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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Looks like my tenure at the american bank center is done for now. We switched back over to hockey last night. The janitor person is talking about how if you got a car then sperion can get you a job quickly or something like that. I was getting alot of harrasment about driving.. Really stong near the catholic church like it was from smith security. One of those harrasment thing to encourage homeless people to leave used for a new purpose.
The guy had a stroke, I don't know the situation surrounding his stroke but he is kinda young and there has been alot of abuse around the apartment about how people who don't drive not being able to take drug tests. It is just a short step from to injuring people is a way to fight the drug war because they drug test after someone is hurt. If the city wants to pay for it I don't have a problem with it but it sounds more like retaliation for not driving than it does anything resembling a drug war.
I found another place that helps with peoples python questions. This is a couple of his sites http://www.active.com/donate/tntga/withoutane http://cornerhost.com/ This is the place to ask your questions http://pythonista.org/

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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Tonight at the american bank center in corpus christi texas

Tonight at the american bank center in corpus christi texas it is the rays (hockey). Tommorow night it is THE CHEETAH GIRLS FEATURING EVERLIFE. These are not the club girls. Seems there is a sample of the music here. http://www.americanbankcenter.com/events/?id=352 The Cheetah Girls hot off their all-new hit soundtrack to Disney Channel's original Movie The Cheetah Girls 2.

What does that mean for the clean up crew???? Tonight or tommorow the same abuse I was getting at apac about driving from a black man with no hair on his legs (or someone who looks like a black man with no hair on his legs that worked at apac) is going to ask me why don't I buy a car


And what am I going to do with all that money I made on kep (that is in the graphiti everywhere) turns out my north korean girl friend wants csound to work on her korean game machine and a panda bear...

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Monday, November 27, 2006


disney icecapades

I got a couple of days work through disney's iscopades. Looks like eric enimien (abusive black guy with no hair on his legs) Is asking me why I don't by A car. I refered him to the panda 3d website that disney put in the care of carnige melen university.. I am having another look at the graphiti.. In sales you would mirror the customer not that bullies do not become police officers it is just that the stock picks and the other are to convienent.. I like the stickers better than the paint any day though. I am noticing a control of comunication issue where something is said about a car. Naturaly what might follow control of comunication is the neibors waking up to a bunch of loud yelling... I kept it softer but the houses suck so alot of them probily heard anyway. It is just a two day gig not sure when I will work again.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


people and thier drug pipes

I saw someone today with mo plates that was smoking a pipe while they were driving. It seemed odd, I saw what was another drug pipe in the street by the curb near the church of christ on weber road. Looked like one made of aluminum foil I also saw a penny. This is all aleged no proof of a crack smoker was ever proved.. Might still be there can't tell if the stash went with it or not. New turn for the person that has gone postal. New post office stickers plastered on stuff. kiiz and killz along with tk (I guess that is not marion barber). I am also seeing another theme csu in the graphiti.


Monday, November 20, 2006


cnn's He could have prevented 911 book

The washington post says 'The astonishing, well-told story of Omar Nasiri (a pseudonym), who penetrated al-Qaeda's training camps in Afghanistan in the mid-1990s as a spy for France's intelligence services

It is good that he is protecting his identity. Looks like alot of hype about what if's about the french and british at first glance but I would have to get near the book to know for sure. He is promoting a new book and he was working for the french. Looks like his background is morocan. Probily worth reading but it is hard to tell what that means. I was using a french music software project 2000-2001 and later and I did see some odd things up there..

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Tonight on cnn He could of stopped the war 10 (eastern I think 8 central)

Last night I was watching the thing on iran by Ted Koppel (from abc nightline fame and the infamous staged gm explosion thing). It seemed to soften the image and talk about how they depend on oil prices to survive. Tonight 10 pm central time cnn is doing He could have stopped 911. I believe it is a former cia agent but look at the website or the commercials, they tend to overplay stuff so it may be on alot.. I'll probily be looking to see if it is ignored by other people or more stuff comes out.

