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Thursday, November 29, 2007


renter at 133 edwards

she seems like a dollar general type of girl... probily an invasion of privacy.. The $500 a month they say they are getting.. The only explanation would be the location.. I am thinking I am somewhat thinking the amount they can get is maxed or is higher than it would be normaly.. Most of the bills are paid by the downstairs apartment.. the window units are listed as unplugged and the inspecter says the stove can be used as a heater... (It would be the upstairs electric though)


inspection report for 133 edwards

inspection report This is the inspection for 133 edward ( or 133 edwards ) in corpus christi texas ( tx ). You will notice a photograph on the roof... Some owners over near del mar ( richard street for instance ) have decided to place duplex's on the market without replacing the wood shingle roofs.. Because they didn't replace the roof the lenders won't touch it because you can't get the required insurance.. alcoa as listed in the yellow pages will even finance an aluminum roof. My remax agent even described the roof on richard street as a good roof... I can't pay for stuff before the aprasil comes back because the owner will steal from me.. my coldwell banker person should have desribed that as a risk of what the realitor/owner on 133 edwards was proposing..

http://www.familywatchdog.us/ShowMap.asp?frm=0 according to this map (you may have to generate it yourself)... the perverts on edward street left but you have one on

First Name: MARIO
Middle Name: GARZA

Home Address
Distance: 0.06 miles

First Name: JOSE
Middle Name: RENE
Last Name: SANCHEZ

Home Address
Distance: 0.13 miles

The last one is a batery person

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


the deal is probily dead

I don't think it will go past aprasial... The inspecter is getting me out of it anyway it is going to be expensive from the looks of it... they found termites and the roof needs to be replaced.. found a 3br with a 1br apartment but I don't know about the shape it is in.. price is better but the location is good and bad..


edward street deal

My agent looked down and depressed yesterday.... hopefully I don't have a problem with my lender (ing) or the property on 133 edwards ( in corpus christi ) that I need to know about... I am a little nervous about my lender and I expect them to do what they told me they would do...

looking into landlord services... credit and criminal background check $35 it includes people with patriot act issues... They talk about a sex offender check but all thier pictures are on the internet ( and free )so that isn't an issue. The closest one looks to be around the 110's somewhere on edward steet ( in corpus christi texas ).. I keep you deposit and evict you if your adress comes back and there are kids in one of the other units.. I havent seen other issues like kicking someone out listed yet. I see a no money down offer but the deal probily wont work because they do not have a broker..

Thursday, November 22, 2007


2 2 bedroom 79k roof financed through alcoa

I was looking through the phone book and I saw the roof can be financed and it is supposed to be a low energy roof... may be good for a doctor or something.. I have already commited... unless I get a cosigner or some other arangement this one is for someone else..

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


gmac credit problems

looks like gmacs stake in the number 2 HOME lender is causing the gmac 6% to go to 60 cents on the $1.00 these are not all that tradeable thought... 12 bond at 60% of value... you get 5.3 on the cap gains and 9.72 on the interest.... these are the $1000 units that have thier own market... offered new through fidility in 1's and scottrade in 3's (thousand)... when they are issued not that liquid

Monday, November 19, 2007


The deal is on...

THis looks pretty good and I don't think the owner has a problem with getting her money early (I am hopeing to do that january but there are a number of factors that could prevent that).... The owner financing is just a 3 year deal and I am looking to pay it off quick to help my cash flow... I probily want to a) look at bringing my credit score into the 800's or b) put another unit on the property or c) there are a bunch of two story duplex's going around.... c) requires someone who can put it into a package... I am thinking this one is beyond me with a commercial loan and that would be pretty hard to grab at this point in my renting carreer... ask and you shall recieve... I haven't ruled in 100% out though..



The dummy I work with at the downtown burger king burnt me on purpose.. I had said sometime afterwords that nothing that happens here has any effect on what happens outside of work.. john looked unhappy about that.. power tripping I think... I am heavily leaning towards just getting my escrow back.. I am making the transactions for the wrong reasons... If I feel I can't walk away then I will get ripped off so the deal is off... The money upfront is to much.. It was o.k. until I started being theoreticly responcible for repairs up to 5%... being able to walk away long befour that is a big deal.... I feel that makes it a bad deal... the buyers agent gets a seller who may wish to get the other 3%... I am not sure that I should be trusting of that arangement..

internet went off with something called a property management error... looked like net zero has a c compiler in the reinstaller (or at least an interpeter)

propery manager::whatever here class structures and members exc.. excuse me c++ compile in it..

