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Sunday, December 31, 2006


abuse stronger over the last two days

The verbal abuse is stronger over the last two days while it tries to claim it is vote buying and is complaining that I am not buying a car. I am reminded of the people shouting at the glass in a star track episode. They are horrible criminals and they are shouting all kinds of mean nasty things while they are imprisoned in a cube. I hear someone who is proud of his ability to be abusive. I am reminded that I should recycle the two old cell phones I have in the apartment. Maybe it is two late for me but if you donate your old phone it may save anyone this moron may date in the future from his abuse. Donations can be make at the Verizon wireless store near j.c. pennies in the mall.
I suspect that the resentment about riding the bus has something to do with Federal prisoners in the county jail and a desire by abusive people to sabotage county property and keep informants away from surveillance cameras. Strange game... I am going to try to move the directory of dex Tracker and use spawnve and such with the path to try to get the result I have been trying to achieve over the last week or so.. I am getting some sort of abuse that posting is not going to help me while I am thinking about it. Was realy strong yesterday when I suggested to one of the online spread sheets that they might consider making files seperated by spaces a spreadsheet format as well as seperated by comma's. There looks to be an online push in the spreedsheet and microsoft office clone app's online. How they intend to pay for it is another matter. For those of us at fixed locations it seems a bit silly even


Thursday, December 28, 2006


killer apps...more dead bodies sent back, harrasment

I am getting harrased when people die in iraq and come back in body bags. This would be my fault as opposed to being the fault of the person harrasing me??? I am having problems getting the gist of that, I hear b.s. about no having a drivers licence. I don't hear anything about the amount of fun I had without breaks when I did. Seems like one sided abuse.. The guy is under the impression it is a verbal argument and that he gets something from verbal sparing. I am not driving because I said so....
Iran is said to be running out of oil. No more exports as early as 8 years. They would have been better off handing out cash than subsidising gasoline prices. It helps the lower income people more and probily makes gasoline demand go up anyway but with more available to give them more influence in politics and such... No such thing as good oil news from iran either less of it or more of it... Ignores the most important thing to think about and that is what do we plan on doing...
I took a sleeping pill Christmas night I think it was.. Cigarette buts with lipstick on them are down stairs. I am not sure what that is about, noticed toilet paper tonight, I do know what that is about... Some sort of obsession about angel.. Not the crazy alternative lifestyle chick they must be roleplaying something.. You have angel of light I.E. sometimes the devil will appear as an angel of light. biblical quote, toilet paper, she is mean because everyone w(*(#.. I will let that rest. ev angel ical. I notice this the other day.. Near some place that serves chicken. There is a school and the county judge, and several churches including 5 fold and some dutch church (I will think of the name someday). as well as an ev angel ical church. Looks like marriage inc.. Needs a cheezy hotel. institutionalised in the ???? of marriage. Back in the day when I worked for the city-county health department it was institutionalised for some sanity stuff and I think there was a security company...
If it is some sort of anti-war abuse they would just fork up the money and help get the software running. It is a coverup by short traders, another theory it could have come from the state police somehow or to the state police or university since they have thier own department... jeez $100 max on the bidding how dumb, then it is the killer app.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Excuses about driving he says

Sounds like more of the usual abuse. A small chance of coincidede, abuse about getting rid of my excuses about driving. My faverite is the corpus christi police officer that instead of arresting the person harrasing me (like anyone can drive a car with that kind of abuse) instead slanders me and calls me a drug addict because he can be abusive (remember I went to brown vs board) and not be a racist. The city even drug tested me, where mr gambino who's game is more important than protect and serve is getting off on this garbage is comming from is anyones guess. You are supposed to harrass pedestians or it is a realy screwed up murder attempt with no car to have an accident in. The wierd part about it is that the safty of the people in corpus christi is not important because we look the other way when abuse puts an f150 with almost no breaks on the road. We pay our taxes so that we can have our police officers insist that someone who is being harrased drive with no sleep in a car/truck that will probily get tampered with. That is what being in law enforcement is all about puting people in danger at random because we have an excuse to. Makes you wonder what they are smoking and not one of my excuses for not driving has ever been prosicuted for it.

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


ghost busters...conspiracy value... notes from the search engines

Don't know what the movie could suggest or if perhaps it could have been
used as symbalism to comunicate what was to take place. If you don't like
world trade then you would use the 11, the vision of what the building looks like
as the date. You don't have anything that would indicate the month or the
year from something like that. Rick Moranis is listed as uncredited as a writer
and the two other writers are dan akeroid, and harold ramis who also wrote stipes
with again bill murray as an acter. clearly the city of new york is used as the
back-drop of the movie. The year is 1984, I am not sure within that timeframe
what gambino-iran-iraq (contra nonsence) was going on. At some point people
in the government were to be given lie detectors tests and I will go on a limb and
possibly identify the wrong person as being james baker that said he would resign
if he had to take one.
I would also point out that what better way to bribe someone than to give them a sure thing in the market perhaps there was some local help like the boston police department. I will have to look that up to see if that is a likly way to direct my therem


I am looking for any comments about 911 and ghost busters and I do find the movie quoted
there is a link to 911 that is down so I don't know what it says.
This is a quote that was used in someones deportation hearing

To qoute Bill Murray from "Ghostbusters;"
"I am going to send a fruit basket. I'm gonna miss him."


