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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


mark cuban...

mark cuban caught my attention roleplayed a little like micheal jackson alot of the stuff that gets rollpayed comes out of dallas.... remember the mavericks.. should probily been taken figurativly could you imagine just a brand name that roleplay stuff out of cuba now that would be a silly game... hd net looks like it does public domain stuff along with other content.. micheal jackson can be also linked to muslems in dallas (or pysedo muslems).... The cost of money is getting to be high enough to get noticed.... non-performing (and doomed like steel), south africa prices may be going up... depends on what you read though... U.S. prices don't have an effect on that..

Sunday, September 25, 2005


abuse ---- circle k connection

least I forget the abuse circle k connection where someone gets abusive.... I suspect I am supposed to go to one of the strip clubs near a circle k... the cops have went to alot of trouble to tell me how much survailence they have at circle k... maybe more there than at the traffic light camaras... alot of abuse always on sunday I am suspecting the club I am supposed to go to is the one across from the circle k on everheart.... I hear abuse at the heb go home and then go to the dollar store more abuse see some black people and someone I work with. go to the dollar general sounds different... someone is sending me email spoofing ebay.... maybe it is satire of sorts... It's time were I don't feel good about the company of thieves...... I may short trade thiefs.....


I think it is supposed to be drug abuse and not race abuse...

you are supposed to say no to drugs not run your mouth at the supermarket.... some people never learn.. lie dector tests are used in the military to find organised crimes and spies and such seems there is a abuse problem to try to get rid of support for such stuff except at eckards (rite aid).. dallas hotel and new orleans food just say no to drugs, no reason to be abusive to people from desgrated school districs...

Saturday, September 24, 2005


steel prices

steel prices.... scientific american is talking about carbon composits to take the weight of cars down.... smaller cars 120 miles per gallon I am not sure I believe that there was a bunch of closed texaco stations in west texas that looked like they shut down right when the storm hit new orleans. a little befour maybe.. I am getting ebay stuff in my email they are looking to raise barriors to entery by adding phone to it... It may be critical mass they are trying to achive by going around languges they would pay big money for the fabeled bable-fish from the hich-hikers guide to the universe... realy abusive going mmmm... car dealership named bear and you know there are no radio stations that are english. very abusive.. It is time to take debt down.., everything became realy merky... scientific american claimes you get more alchohol with wood alcohol and switch grass... sounds like a west texas way to reduce a fire hazzard... piles of lumber from brush... how true it is and the price that anyone would pay for such a thing... there has to be 100's of square miles of brush/ranch land...

Monday, September 19, 2005



this is epg.... another company that is involved with alternative energy.... To beef processing plants maybe the argument should be about selling part of the city gas department to get more local jobs and reduce gas prices.... not as good as synthetic oil though.. epg may not be a good company to invest in though.. No good solar stuff except buy the panels and put them on your house becuase natural gas prices are going throught the roof...

Microgy builds, owns and operates anaerobic digestion & energy production facilities which utilize agricultural and food by-product waste to cost-effectively produce methane-rich biogas, while helping to address waste management issues.

Buzzard Power holds an interest in a waste-coal fired electricity generation facility, producing renewable power while cleaning up the harmful legacy of coal mining.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


chinese go west policy

The chinese go west policy is reported to have started somewhere around 2000 into the muslem areas that are around afganistan. The muslems are pretty much discriminated against and the three georges dam goes up into the provence. I saw it twice.... goa.... music (goa away), and a page that was gone after the spanish attack go spain (looking for the government under spain). who knows what it would take to bring it down.... more than just a plane probily.. looking to the sauds.... going pro-chinese or at least willing to trade with them..... water plants... someday there will be no natural gas... You wouldn't think it but if anyone would pioneer smaller solar-lense statigies it would be one of those arab countries that need it the most... destined to east dust like the serpent out of gennisus, One of those things that is purely optional in a hot solar friendly place (think giant magnifing glass boiling sea water).... I was looking at con-agra... some sort of synthetic fuel buisness... maybe half of 8 million.. looks like a food company that isn't doing that well with no mention of synthetic oil realy.. 400 to 600 barrels a day realy isn't that much.. Natural gas in arabia and kuwait is probily worth more as oil than water.. The fasination with jackson roleplayed...... abc....123 the go network..... all those chinese goods going to western ports in the desert feed by aquaducts....