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Saturday, November 18, 2006


16 blocks

Someone left a copy of 16 blocks on the sidewalk.. seems familuar but the copyright date is recent so it couldn't be. One of them says *&^% the law some things are more important exc. exc. befour he gets busted. sounds like stuff around the apartment. I found a pretty good hat so I can go out and about and not get completly tosted.. brand new in fact.. I don't know if I am doomed or not.. Looks realy bad with the abuse around me.



more on panda 3d

I have to say it looks realy cool but I have hit a few snags.. I did create a few batch files that were not a big deal but god only knows how to get your error from just flashing buy the screen realy realy quickly. Normaly I would just use idle but it would need to be a panda3d idle. I noticed that they also can use blender files with the x extension. I believe those are free and I look forward to using overkill for music software graphics.

I started to get alot of abuse around 5 oclock in the morning.. same stuff different day. logged on to the panda net didn't want any of the cars... pick all the panda's to log in no cars allowed. Looks like you can do animation for video with it and screen shots look realy realy easy. downside is some of the install issues but those can be fixed

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Friday, November 17, 2006


New Panda 3d by disney

I am looking at panda 3d by the disney people. python and c++ bindings, I didn't see rectangle they have point but no rectangle, what I was after was boom you get a box and then text in the box and not have to worry about a copywrite.. clearly not what they entended the software for. But something to practice with. Some of the stuff is beyond my graphics card. You can steal 3d pictures that are from maya and all those 3ds files (at least first impressions). I feel doomed though, I not sure why I was getting a different person everyday at the temp place, I always suspect it is the state reserves or something.. It seemed liked they were trying to hurt me or trying to have me hurt in unison to the crap around my apartment.
Back to the topic at hand, They have there version as ppython and I have no idea as of yet how they managed to get shortcuts without using batch files. You would type ppython myprogram.py or better yet open word pad up and save with the extention bat without formating. That comes out to 1kb whatever they did comes out to 2 kb but is more likely to work with the next version of windows. It is kinda a pain a bunch of command line programs for conversion and stuff it just cries out for a user interface to make it easier to use. Steve Jobs being the large shareholder that he is in disney probily has something like that for them (at least on the mac side of the computer). It does seem to be a little slow in python for the asteroids game but it realy isn't built for 2d if I understand what they are doing correctly.

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more harrasment

The guy that is harrasing me 24 hours a day says he wants me to join the military. I am getting harrased by drug people, and then the drug cop calls me an addict. He is saying stuff about joining the navy this morning. I have a strong desire to throw a hand granade in his apartment so that mine is quiet.. They say they are all mexicans just like all the military looking drug dealers (excepting the one black guy) except for the cops who look like they are doing steroids, one white and one black. I don't know if I was talking to one of them again when I lost my temper and cussed him out.

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Thursday, November 16, 2006


navy jobs..

navy job

You could earn Department of Labor certification allowing you to work as a computer programmer or radio station operator

Never having been in the navy I am forced to have google adds on my software... The United States being what it is now.. all those navy intelegence people being able to operate radios and do computer programming stuff. Not to mention the sexual photo opps.. I think they send you to alaska and it is posible the guy writing the desript doesn't have a security clearence..

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


More on the style of abuse.

It's my neighbors job to be abusive to me about whatever he role plays.. ad and d stuff
If I recall when I was detained they have that at the county jail.. You don't really get
to falsify intelligence information and go back and say it is drugs. That is what I have
right now abuse when I am around people or have contact with them because it fits a
drugie profile. I even had a cop (maybe he's in the military to that is common out here
near the bass's). The cop even stated I was a drug addict when I said something about
what was online.. Abuse and then someone clean cut and military looking tries to sell
cocaine. That is what corpus christi is all about.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


java and microsoft glitch

I have discovered another glitch.. perhaps I am now considered low ram or something but I suspect that isn't it. I go to microsoft after I go through net zero go through everything click and then the java won't open on skillport. This probily has something to do with the advertisments on microsoft (If I were to take a guess). This happens several times after a reboot. Then I say it is not worth it and do a bookmark... Right to it, java works and everything. On the arrays you can pretty much put the brackets anywhere either int[] or int variable[] (syntax is probily wrong always better to code something first probily maybe not)

