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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


sap graphiti and other stuff

I am very tired and everyone looks underage.... tatoo.... forgive me for not saying hello lack of sleep did me in... I have a corpus christi police reference number.. I may go downtown tommorow to see if anything is left of it.. computer thing and some audio harrasment screw it I will say exactly what happened instead of making it sound nice... still have a strip club pass in the apartment don't know if they will honor it though may be expired in some way.. It is not the end of the world if I can't work at first data.. walmart is dissapointing me.. I want the investment plan and the whole bit. I think the sap thing on the aplication thing is painted all over the universe (sap is on the app)... In the walmart bathroom.. Me and the ibm people could get together after a natzi music software company.. stienberg.. Or they could get jobs in india (delphi or borland)... It is not just microsoft you have people like dark basic doing some compilers it would put the cool back to add alot of music and more gaming support... not mentioning names but two prostitutes and there is no judgement unhappy about what they have or had to do... The devils advocacy factor.. I am sure I deal with people just as bad as some of them do... We run a clean strip club none off that stuff happens here, although some may wish for an excuse to shut us down. The abuse some of the people involved dish out to people is horrific don't want to make you work here just if you want to... economics and reality being tuff stuff sometimes..... White supremist stuff in the bathroom that is something that had happened at apac and dissapeared. I could never tell if it was a black or white white supremist but they were some sick pupies in the bathroom... smelled like that fermited urine that you hear about in the prison shows on cnbc... Didn't look like stock symbols but could have been... nice little brick houses it a shame the graphiti has to be everywhere.. I could try the walmart website but I don't know if that will make the job thing look alot worse or not.... I would feel a little odd about shoping there if I couldn't apply there even if they did turn me down..

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


sexualy harrased around my apartment...

These people are just idiots.... There is some distance she is smoking a cigerette she is laundering, no grapefruit she seems like a grapefruit woman... got a haircut, Does having real live military people make people more or less abusive during the shopping season... took the ride downtown didn't see fti should still be there not much out there about the same... There is an angel folder she is empty .... someone says that angel is a guys name on the phone. Who names thier son angel.. little angel is probily only sometimes true.. got out of calpine just in time at least the put calls... I probily need a job instead of taking three years off or something..... I don't remember if there is a funtracker I may need to look for it... covert file to c++ builder file I will have to remember the option compiler is probily to old.. just a plain file that writes to a .wav file will work... I realy should have a better phone but that will probily be some time coming... haircut... add says call fti.. I will go in person probily the best thing to do...

Wired has an article why high gas prices are good for america... They have some of the tek.. it's editorialised somewhat talking about 1000 years plus of energy something hydryde frozen and other stuff....

Why $5 Gas Is Good for America Nov. 22, 2005 The skyrocketing cost of oil is sending pump prices ­soaring. It's also subsidizing research into technologies that can change the energy game. By Spencer Reiss of Wired magazine.

The other pick is what everyone is always complaining about the seagate scandel.... 1.8 all the music computers crash.. see apple ipod and my new answering machine (remember tape)... it's a short play into 08?? only a
matter of time 01/08..

Monday, November 28, 2005


not sure what happens when you mistreat dexter there are only 24 hours of dexter according to source

BDN News
Transparency in Development: An Open Letter to the C++ Development Community
BDNtv: Tod Nielsen, CEO Address, 2005 Borland Developer Conference
The 24 hours of DeXter - October 24th, 2005
Borland® Delphi® 2006 and C++Builder® 2006
Delphi Roadmap 2005 - 2006
BDNradio: JBuilder 2006 launch chat
BDNtv: JBuilder 2006 Virtual Peer Programming
Together 2006 Demonstrations

We Have Your tapes

24 Oct
BDNradio - The 24 hours of DeXter (audio recordings)
Listen to (or download) the presentations and interviews from the "24 hours of DeXter". DeXter is the R&D project name for Delphi 2006, C++Builder 2006, and C#Builder 2006 which are offered together as part of Borland Developer Studio 2006.

now that I am fired I can help the kids with thier homework

BDNtv: ECO is child's play
Alexandra Jarvis, an 11 year old 5th grader from Melbourne, Australia, builds a homework tracking application with ECO III and DeXter

Friday, November 25, 2005


microsoft and capsizing dvd and computer prices

If I would have read thursday paper I would have seen that dvd and computer prices are capsizing.... It may be computer closeouts hard to tell.. laptops have never been that inexpensive though.... microsoft because someone asked may still have a good year they have some big chalenges in internet service and advertising (because of consolidation) they also have area's where they can expand in advertising... microsoft money and webtools being an area where alot of advertising can be gained what they should look at is google.... the openess of some of the content because they partialy panicked because of aol and grabbed all the trafic they could get in case they were dumped.... microsoft has the same problems but can go back and find ways to syndicate for other portals and web readers plus expand content... Saw a dvd recorder brake the $100 price may continue to drop in price..