Tuesday, September 13, 2005



I found a good source for solar news. http://www.solarbuzz.com maybe anyway there is a list of compaies that do various things. I was looking for u.s. windfarm they may have went under. western wind may have an actual windfarm now in calafornia.... there is some abuse about debt and comments about marrage... no coments about dating and alot of abuse... sounds more like extortion.... . ............... ................. ...................... ................... ................... ............... ...............

9. - Stock Market technical Analyst
my main skills is own develop a stock market analysis method using William D.Gann method and Chinese Metascience (Astrology) to forecast the stock market. Deep in study the meaning , and relationship between time factor, price and its cycle. Trust me and hire me to test my ability,i am serious. lately ,i want to say to you that 'Some thing you don't know or won't believe ; it doesn't means it's not exist',like Chinese Astrology / Yi-Ching can be used to forecast stock market.
Location: Negeri Sembilan - Senawang Resume reference: lkgzdiHq Date: 5 September 2005

Other resume bank in Malaysia - bestjobs.com.my
... 11. - Production engineer. i am presently employed here in al afandi solar wafers & cells factory as PRODUCTION ENGNEER here in jeddah,ksa. ... www.bestjobs.com.my/em-cvs-SC017-1.htm - 26k - Supplemental Result -


You don't have until march she says

My job doesn't start til 1:30 other people though may not have a life.... this is about positions of over $5000 and well over $10,000 clearly well into a fedral crime range... It's deversified march is the expiration of two call's that I just recieved $300 for and I have another two of them expire in december.... clearly not apropriate.. The chatter of that and then at a company I looked at and didn't trade syntrolium that is in the money by $250.... cash value goes into $10,000 in the account most likely this or next month and I make at least $600 this month and maybe close to $1,000 It aint about playing games even the brokerage took steps against that by introducing checks to the account...

Monday, September 12, 2005


the job begins and ends somewhere

An overwight position and I can take money at a profit.. there is a pattern of it going down befour option expiration... $300 aint bad... the two things.... There is a seperation between the job and my account she could fire me tommorow and the trades are the same..... I heard befour work the job isn't going to last until march and that I need the money to but a car.... I don't realy get how that involves my brokerage account I thing it is a script by someone who didn't realy think about it befour it was said... I have to look up some stocks software and stocks... that is ms and msnbc all the way... china is on my list of things to research... I don't tout stocks I ridicule them small caps some of these may be alright I am looking for a list of them though....

Saturday, September 10, 2005


rat, rat, rat my gal (lium) arsinide...

come here rat
my gal (ium) arsinide
(I would get a call and then see a rat)
back in the old days they sold drugs and now they sell solar water heaters from china
this is another solar stock... I don't know if there is a newer and hipper list somewhere
(buyer beware)... my picks are otter tail (ottr) , ida, scottish power (spi), UU the rest of
it I don't understand.. I was looking at entergys and the perfereds lousiana and other states
look like they are trading above the $25 call vallue and not below... uu that is all in pounds..
I don't know about tommorow and I am not sure I can guess... buitiful woman gives me a
ride home....
Forget outsource.... lawn mowing utility... you have something of value revenue from the city and a crop.. instead of the lawnmoving bag you have a convery belt... like from a combine... what else ethonal.... I am not sure about synthetic oil.... pressed woodllike sheets possibly they have something like that on tv... all you need is a tank and yeast.. they can even be spread out... support from the city government maybe some lower speed 100 kw turbines...

