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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


a(** is back at it again

sounds like the a(*hole is outside again. The type of people who exploit children for smear campains and the like. I was told last night when the abuse was going on that I should move.. so he could get a comission or whatever the fruit had a problem with. It has a pattern say abuse Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. He can say if you are satiring him I am an abusive ass ha ha ha ha ha who has no life.. makes him feel good about himself if you read the books about people like him. I used to have the women with black eyes and the like showing up at the apartment.


more drama

"as far as he is concerned we are on the same side" she says from somewhere in the complex.... That is a start what side is that... harrasment was realy bad last night. Went to the labor relations board about the harrasment it's a fedral office may be better with a state office... came from hamas or citgo or something and then the abuse became realy bad. Sounds like she wants alot from someone she doesn't know and knows alot about the person who is being abusive. Notice how the having the child there wasn't a deterents for the abuse from the other apartments. Mutual fund doesn't realy look like a good idea.. It was great while I was working they (scottrade) won't give me any sort of profesional refrence so probily not a big loss for them.. thought about liquidating the whole thing..

Monday, February 27, 2006


FREE Biodiesel Book

FREE Biodiesel Book

I am not sure about how good it is. seems to contridict some sources is paying some bucks for advertising. No were did I see anything about mixing biodiesel with gasoline or kerosine (spelling I know)..



walmart and stuff

applied at walmart I should do at least one app a day. I think the people at h.e.b. want me to buy steak and budwiser so I can network for a part time job... The parking lot would look alot better. Some chick with a citgo hat moved in next door. I get abuse from one of the other apartments befour she comes in. The H.E.B. coupons could be better, You have to keep in mind these kids don't realy know the difference although that doesn't mean some of the companies aren't using deciet in some ways.... The insurance debate.. shouldn't you be able to buy suplemental insurance with your medical ira. Perferbly with the interest or dividends of the thing.. that is just a question of what the law is.. If it is a cash value like life insurance it doesn't work as well I supose.. More about H.E.B. marketing.. affinity credit card.. With a savings or brokerage account of some sort it would be secured affinity credit card.. seems like a low risk way to get buisness. I didn't figure out if that was what walmart was doing or not but they use the same company as j.c. pennies. $25 best buy gift card.. I was going to apply at heb tommorow.. Walgreens rabate came today It was credited befour sunday though.. could be the harrasment centers on the citgo hatted person and not the post office..

Sunday, February 26, 2006


support jim d kaelin

sidebar says it all..


alot of hassle

I could still get rid of the h.e.b. headquarters for them... International school of buisness I am against world trade.. The algea farms on the dry southern coast of texas... The bio-deasel... Have alot of walgreens credit.. got the toothpaste for -.75 and the free bandaids plus some coffee filters.. If I don't use the coupons h.e.b. losses buisness also.. They don't sell beer at the walgreens at least the one on webber.. I didn't mess around with all the free stuff even though I get the extra 10% on the free stuff just what was worth while that I would need at some point the rest I may need for food.. I don't except extortion, one thing of note about budwiser, I was getting harrased for recycling all that plastic as it turns out the trucks run on petrol products and the pallets are plastic..

I heard "I am going to steal his groceries" and they were gone cash register guy didn't like the rf past but the coupon was right underneth them so I decided to replace them with what was on the coupon as pasta... Just a high school kid.. then I got my 75 cents back

Saturday, February 25, 2006


We are doomed in 2008...... algae bio-desal google search

here's the entire link


Peak Oi: Life After The Oil Crash (http://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/)

(This all concept doesn't jive with wired who believe high oil prices are good for us)

here's the rest of the thread

Please spread the word, we need to wake up to our future and we all need to be prepared.

10-04-2005, 12:21 AM
I'm soon to turn 20 & I haven't started with the driver's license yet. This is one of the reasons that I haven't bothered. I'm not really interested in going bankrupt just so I can drive my car :) That & I do not have a job so no income :E Our future will rock :thumbs: :rolleyes:

And so what if we run out of oil... it's not like we're all going to die. Who cares?

approximately 10 calories of fossil fuels are required to produce every 1 calorie of food eaten in the US.
The size of this ratio stems from the fact that every step of modern food production is fossil fuel and petrochemical powered:

1. Pesticides are made from oil;

2. Commercial fertilizers are made from ammonia, which is made from
natural gas, which is also about to peak.

3. Farming implements such as tractors and trailers are constructed
and powered using oil;

4. Food distribution networks are entirely dependant on oil. In the US,
the average piece of food is transported 1,500 miles before it gets to
your plate;

In short, people gobble oil like two-legged SUVs.