"All I can tell you is that shortly after 9/11, Secretary [of State] Colin Powell came in and said President Musharraf understands the stakes, and he wants to join and help route out an enemy that has come and killed 3,000 of our citizens."
Well of course he did...because...otherwise we'd bomb them back to the stone age! This brings to mind the scene in Ghostbusters where, after Bill Murray finds out that reversing the streams might leave them with an infintesimal chance to survive, says something like, "I love this plan, I'm behind it 100 percent


Bush saying "We will not tolerate conspiracy theories [regarding 9/11]"

Harold Ramis

Ghost Busters (1984) (written by)
Stripes (1981)

I would not even paste this in there if not circle k wasn't being changed to stripes as a name and
to complete the thought no longer doing buisness with irans friend in venezuala. (k is a murray charecter)
murray may be in stipes for full conspiracy value further research is needed


Saturday, December 23, 2006


ghost busters...conspiracy value...

It is not really about conspiracy value, you know people from new york they watch tv to.. I noticed the building that was specially built for the Armageddon scenario looked like a plane or something hit it with a big hole it the sidling. The busters walk up to the 22nd floor ya I am going to give it to you twice. I couldn't tell if a cigarette company paid for an appearance because I didn't remember seeing a package.
You know when your board when you try to take your conspiracy into the next movie (one the comedy channel). Alot of trains... subway commercial a new buzz.. Only if it is supposed to be a far right group.. anti-abortion groups exc.. Talking about genocide at the church exc. exc.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


tuesday morning

The absolute chick said she wanted me to call her something about the health department custodial stuff. without her mentioning it I would not have remembered seeing the truck tuesday. I heard a bunch of stuff on my walk tuesday.. Heavy around the school, I always want to cause more trouble there because it is the loudist. Close to where the harassment about driving was at down carol. I am harassed until I am in the middle of know where somewhere off agnus. My short term memory for Tuesday was rather screwed, Not able to learn a simple janitorial job (the first time) because of lack of sleep and harassment and then a 100 more lines of source code and more today. I was spaced for a few hours, I am not really sure how I unspaced somewhere near being up for 40 hours I unspaced.

I was hearing stuff about being depressed while I was walking down the outer road near the car lots. I drank a pot of coffee to try to stay awake before I left because of the abuse to keep me awake. I heard more sexual abuse so I smeared the police department gave the website www.dexrow.com loudly and loudly said Dex Tracker I don't even need to give a web site it is the number one spot in the search engine. I did this for several miles. I am going to try to think about what I heard again and see If I can take it as being someone else. I hear someone requesting my death all the way down the outer road and then sexual abuse, lots and lots of sexual abuse until agnus almost. I think I am going to take it personaly and not figuratively.

I was saying that this is what the police department wants me to be on the highway with you 48, 96 hours with sleep because of abuse. You have the privlege of driving I said I have a responcibility to drive without sleep on the streets with you. I talked about the cop how he had been abusive about how I didn't drive (near the h.e.b.), I never think to say anything about being stopped with spegetti sause because he had said something.


Your supposed to talk about how you should join the dex tracker comunity and how you should not write the buzz machines. recuitment if you will. I am looking for a good way to set up an archive. I am not sure that it will ever be a goup realy or if it is just mainly me grabbing some stuff off the internet


harrasment of airport employees

circumstantial evidence that someone is harassing low level airport employees. Most of the people I worked with look tired and I was harassed last night. I noticed something that can be used to play devils advocate with people in the office. If you do this and that you can get employees that are tested for this and that. Not the fault of the what you play devils advocate with more of what you would call a set of rules that can be used as a cover story. I was talking near the homeland security people about the abuse around my apartment. It is a security threat access to airport employees. The bus screams, literly, you can hear it screaming, Sounds like it needs oil or something way to metallic. Imagine taking the bus to the airport and listening to the screams. Last time I talked to a cop about the abuse I was getting I was called a drug addict and am getting alot of harassment still about driving (not a good idea with sleep deprivation from harassment). That is what the police department wants a bunch of people with sleep deprivation driving with you on the highway.


Friday, December 15, 2006


Bema gold

Gold is supposed to be going down because demand is down. From what I have been reading from some companies supply may be up also. Bema though is being bought for .441 shares of another comany. That comes out to 5.21 but the company went down to $5 and then to $4.98 I didn't realise what was going on I had a split for 2 cents a share sorta. $5 and then $3 over $5 for the short and an extra option $5. I supose that comes out to 4 cents a share for a butterfly. Didn't make much sence though. Short the buyer and buy the company being bought makes more sence and I noticed over 1000 options changed hands in the last two hours of trading. Most of the calls that were open were bought today. I haven't reaserched supply to much to get a feel for what is coming to market or leaving the market.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


long pniky nail cocaine??

long pinky nail, I think that is circumstantial evidence of cocaine use. I saw it last Thursday but I did not see it friday. I think he was the same person each day. He did call us ladies once, it might be for the security people you have the see the enemy as.. exc.. exc... exc... I didn't see boss lady, I am not getting calls either. She has a short military like haircut. Not baldy military but shorter than.... I don't get any jobs when she isn't around, If she moved in then she could pay the other half of the rent..

