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Sunday, May 29, 2005


some idiot may be condo flipping or its a high priced month

some idiot may be trying to condo-flip.... $45,000 is way to much in a market that is going to colapse. They may be trying to use harrasment to sell the condo's on north beach. I have seen it befour where all the advertisers leave and one lists condo from the complex at a higher price. they are saying they are worth more than padre island, even though they are near the refineries. the adds could come back with lower prices. I am getting a bunch of abuse about buying a condo. I was figuring that someone has a desire to get hurt and that is why I am hearing stuff about the condo. I may have said the work cocain once to often or cocaine (if you look in the search engines).

Thursday, May 26, 2005


It's industrial espionage..

I had an organised effort to harrass me befour my birthday. Around the apartment he is being roleplayed as er-rob (instead of arab I supose). I am not realy sure why I would be important enough to make such a huge noise about... Looking for rumors on novatell. found one rumor about a computer manufacturer including them as standard equipment (this is off of google the truth often is fiction at first sometimes until someone says hey why not). It has to happen sooner or later that the laptops have wi-fi and other wireless internet as included features like 56k modems are or was it has been awhile since I bought a computer.

didn't see any $15 options looking at december. looking at september I grab $90. October looks like the month were everything comes together in a big way.. (december looks pretty good).

Tuesday, May 24, 2005



5 g's in a week or (grand see the sapranos mob speak)... realy it is 4g+ .. One stock of note is novatel it acts wierd though. went from 100% instition (or close to it) to 77%. This is a stock that goes down evertime they mention that they are the official modem of a new company. Nothing has been said for a long time stock skyrockets.. At 12.50 looks like $210 for a 100 shares in december. I thought I was going to dollar cost average 100 in june sometime for between 7 and 9 (subtracting the first time I sell the option).. 3 more weeks left maybe a $15 december comes out. maybe not... xm took off another two months to hopefully get a good price and july augest I can resell two 07's serius and calpine... not $1000 a month by a long shot... dividends are starting to look realy good..

Saturday, May 21, 2005


abusive person claiming to be military

First car I pass is korean licence plates t16 gjp and a military bumper sticker. audio abuse and the claim is that it is about the drug war and that everything is about him. I don't know If I am being abused by the person who owns the car or if it is another game. hopefully this protects the military or the insurance company.




what I envision is a microcap that

1) invests in other companies (green energy companies).
2) with lower expense ratio's than (and there are almost none) the mutual funds
3) raises money through direct investment.
4) uses yahoo finance to raise capital.
5) invests directly in projects localy.

I am not sure if partnership or limited partnership, reit would be better or not tax wise.

turns out the cost is suppost to be higher by the each.... asuming you are paying for the tower. transmition lines although how far do you realy need to go?? prices for a turbine to estamate costs are not easy to find either.. tower price is not supposed to be a big deal.... est.... 5 cents vs 3.7 or something like that

Friday, May 20, 2005


more on ducko-paths

Islamic Society of Mesquite
5906 Duck Creek #4
Garland, TX. 75043
(972) 240-2783

Duck Tracker Game - Sport Games - Flash games at bonanzas.com
... Brand new games. Duck Tracker Game. The aim of the game is to shoot as many
ducks as possible (Rate this game). Instruction: Aim with the mouse and use ...
www.bonanzas.com/duck_tracker_game_3078_247.html - 25k - Cached - Similar pages


allot of your major music stuff is out of ma that doesn't indicate much though....
some questions about the source and credibility. It looks like the mosque may have been shot at in the past so I may dig that up as well..

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


duck tracker...

