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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Mountain Milk

http://www.mountainmilk.net ... besides being sily is the another mm system (One of those majic places in windows where the sound is being created???) why would anyone hang out under a bridge with a mountain milk sign though.... one of those great mysteries of like..

Sunday, January 20, 2008


oil exc

The primary is going through with a mormon as the front runner in the republican race... The writing may be on the wall thouugh and mccain may get the nomination. You have to account for swing voters going into the dem primary instead of the republican because of obama. At the downtown burger king in corpus christi texas... I think in the mafia movie he says "You break my heart" exc.. exc.. exc.. and then he dies unfortuantly.. godfather or something if I recall... Our oil thing was "stolin".. boss man asks me how I got the oil out of the bucket without lifting 10 gallons of hot oil.. with this pan... The pan will be stolin it's company policy. The grease catcher was to small and I noticed another piece of safty equipment that was gone that would have helped keep someone from getting burnt with boiling oil....

There is this story about a construction engineer or somesuch.. and his book on structial steel...

I am getting all the questions about what chat groups I am on exc.. exc.. exc.. I watch t.v. You are supposed to call someone a pervert and that means they will stop posting about you on the internet.. John doesn't even look like the same person every time.. This is company policy.. He looks more palistinion than mexican but he has the accent like his parents imigrated to mexico.. I am crossing the paths of alot of iranian programmers.. small world..

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Dexters programming editor

unauthorised bcx manual

This is a beta of Dexters Programming editor for bcx basic it is written in fbsl and requires fbsl (free basic scripting language) to run.

You have two different text files that you can add command to. One for the bcx stuff called usertools.txt and the other one is for help files called usertoolshelp.txt The menu's themselves are easy to create and I will probily add more to this in the near future (on how to add .html files .chm files exc... ) Why is this done is fbsl do you ask... It was a gift pretty much but it is for non-comercial use only (Unless someone wants to buy me a licence..)..

bcx editor

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Here is the jedit startup




From what I can tell we are one letter short of jew and the numbers in the version keep going up until it is 4321

Is there a reason why the software has to load up when I am starting my computer????? This editing software in java has bad news written all over it and it is overly complex..


Saturday, January 05, 2008


fbsl first impressions

I am taking a look at fbsl.. My first impressions are pretty good.. It has alot to do with the examples... I have done alot more with fbsl as far as text editing in one day than I did with python.. according to what I see in the search engines fbsl was origanaly coded in bcx basic and then at some point switched over to lcc. The rest of the story can probily be told by them better. Alot of the examples use windows api so in a lot of ways it is like bcx. Having documentation of windows api is very usefull for this and bcx...


Wednesday, January 02, 2008


bcx with cr editor

bcx basic manual

This is a release of cr editor with bcx basic and shed skin ( python to c compiler ) already built in. I am not saying this is better than programmers notepad but it is easier to add to. I may be adding some python to bcx basic scripts to this and that is why I was after an easily extendable editor. files need to be compiled in the bc folder (less than ideal)

CR editor with bcx basic and python to c


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