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Wednesday, September 30, 2009


texas reserves graphiti????


lots of 9's and 11's and pdf files.... You should role play it, it's the military telling you to do something stupid without telling you to be an idiot in person.... probily not, They want to waste time with java script. You would figure sdl and linux to get rid of all the batteries..

The HR Office is located in Room C-116

911 upside down this is 2009, I suspect that is a recruiting thing...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


it is going to be realy cool when everyone dies in a fire set by one of my renters

dexter says It is going to be realy cool when everyone dies in a fire started by one of my renters.. You tell these people they shouldn't get high they should all live on the ground floor. I know I will light the stove burners with a piece of rolled up paper, It saves flint and I will put the toaster on a spot where there is wood above it..


Saturday, September 26, 2009


iran and a way to reduce oil demand

In the united states and territories only 2 percent of electricty is created with oil and of that two percent alot can be replaced with otec (ocean transfer electric current) .... A comprehensive plan to switch to otec, trash to energy, solar and wind, and some sewage to oil and algae to biomass in these areas can easily replace the diesel that is used in the plants. much of the oil is a byproduct of gasoline production (according to heco) and cutting it's use would increase gasoline prices acording to one of hawaii's electric company.... Now that I research this I am still convinced atec would be helpfull but not as helpfull to hawaii as I thought...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


sep .....

I think I saw itr somewhere on graphiti.... mo licence plate in the left hand corner sep .... the state itself has the same abreivation as method of operation... I think it was third street he was cruising down.... I was writing software on the bus to the burger king headquarters in corpus christi (It is questionalbe if it is going to be part of my csound article because it may not be published depending on how they feel about it) ..... I might get my jury pay, robert (small hispanic robert) wants to play devils advocate that we don't have to pay jury duty but we have sharon now so it is possible I will get paid.. My hand feels much better, I use a real mouse for a couple hours no big deal, the pressure is on the part of the hand that is better... I am thinking of going from spirella (spelling see cyanotek) to antaxin ... To see if that helps a little more, I get alot more energy than I want caffene is probily enough, it's more vitimen a than I want... maybe half that, I will look into the anti-oxident mix and maybe some calcium to bulk up a little faster... lean ,,, obnoxious ,, graphics scripting in real life machine....



burger king corpus christi texas. My check was short about 16 hour and I am reading a copy of tobbaco marketing in the lobby. This explains why norman is going to end up killing us all with natural gas fumes. They shreaded my check and they claim they are going to print a new one later.
I know I had freaked out one of them when I was talking about how "they" (the not specified they) used to market tobbaco products at carrol high school (ccisd). They have been somewhat convincing as a contract hit in the past and the amount of weirdness is completly bazaar including a threat to fire me if I complained to the fbi (who is down a couple of buildings) about them violating min wage law again. retaliation incorperated. We also have black shirts that way if you hurt children by selling tobbaco products you can promote the priest hood later as a way to avoid responcibilty for it.. I also didn't get paid for jury duty

Sunday, September 13, 2009


someone is trying to claim entrapment

I know what it is or might be.. someone is trying to claim entrapment, The cell phones are left around where anyone could steal them.. We (not me) are doing things that are visualy not correct where someone might decide they need to make a photo..

September is always a bad month for musicaly related stocks.. chicago bank corus (cors) bankshares was siezed by the fdic on september 11th.. It's all bad..

Saturday, September 12, 2009


cell phones and child exploitation

I think it works like this... what threat can I make to get you to carry a cell phone with a camara... I have a phone and I have a camara, but it is not together... I am wise to this and someone has already got hurt over it... that is probily a cover story where I get used by the fbi in it's search for child exploitation, (maybe they are the ones that got me the job by thier office)

The dog nest door may just be a way to keep stripes from having buisness or to interfer with thier buisness by getting a dog to cause a traffic accident.. The phone issue keeps coming up like there is an exploitation issue that someone is trying to play Possibly with someone elses child.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009



I didn't get picked.... It's pretty minor compared to a death penality case, certainly not a trial that would cause a problem with my brokerage account...

hw 94 to central school road
circut 94 .... cpl (cental) catholic(school) road...


circut 319 contains the magical number in islam 19 think about stuff I have roleplayed on the bus route... "I want you to make 3 rebutals" (apac)

court 1cpl now american electric older adult apartments
3)19 711 building old scaro
.......+2 (it takes two to fight)

The other white building (nuesus lofts) is even more fun..
my brokerage account problem is magicly fixed for now, alot more of an issue than the trail I went to not that it wasn't a big deal...


jury duty harraSMENT

I have some control of communication jackass harassing me about my brokerage account before my jury duty this morning I added to my complaint about gfgf and I expect them to take the shares back at the price that my account paid for them... I am getting harrased like the person thinks I should be stressed out about taking a loss (maybe $50) before I go to work... I am getting alot of that prove it non-sense and some statement about why I should have the money with me instead of in a brokerage account and probily some nonsense about buying a car but I haven't heard that part yet.. (I own byd and ford)

Monday, September 07, 2009


gfgf sec action

Ref# T938398
Date/Time 2009/09/04 21:05:32
Status LV1
Summary I did not want or buy gfgf
Description I did not want or buy gfgf. I see that it was delivered and because this is the second problem with the stock I will also complain to the sec. looks like it was the same amount I shorted
Date/Time Sender Comment

21:05:32 I did not want or buy gfgf. I see that it was delivered and because this is the second problem with the stock I will also complain to the sec. looks like it was the same amount I shorted
11:29:42 IBCS On September 4 your received an alert "SHORT STOCK POSITION BOUGHT IN".

