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Sunday, September 30, 2007


More harrasment last night...

I am hearing the abuse the police department won't prosecute in my apartment again.. One of the problems that could occur is that if someone does tamper with someones food they can later claim it is entrapment because they were being abused and cite the b.s. in my apartment... One more reason why controlling communication isn't something the police department should tolerate unless they want people to direct b.s. at them..

What I am hearing in the apartment is again more sexual abuse claiming to be about do not ask do not tell... It works something like this they appeal for help and then the navy people bitch that they are getting harassed by it..

Must be military people.. explains why we are loosing the war in iraq they are inciting violence against themselves.. Somewhere along the line the military must have dumped there intelligence test (I don't know if it is state of federal or just something that is encouraged to non military personal to avoid a lawsuit for marketing tobacco to 14 year old kids)... Sounds like attempted murder and part of what I am getting now is someone who tracks me around the bridge downtown like there is some expectation of success or something..

I am hearing that the abuse is about drugs... You would have to be on drugs to promote what I am hearing in my apartment.. This is an example of controlling comunication I suspect that it is one way of getting support for the war convince me that you deserve to die... Just one more reason I am pro-bloodshed

Friday, September 28, 2007


jen and lawsuit..

I saw "jen" in the library... she is saying she was harrased by someone in authority and she is sueing.. talking about money i.e. million and and.... repeating stuff that was on cnbc.. housing downturn.. (inventory is down (good) and sales is down (bad)).. when the condos on north beach are more than the condos in town then I believe there is a little price distortion. Looks like it is harder to get credit at least no documentation stuff. Looking at pascal/delphi somewhere along the line all the documentation stopped comming out.. looks like sometime in the mid 90's, I didn't see any free pascal books that may mean there is an unserved market but I don't have the software to do book covers in pdf.....

Monday, September 24, 2007


dev mag and the open gaming licence....

http://www.devmag.org.za/ THis is a south africa gaming programming magazine... Just reading through it I would say it is a good mentering magazine for kids or those who are not veterans of programming.. Mixed in with these are some advanced topics.. I would have to mention if you are int rested in blender ( a 3d graphics program ) that this is an excellent magazine I also noticed that they had examples of how to program in java (for cell phones).. It is interesting to read and it is in a comic book like 32 page format (meaning it was printed (if it was printed) in two 16 page flats)... or something close to that depending on the press... The even number of pages suggests that it is printed and sold as well as put online..

Role playing and the open gaming licence... It is realy hard to tell how commited hasbro is to this (they bought tsr at some point with d and d)... THey give some of the less interesting classes and refer to all the characters as she... THere is also mention of various alignments.. It is lawful evil (or somesuch) that I have been thinking about the most... How closely it fits into my proximity.. You can describe them as organizations that are evil and that often achieve thier goals to paraphrase it... It may not even be inportant what you would see on one day or another it is the destination that is probily the bigest piece of intel... Someone could have alot of fun doing the rundown of someone questioning the "lady's"..

I have alot more code that I haven't realesed and won't release until I get more sleep... I have noticed that docemention is hard to come by for the librarys that I have with free pascal (the ones that I did not download with free pascal)... I also noticed a pascal magazine that maybe needs to use different sources.. Not different but the correct word would be additional sources because they are not 100% correct and they are missing some of the power of pascal.. What I saw in the issue number 1 is a reprinting of the doc's with the software in question and alot of fluf.. that is o.k. to a point but there is a time to get serious if you are a publication.. I may look up dephi.. I would suggest making an index of a magazine if you have more than one issue.. I did that for python and will have one for game dev as well.. that way you have one page that tells you where everything is at including issue number.. It is all part of keeping organised notes...

Thursday, September 20, 2007


land of cigo roguelike /w source

This is another alpha of land of cigo ( roguelike / adventure game ) with sourcecode in free pascal... uses the wingraph library.. I am trying to make this a data driven program and you can make maps with a simple text editor..

land of cigo

THe board for comments donation of maps exc.. is at

Dexrow programming

It is going to be based somewhat on wizards of the coast open game licence material. Other rogues, science fiction and horror. (wizards of the west coast are makers of d and d and owned by hasbro..)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


roguelike map demo..

This is just a demo of a roguelike map and a charecter that can move both up and down... It takes up to three try's to get the charecter to go... THe current commands are
u for up
d for down
q for quit

clearly the keyboard has to be rebuilt... I should be able to release this as a pascal unit soon and start some alphas... looks like you can fit up to 160 by 120??? I haven't even tested that yet but there is alot of space available on the screen that I haven't used..


This is coded in free pascal using the wingraph unit

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open alea


It isn't the function of the software it is the graphics that are intresting.. I can't tell what graphics library they are using for python.. I may download it and find out..

I can't leave the last post as the 11'th... bad karma... I don't realy like it when people play devils advocate by running off all our buisness and breaking all our equipment plus wasting food... Hopefully we will put a stop to that at the downtown burger king in corpus christi....

