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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

burger king corpus christi ..... You know the drill ... sometime early in the morning I start to hear voices... So I start saying....

I hear voices, I feel bad about myself, I am going to go do drugs just like it says on the skitzphrania wiki.

It's supposed to be adom and eve not adam and steve. I am not sure what happened but my theory is that someone reached around someone else for a chicken for a salad and one of the parties freaked out and reprogrammed the board... It's called ev basic... It may have something to do with an Ethernet board but I really don't care that much unless I am the one who has to fix it.. I am getting 7 operating systems in the mail (or seven versions of one operating system depending on your views on Linux)... I can boot from a thumb drive now so I can have as many operating systems as I want... There are some unusual sound programs that you just don't have for windows and you can do some things that are not possible in windows so I am excited... I wouldn't give up windows it go.. turns out that thumb drives can be as little as $13 for a new 8 gig flash drive plus there is half a dozen small disk formats with adapters and they look like they are all going down in price..

simulation games airplanes and resteraunts come to mind.... I am hope kermit is just the object of ridicule and not a terrorist. We seem to get person after person who plays devils advocate with safe food handleing... I saw his name on a music board where attacks may have been (or may have been) roleplayed in the past... kermit he is french (frogs are french according to some or the french are refered to as frogs)... on another site I wrote software for in 2001.... the about box has changed and hans christianson is scrolling about and we watch hans. He seems to look for other ways to be gross like sticking to much mayonese in one spot or ways to serve food where it is very dry...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


We were going to help you until that lawyer....

The best type of case for me is a wistle blower case or an insurance fraud case where I get a %... followed by a case of product from coca-cola... (held by bershire hathaway not by me personily).....

I am going to roleplay around the corner again at st james episicpal.... (we are trying to piss you off)....

minor ...... stamped on the sidewalk beside the entrence (I think)..
co powell 1911

I will have to go by that again... there is a way to walk by that... As someone says there is so much corruption that is in (*&()&E view it isn't funny.... (camaras are everywhere and I may be getting some audio from it)...

I think it is walk towards the ocean from st. james

minor ....... (like marketing tobbaco to 14 year old kids)

turn on caranqua

then you have the co powel 1911 markings... (like my death over at sitel where some old black person is harrasing me)...

Monday, December 22, 2008


some idiots making comments

some idiot went by my house and said something about my software... It's symbionic the software exsists because the libraries exsist.. exc.. I don't understand what the issue is.. I get it any excuse to use harrasment..

I sort of got the entrapment..control of comunications bit as "crime prevention".. I think it depends on brian smith being as stupid as the last comander to get it to work.. His whole life a complete failure, he rises to become police chief of corpus christi only to get demoted when he starts taping police officers.. I suspect that isn't the reason he was demoted.. We are not sure who he is yet but it's his fault I hear voices... ya ya.. I hear voices I feel bad about myself and I am going to buy alot of drugs... I think I will go to a strip club instead...

I bought a small amount of cbs bonds at 15% 50 cents on the dollar.. It is going to stay a small amount.. I will surf the nyse page again looking for structured products..

Friday, December 19, 2008


robbery near executive surf club...

I had left the strip club and was walking the rest of the way to work at the burger king in corpus christi when all of a sudden two men started to aproach me from the corner. One of them appeared to be a homosexual trained in the craft of selling used cars the other was to tall to be considered a migit. The bigger one was trying to flank me and I had to put a stop to that right away I was going backwards to where the cops were located at ready to go at full sprint speed. After I told him where he needed to stand he told me his well practiced story.. I usualy don't ask for money but... he tells me his situation and I showed him my hat and told him the story of my life.. I am just a resteraunt employee if you don't believe me look at the hat I have no money and told him you don't want to aproach people like that.....

The black chick at the club though... You flesh one of those boney black chicks up and they are even better.... I was feeling to much pain to play the game on the counter but I donated a quarter to see the graphics go by.... then I left into the night...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

burger king corpus christi ... It seems to be issue with rob where he has to sexuly harras his male employees it may have something to do with getting free medication in prison. He keeps asking me when I am going to move out perhaps in hopes of gaining more control of the situation. I think he is still having issues with jose and my ridicule of him.. I have a job to do until he bankrupts burger king get a grip.. He knows I think he is moron and that he should do his job.. He could fire me if thats an issue with him... Instead it seems like they try to make me work later when I have job interviews..

Thursday, December 11, 2008


gm 30 cents on the dollar plan (gift to shareholders)

I think I am o.k. with the 30 cents on the dollar part of the republican general motors plan.. The part I don't like about it is that I am giving the shareholders something and not getting anything in return.. I want equity (i.e shares) and 30 cents on the dollar where the bonds are reissued and I am for giving the workers shares in exchange for a deal.... bond holders giving a large sum to the stockholders in a way that changes the rules i.e. stocks are worth 0 in bankruptcy bonds are the new owners... completely against that... makes it risky to exchange shares for bonds, in legitimate trades.. I am also for giving the government shares instead of warrants to buy shares... The precedent being the insurance company that was just bailed out..

Thursday, December 04, 2008


co powel 1911

corpus christi... texas

carancua street .... I may have the spelling wrong.. it goes something like

laura (lawyer where's your cheney at)
pres (first Presbyterian)
copowel 1911

(not directly in front but you see it when you are walking that direction from st James Episcopal

sorta like taking credit for someones death... hard to tell...
what happens if you run it as a conspiracy where the only
reason it didn't hit the white house was because bush wasn't there.

across the steet it goes

coastal environmental (coastal is a precursor to citgo)
copowel 1911 is in the sidewalk the date is sandblasted off the
sidewalk but I don't think it is completly gone...
I used Silivia and came up with a 2
could be a mark like june 12 1911 (I saw one of those by star street)
I might try cool aid

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


burger king cook

burger king corpus christi texas ..... Kermit (aka the frog man) and why is he still a frog.. I am in the lobby and he is calling all the women fat, all the women who eat at burger king anyway.. defently hotelable women, must be a conspiracy hatched by the mcdonalds. He was just putting a little mayonase on the center of the bun only making some realy dry sandwiches. We seem to be back to the deal where someone wants to turn the freezer off at night, the breaker was thrown, at one time they were doing it every night..

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