In short, no oil = no food = no life

This will start in under 3 years from now.

While we need 25-to-50 years to retrofit our economy to run on alternative sources of energy, we may only get 25-to-50 days once oil production peaks.
Within a few months of global oil production hitting its peak, it will become impossible to dismiss the decline in supply as a merely transitory event. Once this occurs, you can expect traders on Wall Street to quickly bid the price up to the $200 per barrel range as they realize the world is now in a state of permanent oil scarcity.

With oil at $200 per barrel, gas prices will hit about $10 per gallon virtually overnight.


friday harrasment

It is a problem for him If I talk about him being abusive in church in front of the kids and military people and everything so he comes over here and becomes an ass. THere is a posting from 2000 where I am talking about the abuse and how the cops are looking the other way. One person replied and said it was usefull. I remember that it could be the reason why I heard abuse around the all temps van.. someone decided the name was close enough to make a symbolic gesture for organised crime.

Friday, February 24, 2006


algae biodiesel what does that mean (roleplayed out)

bio-gamma-linolenic acid oil from mold

envirementalists love oxigen right ethonal doesn't seem to fit the bill unless you get rid of the yeast. It would seem that fish ponds and algae ponds would be a natural combo. alot of biomass for something anyway livestock or whatever..
looking for a thesis on creating oxigen first and then ethonal...

So, to get one gallon of oil (around 8 pounds actually), you'd need about 17.8 pounds of algae (with 50% oil content, and 90% extraction efficiency). The remaining biomass can be used as well, extracting protein for animal feed, and converting the rest either to alcohol or diesel (through a couple of options, with varying efficiencies and economics. Gassification and methanol or Fischer Tropsch synthesis, or pyrolysis, etc.).

Energy source
Algae can be used to produce biodiesel (see algae culture), and by some estimates can produce vastly superior amounts of oil, compared to terrestrial crops grown for the same purpose. Because algae grown to produce biodiesel does not need to meet the requirements of a food crop, it is much cheaper to produce. Also it does not need fresh water or fertilizer (both of which are quite expensive).
Algae can be grown to produce hydrogen. In 1939 a German researcher named Hans Gaffron, while working at the University of Chicago, observed that the algae he was studying, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (a green-algae), would sometimes switch from the production of oxygen to the production of hydrogen.[3] Gaffron never discovered the cause for this change and for many years other scientists failed in their attempts at its discovery. In the late 1990's professor Anastasios Melis a researcher at the University of California at Berkeley discovered that if you deprive the algae of sulfur it will switch from the production of oxygen (normal photosynthesis), to the production of hydrogen. He found that the enzyme responsible for this reaction is hydrogenase, but that the hydrogenase will not cause this switch in the pressence of oxygen. Melis found that depleting the amount of sulfur available to the algae interrupted its internal oxygen flow, allowing the hydrogenase an environment in which it can react, causing the algae to produce hydrogen. [4] Chlamydomonas moeweesi is also a good strain for the production of hydrogen.
Algae can be grown to produce biomass, which can be burned to produce heat and electricity.


this is a privite company and as such can claim to do whatever they want


C. Barry Raleigh, a researcher with the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, is studying the use of algae as a source of fuel. Raleigh said there are varieties of algae composed of 30 percent to 40 percent oil, which can be refined into a biodiesel fuel much like regular diesel engine fuel.

Feeding Tropical Fish and Goldfish the Correct Food.Orally feeding your fish a diet containing Spirulina could effectively reduce or eliminate the need for bath treatments. Using Spirulina algae ...
www.aquariumfish.net/information/feeding_spirulina.htm - Similar pages..


this comapany may be a problem... They claim alot of oil is left after making corn ethonal and their algie produce 6% rather than 40% oil..

Thursday, February 23, 2006


you will be hating that god made dirt..