I may have it wrong it may be duck tracks.... I looked up duck tracker.. There is a duck delay au file.. (dll like vst). digi duck... and shooting as many ducks as possible as part of a flash game.. that would be on my watch list.. there are a couple of other quotes that cannot realy be tied to anything. one isn't a quote it is a (maybe planted) plastic wind up duck sitting on the sea-wall in the park... ducky-park.... voice says I hate you and then she says I love you... Because I was looking for everything in east st. louis. mosues were high on the list, I started to scout dallas and love-airport is nearby duck creek.... (duck something creek)... duck something park...... a mosque on duck something.. A major street named after the miller lite people. most of this is in garland except for the airport..
realy there is no way to win with the retirement thing the government (meaning you and me) is paying for it regardless of what happens to the airlines. nationalising the airline retirement system and adding it to the ticket price would be one of the fairest things probily.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


10 sirens and the ducky sidewalk...

someone is roleplaying our billing system.... ducky sidewalk I still think that is a mosque in the dallas subburbs.. on ducky parkway or something like that.. It is not realy vandelism it was written under the overpass in the dirt like stuff (concrette dust maybe, realy washes out quickly to).. instead of ducky sidewalk it was ducky path or something.. place... roleplaying the streets... I want you to be long here she says.. I am mad at you, you are seeing someone on the side.. alot of cop cars above where it was written on kostorez and spid.. 3-4 ambulances at least one fire truck. the familuar sound of a shovel scouping up car parts or maybe it was something put down to soak up gasoline... I walk down to carrol lane and I think it is a white pickup calls me a sxual obsenity.
I can guess the rest of this one... someone will say it is unsafe to walk. someone I don't want to get into a car with will offer me a ride.. someone will try to be threatning and it will be a bunch of b.s. for 24 months.. cop car in the apartment complex... don't know, don't care.. no one asked me and I didn't see anything except maybe an overweight person (sorry and I myself am going towards 200).. some skinnier person it is parrelel to where someone was giving me some overheard hardship about comments..

Monday, May 16, 2005


she has no hope.....

someplace outside of dallas (I can be wrong stories roleplayed sometimes are). It's outside a mosque (In garland I think outside dallas anyway think ducks),, she is on a ducky sidewalk (I see that in graphiti from time to time). The type of women she is with some with black eyes sometimes exc.. she is in the hope house she is out of the hope house.. It is all roleplayed down different streets and sound... I am missing big pieces of it..

Sunday, May 15, 2005


buzz bombers arrested in florida

Sami Al-Arian, a University of South Florida professor and nationally known Palestinian rights activist, was already secretly under investigation by FBI foreign intelligence agents at the time of the bombing.

Al-Arian had established an Islamic academic think tank, a school, a mosque and a charity for Palestinian children, but authorities were questioning whether the true mission of Al-Arian's work was to finance terrorist attacks in Israel.

In a 53-count indictment, Al-Arian, Sameeh Hammoudeh, Hatim Naji Fariz and Ghassan Zayed Ballut are accused of racketeering, conspiracy and providing material support to terrorists. Five other men have been indicted but are still at large.

more info on those arrested
USF instructor Sameeh Hammoudeh, 42. Born in the West Bank, he is now a resident of Temple Terrace and an administrator at the Islamic Academy of Florida.
Hatim Naji Fariz, 30, born in Puerto Rico and now living in Spring Hill. He is a manager at a medical clinic.
Ghassan Zayed Ballut, 41, a West Bank native now living in Tinley Park, Ill., and owner of a small business.

``We make no distinction between those who carry out terrorist attacks and those who knowingly finance, manage or supervise terrorist organizations,'' Ashcroft said. As he spoke, federal agents raided six locations in the case, including Al-Arian's mosque near USF

Communications, money, even the wills of suicide bombers were routed through the Islamic Jihad's offices in Tampa, the indictment says.

It also accuses Al-Arian of sending faxes to a Saudi company in 1996 inquiring about buying 50-kilogram packages or urea, a chemical used to make explosives. And it accuses him of trying to recruit someone into the Islamic Jihad as early as 1988.

That happened at a conference in St. Louis, the indictment says. It was the first put together by an organization Al- Arian founded called the Islamic Committee for Palestine.