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java and microsoft glitch

I have discovered another glitch.. perhaps I am now considered low ram or something but I suspect that isn't it. I go to microsoft after I go through net zero go through everything click and then the java won't open on skillport. This probily has something to do with the advertisments on microsoft (If I were to take a guess). This happens several times after a reboot. Then I say it is not worth it and do a bookmark... Right to it, java works and everything. On the arrays you can pretty much put the brackets anywhere either int[] or int variable[] (syntax is probily wrong always better to code something first probily maybe not)

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Monday, November 13, 2006


some stuff different week

I hear two asians and then bs from some chicago sounding chick (abusive sounding) and then some abusive sounding guy.. Pretty much the same thing every day... I noticed there is some williams publishing company when I applied today. I don't know what it is. I think there is some devils advocate stuff about manpowers training at some of the temps. No one has any jobs nothing... I am taking to long on the java and I am not sure that she has any jobs realy just gave me a list of things that might be usefull.

Who defines data types in bits.. starting at bool and then descibed as 8, 16, 32, 64 bits instead if 1,2,4,8 bytes. I think it is the tutorial and not java. It is a little dated so the runtime stuff is for older machines, that may be usefull to know.

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Friday, November 10, 2006


kep and other boring stuff

I have taken intro c and then the easist word module.. harrasment was realy bad last night but when I go through and take all the intro modules I am suspecting some overlap. c and java are good to lump together and alterenate and then all the modules that were sugested by the manpower woman. Looks like someone is gamming my software to 100 pageviews.. seems like an odd thing to do.. Hopefully a new version of dex tracker tonight.. I found a new place to announce the software. It is the ultimate in chip tune sites maybe I sould download some music from them... It is the great un-expored nitch for satalite or a radio network.. chip tunes plus programming...

More on kep... If you were to do a takeover of kep (in korea money) what could you do to unlock the cash and reduce the cost.. Spin off the oil and natural gas burning plants with a contract that encourages the spin off to replace them with alternative energy and other substitutes.. You almost need a policy where solar is required, not because it is the best energy available but because it is right there if there is a north korea attack.. Leveraged buyout the thing is at nine times earnings.. Surrounded on three sides by water a high tek country with a currency that is heading south.. That is an opertunity possilby..

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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Korean Electric Power

I was looking into kep further.. What I noticed is a five year decline in the won. When they talk about nuclear being cheap it isn't that the teknology is cheap it is that it is a fixed cost item and the currency is in a long term decline. North Korea is doing two things, It is help driving up oil prices that they use to create electricity and it is helping the curency to decline and that makes both oil and natural gas more expensive. If you are china you are getting higher oil prices and competing with cheaper south korean goods. I don't know if korea is one of those countries with a large surplus but it would make alot of sence to grab as much non-oil and non natural gas electricty as possible. With china and the U.S. willing to spend money on getting oil reserves the opertunity to get rid of oil demand also makes sence..

How to trade it???

I saw the november and december options both expire befour the ex-div in late december. If it is a short trade then you grab calls as your stop loss. Looks like they may be going for $15 for the $22.50 dec call. Grab a couple and you have a butterfly arangement. If north korea makes a deal like russia did to get rid of the nukes then you might have a realy big jump in the won.. Steel exports are pobily at a international price and not at a korea price so that may do well in a colapsing currency envirement...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


kep (korean electric power)

I am just reading the graphiti. Possibly the change in the graphiti from sep to kep signals something. This is all publicly available and probily ticking people off. I came up with a chart for next month. Should we feel bad about his company because everything is vandelised. at $20.00 buy the $22.50 call and the $17.50 put and don't put that much on it... You would check msn.com or yahoo or whatever for more current prices.. The market looks like it favors down with a slightly higher price or there isn't as much supply short (puts). Probily good to not bet the farm on it.

December 16, 2006 Calls Shaded options are in-the-money
Strike Price Symbol Last Chg %Chg Time Value Bid Ask Vol Open Interest
17.500 .KEPLW 2.400 -0.050 -2.04% 0.040 2.600 2.600 20 42
20.000 .KEPLD 0.400 -0.150 -27.27% 0.590 0.450 0.650 40 948
22.500 .KEPLX 0.050 -0.150 -75.00% 0.050 0.050 0.050 15 712
25.000 .KEPLE 0.150 NA NA 0.100 0.050 0.100 NA 1,075