That line was told well enough, just waiting for an opertunity to tell it maybe. I get harrased when I shop at circle k. I think that is what the abuse is about. Someone is implying that everything is on camera and they have nothing better to do than to harrass you personaly. Back to the circle k sign at the budwiser distributer.. I am not sure what happens if you buy miller light or coors do you have some wierdo backstabbing you. Same thing if the car you buy isn't a toyota. We no longer have jobs in corpus christi we have to go to san antonio to get them. We no longer have buisness in corpus..... I should restate that we no longer have a buisness paper in corpus, The other thing I noticed was the flower bluff paper is gone.. The walmart people want to prove that you can apply for a job on that wierd computer they have. some of the buttons stick and it is not obvouis how to use it. I deserve the job if I can complete the app... They have a couple of nice perks.. 15% discount off the stock... money to the 401k regardless of weather you contribute or not.. Someone should come up with some medical ira that allows you to spend the div on whatever insurance you want some sort of compounding deal. Something low cost that allows people better insurance over time helps the pharmacy department as long as it isn't missused to put people on unnessary meds..

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


misc mexican women.. I voted for just one..

maybe I am a month early for the job fair.. I was reading one of the throw away papers. 1.8 acres and 3.5 acres starting at $88 a month.. 3.5 acres and you can rent out to other people fairly cheaply. The church with the electonic music.. mexitronic or something culture wise.. The conpiracy news.. maybe a strech in culture. It is out in the country where people who do not know how to drive are able to go quicker.. Towards banquette. city services.. suposibly 15 min to anaville... Some hispanic chicks looking a little like the women behind first assembly of god.. I don't know if a different one goes down the robstown bus and to the county house every day. this one seemed unhappy with me or just in general... mobile home prices are a con you see one for less than 10g and they try to price you back up to over 20g.. At least the market is doing well... the job search seems to be running out of leads fairly quickly... Anhieser bush was listed on cnbc as a company that is challenged right now whoever was talking was saying it is good to be the king and they are expanding into forien markets. kain meat processors has an app process online.. I voted for just one chick last election but I think they like to make fun of me on the bus route....

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


budwiser warehouse job and circle k sign inside

The budwiser distributer has a circle k sign in the building. I am walking around a truck acts like it is running out of gas. There is a fork in the road. litraley someone had run over it. I am not sure what they are doing. There realy isn't info on "circle k partners" in google. You can start ethonal and bio-desel rumors (spelling I know).. since both contain ethonal and they are a trucking distributor. I am not sure why that means the security people or whoever it is doing negative promotions by harrasing people at circle k is all about.. It is like a petrol organasation or country's people. I think some of them may be texaco people.

Monday, February 20, 2006


monday morning harrasment

monday morning someone is telling me how much xmsr has went down says it has went down a thousand dollars.. It is the sort of abuse and retalation I am getting for not bennifiting from a terrorist attack.. I heard from one of the apartments that "he doesn't understand he needs to leave" exc. exc. exc.. I haven't heard anything from the cops on the accedent I saw that may have been intention... likely to have been intentional

Saturday, February 18, 2006


koinonia house online

http://khouse.org/6640/BP015/ koinonia house I was noticeing the difference in the voice in these and that he mentions a nuke weapon hitting the top of the world trade center.. then I compare to more recent shows... less gravel in the voice.. I noticed the two domains... domain of the believers and then the other domain (in the muslem world).. He is saying iran all ready has nucular weapons.... nothing to realy indicate a date in time.. satire maybe of invading iran..


best buy gal

she says she wants her boyfriend to do well and to pay off his credit card debt so he can buy a house... she says so she can sell some refridgerators and other house hold apliances.. she wants him to do well in the market.. I may have lost a little bit in the translation.. ducky sidewalk.... turns out that is in front of betty blacks.. I hear that alot He has a gambling problem exc... exc.. I am just looking for a way to pay as much of the rent as possible.. They had planed to get rid of me around valintines day in advance possibly. I noticed the job fair downtown, I notice the stuff online looks like it could be unfair and I would have to take a chance and increase my bills rather than decrease them.. That whatever and center looks intresting.. inporting stuff and then reselling it worldwide (from strange remote) places requires contacts.. I am after a job and not a hobby though.

freedom of speech stuff downstairs where you harrass other people and then backstab them no dout they may be roleplaying it though he says how are you going to get a job with that on your record.. exc.. exc.. exc.. Someone did that to me when I applied at first data.. first data and walmart are perfered places, maybe heb.. revenue sharing type places.. There was the coment about your a thug exc.. exc.. exc.. He wasn't able to get married because of him.. I suspect he is working at labor ready and that I should stay clear of them for safty reasons.

