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Wednesday, March 31, 2010



I might be hearing a story that is about city employees. It has that feel to it instead of being about us.... I get my white hat if I don't get dehatted on monday it looks like.. I am sure I have some bills that I will see this weekend like the stuff I bought when I first started working there...

Monday, March 29, 2010


we are alinal ready

I took some pictures of alot of things including her 'boyfriends' name over near a church and got grilled by a church member for it who claimed he wasn't hasseling me. We are probily alginol ready (the politics of it isn't ready) (if I have the name of the company right)... I don't see any reason why that couldn't happen and I would expect houses to be moved (out of the storm surges way and further from the refinery)... algae ethonal and maybe bio-gas (natural gas from decompisition)... maybe some synthetic plactic or paperish substance.. It is supposed to be non-edible and they are doing full scale plants (except for dupont)... in sea water..... probily the goal should be green crude..

Sunday, March 28, 2010


beef prices

I was watching the farm report and it looks like beef prices are coming down from a high.... beef is always priced in dollars regardless of the currency used so it competes with farms that have expenses in brazil and australia. I saw one way to play the long term trend of less cattle in australia because of water problems and increased demand from china desertification (and glacier melt).. cattle and palm oil with a little bit of natural rubber. they found a way to increase cattle production and water they have available. I don't know to much about the brazil market, I could stick with one of the pure palm oil and rubber plays on the london or pink sheets.


saterday abuse

I start hearing the abuse again, but I don't get abuse from the land lady but she does keep me up on Saturday by not letting me pay my rent until late so evidently something is supposed to happen on Saturday night were I go outside. I hear voices and I don't care any more so that is the end of Saturday night and possibly the end of someones career because they made some bs report of drugs to the military. That would explain the control of communication and why the police department can't do anything... say goodby to his military career. fool.

Saturday, March 27, 2010



We might have 100's of pounds of steel a year that could get recycled.... I am unclear if they sort and recycle it later. Might change what alum person gets the cans and the recycling mafia could come after me.... cotten is another unconvential thing.... I don't want someone doing me in if I put that in the suggestion box.... The dickies I bought at the heb dry fast.... I will mix them into my wardrobe over time... I should ware out what I have though at some point some of it I have had for seven or eight years.. weekends for stuff that I don't want seen at work and a retirement over the next couple of months to the others to the weekend also..

Friday, March 26, 2010


friday night past my bedtime

She is syrup sweet, reminds me in appearance like someone I went out with except more shapely (she was very athletic so thats a different shape I suppose)... I probily get into trouble if I say to much or to little... There was a bait and switch moment when I was on north beach and now there is a blond with someone in the airforce and airman maybe... I was realy annoyed he was around and she had asked me what I thought she was going to live on air??? they were scamming food.. I had the moment befour where it was my fault (almost my fault she didn't get arrested) that she got arrested (I had all the reciets) at the family dollar for stealing underware, Something had to be realy wrong though. I have alot more bills this week than I thought.. I perpared a cushen though, always have a cushen athough I paid a little bit of a ballance because it annoyed me (have to finish it off later)

made it to payday again. I start hearing comments about people who have had thier power turned off like the apartment. May be a way to try to sell real estate, i.e. a threat over the electrical power if you don't make the purchase, alot of chatter about landlords turning off the power anyway unless it has to do with alot of forclosures.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I got stabbed

The land lady talks some stuff about how some woman is going to take advantage of him exc... exc... exc... that would be lori pysco drummer b&^# and her drum tabs. I was stabbed today not a big deal just a bandage, he says some bs about drug testing he has got to be kidding it's a stab wound you take care of it. Now I am going to have some fool chasing me on monday because he hopes he can sell something so someone can get stabbed. bandage lady seems mean though ... get air in your blood stream though from some of those air things and that would be all she wrote..


an idiot and his lortab

some idiot is trying to sell me (highly addictive) lortab. Maybe that is why the landlord is against alcohol but not against perscription medication (because of the interaction and the number of people that overdose on pain killers)... The day after on tuesday they are smoking what is probily tobbaco I can feel it when I go to work.. Nice timing for more drug sales maybe and would explain the abuse, more drug dealers are out on the weekend and if you don't go outside they cant bring drugs into this country or at least sell them after they are here. I am going to start asking my balence so I can know when my tax return comes in so I can set up my trade, otherwise I will be waiting three weeks to start it. option looks like almost two dollars off I will have to look at that again but waiting for the option to come in will allow more div money to pay it off and send the interest money to me instead of them for a month and a half at least.

