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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


atf and brazen wheel thieves

I am walking past waterburger all four wheels are gone and the hood is open
on some truck. Hoping it is just a site gag and some new wheels are given to him..
I wasn't offered coke by a smaller mexican man, now the two other items are does
he have a gun and is someone trying to incite violence against him... The atf is
http://www.atf.gov I believe, I like thier email alot better. best way is to not
burn down a house just email them. I did. A mexican gang loudly repeating what
I have been saying about the way cocain is marketed. the atf does eplosives, arson,
gangs, ciggerettes... Pretty much all the people around me should be arrested by the
atf. I believe you have confidence games and you should always question what you

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


a fire

It was last week I am passing by a house down kostoroz.. I start to smell smoke it was a house down and then there is alot of smoke the backside of two people looks like they are burning brush. I walk further down and there was a fire truck coming. 2+2 = 5 sometimes. I don't know who the a*(@ was that was near the fire. she would have been o.k. in my bed. looks like there is a male with her.. burning brush maybe illeagal would have been a very bad roast.. they were looking down at whatever was burning..

more abuse could be another cocain dealer..

Saturday, March 26, 2005


roy giles ministry from dallas

heres a quote from more of my email....

Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:35,36,40)


It appeals alot to people who will end up in prisen maybe.. The big score is the mosque maybe.
We have a responceibility to set a good example and not tell them what they want to hear..

Friday, March 25, 2005


ccisd and tobbaco marketing

back in the old days people would market to kids 15 or so sell them tobbaco at the
corner maverick market (webber and spid). they would go back and smoke at the smokeing
section. You had your drugs also. I don't suscribe to iran contra but it was all over campas and
one guy even microwaved it on the night shift at the maverick market on everheart. I seem to be getting alot of abuse and claims that I need protective custody or something... dissapear with your terrorist attack and don't return.. Alot of abuse from citgo (they bought maverick market). I keep hearing this horrible woman talking about lawsuit abuse like when you do have something that looks like a terrorist attack that is the most important item. I am aware that at times you would have oil on the tracks but realy no claim on if it was or wasn't reported I would dout that I played any role where I would have to get attacked about it...... I do believe that helping the envirement can help oil companies but not countries (like citgo). ever wonder how much alcohol could be made from the tons of grass that now go into the sewers along with electricity and maybe gases.......

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


cpl stuff exc..

What I may want help with is getting a protective order or something against an adress or group of adress's. I will be the first person to admit that I am just saying hey this is what is out here. Once it is in the group it is up to them to figure out what it is, to ignore it or use it as propaganda I don't care. I am not stopping the war for anyone that's way beyond my means. I hear investigation rumors again. It is befour an election I always hear investigation rumors maybe a little bit more likely but what is getting investaged is anyones guess. The fence in the apartment complex is getting killed.

I may be missing three cpl (or aep) shares, A little bit of concern that someone is trying to manipulate me 2 are held in the account and untradeble and then 10 are fully there I need to check the reinvestment statement. It isn't large amounts of money bet enough to see what is going on and to get info on the regulations in several states. They don't get to make all thier own electric by law they have to buy from other sources. The enviremental part of thier group seems like it should be spit out in order to get more support for recycling and other things that I believe are alot less expensive and alot more possible than people think. Getting part of your goal from someone who dissagree's with you on other things would seem like a wise thing plus as far as I can tell there is no enviremental online meeting place.

Monday, March 21, 2005


providian bill time again

Locational scitzaphrenia in the post office. It's a coment about not even being sure if he will recieve the check more or less. The realy abusive stuff centers around the following items. Providian card (didn't get harrased today first time in way over a year), walgreens rebates, scottrade deposits. I haven't recieved my providian ebay bill yet. I haven't recieved my check from options express I don't know if I am getting a replay or not. providian gave me an extra 500 points enough for a $10 gift card maybe because I finaly freaked out when I got the delayed check with the wierd postmarks. Something printed instead of someone cowering and just getting the audio harrasment. I got it the day after I canceled with a north bay post mark It rimes with ebay I get it. I get my voting material from two sources and to make sure there wasn't a problem I email... no problem everything is fine. If bush is such a great natzi what is making the post office not run on time.