Thursday, November 24, 2005



she is pretty with or without makeup. Long black hair you get some skin protection with the makeup maybe, not being an expert in whatever tones, like she came out of a british girly magazine.. triple digit yields for two years in a row. double digit yields for several years befour that .. when any stock pick has news I get harrased and there is someone talking about gambling sometimes correctly sometimes incorrectly.... The abuse ends up having an negitive effect.. I do anything I expect the abuse.. All of a suddon you don't see someone at work and everything seems better (during a holiday even).... Ya who's idea is that it sounds horrible. She reminds me of someone I heard around the apartment once and her friend is like a bad omen sort of apearing when I am in "trouble".

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


thanksgiving eve

Transfering nightmare.... everything goes through the roof except calpine and I can't tell if they are doomed or not.... looks like $3000 exposure minus whatever I took out of it and it's alot.. I want to reduce that enough to have a realy good end of the year... Options express says they are transfering and interactive brokers say they are not and then locked me out of the account... I am ready to pay a big chunk of debt off they made it hard to transfer and scottrade seems to be reducing service as a way to get rid of labor maybe having trouble figuring out if they are having finacial problems or there is another issue involved bonds wont transfer mutual funds won't transfer...........
Sharp looking and I think she has a boyfriend or somethng nice to get a smile there is so much evil or it looks that way because it is so close. In hell you know everyone is evil but the furter up you go the rosier it looks maybe just the neiborhood... think they are firing me monday or something. I don't know for sure but suspect they promote homosexuality and then decide on promotions being a hetrosexual is against policy (not calling all of management A bunch of fruits just a subset that goes through the cycle ..... that is just the vibes I get anyway)...
Interest rates are supposed to be nearing peak that means........ market goes down because of the end of the market cycle. sep is in the graphiti all over the place that is german software of it it rines with sep that is s and p (500 the spiders).... roger and out

Tuesday, November 22, 2005



cons and scripts don't like promotion I don't know who gang bangers or unintrested parties.... The candian number sounded french when it was called (We called at the bank).... doesn't sound like the person on the other end is cornered sounded scripted though. practiced is probily a better word... better to promote to gang's than to cops or whatever but I am not sure the audience and then the banker says it is happening all the time regular scam best not to get your name mixed up in it. The name promoted it pretty widely and expects word of mouth advertising. I don't know if they still do postal rewards or not... they pay you to encite violence aganst postal employee's or that is the impression I get from what is going on around the apartment.. Here is something.... I can't see you but you know who I am and say something about my apearence... what's that?? but there is more I can't see anything and you know who I am and are admiting you are harrasing someone who just pased a envolope to a postal inspector..... (two different tribes or groupings of wanderers if you will).. It is all visual with no explanation you have to know part of it to get much of a sence of what your seeing.... I could get shot, I am hoping for some less than hostile people.... there is a stop sign that is vandelised on tiger? lane... that may be an informant the rest of the graphiti or alot of the graphiti on the south side I don't make much sence out of it..



looks like bad news for calpine.... maybe not sure stock goes down anyway. second day into a transfer takes at least 4 days.. day 4 of the other transfer nothing transfered as of yet.... 10% is probily to much exposure to it.. without the options though it is alot less exposure.. going to go to the bank with $4,700 check and see what they would like me to do or talk to about it.... probily dealing with the cops befour work unless they do it for me....

Monday, November 21, 2005




The claim is they are abusive to sell miller what I noticed is abuse inside and not outside that would indicate abuse to sell tobbaco and not alcohol and the latter probily isn't that credible you are more likely to sell cocain than miller light with abuse.......... the conversation around the apartment goes you are more likely to go to the moon than sell miller light (she says) He says he is afraid of a backlash..... I don't have the conversation word for word, It is supposed to be because miller looks like a south african company with out ties to a racist tobbaco company... used to be 100% part of altria


back at the extortion threats again around the apartment (after 5 p.m.)

I have a check for almost $5000 (I will probily be talking to cops tommorow because of it) that I haven't cashed yet that works very well as a conspiracy when combined with people with to much knoledge of my accounts.. He says he is going to pay his debt down to less than $10,000. The bank is probily going to call the police and realy why would anyone spend time on something that has 0 percent chance for profit.. harrasment doesn't work. I suspect I don't get a choice they will call the cops for me, in the mean time I have male and femail acting like they want to make threats that would help the person trying to pull the scam.. Or harrasment if you will implying they can comit securities fraud with a direa of the mouth campain.