Friday, February 17, 2006


millward brown tobbaco research and some strange employment site




Position 1: Freelance Advertising Agent (FAA)
$30,000.00 to $60,000.00.

Position 2: (FAA) Supervisor
$60,000.00 to $120,000.00 plus Benefits.


Everyone has a mailbox but we’ll get you into the right mailbox.

Never Forget 9-11-01
Online Video Solutions felt it was important to help each and every person remember and continue to honor those who died on September 11, 2005.


a bunch of options followed by 3



Here is some stuff that probily isn't related to anything..
they do questionairs probily everything from nuke power to
buisness interviews... everything I hear is they just hire
people who speak spanish..

Millward Brown opens New York office - 2001-03-29 - Austin ...
IntelliQuest is the technology center for Millward Brown, ... Field Service
Representative - Corpus Christi, TX - Textron Financial Corporation ...
www.bizjournals.com/austin/stories/ 2001/03/26/daily30.html?t=printable - Similar pages
[ More results from www.bizjournals.com ]

this is just coincidence most likely...


Voltage is the ONLY brand equity measure available that shows a relationship with brand growth.

tobbaco maybe??

theres more

brand equity, brand performance and brand health issues.

KIDSMAP [Advertisment from Millward Brown International]Ending Bates No. 500155956. Company, British-American Tobacco Company. Date, 00000000. Title, KIDSMAP [Advertisment from Millward Brown International] ...
library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/batco/html/12800/12864/ - Similar pages

Child: British-American Tobacco Document CollectionGALEN Home > Collections & Resources > Tobacco Control Archives > British-American Tobacco ... KIDSMAP [Advertisment from Millward Brown International] ...
library.ucsf.edu/tobacco/batco/archives/browse97.html - Similar pages

Millward Brown IMS - Research Services - Qualitative... including food, drink, tobacco, household items, motoring and many others, ... Millward Brown IMS 19, 20 & 21 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. ...
www.imsl.ie/htdocs/research_services_qualitative.htm - Similar pages

looks like more tobbaco research


Philip Morris inter-office correspondence from Alejandro Lopez to Carl Cohen on Virginia Slims Advertising Awareness by Ethnic Group. Reports that additional tables run from Millward Brown data indicated weakness of Virginia Slims among black female smokers. Notes recall is high among Hispanic women. Reports recall of Capri is high among Black and Hispanic smokers than white smokers. Notes recall of Misty advertising is lower than Virginia Slims or Capri, but high among black women.

Author Lopez, Alejandro Director, Market Research
Recipient Cohen, Carl
Brand Capri

can't tell if they research both sides of it or not



hearing chatter about did he or did he not wreck on purpose.. maybe it is suspitious but only if you believe that bringing me to court is an important part of it... There was this black dude smiling I think maybe someone could have knew something but it remains alleged or possible... that would make a wreck that looked much more wierd (with child in the car) even worse.. The paramount people say at least two weeks befour they would do any hiring. They have a realy good view of a parking garage out the window.. out standing. I was thinking the baseball stadium was someplace else.. xmsr tanked completly.. not completly realy.. costs are scareing people.. seems there is a place for islamic studies close to my apartment. ismaili jamatkhana and center in corpus christi texas even small world. I looked up ahac also looks like some sort of medical company maybe if I did the right one. There is some sort of survey company that everyone tells me is only spanish.. mildred brown or something that I have never found yet...

Thursday, February 16, 2006


another wreck

chick reminds me of a younger version of the chick that had worked at apac.. Another Truck and car accident that happen right in front of me... cop got my tel number this time. I just happened to get fired today also.. The domain renewed allright.. Got some more harrasment about trading and a comment about not wanting me to retire... He says I don't want him to retire.... traded 4 contracts of nite $12.50 for march...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


No more quail jokes...

I am going to wait to everyone is allright for quail jokes... kudo's for local journalism.. here is something that caught my attention illeagal wire taps for kikorian.. Turns out he worked for micheal jackson as well... here's some blipps

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A high-profile Los Angeles attorney who represented billionaire financier Kirk Kerkorian in a 2002 child custody fight was indicted on Wednesday in a federal wiretapping investigation surrounding celebrity sleuth Anthony Pellicano

Jackson is also connected to Hollywood private eye Anthony Pellicano, who began serving federal prison time Monday for possessing illegal explosives.