This alert is to inform you that due to a recall IB is unable meet your settlement delivery obligations for the short stock position(s) listed below for account UXXX992. As current SEC regulations require that all transactions be settled on the standard settlement date, these short stock positions have been bought-in. While IB makes every effort to give advanced notice of a possible buy-in, due to the time frame of this fail, in this instance we were unable to do so. The positions listed below have been bought-in: GFGF (2400 shares) Please note, IB will be unable to make further attempts to locate the shares for the above position. This notification will serve as a final buy-in notification. For additional information on the current regulations relating to stock delivery and short sale practices, please refer to the below web pages: IB../shortableStocks.php Interactive Brokers Risk Management
13:42:06 Let me restate this I went from being short 2400 shares to being long 2400 shares. I never gave permission to be long this stock, I do understand that sometimes short possitions have to be called in. You may have someone trying to use multiple accounts to influence the price regardless I don't believe I should take a loss on a long possition I did not order and be assured that what happened is all public (posted on the internet showing google adds) and being forwareded to the sec.

IB provides Corporate Action notifications and information on a best efforts basis only. IB does not warranty that this information is accurate, timely, or complete. The information is provided to IB by third party vendors and may be subject to errors and omissions and changes without prior or additional notice. Clients are urged to verify the information prior to using it in their investing and trading decisions by consulting the issuing company's website, financial news services, or by contacting the company's investor relations department.

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quest for the feather

I was to slow for this to be a game for pyweek but I am doing the theme and will continue this for the purpose of spinning off pygame libraries that I can use later. So far I have a background and I have done a text button that changes color when the mouse is over this..

Quest for the feather download

programming group for questions or interest in project

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Friday, September 04, 2009


sec complaint

U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission
SEC Seal
Home | Previous Page
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

Investor Complaint Form: Review and Submit

You're not done yet! Please review your complaint before sending it. If you need to correct or add anything, either click on the "Make Changes" button below or use your browser's back button. When everything is in order, click on the "Submit to SEC" button. If you do not wish to submit your complaint electronically, simply print a copy of this page and either fax or mail it to us.

You told us that we may, if appropriate, send your complaint to the firm or company involved.

Tell Us About Yourself

Daytime Phone
Alternate Phone
You are a Individual Investor

Tell Us About the Firm or Individual You Have a Complaint Against

Name interactive brokers
Type Broker-Dealer
Broker, Adviser,
or Salesperson
Address One Pickwick Plaza

Tell Us About Your Investment

Type of Security Penny stocks
Name of Issuer or Security Guaranty Financial Group Inc
Security Symbol gfgf

Tell Us About Your Complaint

It looks like someone at interactive brokers is trying to manipulate the system to send the stock up.. The first problem I had is that the stock would trade between 9 and 11 cents (this thursday and friday 8/25 8/26) and it would list at 29 cents after the market close (this could possibly cause a margin call). The second problem is they just bought 2400 shares for my account and I am now long the stock against my will instead of short the stock. This is a copy of my first complaint and I have sent the second complaint.

Ref# T923810
Date/Time 2009/08/31 07:47:05
Status LV1
Summary Ticket Summary not entered
Description gfgf is listing at .29 in the early morning but it doesn\'t sell my order at .28 it did the same thing thursday and it looks like it just lists that befour the stock trades in the morning. Is this a valid price I suspect when trading starts it will list at 10-12 cents. I could be paying higher interest on the shares I borrowed? or some other account may have a margin call that shouldn\'t happen. The number looks invalid
Date/Time Sender Comment

07:47:05 ecoec112 gfgf is listing at .29 in the early morning but it doesn\'t sell my order at .28 it did the same thing thursday and it looks like it just lists that befour the stock trades in the morning. Is this a valid price I suspect when trading starts it will list at 10-12 cents. I could be paying higher interest on the shares I borrowed? or some other account may have a margin call that shouldn\'t happen. The number looks invalid
12:40:19 IBCS GFGF is an OTCBB or Pink Sheet stock therefore trades are handled on a not held basis meaning that they do not have to post your order to the bid or ask, and if posted at your price your order may not be executed at all. Unfortunately this is how these types of stocks are handled versus a NMS stock.

13:03:25 ecoec112 it has been trading at 10 to 13 cents but after the close each day it says it is .29 cents and that I have lost over $400 until the trading day starts.. this happened thursday and friday. 29 cents does not appear to be a valid price, where is it coming from??
12:36:18 IBCS I do not know where the 0.29 is coming from in this case. I do see this price pop up from a few days ago but not today. If this is an ongoing problem please let me know.

Can you provide
cancelled checks?

Can you provide correspondence
to and from Firm?
Can you provide advertising or
marketing materials?

Can you provide notes
of conversation with Firm?

Can you provide
other materials?
Yes - google gfgf forum if usefull

Tell Us What Action You Have Taken

Have you complained to the firm? Yes
Regulators Contacted
Action Taken

Click "Submit to SEC" to submit this form electronically. Click "Make Changes" to go back and modify the form.



Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I am not candian... 7 behl's.

edexter is not one of us..... :) I am short gfgf and corus. It looked like there was an issue with gfgf where they were listing the price at .29 cents but I contacted customer service and that ended (I hope).... I don't get to short big money though even though gfgf is already bankrupt.

I am looking at sonic drivethrough.... I don't have a good sense of it yet...

There is a driving school named 7 behl's .... I was thinking about that after I saw the number of slots there was for behl video's...... story maybe another driving school... She lived near the refinery because she wanted to live near it she says (if that is true or not or weather there were racial facters is another question)... she could afford to live in other places exc... exc.....

The stock seems to be going down and the radio interview probily didn't go well but the video's are stunning....

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