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


southside gangs and such

She is everyone that is haunting my apartment.... I probily need her alot more than she would need me.... Quote for the day "I am not going to be seen with any gang members specialy not someone who steals lawn chairs". When she gets into the gang further she would learn how to reapolster stuff but you have to start somewhere... I picked a couple chairs out of bulk pickup..

Monday, December 11, 2006


more abuse about driving

I started to get more abuse about driving last night. Sounds like a black guy, just like I was getting at the omni on saterday. Devils advocate may work this way, talk someone into putting something I am alergic to in my food almost putting me in the hospital (Or the morgue If I eat enough of it). Complain that they do drug testing if I buy a car (through express temps). My boss had me doing something that I could take some time at and make the hotel look nice but it sounds like we are trying attempted murder without the car. circumstantial evidence of course. I think he was planning to keep me all night with the crap so I took a sleeping pill. I perfer not to do that, but the cops have decided on murder in an automobile (accident like without sleep) and claim they are powerless to drug test without it (That is why the cop called me a drug addict)

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Saturday, December 09, 2006


food alergies

It doesn't matter if I drive or not probily... I have told people about food alergies but maybe I have to give the benifit of the dout, Take as many as you want (he makes them himself and brings them from home). My eyes were bluring real bad befour I made it to the second floor, It's bulion or flavering packs from ramon noodles probily, I dout the coffee is strong enough to do that. Would be a suitable end to a realy bad year, not enough to kill me just a realy bad stroke. It would have been good to have taken some of the stuff to the food bank, or better yet timmons or the shelter down town. Sometimes it isn't good enough for 5 stars but it is fantastic for other people. The word is that there is probily more sinks than alot of housing charities (including military ones) would need in a lifetime. I don't know if stuff like that is deductable twice (after depreciation). I suppose there is an outside chance it was the coffee, I drank less than usual starting when I woke up at 2 am and then stopping at around 4:00, I got ready for work and then left at 4:30, I have to do the rest of the software anouncements and then a simple article for it tommorow probily. The chance of any interest isn't that good probily although I might want to try a different email adress, (except by my usual readers of course) I am ready to crash 5:00 pm is pretty late for me (odd as it seems). I got a haircut today because I have to look good for the boss, Somewhere closer to the better parts of the hell where I reside (been quiet lately something bad is probily going to happen)

I had heard something about alot of turnover at the hotel but to me it sounded like you could replace hotel with county jail and it would sound like people I have been reading about in the paper. Stories about beating up the customers sounds like the county jail and not the place they are talking about. I don't realy have the gist of it unless one of those loosers got a job in security somewhere.

Friday, December 08, 2006


A member of bullet frenzy was working at the omni for the last couple of nights. First glance is that they may have mention in the search engines. Looks like they have a following. I am getting tired so I may upload the new version of dex tracker either today or tommorow. You have to go to the site to check them out or look up bullet frenzy + corpus christi to check if they have videos or anything else beside myspace.com

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Thursday, December 07, 2006


more work at the omni (and better yet more great food hopefully)

The word came in I can tie up my phone line. I am getting some more hours at the omni in corpus christi. It is almost insane how many lines of code and new features I have come up with but I have to wait a few days to release or it will probily annoy sourceforge. Here is a list of what is going to be in the much awaited version .11 of dex tracker. I am not even done yet you may get a better instrument code generator at least. The credit card bill that I always get harrased for getting either did not come or was stolin or something and there is a 93 cent charge that I didn't make. I am realy annoyed.

Dex Tracker beta .11 is out new features include a code generater for a simple sampler
utilities for combing all files in a .csd/.orc A utility to remove all instruments from a orc/sco
combination. The ability to place a help file in a .html or .txt file (other formats may be added
later). The ability to use the old winsound from csound 4 (some assembly required). A handfull
of instrumets that are already set up for use in the tracker. public domain tools Harmonise used
to generate score files and space a file generator to be used with gen28 and to be used with
csound opcode space are included in this version. csound command line help and csound
utility list have been added as tools along with the command line.

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Tuesday, December 05, 2006



The food at the omni is unbeatable. It is a nice break from hotdogs and eggs... exc.. The chaos people don't seem to be thier... The ones that cause problems in and outside of work, I think they may be getting rid of those people pretty quickly. Looks like a job for a couple of days this week. I am back to messing around with cabel.. I just noticed there is an e and an f distribution of csound. Looking at lettuce it wants a 5.1 .dll or it won't run.. One thing I did find was a virtual csound book for 50 euro's probily $100 in real money don't know if it is listed on amazon or not..

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