Pellicano worked for Jackson, through his legal team, during the 1993-94 police investigation into child abuse accusations.

looks like the market liked bernacke.. I think it is the possible deflation that could happen if property prices capsize.. looks like I will be sitting on $400 to $500 in cash in a couple of days.. Here is condo flipping F your condo.. The city needs to pay off that statium because they may not have that huge surpluss forever.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


he is going to fire me for trading options he says

In the real world the guy knows this doesn't mean anything... nothing is going to change because he's an ass.. walgreens rebate card came in.. Trading nite as the put... probily get more of the same bond fund as the reinvestment vehicle... maybe 3/4 of 1% of my rent every month from here on out.. puts and calls are unpredictable that is where the bigger money is coming from...

Monday, February 13, 2006



stormpages was down for some reason.. Dick Cheny missed qailyye but he hit quales lawyerr.. That might be tastefull somewhat if anything could be in a bad situation.. It is good they waited to get rid of the curisoty factor somewhat.. you figure that most people are allright but just one person could muck stuff up. dividends are coming in now...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


cc famous for the wrong reason

It is great people come down here and stuff to go hunting.. It is sad the story has to be like that getting shot in the face and everything.. F.T.I. today it is like a riot outside with the women going at it.. I do feel more pressure at work when it seems like I would walk across the bridge. Interactive brokers sent my check back because I dated it 2005 instead of 2006.. that was stupid of me.. IBD sent me a free 10 day deal.. I don't think I got the last one they had offered..


kidnapping abuse

Around 6 something.. He says something about kidnapping in a demeaning way.. state law says harrasment and abuse is as good as a weapon and then he sounds off about it constantly in a way that could put him in jail, in a way that indicates he is doing something wrong...


sunday morning

Not to much of the harrasment on saterday a little bit of yelling up the cabnets and a little bit of harrasment when the phone rang.. I may throw the timing off of the sunday harrasment.. I may revise and extend this as more people wake up..

Saturday, February 11, 2006



http://www.adultdiscreet.com/listings.php (you have to look from women in cc texas to get there I think) As far as misarable looking people goes this chick looks the most misrable CutiePface. Her profile may be a bunch of b.s. though.. levi looks all triped out, the job itself the computer does not want me to work friday.. It is supposed to be a mindgame and then the military people get all the women because they are a bunch of aholes.. She is just a normal woman who wants to work as a bi prostitute while her husband supports her.. roleplaying it is mad scates and then she is throwing something sounds like The county jail... bunch of racket ball sounds.. ya but it is you.. exc..

Friday, February 10, 2006



three chicks at georges.... you know there are camara's on the bus.. I figure probily way under age but I have noticed people out of the strip clubs mis-represent themselves at times.. Then it seems a little bit over the top skateboard riding in the bus. It seems atf'y or something.. I don't believe in perpetuating hoaxs.. specualting is another thing... log rolling down the river.... Fired befour feb 14th or something... I am bumbed out anyway... The general is yellow.... and they are crop burning... I don't know about the general patents.. I think they are fighting the japanesse.. Or just patents and not general patents..

Thursday, February 09, 2006


f'ing the airforce

she don't want robert to drink and I just wont say more inside or outside of work. She wanted to me to go to california with her I don't know if she f'd everything or not... broght back pictures and one homo who was in the way?.... roleplaying potential... What do I think she should live on air she wanted me to f the airforce.... Alot of pain I sent my back out at work the real pain doesn't begin until I start walking.... Here's a clasic gal.. wendy's probily underage or anerixic, early maybe work program.. glasses with scotch tape holding them together I ordered a taco she ran up $10.00 for taco salid I said oh I was planing on ordering at taco bell she said that happens all the time.. there is a head shop on everheart so it could possibly... A bunch of faded cloth's in a falles paralisys bag... My fti check is f'd up.. he showed me 32 hrs and the check says 36 hrs and I know it is still f'd up. I hear this at heb If he wanted to kill me he would kill me. (Instead of harrasing me like a psyc op befour I go over a tall bridge).. I think they call that trying to arange someones death..