Saturday, November 17, 2007


second morgage...

My broker seems to be reluctent to ask for the second morgage that is offered by the seller... As long as there is no-prepayment problems that would interfere with me redoing the loan in a year I wouldn't understand the problem from accounts without checking on them. The clock is ticking on ing where I would have to wait another 3-5 days to get aproved again they have a 30 day limit... $3000 she... It speeds up my closing by avoiding money transfers is telling me the rate probily isn't favorable...

Friday, November 16, 2007



I think I have moved away from all the commands that are stolin from c and used in other languages.... This is about tokins and there is mention that you should never tokin and then some say you can token but only if you need to .... We are talking about programming right???? The goal is something like for word in line (in python) where I read a line from a file, split it up and then create a loop that I send to playsound.. each synth is a function that can be put in another c file with it's own h file that can be loaded by other c programs with a simple include statement.. I don't know if that is usefull or not.. I need adobe to make cover art to ever find out for sure (in the obscure music programming market)... If it works with bass (or whatever I need to check my computer).. I come up with alot of power that works in a unique way..

Thursday, November 15, 2007


insurance and duplex

I was wanting buthead insurance... i.e. if you are a buthead and don't want to honor your lease insurance.. The internet isn't much help for that... I seem to need something called land lords insurance and then rent loss insurance is included in that along with lawsuit, property damage insurance exc... The ceiling downstairs is pretty low.. I don't have a tub downstairs I just have a shower... I may want to change that along with getting a shower door.. I have always thought that shower curtains are bad design.. due to not being airtight.. tile on the ceiling may be worth while.. propery always looks bigger at night.. I don't believe you can put anything like an extra fourplex the seller suggested building a garage and then doing a conversion.... I could just add an extra bedroom with one of the room addition people.. I was hoping for a second so that I don't have to sell fixed income stuff for a loss..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


aphesere for pascal. free pascal

In the unlikely event that there is a big steroid raid in Arizona... I was listening to donald trump on the tele... talking about not knowing to much about maybe it was stocks... and then saying implementation... (that would be a unit in pascal and is mentioned in sound)..... hasteriods.. You have what?? doesn't compile in free pascal or lazarus very well...

Someone needs to talk to mr.. trump... it is O.K. to take s#@$ from people as long as it isn't hugo chavez sewage to oil it is not o.k. to steal money from people in fraudulent schemes.. There is also some research on usage pre-treated water to grow agae..


advertising and sentiment

Does sentementality work when trying to get your advertiser... maybe.. We are discriminating against you because your not a thin short mexican chick (who speaks very good english better than me probily)... I think I am getting harrased about the newspapers advertising... why is that my problem??? (not that I don't emphithise) My quote from someone who rents apartments.. It was annoying but the phrase seems to apply to alot of the people I deal with..

Monday, November 12, 2007


666 and real estate...

Across the street from the law enforcement building at del mar, I noticed something about 10% down with prequal letter coming out to 666 exc... racial satinists maybe.. pysco-paths will sometimes leave clues as to what they are going to do... It is unclear what the real price is... If you are prequalified it is between you and the bank and at that point why do you need 10%.... I didn't follow on that..

Saturday, November 10, 2007



THere is a person with a marine bumper sticker that was mowing lawns in front of a car dealership... The bumper sticker seemed very large and almost like a billboard (because of the way the truck was placed like if you wanted it to stand out while you were filming it) A real marine would outsmart the foilage and not have to mow it... You could imagine a conversation between someone who bought a truck that had a marine truck with a bumper sticker and someone who had found a marine hat talking about the old days....

In this town you can buy a car or a house... (this is how the story starts on the bus)... Like an intro to a story that is going to be filmed on the bus... I was asked about buying a car many times... harrased and abused about buying a car... It is silly I can't buy a house or a car... I can buy a duplex though..

this is another story where you sort of guess how the different programs are run.. You ask to see a duplex on richard street and it has alot of cars on it that are not fixed up... playing devils advocate with the broker about who they sell to or a window of opertunity to sell that to the broker... Maybe it is not a program for the broker... It could be roleplayed as a source... I want you to talk to america and the one person with all the old cars gets the house that is privite I.E. it is harder to wireless tap it and they harrass the persone in house 2 the less expensive house and deal drugs and pass whatever they are going to pass on... It could also be devils advocate about having a bunch of whatever in the front yard that is never fixed up exc exc to the neibors.. In real life the contracters are going to do everything as quickly as possible because time is money but this is about sales and price and you want them one at a time. That is why the mover should have all the contracters lined up for the buyer because he should be the expert and he says he can do that..... the land isn't going anywhere... ror looks like it could be realy good around the hosipital but you want alot of extra capital to pull it off....