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


wingraph template and demos for free pascal

This is just a simple template that creates the min needed for wingraph to make a window. It also shows some of the limitations of the ide's that are available for pascal.. To use this program_name.py File_to_be_created. I have asked on the bloodshed forums but I suspect that there isn't a way to do it without rebuilding the ide.

import sys

outfile = open(sys.argv[1],'w')
#//need to use the command line
outfile.write("""uses wingraph;
gd,gm : smallint;
repeat until CloseGraphRequest; //this waits for close button to be clicked

The following is a new routine for wingraph that makes the outtextx, outtexty behave more like the crt.. for a rougelike or even for a text editor this is a must have procedure.

Procedure crt_out_text(x,y :integer; textstring :shortstring);
//THis is an attempt to imitate the behavior of the crt unit
//x,y is the position in letters not pixels
text_height, text_width : integer; //var for text width and height
xx,yy :integer; //use these to calculate pixel x,y of text

// end;
text_height := TextHeight('H'); //get height
text_width := TextWidth('H'); //get width
xx := (text_width * x) + 1; //calculate the width
yy := (text_height * y) + 1; //calculate the height
OutTextXY(xx,yy,textstring); //send the text out to the screen

It is likely that I will end up with more routines to place in the library because I am getting ready to do some serious retro-gaming-programming. I also am aware of more pascal pages that are not on the wiki yet that are helpfull so look for those in the future. Until then two demos using the procedure and other wingraph command and the template generator are available on the line below. Comments can be directed towards the google group at google group

Heres another routine so that you can write over text.... it "erases the text that is there by drawing a rectangle.... to make it a crt curses like library that you can mix graphics with you would have to mess with GetPixel..

/If you want to get fancy you would save the background and then write it back.. would be a little slower though
var textlength : integer; //this is for the length of the string
loopx, loopy : integer; //this is for the x,y loops
lengthloop : integer; //this is for the length of the text loop
tw, th, twr, thr :integer; //textwidth textheight
textlength := Length(textstring);
for lengthloop := 1 to textlength do begin;
tw := TextWidth('H');
th := TextHeight('H');
twr := ((tw * x) + (lengthloop * tw) - tw);
thr := th * y;

Fillrect(twr,thr,twr + tw,thr + th);


download wingraph ext

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Monday, September 10, 2007


pascal plus screens

I am looking into WinGraph and how it works.. Looks like thier is an example of alegro (pascal) in the roguelike magazine that had two issues. The licence for wingraph is restrictive and does not let you profit from it but because I am advertising supported I may do a demo app (free but not for resale muhaha).. I noticed that the code snippits did not give the barest app instead they gave you something that you have to debug.. (python may be worth while as a way to generate a code generating template for it). Here is my extended version of the barest example in free pascal.

uses wingraph;
gd,gm : smallint;
repeat until CloseGraphRequest; //this waits for close button to be clicked

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Sunday, September 09, 2007


physco moron (at burger king corpus christi) rougelike pursuit

I found something on the strannik modula2-c-pascal compliler when I was looking through the examples that may help me in my endevor to build a simple text-graphic (could be replaced with tiles) rougelike game... Looks like you can enter dos mode and pick your curser position... At the top of the file you have uses win32 and then you use the example.. looks messy and I do not know if it works with free pascal.. The other choice is gnu pascal and I am not sure how to work that yet.. (or for that matter if it works)..

Some morron walked in with a three te-shirt and a sucicide hat.. I had said something that he should have overheard.... What are you doing near the bridge with that hat... or some such thing... We have the state police... You want to hear your rights gnu style.. When we talk of freedom of speach we are talking freedom of action not freedom from paying the price... (this is well worth pursuing as satire with some work could be realy amusing)

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007


dexters dungeon

This is the start of the dexters dungeon project. I am not sure how far I will take this particular dungeon generator and I will need to reload with the proper credits at some point. sorry will fix that soon... This will change dungeongenerators output from html to text and strip out all the comments on the top.. This does require python to work (python can be embedded in c or python and it chews up text files and spits the out) there is a readme file if you want to use this in your own projects (some, I mean alot of the files are not mine)

Dungeon Generator

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google adsence referals

I know as a blogger that indian women are better than philapeno women $ wise. For entertainment value the indian chicks have better advertisments also.. who can beat meet a woman who can speak O(*^%* or somesuch stuff that I cannot even type. I have been telling people google pays me to inform on people and write software.. There may be some stuff in there that would appeal to the audience that I have... Stuff like free music and free online games suit the audience well... I left the amusing stuff... leads are always harder to get than clicks because the user has to be more than curious they have to want the product but they do well for the blogger who isn't friendless.. I don't know if adsence is what I would call some of the dating ads though

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Sunday, September 02, 2007


status of adventure....

I have a map generator that is prety much finished... I suspect I will be in debugging mode for awhile ten years is a long time to remember anything and it has changed since then (and it is a different vender for that matter)... You will be able to edit maps with wordpad simple x and spaces... I may have a level inventory list in another file, with monsters treasures exc.. simple text stuff,

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