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


nypd unlikely

Talking about peoples drinking problems.... STEEL and then I am not sure what else is on the beer can. She says she is bad luck... They refer to that as the cooler or a cooler in some circles some people even pay people to be bad luck. I think I saw it on the internet somewere if you don't promote yourself you are going to wind up with nothing or something like that... I hear someone saying it is the new york police department or an investigation. Same sort of stuff I hear every election except new york has never been mentioned.... I have heard it a couple of times overheard.. The register fly people have not extended my domain for another year yet.. Oh ya we saw it months ago the chinese are going to be exporting instead of inporting steel...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


bathroom graphiti and stuff

There are a sizable number of a-holes at fti.. I think the guy lives in the bathroom he is getting on my nerves. On the bus and stuff. There is a van for sale like roberts, I think it may have something to do with me walking or how the bus guy just passed me up.. She understands I don't realy care, that is not realy it, that it doesn't realy involve me. The register fly people have something this chick had said to me.... you can f everthing in new york ,.. They f everyone in new york exc exc. you should go to new york with me exc.. exc.. exc.. I didn't realy understand why I would want to go to new york. You can f everone in new york because they are your friends evidently. I am not sure why I got a bunch of porno links from register fly. It must be some new york thing.


register fly

The register fly people have a bunch of porn sites in my name for some reason.. trying to register the domain again. http://www.theboss1984.com/ It is possible this is not one.. I am not opening .rar files.. looks like an add for adult friend finder in new york is on one of them.. I am not realy big on having that connected to my name in any way.. xmsr is down pretty good this morning.. friday and monday are probily the days to get cash out.. I am not intrested in looking at it until the end of the week... The barely evil site..

Monday, February 06, 2006


extend and revised

I supose for trafficing the drugs go up you a... that would explain the sexual harrasment and the other thomas. I am against world trade I think and trafic.. here is a new buzz machine that is supposed to be good

2006-02-01 Tethys 1.1 - Go Joa Go by XionD [6 Comments]
Joachim has made some changes to the original Tethys one of which is an optional analog output simulation. Cheers Joachim =) Note: This is not backward compatible.

you have to go to buzz mahines to get it the tip for the day is to pick a machine and turn it to dry (the effects dry I mean see following late for me to be up). Connect it to a reverb and a delay I believe routed seprately.. Supposed to get some wacky leads. Someday when I get a mouse I will be back to making noise again.


dexters going bankrupt he says

It is hard to listen to these people without alot of caffene.. I think they do it to other people and sell cocain. I seem to hear about thomas living with him alot and some crazy stuff about me buying patty's house. Sexual harrasment by some male.. what is that stuff. Control of comunication or whatever o.k. it is not real anymore.. then I hear this job is b.s. and then I start thinking thomas smelled like he worked for the meat packer. I can't tell what he is selling, I think it is one of those trucks from larado coming to the packing plant with cocain befour I even work there. You start with acceptence of the cocain marketing program. I also hear alot it is about drugs.. asian gal in martial arts costume sorta slaps a chick on the bus.. playingly, gets off the bus after georges... some kid with his pez dispencer.. more entertaining than I realised I do not believe they are her kids..


irans all euro oil market

someone one may be roleplaying this.. she is mad at mark and she is going to sleep with all his friends.. frank and exc.. I could be very wrong to.. Iran could reduce oil supplies as a way to influence the market. they are more likely to be able to get the bomb with the democrats. fording came it at more than $40. $40.32 didn't realy like that will sell a naked put to pop the yield up. check is in the mail for the time being..

Sunday, February 05, 2006



surfing around these pages one from radio islam (in sweden)
searching the misspelled word muste one gets
AJ Muste Memorial InstituteAJ Muste was a pacifist, anti-war activist and a leader of the labor and civil rights ... The AJ Muste Memorial Institute was organized in 1974 to keep AJ’s ...
www.ajmuste.org/ - Similar pages


I noticed he was from morroco accourding to the story on the page. Also listening downstairs I get wierd spanish accents and what could be arabic at times but it has a different sound to it..

french is listed as much more common than spannish and the main tounge would be various forms of arabic.. I was looking for other misspellings on the swedish page and came up with tha pal... problem (I won't complicate it with my spelling). I wouldn't know if he is a valid person in exile or not. can't say I ever heard of the guy and sweden doesn't seem like a moslem stronghold.


probily all the same person to 2003

(I am going to point out that cakewalk is in ma)