Thursday, November 08, 2007


hate crimes

I get alot of crap because of brown vs board (I am british the perps organised by the irish) but It is supposed to be percieved as all kinds of bs... I will have to look up the code because there is alot of contridiction... In one of the libraries (in the past) they decide who can and cannot use the library based on no creteria at all (near the texas state reserves many years ago). It is a way to limit contact with state and fedral law enforcement over local issues.... Looks like we have a system where we control what people are going to say about how we in corpus target and abuse people.. (we as in government protected abuse)... I see this as something that we be gradualy moved in that direction...


135 richard problem renter???

What little I saw of 135 (and 133)... looks like a junkyard... I don't mind the cars unless it is causing a problem for the neibors... they are all on piers and if it is a midnight machanic keeping everyone up... They ran over the for sale sign and we couldn't get the door open or at least I couldn't.... They sort of look like maybe one bedroom... says $550 a month in the mls. according to the finance agreement I am on the property comes out to an extra $500 on close for the foundation and $60 a month or something like that in exchange for not having sound come up under your property and all the problems you get with piers. On a cash flow return basis it is much more atractive for an extra $500 you get $150 a month.. looks like it is an all bills paid situation... With the realitor it feels like bait and switch with the price difference being the selling point... It is alot squeekier than the house on piers I was staying at... I don't know if it is loud enough for the renters to wake themselves up.

It may be why the lender wants me to have the renter insured.. In case they have any unfortunate occurances then they still get paid and hopefully I can extend that insurance a bit to cover other non-sence from the renter..


114 , 135 richard street (REMAX)

This is my buyers agent and they want return buisness.. that is my hope it is through remax... looking at 114 it feels on the squishy sqeeky side. It feels like a hard sell.. I was looking for a con artist that is on my side. there is a channel 10 thing on the fridge hurricane map.. The yard looked bigger when I went by a couple of nights ago.. They are small lots... I don't know if 135 is high in comparison to others nearby but 114 may still need to go down in price to move.. I would like to see another one with a foundation maybe I need to do more of a walkthrough to see what else is out there.. They try to get me in the afternoon... I don't do as well without sleep.. makes me look like I am on meds or something..

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


oil at $98

,.... We have state people algae to take polution and put it in bio-diesel...
The boss tells me who I shouldn't hire.. hard to argue against that.. It is
a question of charecter... I am not sure my realitor is going to help me..
I am pre-aproved and ready to make an offer and then probily not another one
for a couple of years.. (after it is paid off hopefully)

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


mma loan prepayment


This looks fairly intresting I don't know how the rates and competitors link up... I will research that later... carefull people...


some morgage issues

I think someone in government and industry missed something with this morgage thing.... asumable loans that allow both the old owner for a period of time and the new owner to take responcibility for the loan.... allows for more equity to get built up in some cases... country wide is allowing refinancing of it's arms as sort of a bailout deal.. The fed own's a bunch of loans that it can make deals on.. It's up to the fed to keep housing deflation from causing other types of inflation.. more pricing stability (unless they sold the loans)...

nationwide has some pretty good terms.. first two pages of your tax return and a recent pay check stub.. no docs are dead unless you put down 20%..

Thursday, November 01, 2007


interest rates

I have noticed that bank of america hasn't changed the interest rate since befour the 1/2 point cut.. I will have to call them about that... looks like my payments dropped $1.03 .. that is just paying stuff off... looks like 31 days in the statement.. they might try 32 to max the interest for the quarter befour it drops because of rates...

oil went to $96 a barrell.. it seems like a high price for the near term..

I am hearing a phrase at work I do not like... I do things to the food of the people I do not like... I have heard this phrase before.. We work for larado taco right????.... not sure who or what is being roleplayed...

I take it you sell food from packistan...
It says packistan on the package..
we sell food from india to india pakistan same difference..
(if you ignore the nukes they point at each other any way)
it is a j and e or somesuch two letter combination at saratoga and airs.

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