Thursday, September 08, 2005


arisonic and drinking water what do they have in comon

source of unknown reliability...... your all homo... you know cold fusion and gambling problems and jersy is the place with the best desert conditions and favorable tax breaks for solor panels... wwat.ob world water,,, I am against that... xsnx.ob the beta, not sure what version for windows only.......

Saturday, September 03, 2005


conspiracy to comit murder.......

someone has a problem with the miltitary exc. exc. and it's policy so they
decide to harrass other people. I understand what conspiracy to comit murder
is. Is one person being abusive to the scond person the truth when that person
is being harrased isn't a prosicution or a defence question. I know what a tobbaco
lawsuit is... speaking of the alchol tobbaco and firearms... It seems that something
gets sabotaged at the end of the lease. Rats are more common sanitary maybe a
word that gets confused with murder by hurricane or over a bridge. I went to the
office and let them know that it was off the side of the porch and there is a potential
electrical fire. It sounds like someone is pulling stuff up the laundry room walls and
then the next morning I get a rat in the ceiling. These are all potential electrical fire
items I don't think the office cares about my deposit, It's to openly wierd, It's a potential
insurance fraud or arson issue. I think one day a fire was set on purpose to get me to
look at the website no disrepect to the fbi it is just the wrong office for what happens
around me. just because there is an abusive person who says I cannot get a job where
I can talk about what is happing in the aparment complex around a cop and something
that sounds like it is being pushed up the wall befour rats or rat appears along with exposed
wiring with the last caviot being that I should just hang out and wait for death by storm to
avoid audio abuse doesn't mean I can't be a jackass about it while I apply for the job jeez
It is like people expect respect or something I expect smoke if the rats chew the
electrical wiring... circumstanisial that there is damage to the apartment by the person..

Friday, September 02, 2005


the fruits become angry when you talk about abuse

You would have to be on drugs if respect is something you expect to get from abuse. One of the fruits became upset sounds like a potentialy violent person. I don't think gas prices are that high, There was some coment that sounds resentfull of me talking about the harrasment. I have signed the contract and I suspect that property values are not good on north beach currently. It's kind of exciting that a abusive crime fruit gets screwed by no..... remember just say no..... 12 month contract with $100 off for three months.. to bad so sad.. ..... not that I want to but I grabbed my scottrade checking account book... A check $5000...$6000 for a year in advance isn't that much of a big deal either although someone will become abusive (tuesday or monday) because it is not a first commerce bank check. The abusive person claims he is allowed to do that to harrass me into buying a car. The guy is supposed to be godley... like a priest ya know... As a kid I think they roleplayed the neiborhood. your stupid you remind me of your grand father (think catholic)... (hearing gods calling perhaps).... your stupid and I don't want him to work on a car I don't even want you to work on a bicycle.. exc. exc..


frozen food price drop

There are a couple of items in fozen food. I don't know if it is the storm or not, waste not want not. interest rate predictions are everywhere, alot of comments everything from skipping to being the end of it to everything going along as if nothing had happened. The fed doesn't have any control, unless it is for negitive results. concerned there is going to be a fire if my light just stay's the way it is. I can say all kinds of things circumstancial including having passed stuff to the city recycling center about fire at another apartment. Not sure who passed it to my apartment. The office had caught at one time. water doesn't usualy just blow in though. It should be on the list unless they are trying to burn it down or something... just gravity most likely. I had to remind her of the deposit, I dout that gets rid of all the abuse, It sounds like conspiracy to comit murder, even more so now that new orleans is wipped out. That I have to live where I would die when the next hurricane hits. organised harrasment. torrnado warning has been spoted near alice..... I might want to unwind calpine there is slow news on alot of stocks.... my spi's (scottish power) seem to have gained notice because of thier wind turbines..... Not economic calapse just that shock like 911. Power belongs to the poeple, it is only if you want to pay higher prices for natural gas or electric, you can even get your tax breaks and feel good that you are helping other people when you put your panels up they should expand the credit to smaller wind turbines and tax free ira distribution to pay for it.

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