Friday, March 18, 2005


postal employee suggests there may be a problem with optionsxpress account

It is great for people to play games and say he is afraid to get hurt exc. exc. exc. while I get death threats and crap.. death extortion threats. I am not sure if I should be offended or not. It's the currency alot of people say gas prices haven't changed. those people are not in the U.S. Currency outflows have went up.. May be a good thing for the country it puts a floor of sorts on the currency. Didn't seem to have much traffic and maybe the truth isn't as important as propaganda on there site but that is just a first impression that didn't go through everything.
The post office is implying something is wrong with the options-xpress account. The voting looks different on the company reports and because I complained about that wierd envolope they are looking. (they should be looking anyway plus there should be a wiretap). Syning is in our best interest sometimes we lie though and call it a company.. Sometimes I have to go to the sec because I have invirmental companies on my watch list.

should be able to take 300 shares of calpine just let my puts call buy them at $4.00 sell the right to buy them at $2.50 sell the put at $7.50 and then there should be around $400 to cover the deal higher prices are even better.. (calpine at $3 right now). I may have to wait 6 months to

Thursday, March 17, 2005


protester sends file attachments

From : kick och agneta leijnse
Sent : Thursday, March 17, 2005 7:22 AM
To : Eric_Dexter@msn.com
Subject : FW: nato meeting



Attachment : internationalprotest.doc (0.03 MB)

>From: "kick och agneta leijnse"
>To: ak_leijnse@hotmail.com
>Subject: FW: nato meeting
>Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 09:41:42 +0100
>>In our area in the north of sweden there will be hold a very big
>>NATO meeting. Foreign ministers from about 50 countries will come
>>to the meeting. Among them Condolleezza Rice, USA and Jack Straw
>>UK. We are preparing for protestmeetings and should be gratefull
>>for international support in this important matter. Please join us
>>by mailing your support and sending this mail to organisations in
>>your country that even them can be intressted to oppose the
>>aggresive military forces represented by this countries. If you
>>want more informations about our actions please inform us.
>>many greetings
>>Network for Global Peace and Democracy
>>Östersund Sweden
>>by Kick Leijnse

Leta upp ditt vintermys. Flörta här

the question would be why is there a file atachment. There may be some trafic hard to tell. that is one from my email. looking at a web site kick exc.. exc.. Looks like special interest groups are represented. meaning people from ohio porta rica, women exc excerpt


In war, sometimes you kill everything, including the insects.

The United States is 49th in the world in literacy (the New York Times, Dec. 12, 2004).


Beats Out Harvard Business School As Top CEO Destination

March 3, 2005 The Borowitz Report


http://www.albasrah.net/ (this is just shortened)

here's one more from his pdf file


lost the other one look in google my computer doesn't like pdf file


columbians and options

I may have people doing sharades on sythetic oil. I am not going to rule out columbia. The case for columbia is cocain and chemical dependency namly oil. We now have rumors that may involve taking nitrogen out of a sbc... (I don't realy understand why they need a nitrogen tank).. The correct play is probily puts and agressive income and watching the percentage of your portfolio ie keeping it around 1 to 2%. I am a big believer that even if you pick your own stocks that there is a benifit to grabbing income funds in small amounts to deversify out and to get there research. "The right way to invest". openhiemer and american funds..
speeking of drugs we have opm (other peoples money).. The options went below my pricing point and probily $1000 of other peoples money and some of my own because of oil prices. ofset by reselling options.. $60,000 generates alot of cash I will get around $500 again but I have become concerned about xm and steriods.. 20% of portfolio is a little high. Another stock that grabed my attention as being worthy of grabbing a small amount of my portfolio is L. Also should be rolplayed with robstown and motorcycles. probily two ways to play it let them spin off the discovery channel first or just go ahead and sell options jan 06. around 20% for less that a year at the $10 level.. I don't know to much about L the series but it looks like L the stock has heard gods calling about giving away all thier cable channels and taking care of other peoples children. Napster is sort of a high yielding play a rough estimate of 5% off the option for one month is very high compared to most agressive income plays (buying the stock selling the option)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005



A message from kelebdooni@yahoo.com:

The anti-allawi-group aims to be a protest and resistance center against the theatrical handover of sovereignty in Iraq, to refuse the puppet Allawi regime and subsequent colonial manifestations, and discuss the plight of the Iraqi people caused by the illegal and barbaric American occupation.

Although the group was started by a few Iraqis, it soon acquired a diverse international membership with a broad spectrum of anti-war and Iraqi struggle supporters. We exchange news, analyses and opinions towards closer understanding. Regardless of political inclinations or affiliations, we need to stand together against injustice.