Monday, March 22, 2010


child support??

I question maybe the desire of a couple of people to be there it sorta looks like they have to be, mostly though it isn't like that with the people there, There is a story called the white ship that almost aplies.. It is like one of the temp agencies you go to the highest bidder.. exc. exc.. I think I probably pulled something when norman started to mess around and I bought burger king and picked all those shorts last year.. taylor made for a criminal trial that doesn't involve norman realy... charecter witness, you would realy trade that exc. exc.. The world didn't end with health care so I will look at yum brands yet again to see how I should trade it or when... Some yelled out a job offer in the middle of the intersection morgan and staples... your crazy, probily almost 5 am in the morning... there has to be adventure of some kind, or it would have to be something only I can pull off. Construction on the weekend maybe where they are a source, someone asked me if I had a phone this morning, I see that at the downtown station where someone borrows your phone, I think because they want your phone number and then the next step I assume is to see if your number comes up on a list of incoming or outcomming calls involving drugs or some nonsense.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


past the window

The landlady or whoever spanish chick that is seems to like to go past my room and then in what appears to be delusion of my grander act like I am important enough to talk about all the time. I don't know if I am supposed to be irritated and avoid her as a way of getting me out of the house or maybe some other sort of manipulation. I hear it on Saturday and it appears a little on Sunday... The bills health, immigration and green energy, I could see all those role-played if they get careless with the natural gas I suppose.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


we are towards the end of the month where the apartment is supposed to be life threatning

we are towards the end of the month where the apartment is supposed to be life threatening. i.e. everyone will be more careless with the stove. They rototiller my garden, I think mostly to encourage me to buy whatever it is that they are selling, mobile home or whatever and of course it is the fault of the illegal aleans they hired to do the grass... Thats probily not true either the person upstairs says the person who did that doesn't speak english, I do expect to see at least one careless thing that could burn the place down since it is towards the end of the month though..... I am not buying it

Friday, March 19, 2010


yum ideas

I looks like you can do a covered trade lets say sell an option at $40 and then buy several at lets say $45 ..... maybe the oct dat or whatever.. It gives some room also to trade out to a leap if it doesn't go up to much (in that case you have the extra calls) I am not sure why it should go up to $45 by oct though..

Thursday, March 18, 2010


yum * earnings

looks like 2.70 is estamated for next year and if you get $1 for the option you get forward earnings of 13.5 for yum brands... if you don't get the stock you get $1 (plus the money into the option .70 cents or something) but the problem is that monday is going to be realy realy bad, or could be so the forward multiple might be come closer to the coveted 10 times earnings..


something roleplayed.....

It's army or something maybe salvation army.... someone gets noticed or whatever and then its a fire arm maybe a 22 calaber that is trying to avoid getting noticed..... I am still looking at yum brands.. the leaps for 2012 don't look that good for a covered trade... It looks like you get $1 discount per share by buying the put and you might keep it... monday is healthcare and health care looks scary so buying the first 100 and then buying the secound 100 if it goes down doesn't look like it would be timed well... (with the other becoming a covered with an option bought at a higher price, I am still looking at the cash outlay of that... maybe beyond my budget)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


brother can you spare two dimes

I get a ton of pumpkins out of a 20 cent seed pack... looks like the beans, some lettuce are also coming up... I don't see any radishes... I may have one pepper plant from the heb seed pack I bought, it may be that peppers are more fragile and picky (or stepped on), or just slower we will have to see...


maybe I will go after some yum brand shares with a put

I could go after 100 shares of yum brands with a put, It looks like it rose sharply after my call expired. It is sort of what I figured with the stock, I can get a discount off the price by selling a put and possibly just pocket the put money plus some interest. The spec right now is that because mcdonalds forien earnings were good that yum brands non-us earnings will realy be good. To buy odd lots I would probily have to specify the exchange since I am placing the order in the off-hours, and tra won't even trade the april options at $43 there is no market at any price. It was a just o.k. deal while it lasted. I have tax return money so buying the shares with a put buffet style may be the way to go. I will have to wait for my purple hattedness to expire and then grab 100.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


you are not gettng what you want you are getting what you need

I think I may have it. Some excitement to it also because I can figure a trade for it.. It is two resteraunts started by dave thomas. wendys and kuntucky fried chicken... Even when you when you loose (the exception is me even when you loose you win wen).... I will have to come up with a stratagy for it. Real pyscopaths don't talk about how some jobs are real boring compared to others they are stealth like blending in with normal people, they are even better pyscopaths after they have read about it. I always think about coastal plating they seem to well adjusted....