Israel is the size of the state of Massachusetts

mispellings (on purpose I suspect) like I spell that well either

Choosing to be a career criminal in the US "a viable option

Gainign Entrance: Dependign on the amount of time you want your career as a US prisoner is in direct relaiton with the type of crime you shpoudl commit. Do you want to be in for life? Do you want to be able to write and sell a book? Do you want the prison with the 14 hole golf course in Penssylvania or just the 7 hole in Kanas Luckily their are prison standard in which we can gauge our decision. AS well as information about the prison and state we woudl like to employ us. For isntance arizona doesnt spend too much on thier prisoners they offer them limited food, and housing, not a good choice. Whiel california and New york spend the most amount of money on employing criminals in their care.

here is an intresting link and quote from another page


a link from michael


USA´s Rulers: All Are Jews!
Palestinians won't get their independence
until Americans get theirs!

Jewish Power in Russia

Farrakhan on Jewish Racism

The Ideology behind Massacres

I am not going to rule out they are roleplaying something near a synogoge in corpus christi.. I also looked up kanas and there is a kanas lake in nothern china. ben lauden is probily not there... just to roleplay it..



if you go into the posts a little further you also see the iranian leaders quote of wiping isreal off the map I think it is all 2002 hard to date this stuff see prior message



person of interest

Someone should ask this person questions since you are all homo's and euro homos is pretty close. The pictures are reported as fake by the other users and he talks alot about isreal. white supremist group or someones agent maybe. The language is a little strong but probily within standerds. check the link for the complete details and check and see if the guy has a 911 angle or not. demo party is also a notation for music software..

Michael Glazer

Name: Michael Glazer

To: Humans

Our hearts are with all of the people in Israel; the families, friends, rescue workers, police, soldiers, all that are showing an amazing amount of strength to us in the Diaspora. After Spetember 11th the strength of the people of Israel really helped all of us in the USA to feel stronger than we thought we could. Thank you Chayalim, you are in our hearts and minds we love you all and pray to god for your redemption from such evil and wickedness. Don't forget Israel Solidarity Rally http://www.israelrally.org stand up and be counted April 15 US Capital.

Hillary Clinton Forum -- Everybody Welcome to debate the issues ...I guess your one of dem Euro Homos who support A-rabs. Ahem let me just say thats a losing bet. You Euro types always seem to bet on the wrong horse huh? ...
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more harrasment

The guy is harrasing me from the other apartment about calpine I think. Also says if I call the cops he is going to question my honesty. Around 1% of my portfolio when you subtract the options or was.... They are back here giving me investment advice though and harrasing me about shopping at walgreens (that I should invest in them to).. bought 20 shares of fording. looks like a shortage of very large tires may hold them back a little.. also hold back anyone else who does coal the same way.. Jobs report looked bad to the street they say, My electric bill that is based alot on natural gas prices looked very bad to me.. I suspect that is going to have an effect on interest rates and oil prices... Not sure when it realy hits though probily march/april.. I had looked up sam kane, I am not sure what the chances of a responce is though about my synthetic oil question... looks like they are metioned as inc..

Saturday, February 04, 2006



I probily need a couple div things befour I complete my taxes. A d-1 form also looks like I am getting around $80 back unless I want to put money into my IRA. I noticed something that is tax defered that looked worth while http://www.treasurydirect.gov/indiv/products/ibonds_glance.htm this is for i-bonds they are yielding around 6.7% you have to hold them a year though tax free for school. There is a danger of the rates going down but other than that a good part of the mix probily... I think they are trying to be more abusive than wherever it would be I go so that they can use roleplaying as an excuss to harrass someone who has something that looks like a terrorist attack.. I can start filling out my div form... hard to concentrate with the abuse around the apartment.. The stereotype is that muslem men are abusive and then the guy keeps saying he is not muslem.. You figure he may have got into trouble for beating his wife or something and has to go to one of those court ordered things with an iranian who came up with the idea of being abusive and saying it is about drugs.. sorta a satire of Iran-contra or I-wrong contra... Is there something north involved...