Have a look here for more info: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anti-allawi-group/

Iraqi people need and deserve the support of the international community.

THis guy is also online or at least his email adress is


Monday, March 14, 2005


hackers, spoofers and the big d 311

Dear Eric Dexter,

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

That is a fake email and it was not sent by PayPal.

I am getting alot of harrasment about my credit cards that get processed through
dallas. I now have a scrapbook of postal items related to the harrasment instead of just coming to the apartment and harrasing me my brokerage check was delayed and a postal mark matching my new ebay providian card was applied. The brokerage won't print the 0 on the account number looks like it starts with osuama. 05-am exc.. options express blaims the postal system.. I am not sure but it does involve what comes through the mail. There is some indication that I am being harrased by preditors, There was so much b.s. about dallas and so little intervention that I went to look for the dallas police department for the 100th time on the web.. Found them, You would figure they would lie to you and tell you they have an email and then link to that 311 thing so people from out of town can find them..

there realy isn't much to link any of what's online to dallas, there is alot to link people to various supremist anti-bussing people around the apartment though. You have all those wonderfull people that market cigerettes to children and other pysco's. Providian is processed in dallas so trying 311 and waiting to see if they can tie anyone to hamas or race groups. Doesn't realy seem to be anti-war.

Friday, March 11, 2005


the case against law enforcement (the people currently running things)

I am now well into a several year harrasment compain against me personaly. I get harrased about using my providian card. I am not sure how anyone would know exactly the day that the bill comes (that and wallgreens) unless it is a postal employee. The problem I am hearing is that it is a texas bank that will get screwed over when I get screwed over the other $26,000 isn't important. I was looking into providian and it looks like they just have a processing center in dallas. Remember when you are starving to death because there is no credit card processing people in corpus that extorian threats and I have been corrected when I yell f$*)#(Q your extortion threat that they are making extortion promises that screwing over credit cards when you screw someone over and make extortion threats is o.k. unless it is processed in dallas screw corpus christi companies.
that is the case right now in the election for changing the management of law enforcement. case closed. (the credit I have availabe is probily well over $60,000)

when you are abusive and harras people they tend to lash out and there is a good be that at least one of those wierd shooting was encited against the police department cost to us you ask. At least $100,000 for the out of court settlement and then you have the lawyers exc exc... The teknique (spelled badly I know) is audio that is pretty soft constant harrasment and then if anything is said you are supposed to say that person is crazy. What we get to read about is that people for some reason attack cops in corpus more than they do in other places and that more shooting deaths and wrongfull death suits occur. Are the people that run our city fooled or just not effective that's another case for changing management.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


sbc graphiti...

I don't know what it means says sbc... (south western bell corp)..
I miss the audio part of it sometimes. I am noticing alot of damage along
the fence towards holly and it looks like some sbc equipment got killed.
Delphi now has an official shareholder lawsuit they are asking if you have
been part of a lawsuit in the last three years. I don't know if mutual funds
count I think I am part without asking because of the sec for strong mutual funds.
Someone had mentioned them at work and fidelity forced me out because I had
less than $2,500
things I watch.. napster pays about 10% for 5 weeks on the option. I know
I only have to come up with $70 for what I had bought and will get more than twice
that tommorow. conservitive is take the xm money and go for next month at $32.50
I will just watch yahoo and napster. Looks like I will get around $500 hopefully.
xm raised the price and baseball season starts next month. I don't know if many pay
attention to preseason. Today is the first day I see much support for the options looks like a play at $30 expiring next week.
That target india website that I put up to get other people to complain because I wasn't sure what the )&*( it ment.... delphi is in india the search engine is coming up with threats to it people in banglordoor.... You figure cover stories. They are against world trade and a large population in detroit. I don't have any audio on sbc though..
I am getting extortion promises he says, not threats. Sounds like a problem with my brokerage account and just harrasment in general. On the one hand a insuation that optionsxpress isn't a real company and I was ripped off and on the other hand I have that scottrade makes extra money by harrasing people. There is some question in my mind weather I am having trouble with optionsxpress or the postal system. I get harrased about both walgreens rebates when I get them and providian bills when they arrive in my box. From what I can tell options express is a real company that is publicly traded and that a smear campain may effect the price. I needed that $120, they seem to be unsure what adress to use and that is why I am unsure where the problem is the post office or optionsxpress. They gave me something to write checks on the account and I think I will use credit for the rent so that I can get free hotel rooms once in awhile. (thats the best offer I have I should get a gift card from somewhere as well)

