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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


the governments stupid

I think it goes something like this. The governments stupid we can create the symptoms exc and then set up buyers and sellers and tell the government it is this that the other thing..... I think that is sort of what I saw when I was looking at properties friedkin.... mount zion babtest church.. Now you can talk about Zionists exc.. There is no excuse for child abuse... friedkin didn't come up with all the nonsense though...

Monday, June 29, 2009


1314 morgan street corpus christi

1314 morgan street corpus christi texas .... He doesn't really care if it is public property he is going to use dogs as a way of manipulation... He thinks he is being cruel to a homeless person and he beats on a trashcan with a stick to prove he is more of a man than a child... Now we have a new dog that isn't being kept behind the fence to bark at people this dog does his thing on the driveway and the sidewalk... really messy sidewalk.. I didn't check to see if there is water or not.. I think some of the neighbors have decided they will just use the old dog to wake the people up and that may be why the dog was disappeared to places unknown.. I found a grid of squares with an on/off state that I am starting to change into a configurable grid of squares with a border around then it is part of my piano/drum/sequencer grapics project.. rectangles pretty much all look alike it realy doesn't make much sense to rewrite them for every project..


Thursday, June 25, 2009


in the money

My burger king ( corpus christi ) holdings are in the money now (meaning more than I paid) ... A day after I was hearing the voices real bad it happened.. We are still being sabatoged though.. I keep trying to figure out if that comes with an idiot who is shorting the stock.. It may have something to do with prostitution, It is hard to tell why nimrod (I work with ninrod) I mean normal is trying to serve raw chicken.. sushi doesn't fly... Ya that's my brother norman every day is like world war 2... I get thursday off so someone sabatoges the burger king you talk about it and when the orginized shorts go after stripes they can use you again... Someone bought a boatload of options burger king at $20 in october I think that pretty much means the acumulation in my account is over... It is still under $18 I think I am going after clc or bank of america bond units (If I can average a lower bank of america price wich is over 10% interest).. norman was looking depressed we will have to see if he wants to do himself in...


Wednesday, June 24, 2009


janit davis serial murders and the dead man tuning..

burger king and stripes corpus christi. It's man street like mandolin, dead man tuning... ddad .... she's looking for a man who is like her ddad (stutter when you say that)... She talks about wanting kinds... It's music you know.. the bridge, the strings, the tuning, the voice that is unhappy that I am not driving a car over a steep bridge... It is setup for a murder... We do it every night... oh yea it is for inventory... the forensics... this is dead mans tuning the bloody meat that gets picked out of the metal.. the oil the voices... Stutter when you say it... ddad ... the black shirts like priests.. it's all death plus it is great for stripes when you sabotage burger king and they are your friends.. They can't molest children themselves and look good so they will try to use someone who has in the past to help sell stripes stuff.. What if I steel your food and I remotely resemble someone who is regesterd sex offender (or a police officer imating one). what if I promote the priesthood then will you give me a horror story about food.. What if I am a jackass and I have control of comunication.. How about I promote gods calling then will you help me sabotage burger king so I can get more stripes options..

Monday, June 22, 2009


bonaparts tunning ....

burger king corpus christi texas

we are between man street and ih 37

not to make fun of anyone it probily isn't a particular persons desire to be in a particular place...

I will roleplay it as mandolin and then I will go through the different tunings and remark on the bridge (you know the tall piece that the strings go over)..

he is a short man like bonaprt in stature... otherwise known as deads man tunings
it would be ddad (I have been re-programming ride tab editor so I discoverd other instruments and alternative tunings in the last couple of days)....

I don't know if I have anywhere to roleplay that to...


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


poached eggs

1213 17th 17 street in corpus Christi texas .. Someone stold three of my eggs so I get to guess what the point is... It's a threat to bake a cake because the oven is near some wooden furniture that won't catch on fire anyway, extortion maybe or because I will find out if McDonald's is having an organized sabotage problem near a stripes... I don't see a point unless it is extortion, I am liable to help someone out that asks... If it was my property I would be getting rid of the gas oven so my cash cow doesn't get killed.. the last egg was bad. I am close to be in the money for burger king stock profit wise, It's the mostly burger king portfolio including

McDonald's (because they make good coffee)
coke cola (ko)
burger king

I won't buy above $17.50

I found the nimrod python like compiler... This is great for parsers it is low on examples though..

Saturday, June 06, 2009


greedy when other people are fearfull...

the sound from the traffic is bad.... I am not intrested in what other people are doing, I am intrested in the effects of insulation on a simular property where the price is dropping rapidly... I may talk to them about owner financing to see what they say about it.... I know a couple of people who may be intrested in any odd job part of the deal... looks like it would be cash positive right away but the rent is more unstable because there are no leases.... they must be making a forune off the place where I am staying right now...


Thursday, June 04, 2009


bus 731???

corpus Christi texas rta I am not sure if it is bus 731 or not I was going to write the number down it was a route 24 that goes to walmart. I am looking at the old graffiti at the back of the bus 1992 - 2001 (If you turn that around and subtract you get 9) something that said Israel a couple of other numbers that add up to 11.. The word dead it goes something like A dead... there is some block letter type graffiti on the route that goes 722 add that together 7 + 2 = 9, 7 + 2 + 2 = 11 . there is some non-graffiti message that also attracts my attention. Do your share for cleaner air or as I like to restate it I am an environmentalist and a capitalist.

It seems like jesse at burger king is quoteing someone at apac wednessday when I said I was buying burger king stock, he started talking about selling burger king, today motley crew says buy burger king... We are trying to incite fragging events that help tear up the equipment. It is not the same though it may be possible at apac to hurt someone on purpose but if you understand what is going on with the equipment you will be alright. I still have that vision of an unnecessary surgery where this Hispanic woman had her arm torn up and it isn't necessary..

the new home purchase tax credit can be used as a down payment for an fha loan!!!! wow... I have to look into that... the fed should be backing the availability of credit for solar panels and household type wind power i.e. make it a product and back it with some cash to make it available.. jobs and diversification of the electrical base without upping electrical rates.


Wednesday, June 03, 2009



We are looking for terrorists at 1213 17th 17 street in corpus Christi Texas the sort I have found before look at http://www.stormpages.com/edexter/VstStuffByDexter.htm and terrorist base (vst instruments for more details, I looked under the floor boards... I think we are going to have to wiretap everything...... I think some of them are hiding underneath the floor boards.... I will probily go to the fruit king tomorrow in preps for some really good spaghetti..

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


python voice preprocessor

This is an expiermental text to speech preprocessor for python documentation. There realy isn't that much to it so far and I am still testing it. I haven't tried it with any att true voices yet.

I have some transpertation time so I would like to listen to tutorials exc befour work but I have descovered some patterns that make sence when written are annoying when spoken..

voice preprocosser

please let me know if there are patterns that would be good with it here
my board

this example is an lxml podcast


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Monday, June 01, 2009


taylor numbers the c.o. powell 1911 effect

I noticed two packages on the python board one was dexml touted as a dead simple way to use xml. I also noticed the taylor solver... That got me dex thinking about how I could roleplay a neighborhood in downtown corpus chisti texas on star street... I am roleplaying the cross street..

House of rock (Iraq right)
Taylor jewlers (think taylor numbers which can be unstable)
c.o. powell 1911 (heres the date check through my blog for pictures)....

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