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Sunday, May 30, 2010


coffee pot broke

I suppose I will be finding out if we have to make offers today, the answer is always hell no but I have a motivated seller that has control of communication that may take some risks. Alot of risks, I have been just recieving the devils advocate part about getting close enough to make an offer for months and it is probily a different gang area that may not have a deal with the cops.



The audio abuse was particularly heavy leading up to memorial day including my birthday but tapering off into the weekend, I do hear some of the abuse now but it is light. Seems like the mood of people around me was changing into the weekend also, somewhere around thur-fri .... the memorial part maybe.

Corpus Christi Koch refinery. We feel your pain over at kanes (I keep reading the feds are after you) and because we are your friends if you do something like an algae cleanup system and then to bio-gas we would be glad to get you some more mass at an affordable price... This is unaproved my management so look us up if you find this post in the search engines.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


harrasment in the apartment

The harrasment in the apartment was pretty bad last night... sounds like someone trying to use abuse to get an informant for the johavas witless. A real jackass probliy works like this the cops can't do anything because the jackass is supposed to be a source for the military..... I will have to do some research into that to see if the jackass can be exposed...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


kane and hole

It sorta looks like some of the hole songs over where I am at... I haven't seen the cutter that has the tear drops like she has on one of her live songs.... The mix has got to be...

violet (for the steet of course)
I am dieing (under my skin maybe I have the title wrong)
samantha (because we have people from sitel from 2001)

I can feel a street gang that is like the black guy that got tosted... rematch maybe but I have the cell phone so I probily will call first but I don't have the steel toed shoes for it...


yellow hats

two of the yellow hats look similar... It is hard to tell if one of them takes blame for the other or if it encourages someone to see it as "evidence" that you can use harassment and some person would be seen as incompetent or whatever and therefore not covered by state law... I am always suspicious of interchangeability. I didn't see a name on the hat, maybe the other guy has one.

I am thinking that maybe I put $100 aside for books on the next overtime check, I am intrested in looking at the twisted python library to see if it would be worth running a server on (At $2 to $7 a month for the server it starts to look intresting)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


there was heavy abuse mentioning catholics last night

there was heavy abuse mentioning Catholics (and promoting Catholicism) last night, It is particularly heavy on the weekend trying to get me to spend money past the time where I am normally asleep. I bought a net10 phone so that I can call someone if there is an extreme problem like the black man who tried to assault me had. That way the court can order treatment and I don't have to explain how he had an unfortunate accident after being offended that I yelled I wasn't going to buy drugs from him.... most of the time it is just games though, I am not sure the internet is going to work well enough on this particular phone to be that useful, without the internet I might let it expire, $15 because I get threats hardly seems worth it when I could just clobber one if they try anything.... I will test it Monday to see if I like it well enough to keep it after the two months.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I will give the devil and his christians silence.

I am hearing the abuse again lightly tonight.... when I am on the street and I see gangs and cops cars who is the enemy... all of them.. It is like I am in a forign country and they are all trying to screw me over, there is no chance of decussion... I get to have the guy at the end of the table harrass me every day, I suspect he/they are harrasing me to promote catholism because it is almost the exact thing I had in the apartment, I am not realy intrested in answering questions... I don't realy have any good ideas about the market but I should get out and do something and give the devil and his christians silence if they want to speak..

At the waterburger I get the number 4, I am mindfull of symbolism... I see it at the school distric and I see 4 cops cars across from citgo where they are drilling (for natural gas maybe).....

chances r coctail bar ...
c ance r
h s

You have to see the enemy as different, I suppose the kids are supposed to be the enemy, cancer was one of the buzz songs, I thought it was colin cancer. Thats been there awile maybe since the 60's and then you have cantwel lane and it's very cartoonish.. with bordon and thier homo milk...

you are all homo

Thats why someone decide that shooting me may be better for the race crime instead of the control of comunication bs.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


some stories roleplayed down lepard but not retold

I am hearing some stories at work that I won't repeat and I will just roleplay the buisness as I see them down leopard and cantwell...

chat and chew ................... tobacco
recycler with satin outside ...... racism posibly drugs
cantwel .................... you cant well sleep on a cant well bed
southern cycles ................... southern pysco's probily
tool and die .................... I am going to empisize the death part
Borden ........................... mlk (milk) or brown vs borden..

At the stripes it is
bordon homo

and role played online it is

you are all homo
target (a big bulls eye)....