December 16, 2006 Puts Shaded options are in-the-money
Strike Price Symbol Last Chg %Chg Time Value Bid Ask Vol Open Interest
17.500 .KEPXW 0.100 NA NA 0.150 0.050 0.150 NA 468
20.000 .KEPXD 0.700 -0.200 -22.22% 0.600 0.350 0.600 6 223
22.500 .KEPXX 3.800 NA NA 0.210 2.300 2.650 NA 22
25.000 .KEPXE 6.600 NA NA 0.560 5.200 5.500 NA NA


skillsofts c module

Do I recomend skillsofts c program as the first introduction to c. The answer to that is no.. Go out write something in c and ignore any thing or one who would tell you that you are good or bad at it and then take the skillsofts course. The manpower people told me I can only have two of them open at once. I supose it is one for me, and one for them (Realy both are for me but I have to worry about employment and will take one that she recomends). The non-coding part seemed like it might be harder than it had to be and through it all I did not find one terrorist. I was stucken by the looping structure in combination with the simple program example...

getchar; This gets a charecter from the keyboard

We ignore the rest of the simple commands in the example but mention the loops

do while (or do)

That is all I hear in the apartment is comments about why don't you getchar (o.k. why don't you get a car) and once in awhile I will hear stuff about doing something. If you want the contents excuted at least once then you do a do or do while statement. I was thinking about flat tire effect but realy there are simularities in different c type languages. c, java, cdl you can getchar but you can also ride the bus and watch the driver do the visual checking :)

I had to talk to someone named D. Doggett from Texas Workforce Commision yesterday. Wait till befour the election deny me my bennifits and assign the hearing on election day tuesday. I was expecting harrasment last night but didn't get it until this night (tuesday). Strange interviewing style you go entirely by memory with questions asked to fast to adequete. I am sure he slipped something by after I thought about it. He sounds like he is out of x-files and one of the things I noticed when I called is that the first time there was nothing and the second time someone picked up the phone but it did not ring either time. What you would normaly think is am I realy talking to them or is the phone hacked or whatever..

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Monday, November 06, 2006


manpower c training conspiracy.. woo.. woo..

Theres more after several hours of trying to download through the strange java thing they were doing I gave up and just started to use the online service but not befour I have a couple of bulls eyes things on my computer. Remember in journalism you can protect your sources.. GCC in houston (known in programming circles as a free c compiler) .. remember they give away free bus passes. You will notice them near manpower maybe not the first time the screen comes up in monster.com (my monster.com I think) They currently have a bbs where you can ask questions about the job...

This is from writing an ansi c program
One other thing I noticed when I was taking the tutorial is this line

You type on an object to see why it is incorrect
here is one..

3. char cr}

I would like to note if you turn it sideways (In the typeface used by the tutorial)
it does sort of look like a train... part of the message about why it is incorrect is
"Often, the only way to track down a compiler bug is through visual investigation."

The problem could be the bus as you will notice better from the picture it looks like it has a flat tire and you are going to be late to gcc as a result. If that doesn't scare you the thing comes up where it keeps saying UAE all the time (united arab emerates).. That doesn't mean anything in and of itself and keep in mind that the atf (tabbaco alc and firearms) wants to know when and where and that sort of thing.. Something like this that is roleplayed might be different things afterwards or may even be a complete hoax... The worst thing that could happen is that you learn c and they send someone back to india. The person from india may not like it but we have to protect ourselves :)

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sources, graphiti.. kinky freedman election signs

We will see if the dea auctions off the kinky freedman signs on ebay to see who buys them.... Threat or Source... Or nothing hard to tell sometimes.. I am looking at the graphiti and some stuff on the internet.... mora with variations... death in spanish.. gcc from monster.com (In corpus christi) out of houston see last post and then that sep graphiti one letter off from scp. gcc being the c compiler that is free scp is the educational software that is free from manpower (If you are signed up through them).. You get a certificate of completion or some such. I am not sure that it gives me or you alot of credibity but I can tell you that the software has a target in it. I am not sure who the source is the vandelises everything and would like to mention it is pythonic if you use jython with java for your certificate.. (Like they will ask questions about jython). Java is free from sun and the other programming language they teach is cobal.. I think you can get a free compiler but it is mainly a curiosty for most people... A couple of more graphiti things that may or may not be about the base... Thought I saw something about security threat and the other one was hr. with usa with it.. Some areas of town give me alot of graphiti that I wouldn't have a clue on...