Broke another thousand mark... I don't have a realy impressive trade though it just seems like the market is doing well... I have a couple of other picks but I want to pay off some credit card stuff because I am being to generous.. They had a review of the book the big short.. turns out that one of them had a disorder that helped him to figure out what was going on in the market.... never under estimate what mhmr can do for you....


looks like I will complete the deal..

If I sell a tra put (insuring a merger in a bidding war not much risk, may not be a market though). I am going to try for april at $43 that may not work though. I was paid some dividends on the 15th and burger king declared along with a bond but I am not thrilled with tying up my capital through mid march while I search for a great deal but I will. I may have to pick a june date and then look at my investment percentages and pick one position to add to.

Monday, March 15, 2010


scanning health care

It probily doesn't matter I have to pay $10 a month anyway regardless of a trade or not and I can buy one share at a time... I may still be able to do a small amount $7 under a merger price to grab some extra and then I can just wait until next month to see what the reaction is. I will just go back to scanning the news and it will just rebalence the portfolio slightly.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Raul Torres for state house seat

Raul Torres ( corpus christi ) is running for the state house republican seat, I had the benefit of taking his tax class. He may have an uphill battle but it is a great chance to get involved with the process win or loose. I know he has a strong opinion on health care and hopefully if it comes up he can mention how the kensian side doesn't make sence i.e. something that looks like a tax during a recession without doing any spending for three years. I am sure there is other problems, this is the state house though were there really isn't any say in the matter.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


jihad jane

alleged local corpus christi texas terrorist jihad jane apparently had a post office box downtown up the hill from some strange looking markings that I have been photo-graphing and uploading to the internet in the 78460 zip code. Close to star and antelope (zips may drift over time maybe)


alleged local terrorist

alleged local terrorist Colleen LaRose at one point lived in corpus christi texas down the highway from kanes meat processing and the oil refineries. Just another example of how the police department is soft on terrorist groups and how previlent they are in the area.. Hopefully someone is looking into the investment accounts fishing for transactions from 2001, I wouldn't hold my breath though.

Friday, March 12, 2010


burger king hits close to $20 a share

burger king corpus christi. Burger king hit $20 a share, I wonder if norman has done himself in over it. I am making some cash off it anyway, I see a coupon for a free burger with the purchase of a meal on the heb cash register tape. Looks like the organised shorts would be at yum brands and at wendy's. wendy's maybe o.k. as a short but I haven't looked into it yet, yum brands seems like a dumb short and I still have the shares on my buy list.. looks like I am making big money off the market, so it is all going my way.. I am just scanning news though I don't have any good trade going on, maybe just a minor one for my back pocket..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010



The running "joke" is that everyone in robstown has a drug program and needs rehab. The housing in some areas has went down a bit partialy because of the economy I am sure.


del monte

I am making a ton of cash off of del monte. it is up into the $14's, so now I have done better most likely than the option trader doing the 12.50 put and call. hammer time.. maybe it will go back down a little bit alot of stuff is going ex-div so I don't see any reason for it all to keep going up..

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


rit liquid dye (black negro) left in the sink

someone left a bucket of black water plus a contoner or rit liquid dye, black negro.... not something that I want to see in the sink because now I have to wonder what crazy crap that is.


roleplaying the health care bill maybe

They may be roleplaying the health care bill where you are paying for marks blood pressure medicine and everything is depressed. (because it will be like a two year regressive tax money coming in none coming out).. It is not the cost to me it is the macro effect I am concerned about... Someone might be predicting a crash... yum brands looks really good based on the yuan being revalued and growth in china... I have a list of a couple companies and some re balencing to invest in but I am just putting dividends back in right now.

Sunday, March 07, 2010


the black mail gives money to mark...

It's probably literal and not figurative. I have sources that says something could have happened in the past, but I am worried about sources on what could happen in the future, I have to think about weather I have a good one online..

paranoid about money and food exc.. I bought some 5 for $1 seeds.

garden bean kuntucky wonder (95 cents at home depot they have come up already)

grand bell mix pepper (mult colors probily a difference in flavor at heb)

garden bean burpe stringless (hopefully a bush bean because that is how I planted it)

garden bean pencil pod black wax (a yellow bush bean)

radish early scarlet globe

pumpkin jack o lantern.