Wednesday, May 19, 2010



The person I am sitting next to says that stocks are a waste of money and that everyone should live paycheck to paycheck.. He knows he is a numbscull.. rememinds me of the person who was living in the back apartment when I moved in ... same quote, I wonder what happened to his evil twin haven't seen him in awhile...

The stock exchange is on fire buying oppertunity.... I look this weekend if I do not work..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It's my fault I hired him (graphiti also???)

I noticed Anwar Al-Awlaki could have known befour 911 and would have been studing on the east coast in jan 2001, was in san diego in 2000. The quote is from 2001 about something that was unknown to me it was befoure the hr graphiti started, and the man said it from the down-town area where it could have been leaked by the feds or local law people.....



Monday, May 17, 2010


he wants whoever thrown out

He wants whoever he has a problem with thrown out because he is not going to live here forever. He only lives here because of the problem he has with this person making that person the one who has control of his life. Thats a strange concept, I had another one from a femail that says that 'he' is so cheap the only other people that are here are doing it for sex or whatever (violating the probation of two registered perverts if that is true)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


marc faber

I think if you are going to follow marc fabers advice on comondies you want to trade the stocks and not the futures probily... I am going to grab some mpe (In combo with mcd for a hedge on food costs is a great trade with dividends) it should move along with oil prices and see a gain with higher food prices and even a kick from more soap demand... I think it may be to soon to load up on oil companies, I might grab some defensive stuff like procter and gamble and johnson and johnson where I get a higher div every year. I think he recomends sugar also probily because of ethanol demand... I am not sure where to get a sugar plantation yet..


sunday harrasment

I have someone harrasing me saying they are trying to prevent a criminal offense (i.e. reaction to abuse)... A bunch of devils advocate stuff and then outside of work there will be a self defense situation because he is playing a game and the cops can't intervene... I might get some backstabbing because the game doesn't like it if I intend to hurt it. Sooner or later the voices have to come out of the shaddows or the sound hasn't yielded what the abuser wants... I expect some devils advocate crap for awhile first..

Friday, May 14, 2010


Its going to be a buiiful saterday

One of the cafeteria employees at kanes is fishing for medical conditions befour the insurance goes into effect??? (this tone has happened once befour fishing for medical stuff) The demener completely changes when I am on video??... That is bad for my fight or flight response... heavy heavy stress.... I am bringing my lunch tomorrow... There was a black guy who wanted to know if the restaurant employee was "cool" with him now.. I am not sure what that ment.. It is going to be a buiiful saterday though.. I can spend money going to the game or something after work, realy I need to go do something instead of just hanging out here

At heb they are giving free sample of Smirnoff away, I declined a drink offered by a pretty woman.

5 cops across from citgo and they are drilling in the parking lot... lots and lots of pipe... maybe they are slant drilling under the refinery.,


caffine detox

I feel alot better this morning.... I was looking at go-daddy and web-hosting is starting to get attractive... I could do less than a couple of dollars a day because my traffic is off and the file hosting would be off-site... To get the python scripting language to play with on a linux server would make it intresting....

Thursday, May 13, 2010


I know who I was yesterday....

I know who I was yesterday when I looked in the mirror.... I was a reaction that isn't as strong as the gentalman who usualy hangs out in the hallway near the coffee machine, I think I say a lady as standin yesterday in his location....

George Risk (RSKIA.OB) is currently trading for about the value of their cash

This one looks good with a nice dividend yield... I still like my cow-chip stock..

realy it is palm oil, rubber and beef.... I was looking for palm oil stocks when I had found it.. It was one of the few without an american etf but it is available in london and all it's products are priced in dollars.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


coffee is way to strong or something

... no more caffeine after I get to work.... the taco I had for lunch sucked yesterday they had the good stuff...

I can't tell if it a monitering water well (in a parking lot across the lepard from citgo) or what (natural gas would be wild for symbolism) and there are four police cars outside.... looks symbolic like it is about citgo or the rail line or something... I remember having a list of something and then someone gave me four to add to it... maybe in that case look out danger...

Remembering brian... oh ya the life of brian... the man was kinda a bully and if I remember right not everyone there was pro-life (and in fact I would hear some anti-life statements from time to timea) lthough brians name was never mentioned in that context, monty python was mentioned quite a-bit.. I am not sure that I can get a timeline that puts abc or the python programming language at that time... maybe in 84 but that is the end of the time frame..... We were learing basic, cobol, fortran.... basic was the big language though for the pre-pc computers... As I ramble this story on without editing...

Monday, May 10, 2010


market giratiting

The market has been girating alot.... I am not sure what I wish to do yet... johnson and johnson looks good as a concept raises the dividend every year...

