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Thursday, October 29, 2009


I thought cit was going down because of the voices

I will have to roleplay berkshire hathoway..... Your crazy, you should be instutionalised... martek went to 92% instutional and dlm is going down in price but ex-div is the 5th... For dollar cost averging it looks good... The abuse is pretty wild... the prices go up the prices go down.. interactive brokers is giving me the higher of the closing price or the after market price on a short of ucbh.. seems fraudulent.. No incentive to do anything but watch and collect the dividends..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


don stone, don wilson don talyor, kino...(film software? roleplayed?>)

corpus christi burger king. He is not 'the' regular customer he looks somewhat like the regular customer he comes up almost assault like in manor and pace (no violence just body clues you would look for). There would be a reason why crossing the street would offend people??? It's all along route 19.... You would get the drug offer... oh the voices are your fault (*&$... There is a time and a place so the good book says...

I had the guy outside say that sometimes people do things they don't want to do (he is with a bunch of lititure.. I had to think of warren buffet and burshire hathoway and ethics... he doesn't want his people to do anything they don't want to do as a question of ethics (I don't want to pay your claim).... If you are going to do something you should be good at it, if you are going to be a doctor be a good doctor. Is it sopoosed to be he wants his son to do something or dq something... maybe he leaves his son a dairy queen........ my car does 110... it is the second car company this year that has almost tripled that I have bought..

I think it has something to do with saying it is ok to sell tobbaco to 14 year old kids because of abortion or some other stupid crap involving playing devils advocate. It's a contract and it's hellish at times.. You tell me sweet hart. She said the police questioned here about her trying to kill me or wanting to kill me. I asked her if I should search her..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


eee 7 inch machine

One of the people in the place I am staying has an eee pc computer that is set up by babbage net school (pre college) that he said he is buying from the landlord. He is trying to get into it but it is set up to go into a tutorial. Looks like the linux is available on the internet as an iso image. I think he is hopeing to get windows for it but I tell him that he should get the exact linux that the netbook was set up for originally (because of the drivers and other trouble you can get into especially the drivers).

I think rob is ready for a promotion at the burger king we will have to get together and buy some shares (berkshire advice style trade).

Monday, October 05, 2009


electrics off

electric is off at my all bills paid apartment.... News about ucbh... They say a chinese bank may buy up to 50% of the bank but it isn't enough even if they do do that..... I am going to lock in some proffits anyway with a limit order... It is just an excuse to play devils advocate about food tampering because he believes he is a member of military intelence or something... I'll let the food spoil and throw it out... it is just a small amount of tomato stuff.... looks like they haven't paid thier bills the lawn isn't mowed, maybe they realy will burn it down... pilot light is off on the stove... they have electric upstairs though...

Friday, October 02, 2009


pywrite 1.01 released

This is a minor update of pywrite. pywrite was origianly written in python 1.5, The current version was changed just enough to run, you will see alot of depreceated warnings, the splash screen was removed. I am just looking for examples that will give me more features for dex tracker.


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