I am going to try saving my seeds and I have the internet to do a realy good job of canning and stuff.


profiling game

profiling game again where we want all the trash bags in the room for rent place to look the same or do or try to create the search profile or reasonable suspitioin. Combined with nicotene (and harrasment) and I was even forced around someone at the temps (labor ready type place where one of them is the driver) over a month ago that claimed to be smoking something. I rolled down the window and held my breath. He's not the same person everyday.. Probily some idiot in the military trying to get a statement he said to match what he put down, giving out orders.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


vitiamin shop non-petro packaging

I am getting ready to buy a share of stock to find out what this is..

The Vitamin Shoppe uses environmentally-safe packing material!

We use environmentally-friendly, food-based "popcorn" packaging to protect your products during shipping. Although it may look like Styrofoam, this lightweight, easy-to-handle material is actually made from potatoes, rice, and other natural foods that will dissolve on contact with water!


fingers are better, I am ordering some bio-astin to see how that works

my fingers are better, some soreness above the knuckle I am going to order some bio-asten vitamins (made from cyanotek cyan)... It looks like I am going to have to mail order them because the vitamin shop only caries the other product they produce. Full disclose is that I own shares of cyan and participate in the yahoo board to pass sales ideas and stuff along.. (I did sell some at $4 but it is at 10.7 times earnings and they may have a panic brewing so I might grab a bunch more)


just partialy numb

I am only partialy numb in two fingers it's scary though, I will have to look through the book to see if the company nurse people are available. The trainer is having put a yellow glove under the white one, I am not sure if it is to tight, I suspect it doesn't help.


some thoughts on my song and a new idea.

I am missing a low pass filter on my previous song.... here's another I am starting going something like this...

.......tracker machine.....(with a shaker in the table)


the pyscotic invester

My reputation is intact after the toyoto recall, at least I "monetized" the min monthly $10 trading fee. I only shorted three shares though I didn't have any kind of strong conviction with it. I am having trouble getting excited about any kind of a trade, I am just watching the dividend hit the daily sheet and then comparing to a slight amount of margin and only because I pay $10 anyway it is worth buying 1 share in a re-balancing sort of dividend reinvestment way.

Friday, March 05, 2010


with my fingers cossed I have my first check.

I feeling still hasn't come back to my findgertips. I am somewhat afraid of that. It is just two fingers. top of the last finger towards my thumb has less feeling than normal. The money is good but the job is real rough physically. On your hands and on your back and I could understand why it would be tough to alot of people mentally at least the production part of it. I have a couple of days hopefully the feeling comes back, pain is something I can deal with but loosing feeling in my hand is scary. I have my first check I will be visiting our customer and depositing a check (at least a renter of our customer)


early morning gangs probily

Someone is getting ready to aproach me close to kenny and staples as happens quite often. It becomes obvious I am going to make a run for it and he is not going to catch me (he is limping) so he yells out over a long distance very early in the morning asking for a ciggerete. There is a second person much taller and a little more threatning asking for a ciggerete at staples station. I can see the advantage of having a non-camara phone but I have a strong desire to have a phone-computer or as most people call them smart phones.. I already have the source code and I can modify it to be perfect on a cell phone (a month to month deal were I take it off of service might only make sense for me). Maybe I take a cab some mornings and avoid the interaction (if I ever get any money).... Like a protection racket.


del monte hit seeking alpha's target

I wouldn't remember who it was but someone on seeking alpha suggested. selling one $12.50 put, buying 100 shares and selling one del monte call. It looks like it hit yesterday and del monte hit $13.50. I didn't do that however my average price 11.39 and I was selling the $10 put (twice). I am not limited in my upside, I didn't want to buy unless I was dollar cost averaging at a lower price, but I have been buying name brand spaghetti sauce.