When I was listening to the voices yesterday it sounded like brian a person I went to cancer school with (carrol high school) I remember dave always talking about monty python.... maybe he was watching the life of brian alot who knows... maybe roleplaying stuff down lepord such as the tally ho... exc...


market up sharply

market is up sharply.... I am going to absorb that for awhile befour I decide what to do.... I was planning to do dollar cost averaging... I may still grab some procter and gamble to keep it a percent of my portfolio and to test trading on the xetra-dax to see if they are with-holding or taxing it... maybe I can force through a particular exchange for odd lots outside of trading hours in the u.s. .... looks like london doesn't tax and cattle looks realy realy good... it's a shame you can't invest in increased production in the u.s. and doubly so since it looks like the price is causing future production to go down (bad for the job to have less cattle in the future) ...

Sunday, May 09, 2010



I am hearing voices about weather I look at black people or not in the supermarket... hopefully next week, A frustration about not being able to deal drugs sets in and I can finally kill one of them in self defense.... I am sure black people can go on living if I ignore them...

Thursday, May 06, 2010


chances r

chances r
c ance r
h s

This is close to ole cafe across the street where 911 is on the cpl stuff (formaly in the 711 twin towers)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


harrasment in the apartment

I am hearing harrasment in the apartment it says why don't you join the priest hood. I offer to kill the voice instead. The voice says why don't you do anything... It's a board wiretap,, maybe some planned encounters that are not working out for the abuser.

This morning people in the same places as yesterday morning.. I get someone yelling across the street at 5 in the morning asking for the hospital near the fire station and then I get someone who limps at the arabic convient store... retaliation video maybe or drug people after pain meds (we are near two hospital so there is probily greater demand than in most places)

The loves gas truck pases... ya love has passed you by... Good reason why I shouldn't talk to a bunch of assholes playing games.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


duk earnings up 29%... prostitutes roam morgan..

Looks like male prostitutes are roaming morgan.. there was one buy the fire station on morgan and what I think is 11th. He asked me where I was going.. Why do you want to know, I don't want to encourage that around the kids in the neiborhood, and why am I going to answer stupid questions anyway, there was also some odd person at staples and morgan walking towards the closed arabic gas station and then back, he had said lier, but I can't figure out who he was talking to, they maybe slicing pieces of film together or something, it's for the camara perhaps and there was another person who looked like a prostitute (black) I couldn't tell if it was male or female, but I suspect it is more likely to be male. They have some new sidewalk there as of tonight. The city designed a real dumb sidewalk street intersection where one side has wheel chair access and the other side has a curb that goes up that makes everyone go around and probily in some cases will make kids fly off thier bikes... Hey lets spend more money on concrete to make it harder for cripled people and to make more of them by wiping out all the youth byciclers.

duk earnings up 29% anounced after the close.... I think that would be a good thing but I am not positive how the market will react. looks like I have a 55 cent discount or it's extra for dollar cost averaging later.... I am trying to decide if I want to grab some bp..... burger king looks like it is down and something else slightly... I am back to looking but probily not buying for a week or two.,..

Monday, May 03, 2010


hole's song samantha.

I am fasinated a little by the song because I remember a woman named samantha at sitel in 2001. I was showing her some websites very shortly after the attack that looked like 911 was roleplayed and available befour the attack.

It is quite a streach from that to the hole song samantha except that I suspect that someone could have very well died in addition to what happened in New York.. I work with someone who may remember her from sitel and around the corner I also work with someone who has three tears? on his face like courtny love does when she sings the song on youtoub.. coincidence probily but it's all the same war.

Sunday, May 02, 2010



The usual fare on the harrasment only I work at kane now so now it is a life and death issue if I have someone interfere with my sleep plus I am realy pissed off so if it is about someone who is trying to sell looser dust (courtney loves phrase for cocain) I will kill them if I can have it as self defence, something I have been looking forward to for some time is a body bag because of the sound but only if I don't go to jail for it... almost three times isn't good enough even if I did hurt one of them pretty good (I couldn't do more because it would not be self defense but I am sure I might pay for the whole thing later)

"I hate what you have seen in me"

I could see that as me being the computer monitor, sort of weird figurative... I think the stabbing part could be somewhat threatning if she was working where I work. ("stab the gutter out of the girl")

Saturday, May 01, 2010


good sister bad sister......

"They named a star for your eyes" hole

I couldn't fine that album on myspace but I found a new one that may be good to trip on


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