Little is known about Fariz. He does not appear in previously released documents. He apparently moved to Spring Hill from the Chicago area, where he worked with the Chicago Islamic Center, founded by Ballut.

http://www.prisonplanet.com says the mosque is
Masjid Al-Qassan Mosque named after a palistinain terrorist. There isn't much to support that (they also claim that (aa) is he favorite terrorist buddy.

evidently one of aa mosque supporters was the shiek arrested in the first world trade center bombing. (One letter off comes up under qassam it may be a mispealing by prison planet).

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


brief notes on skales

http://www.skale.org http://www.skale.com It is a fast tracker clone. I think there are other clones trackers including some I can't metion (because of sensorship).. It doesn't account for the change in screen size. there is a way to have everything original and then add a screen that makes it all easier to look at and less of a larning curve. I saw mad tracker when I was looking again. I have seen how fast you can do it now I want to know how good you can do it. sound is excelent and I will probily take it on and go old school. Setting up some new age meditation somewhere would probily be the thing to do. I end up places without backup. No protection..

Thursday, May 05, 2005


shiny metal object

Some guy acting wierdly in front of the chinese resteraunt where burger king used to be. hopefully it is a flask, I am realy tired, realy realy tired. Drug test tommorow... That may be why the bathrooms end up being so gross, people trying to cheat. gm, ford goes to junk bond status... ford has a convertible that converts to a number of shares at any time in stead of only at a certain value. ford convertable at 8.2% prety much in the money for the sake of argument at $14 or so. as far as effecting the value of the security you are better off without converting it probily in that case... $38 with $50 face value may give 1/2% a year in cap gains if held till maturity. gm has been bouncing around all over the place kirvorian did a number on the short traders more power to him..
In notable news. some guy with toy granades filled with gun powder blows up a planter. I woudn't notice except the suspect is from the netherlands. Home of synthedit big place sure they don't all know each other.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005



I messed up my vacation I think I will just cancel it... they may not pay me anyway. If they just gave me a lump sum they would never see me again. It has to be charity real life doesn't work like that. It is notething but abuse for the most part crazy it's crazy crap. The only way out is a nice amount of cash, The harrasment is so that I have cash for whoever is selling drugs. I deposited money for on monday or sunday realy get the abuse monday. If I am not in the strip club then there is no reason for me to cary cash.. I feel sqeezed financialy anyway, someone has decided that it is to be endless abuse about auto's. I caome into may with no way to retire at the end of the month.
AZTECK... These poeple have decided that they are not going to pay me in dollars anymore. tza to be delisted. then everything gets moved to the mexican stock exchange. I am not sure what I am supposed to do with the options. I didn't see any easy way to trade mexican stocks. International means europe and asia. If someone else had an aztek adr instead of the "aproved" one I could just exchange them I am not even sure what my brokerage will do with peso's.

Monday, May 02, 2005


blaine jackson

I am getting investment advice from "blaine jackson"... couldn't
find the web site in google. that was mixed into the message.. odd looking at the
very least. messages say they are from jamica. found an artist and also found the jackson trial with david blaine. I get figurative stuff sometimes. I get alot of "whisper rumors about jackson"... All those intresting noi not white noise but black noise.. (bad pun on nation of islam) screw that noi's.
It is an add from blaine jackson. Jumble down below (hard to see the jumble)..
The one I found had something that looked like a homemade rocket launcher (It's construction it just reminds me of a homemade rocket launcher) .. having trouble seeing the jumble blaine.. That doesn't realy mean much to me..


new month

Everything is up this morning. You would think that walking would insulate me from gas prices.. I am waiting for a couple of $100 scores. yahoo and novatell. xm is on my most watched list I have two calls that expire in july.. 2 in october. I expect the job to last through the month or at least most of the month. The coverup thing is over, spelling samples and the rest the new 911 sites ended that there will not be a coverup. retaliation maybe but not a coverup. calpine rumors about bankrupcy not true.

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