Thursday, March 04, 2010


my buzz song just crashed

I am playing around in jeskola buzz using a couple of ninereeds softies and it just crashed... something like this

intst master softy2

I was looking for the perfect instrument but it is getting to late.. I saved maybe tommorow or the weekend. You got to love those ninereeds softies sounds.


valeant pharmaceuticals

kane... beautiful... Some cash is coming in. The questions at the end of training "lightning round", "You can't afford to miss it", Very relevent to corpus christi in a symbolic way, One of the people there says that he would rather walk than drive a truck that is powered by natural gas (it's a derivative of cows, probily a bad thing to promote if your a company man). I read the pysco stuff because showtime is running the advertisements and then they say I would be a better pysco If I research it. They won't let me join the salvation army because I am some pysco on the killing floor. The pay is fantastic and you can see these big old heb trucks rolling out. I am not sure about the other customers and if you can't see thier truck from the road that might be a proprietary thing. I can see the time benefit of living down leopard street, and the finacial benifit of buying a 4-plex somewhere else and having someone else run it, no partner yet. Valeant Pharmaceuticals International came up as someone who impressed buffet and as someone who acts like he likes the excitement of putting a big company together. The president has been known to do such stuff as odd type jobs in companies he is ready to buy. Alot of people suggest it is going to do well even if the gov screws up health care, it is a growth company with a low multiple, the type of thing I do well with (vs the type of thing that pins my but to the floor)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


landloard tries to keep me awake??

I am going to find out I suppose if it is just a game to keep me awake. I suspect because of some other incidents and the overheard stuff over by the side of the house. maybe it is a way to try to sell a mobile home or something, I saw the affiliate marketing to abusive people.


better in real estate

Maybe someone in construction roleplays you would be better away from nas and closer to the school doing rehab.. It may be good and they say go ahead and make an offer but there is no chance that a lender will allow it even though I have the 20% without a partner...... They vandelised the brick and it is burnt.. I was thinking something like one wall of stucco to cover the indentation.. commericial loans are probily getting ready to hit (some of it has already but those were not covering the payments not refinancing issues)

Monday, March 01, 2010


might be child explotation....

Mostly it starts from the south side drug gangs, nation of Islam and Jehovah witness. Avoid lawsuit abuse by harassing the white guy exc and get him to join the catholic church so we don't get in trouble for selling tobacco to minors or hurting them on purpose.. Catholics are number one I think then number 2 for child abuse problems tends to be Jehovah witness. There is a reason why Micheal Jackson would be atracted to the nation of Islam involving some things in the Koran and with those groups you have all the sexual abuse I listen to..

They shot the nation of islam guy from detroit 21 times after they were going to press charges for advocating the overthrow of the us, weapons charges exc.. I don't have anything but circumstantion stuff on robert mohumad and his black friend who tried to assult me. I am not sure it has officaly exsisted in corpus christi for the last two years when I last saw it. just an informal race group (and a black gang that looks like it is mostly by the refinery)


haliburton, tricky dick cheny, and oganised crime a conspiracy theory

If you are supposed to roleplay bus route 19 and it has something to do with dick cheny (a former employee of haliburton) you might roleplay what you are supposed to do like this in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Hal tries to kill you. haliburton of course was moved to dubai so it is an islamic company or at least headquarted in dubai. What would make that match the islamic luck number 19. Got lucky in the market, go lucky near dallas (homas). The two steely dan songs the route 19 and the 17th street intersection ( 1 911 ayers).... The copowel 1911 markings (well there he goes again.).... It fits into a nice package, and I do see the haliburton truck quite often in downtown corpus christi. We wonder if that has anything to do with dick cheny shooting his lawyer near town.

2001: A Space Odyssey,4

pres and lawyer

pres and lawyer

copowel1911 photo


no oil headline for this article..

I think I have a problem trying to figure out why oil is so high, but I would have a problem betting against it also. You also get the contract rollover but oil is an irrational market until something like natural gas hits it with a hammer. It sort of looks like a slow role-out, A headline why opec should care about the environment, you can either have green crude or you will have no crude. Maybe only selected parts of opec... Whats the headline... Seeing about getting a job in construction near the bottom unless health care is as regressive as it looks. (i.e taxlike to the lower part of the spending curve).. I am waiting for syntrolium to say they are running synthetic diesel. All I have is my cap gain in it since I am unsure what will happen profit wise because of expiring contracts and such.

It is before the election, if that has something to do with an increased number of interviews exc or it is just to help people keep their unemployment going I don't know.. I was out with my notebook like I do often but instead of role-playing the neighborhood I was doing employment research. considering how close it is to the citgo plant I should remember the response and remember they won't be nice about my camera either.

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