Sunday, November 20, 2005


because the neibors ask's

spanish ... english... gang tatoo's accent is very spanish castillion sounding at first listen. gang tatoo's on her hand. That is bad for credibility..not as bad as a neck tatoo the bus gansters alot of times have neck tatoo's. Tatoo on her back, model would have that no big deal.. I am just buying groceries, I am not intrested in the gangs and what they do until they start trying to get money from me.. seems defensive about the example she sets may be a family argument. talking about her and grandma going to a tejano club like it is a right of passage or something... part of the pyscology of tatoo's is they tell on you from a statistal standpoint you are more likely to be doing something you shouldn't be doing if you have a tatoo..

Friday, November 18, 2005


how likely is this to be real money???

letter says that I won $250,000 and the check says $4,700.. says they have been trying to reach me but they have been reaching the wrong person and they must have a call from me to canada quickly or the check may be cancelled. Not much on the internet regarding thier organasion the number listed is (705) 770-0821. The adress is listed as 205 king street, peterborough, Ont k9j 2r0 . the number when you go into reverse lookup appears to be a cell phone number that is in barrie on (canada). The numbers are portable so it is probily unclear as to the exact location could be U.S. even. check is drawn on Promenade Resources Corporation p.o. box 180176 utica, michigan 48318-0176. nothing is showing up in google. I did come up with a location map of where it claims to be from http://ca.maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?addr=205+KING+STREET&csz=PETERSBOROUGH%2C+ON&country=ca&new=1&name=&qty=

Thursday, November 17, 2005


xmsr instituionalised

I think it is about interactive brokers and drug rewards. He can roleplay whatever he wants as abusively as he wants because channel 3 can't testify about sources. It is roleplayed as a turned in drug dealer followed by investment advice and then blackmail I think combined with a wiretap.. xmsr has been institutionalised. should get alot of renewals befour christmas plus new customers.. at $25 that a long term buy.. ( it's $30 now). they are making me wait because of option expirations week.. very annoying try again on friday... was 10 days to decline and they backdated it to befour the weekend..

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


ophimer cop at bus stop

openhiemer being the right way to invest as opposed to taking investment advice from gang graphiti. Brokerages make alot off of mutual funds they are get a part every year without making more trades... it is all roleplayed as scottrade but not scottrade. They have money in trust probily in mutual funds kids and stuff because that is where the money is for the brokerage. They don't want to talk to you realy, they don't want to store a bunch of values in thier system for (forget the word for set price for a sale) you to sell stocks. That was a recent change as well as repricing the interest rates.. realy looking at them you would think you would get perks if you had a certain amount of mutual funds. (other brokerages, because we inform on our competitors)... I am not against mutual funds at all... as a part of research and deverisification you don't all of a suddon want to benifit from tobbaco sales and be corrupted by it, or other vices...
I don't know if I should call him kino or not... just roleplaying the route ...... It's about time.... johns auto sales... exc.. exc... I could imagine his family wife works at the subway sandwich shop and daughter a call girl (ha figuratively).. I dout it is his family looks like people are roleplaying the brokerages... .005 cents a share and .75 cents for an option trade.. beats $8.5 and $14.50 Research on forien compainies is not that easy unless you are just going after a sector like evienmental i.e. windmills and hydro stuff. As oppesed to the quality of U.S. screens... I like the concept of options express where they let banks combine them into thier system as thier brokerage plus they email you your dividends and such... public company..
After some graphiti the bus went past the stop to a bus stop with graphiti.. $500 reward, They (whoever it is knows me or about me maybe doesn't mean that I know enough to get $500).. I saw some black people but no black people with spray cans.. sorta has a da vita feel to it but there was alot more evilier stuff going on at the time...

Monday, November 14, 2005


a couple of cars

A couple of cars for under the amount I have in my checking at all times. I don't know if the transfer will take a month did not happen yet.. they eat me alive with option fees.. I start going towards $100 a month... I think it has much better reserve requirements.. should pay everything down fairly quick... have until next monday befour expiration nothing happens befour then probily... 12 forms of id first... sorry I am only registered to my website.. A question is mentioned and the answer is unrealised capital gains... I am not sure that is her question.. Who's the actor with the mole... same concept and she is like waxed or oiled or something... There is something on msn that most fights about money (at least between spouces) is about power (in the relationship mostly). Think that is likely to be true for people who are not married to and then you look at other people and there relationship to each other exc exc... I want her to be my neibors parole officer if she's clean..


maybe he's under pressure....

