap about me walking and a car (few days ago)) I don't recall apartment stuff like the sunday befour. I will as promised keep my readers updated about the planed murder and teqniques used. May get a billboard on spid (out of my budget) , I think it is the fear part that isn't there..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


shariff laura jimenez

looks like a new sheriff that isn't running for nueces. laura jimenez, at first glance it would seem like a statemanish choice... i.e. someone without an interest in the electection who cant use it to further herself in the election because she isn't running. The cops were all over near the bridge monday might I perfer that when I hear harrasment about cars.. It is the city election that is important or maybe it isn't. It is hard to tell if things are realy run from the top or not, alot of what I am or had problems with is probily further down. The person at the top is responcible because thats his job to be responcible.. I am not sure if I am having trouble with the post office not wanting to deliver mail again I may have a collection of postmarks of stuff that has been withheld and not delivered in a timely fashion..

Monday, January 02, 2006


back to the pyscological pressure befour I go over the bridge

there may be a trend.. abuse and then someone who wants to interact befour I go over the bridge.. The guy may think he was the only person I shouted loudly at. I am allowed to shout loudly there is someone who acts like he has a murder contract giving me trouble about driving or not driving and talking about sucide every time he evidently knows I am going over the bridge there is an attempt at pressuring me.. walked past the military that was my first choice, call center was not realy a choice it is a paycheck.. I could still talk to the contracter people I am not realy wanting to listen to homosexuals complain about if I drive or not because my mode of transpertation offers a place where there isn't abuse from the guy(s). Nothing good is going to happen that is if something bad hasn't already happened.. I tend to suspect the later with alot of the people I listen to.. To extend and revise I had interacted with two hispanic people intead of one hispanic person (who was taller) and it was further from the bridge..

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