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Sunday, October 26, 2008


fnxbasic takenote manual and arcive

This is the takenote version of the manual plus archive of alot of the bbs for fnxbasic.

archive download

takenote is available here Takenote

I am sure there are still issues with the manual but hopefully there is less than in the original version.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


johavahs witness research..

I did a little research and see they are against war and against military service.. I am at the bus stop and someone hands me a watch tower from march 2001, I didn't know that it was the latest one. On the bus someone points out to me the date of the magazine is not recent something I didn't know before.. I don't see anything subversive or predictive in it but I would request the june 2001 to be sure.. He is what you would now call a source, To use me as a source I have an easy to get to bbs page and you ask so I don't see it as influence, because I can pretty much do as I want and so can he, including marketing. so the second part of that is he matching the date for another purpose, copycatting, threats or another reason.. He was saying there was one year the Jehovah's witness's didn't come to corpus... I think it was a row about the Spanish armada.... I will leave it be..

This came up in the search engine when I was doing research and seems to be a big part of the abuse I hear (as part of my skitzaphrenia the inter-racial mating part


"WRONG: What happens when you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a dyslexic agnostic?

Jokes that demean religious groups are unacceptable. This includes people who choose not to practice religion. Dyslexics are an example of a handicapped class and should not be insulted. This joke is offensive to creationists because it implies that evolution proceeds due to inter-species mating habits. Members of certain religious groups may also find these random matings offensive to their belief systems."

It has always been my dream to have my own splinter group of the Episcopalian Church.. I was thinking about having it near the greyhound and calling it the independent greyhound Episcopalian church. . I am still working on how the setup will be..

Monday, October 20, 2008


The economy the second attack ( The owe bomb )

It looks like the second attack the owe bomb... Here is something a little odd to roleplay... colin1911 (or 911) supports the owe bomb (the debt crisis)... How does this work are you for cain (and the help cain gives to people crossing the border, including citgos owners help) or are you for the owe bomb getting rid of all the jobs.. If you look at it that way it doesn't realy look like an election it looks like the decision was already made.. I am looking at xblite because I am looking for graphic routines where ever they hide.. looks like I can do a multi-platform slider compiler.. code converters such as bcx basic to xblite (the easist) and then back again and it looks like I can release alot of templates to speed up programming like I did with bloodshed pascal (my version is much, much more up to date than thiers)...

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The holes, the drug addicts and the priests

corpus christi texas (tx). I am walking down chaparral street between the greyhound station and twig street and I see the covers off of what is probably a water line access... someone asks me for money I tell him I am a restaurant employee I have no money.. I start talking about going to where the cops (an ambulance and firetruck) are at and see if they have a cone or something. He says he don't want me following him because I ticked (rated pg version) him off because I don't have any money and he doesn't want me to follow him.. I had to tell the cop who was giving out tickets at the burger king perhaps he missed one that got away but there was another car so they probably busted everyone..

I started to hear voices around the catholic hospital... I said outloud I hear voices it is gods way of telling me he wants me to talk about prostitutes.. Then I see a person dressed as a nun drive by (perhaps for safety reasons if you are going to be dis-respectful you want to know how you are going to fare before you attempt further contact?), someone I think is playing devils advocate and then the pseudo-priest that rides on the bus.

next post is the 911th for this blog.. I should do two I suppose.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


jazz festival

corpus christi texas.. You can hear the jazz festival from the burger king parking lot.. Friday and Saturday night only down the street in the park with all the old houses before you get to the American bank center, plus we are open all night so you can grab some food from the king.. And boss woman says I can't do anything right..

and now for something that is purely evil... I am taking the bus home (Saturday morning) and I reach staples station and this man is smoking around his(?) kid and it almost looks like he is trying to make sure the kid can't avoid it.. He was hunched down at one point sorta facing the kid.. One of the bus drivers walks by and then the religious guy who hands out the messages from Dallas is coming closer and the guy gets up and has the kid get up like he is trying to avoid getting caught at whatever stupid thing he is up to.. The man looks white and the kid looks Hispanic (or tanned).. They take the 19 to sacky... I suppose it is his word against mine and the security video tape the county has.. sick people..

Thursday, October 16, 2008


mccain ties obama to william airs and other watergate figures

Mccain ties obama to William Airs and other watergate figures. Obama already a known relitive of former nixon aid "tricky" dick chenny had a visable reaction to the question of William Airs and admitted that Airs and other people tied to the reagon white house were involved in the meeting. No mention was made of other former nixon aids such as donald rumsfeld were openly made but there is a question of a cheny/rumsfeld/obama iran deal when it comes to iraq.. I.E. was a deal made with Iran befour the war to hand iraq over???

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


omni job posing

omni corpus christi. This looks like a bogus add.. Wanted someone to clean up the kitchen at night exc.. exc.. good job for someone who doesn't want to get bothered at night exc... Ya Ya lets get rid of all the buisness exc exc and look like we have expierence in the job that is posted.. looks like sarcasm and they may be after intel on burger king. Is the real estate available that sort of thing. The wall street journal says we should be doing o.k. and it is the resteraunts that are upscale that should be loosing buisness.. until last week that is.. I see that people are talking about shorting everything dow 6000 the next great depression

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


....july 4th... and the buss

She is never going to understand.. the dreams.. the screaming... the smoke .. the voices... the two women two years in a row that dumped my on july 4th... You can be the signs on the route between now and armigedion...

Someone tell them to roleplay it???? there is a box in a room across from crawdady's on star street ... It's a box with a red bull eyes and she could have one just like it with gifts. The dallas hotel looking rustic. she would be the whole picture.. the motels, hotels resteraunts.. she would understand... alchohol at landry's forget it..

It looks like my broker stold $2000... looks bad.. real bad I went to the sec bad..

Saturday, October 04, 2008


copowel marks

source ? The mark was altered for co powel 1913 by the caller times trucks.. many include dates c.o. powel march 1911 (two marks by costal envirement), one mark c.o. powel june 1911 on star street. two 1913 marks in the park across the street from taylors statue (newspaper plant).. one marking 1912? near an oldfolks home...
You can take one of the busses from landry's (coach landry of the dallas cowboys) and then hit star street go past crawdady's and then turn after the dallas hotel... someone roleplays that. Burger king shorted out again after a large pop... it looked dangerous..

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