The guy is contuionsly running his mouth again. payday is tommorow, some of what I hear is excuses why he can harrass me about money.. One of the msnbc programs in the prison worst of the worst where you hear screaming and they drive you crazy in three years.... There is also some bs. that I have to or not have to get involved with other people that may be targeted by the individuals.. The answer is no I don't have to get involved with anything or anyone I do not wish to get involved with.... Found a pick that looks intresting nite.... it was a screen of companies with above average inst holdings.. looks like they should have a big profit jump and a fairly low mult.... It has been 7 days the account still hasn't moved yet.. this one isn't the big one in terms of moving... xmsr looks like it is going up on news that advertising isn't going to be wimpy..

Sunday, November 13, 2005



I don't trust the internet network enough to go wireless completly... If I had the funding I could sindicate pictures from quite a wide area It is beyond my funding though.. Maybe for christmas or she just rap's herself in a bow... I am not realy intrested in listing to how I will get used to this person or that person. mostly what is mentioned is him... sometimes her is mentioned.. waiting for funds to be transfered, 3 percentage points is a big deal even without the change in commisions... I think I hear someone who doesn't realy know how the brokerage works...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


heb network

The bus was going by alot of bandwidth and then the bus dissapeared and a non secured network replaced it.... I wasn't able to log in the post office at airs is in the cc texas network.. I don't know if harrasment is being run over that network or not.... seems like I hear abuse at the post office alot... hopefully the microphone still works maybe I am going to record kristens high heels or something


marter one

I don't remember I think it was mp3.com and then some messages I recieved... I looked it up through google.... A marter is one that ..... exc.. exc... exc... may have been australian... It's not realy the reagen defence it is time... I finaly have a clear day.. I was telling someone on the bus that I do light industrial samples.. He didn't see any humor took it seriously.. I was looking for a word that was different to describe it and enough of a microphone to attach to the portable to give it a shot..

Monday, November 07, 2005


look for more music stuff from my laptop soon

looks like everything is working very well with the laptop... net zero is a little bit of an improvement should be back to writing software soon.... hopefully anyway.. watching the rumors about spi early this morning.. Not sure what they would replace that with in the eco index or xtf or whatever they call the enviremental etf... kvr doesn't look like it updates... there is some boards that I could sindicate instead I supose... still looks a little messy to put everything back the way it was..... I may test out the microphone and do some samples... not industrial more office work samples.... clacking of keys waste baskets... vending machine samples..... I noticed that I can do laptop to laptop calling for free with netzero I don't know that I want my own telephone number for it though...... I am still getting alot of harrasment about whatever.... worst of the worse these people. I think they are trying to go just out of range of the highspeed wi-fi to harrass me.. noticed that some of that dissapeared from being in front of the apartment... The talking loudly part seems that it would pick up on a webcam or mike connected to a computer alot better that way.. It is like having someone under house arrest that should be in a west texas prison somewhere...........

Friday, November 04, 2005


signal strength spike

signal strength spike all of a suddon stong connection...going outside is a pain there is probily a way to get a better antenna for this thing..... landline backup and accelerater... should bring it up to between 8 mg (unlikely) to 64 * 7 mg beats 56k by quite a margin..... saves me $8 a month that is the computer basicly... looks like $20 in interest and between $4 to $60 in brokerage costs a month... there is some sort of phone service with the connection.... not sure how much bandwidth is out there as wireless... (except at the house)... with the lower net zero it is 1mg to 64 meg according to the software.... some compression maybe bring it up to min 1.2 or something 20%.......


like an idiot I use low speed

like an idiot I use low speed when highspeed is available...... maybe 5 - 10 minutes for a 60 meg file...... woa...... low signal strength though there is protected bandwidth here also..... I am not sure what is what with the city I think it requires logins maybe the other wireless network.....

Thursday, November 03, 2005



Trying out new laptop.... 1.4 with rebates... Not real happy with the speed think it is other factors besides clock speed.... pop up blocker works well... portable I can take it on the bus... les watts should save a little on electric with one less plug in and low wattage stuff.... microsoft money is disapointing on the comacq..... everything else gets parted out.... mouse goes here... should be able to change other things like internet service and brokerage to get the cash back.... saved 25% on interest this month but I can probily do better or send my fee's down I think I average $30-$50 to these companies because I don't get my choice just what would work on a fried system... java is a big deal never worked well..... the computer I bought in 1999-2000 is working better and has or had been the first buzz machine......

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