Saturday, March 05, 2005


dex could refinance

I haven't done the research but I notice they are paying high rates
in the bond fund. Now that they are officaly a different company the
may have an easier time refinancing. I bought 200 shares of napster sold
the right to buy it at $7.50. may be more risk than I should take leaves
it at around 2% of my portfolio and maybe $200 back in a month and a half
that is why people should deversify and why they did it why hyb. To cover
your behind if something tanks..
some more notes. I noticed that turbines sell for as little as 2 grand.
The ones that sell for 10 thousand may be pratical for a microcap that trades
over the counter. What I am eyeing is maybe the park department say hey here
is some local jobs. someone suggested a direct investment plan. I also have
my hydroelectric plant planned out. If you think small an understand how yahoo
works and understand how to make investers confortable i.e. pay dividends and/or
report positive income. You would think that maybe earnings share's in lew of
taxes as a local subsidy that gets you income could works..
I was also looking at the highway signs and maybe bridging between downtown buildings instead of building poles.... that is your taxes.. On a small scale
you can go where big companies can't or won't...

Friday, March 04, 2005


gm ac graphiti

On the north side you would have everything painted nicely even though it was kinda a bad neiborhood. You have people who believe they are allowed to comit crimes that make the city look bad if they have "evedence". It's a version of mad t.v. in graphiti form. I don't know if that is it but it could easily happen. You have a source who knows where you are going to be (and some of it is wiped out) and they paint something down weber and then you have gmac down the side road. You can only guess what it means and who it is entended for and for that matter you can take a guess about what the authors motive is.. Delphi go fucked though, don't know if it was short traded. There was a steel company also down the highway zues. It implies insider knoledge but realy manufacturs have been complaining about high steel prices hurting earnings and they are only getting worse. shortages have shut nisson down completly. There are signs that one of the heaviest user may be cutting demand because of gas prices. The steel company is spelled wrong there is also another on without any info on what the source is doing with it and it is kry. Take a gander through the search engine about thier oil production and you may do pretty good. risky countries though.
I am not against other peoples sprint mob blogs time and place may scare the hell out of me, You send one of those chicks over......

Tuesday, March 01, 2005


cpl advertising seen as racist by some

The cpl advertisment where they are hiring bilingural only is seen by racist by some. The reality is the advertisment may be worse than that considering the number of hispanic that speak only english and only spanish. More items about electric, alot has been said about federal subsidies for wind-power but no one says much about utilities having no choice but to pay full price and not generation cost for excess from homes. The danger to overproducing is that that could change. It has been seen as something that people with more money do to get more reliability. Starting a home from scratch?? I am not sure that you can do that well with solar if cost is the only consideration and then you have to compete with the value of having a tree shade the house. One of the disigns that come to mind is a detached garage with a covered patio from the house to the garage. trees over the house solor over the garage and then a couple of 2 grand windmills with the towers built into the house. that may take some doing but makes the interest tax-deductable and realy where else can you index to electric prices and get the increase tax-free.
I am getting harrased everytime I get something from providian or walgreens through the postal system. I don't know if any postal worker has been murdered by the people involved but it is getting annoying. I have to make several hundred a month. The threats seem odd. ebay-providian has fixed rate for perm duration offers with rising rates that is a done deal..
I was watching Loyd Neal and he is saying that it isn't him leading it is us the public saying it is the public telling us what to do. People may not like my idea about a public company that raises money for windpower and manages the cities non-profit recycling effort but lets be honest. Why pay to get jobs (not that that is a bad thing) and then not raise money for the jobs we need to have done. Even with a gas company taking the area in the gulf for wind towers there are still a very large number of poles that could have taxable towers on them. (including alot of signs why build poles when they are all over the place dual use). Toyota also gives grants for sustainable cities projects. Non-profit for recycling and even a check of box for the water bill where donations to be given to various projects including trash pickup along our streets shouldn't be out of the question. It is up to us to say please mr noe we don't want to starve can we have these jobs.. The method not being as important as the function (non-profit... profit exc).

As a note looking for (I beleive from memory) texas + corpus christi + (this is where I am unsure it is microgenerator or windmill) gets you the details on the states sustainable energy policy if you overproduce you probily want the most expensive electric company you can find.. I have to disclose that I am a shareholder of cpl and that most likely they have a gas contract with the city. I don't have any details on a (what have you done for me lately) aspect on other companies I may revise if I get info from my sources

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