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Sunday, November 05, 2006



This is a real company?? Or isit a free c compiler... Up where borland is a company that sells a compiler (I have at least three on my system) named aftera free c compiler is trying to sell travel. I didn't see anytravel to india though.. That wouldbe the ultimate in bad marketing.They call that free trade in the software buisnessSo the boston guy would say he doesn't like freetrade exc exc exc.. Then you get a free transitpass to do the public transpertation in huston including light rail most likely ..I think that includes rail..

It does remind me it would be stupid for me to not try to get certified for the software I am already using. I need to talk to someone about that tommorow. I started playing around with java today (again I did breifly look at borland jbuilder). It is not clear to me where I would get java beans and where I would place them If I found them.. Sun goes under all the java documentation dissapears.. well not all of it and someone paid for an alternative version for java but there is some risk. Turns out they charge $2500 for java certification (at least to be certified through sun). My java is to up to date for the classes.. That was strange...

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Saturday, November 04, 2006


kinky friedman lack of policy anouncement

I just hear one thing about legalising mary jane... Where is the energy policy???? I don't hear one realy from anyone other than some lesser house people that get interviewed.. I have about 100 meg downloaded of what is what I will hopefully need to have the entire java thing on my machine.. I have a couple of java to python and python to java things.. Looking at blue I am convinced that it doesn't have to much that is that helpfull.. Global variables may be something that is worth looking at. I don't think there is anything bad that happens if you include variables you don't need but if you don't include variables then it is big trouble. You do get four csd files.. maybe that is worth including in the package in a modified format..

Hopefully I can start my refresher on c pretty soon.. (as soon as I have everything downloaded). With my choice of 4 c compiler envirements on my machine.. two of them are variants of gcc or whatever is public domain.. I don't see many code converters. I do see c to java and python to c. Another reason to write code that is as simple to look at as possible.. I will start looking at blue to see if it is worth using a wrapper for. Depends on how steve coded and documented it. If it is easy to use without blue yes indeed I'll wrap it although I have already written alot of routines that are simular..

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Friday, November 03, 2006


Java download marathon

I get some bad abuse today. I think it has something to do with the election that and the claim the abuse is about sex instead of race.. The guy at morgan building said some bs about not having any jobs besides sales job.. I just mention my school brown vs board topeka on my application I don't have to say anything else. The rest is the satanism stuff people do... The 666 racism stuff. It could have something to do with trying to infuence my vote. The b.s. you have to do for unemployment insurance plus the guy sounds like he is taking the drug addicts party view about involvement in any goverment progrom that gives out money or food as being bad.

Is one language better than another as far as opertunity.. No not realy different languages niches have different opertunities. Borland is a public company and it is notable that some of thier compition is free software such as gcc and sun microsystems (java netbeans). I have watched then go from $10 to around $5. One other thing I have noticed is that microsoft has become more and more complex as time has gone on. If I was betting on who or what would buy borland.. apple should be thinking about a buying spree... I don't know if borland fits the bill or not but I would think they should go after a game machine like nitendo.. Or sony if it became available.. Microsoft I don't know.. I understand why they would want something that is like java but is not java.. Contolling your own fate.. The other side of the coin is having a users base like they did when they grabbed python for .net. For jobs the training is probily better for c/java and they are simular, picking up something odd to add to it and some traffic is a fantastic extra skill and jython may be updated (or may be a good way to add to java).. I am just one debug away from having a new version of dex tacker out. I also ordered the disk and will be taking c and java classes along with whatever else I can take without paying for it... I noticed some csound program in java that I may want to use or for that matter take anything that isn't nailed down in, convert to c if that is possible and continue on my thieving ways.. Microsoft with radio... That isn't as far fetched as it seems but they may be looking at getting rid of brodcasting and internet... I have 260 total meg on my list and have at least 30 - 40 meg from complete java stuff I have downloaded. They have a c envirement that may or may not be good... I don't want to wait for the disk... I want it now... now... now

Kinky friedman on letterman wasn't last night I do believe it may be tonight... I am in danger of loosing the post so I am going to try to publish again..

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