abuse from downstairs

The abusive guy from downstairs has decided to harrass me on saterdays. He knows I am doing my taxes and doesn't care if it interferes is the general gist of things. says I am embarrased and won't answer the phone.. The rest is pretty abusive also at times.. 10-billion transactions but funding the milatary and other gov progams is not as inportant as running his mouth.. hopefully I do not make mistakes because of the harrasment.. Iran wants me to take alergy medicene instead of making ethonal... Alot of the harrasment centers around that.. Sorta I think the line is do you believe it is ok. to make someone take drugs. Someone is roleplaying the route I walk. There is K spraypainted next to the circle k that was doing the sucide thing on feb 14th and then came over to the apartment to harrass me. I noticed a Devorce on someones window with shoepolish or something and alot of pete alverez signs.. sorta looks like extortion where someone is trying to force the price down by using abuse and intimidation.. You hear it at the circle k and then something simualar is spray painted on the condo.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


"if you can make coffee you can make bio-desel"

John and Kara Weld have started producing their own biodiesel fuel utilizing discarded cooking oil from local restaurants in what is a surprisingly simple, inexpensive and safe conversion process.

"If you can make coffee, you can make biodiesel," John Weld said.

'It takes about two hours to collect the oil," Weld said.

He then takes the used oil to the couple's business near Somerset, where he has rigged together two plastic tanks, placing about 55-60 gallons of the used oil in one and then mixing together a catalyst made up of methanol and lye in the other.

After adding about 12 gallons of the catalyst to the oil and mechanically stirring that mixture for about an hour, Weld lets the mixture sit for another eight hours, allowing it to separate.

The result is about 60 gallons of 100 percent biodiesel fuel, which Weld, after a washing process, uses in varying concentrations in his Volkswagen diesel station wagon and in the oil furnace in his home.

The only downside with the B-100, Weld said, is that in the winter it may tend to thicken and gel, requiring it to be heated before being used or mixed with methanol to lower the viscosity. Also, in older vehicles or furnaces, rubber seals may deteriorate.

That is not a problem with newer vehicles and furnaces with synthetic seals, Weld claimed.

Another plus of producing your own biodiesel, Weld said, is its low cost.

Because the used vegetable oil is free, once the equipment is purchased for about $1,000, the only significant cost is for the methanol, which currently runs about $4.50 a gallon.

"It costs about $60 to make a batch," Weld said. "That's works out to about $1 a gallon."


I am not sure why you have to use methonal rather than ethonal in the mix..



not to go around and roleplay people today.. I am hearing f that kid exc. exc. exc. through the walls.. sounds like he is moving around the apartment like maybe someone is harrasing him. I think he is hispanic kinda a rap accent though (sorta blackish).. I was just skimming the city for jobs they don't want to go after the lower paying tourist jobs they want higher paying jobs.. A populist would say we are going after unskilled and high skilled jobs it is the reality of the workforce.. Bush is puposing $170 mil to process waste into oil and ethonal... We are blaiming iran for it.... Seems the brokerage charges $1 regardless up to 100 shares.. buying just two isn't worth it..

aerosmith..... jammie had a gun .... not sure if that is on one of the two albums I picked up or not... I always sing something from another album oh no oh no no no non no we were walking in the sand and then then I touched her lips and then with my finger tips and then softly softly we made it with a kiss whatever happened to that girl that I once knew little fink (?) what should I do..... this is from memory... odd and it probily is one of the least popular of thier albums.. ward... running from a circle k (j.d. if rolepayed) He wants to harrass me about investing because he has to write a report on it... no comprende.. bought two shares of hyb... 3.5 cents of dividend.. There is a black chick or chick(s) I should put it that I often see down parts of staples.. I don't realy want to have chaos erupt all around me.. I think I saw an adress in the graphiti near the apartment I don't have any idea what it means... west side one of them says.. Ya there is a terrorist attack and there is always someone doing something they shouldn't and a child is involved in someway as either a prop or whatever.... It is not my idea to blaim a particular type of person in order to hurt them or to involve them.. I was talking about coincidence and the accident on staples and holly with a ford focus... Me with my stagecoach on a company report and someone who had said something directing my attention towards the traffic... It was the same thing next door pretty much.. (not all of the parties but at least some of the parties).. You always here about someone like the person next door (quite some time ago) or whatever getting hurt in prison or whatever... Someone said he is a master satireist at work.. I am flattered I suppose.. people seem overly littereal at times.. overaly scripted... action...responce sometimes you miss someones point or maybe it is an idea that is presented because there is someone else who is supposed to use harrasment based on the party of the first parts point..

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