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Thursday, January 28, 2010


crime wave while cashing my check..

My boss was good to me this morning and got me a mc-muffin and a soda. I didn't feel so left out for not going to robstown.... When I got back from the job I had got a ride to the outer road to money box and then walked the rest of the way back to the apartment and then walked all the way to baldwin and staples, befour I made it to the convenience store there was a man who looked like he was trying to get into a convenience store.. I said "having problems" It didn't look like that scared him off or got him to act like he needed to be inside for a good reason and then he went off to the side and sat down on the window sill. I went into the convience store and grabbed a soda and the Thursday add paper (To see if there are any jobs) and then I went down to staples... all of a sudden there were two cops with there lights on and they were taking the man into the car.


old telephone equipment??

command labor corpus Christi .... I saw some concrete that could be an underground structure of some kind and then we cut two wires and a root.,, I was also picking up peaces of glass that looked somewhat like old coka cola bottles but I suspect is old phone equipment either from gte or the military or the old south western bell... I only say pieces of one though so I don't suspect there would be pcb's in any quanity.. I think it was just a post maybe an old dock.. (this property belongs to texas am and is near the welcome center. It was alot of fun except for the I need alot of money so I can pay the rent part of things.. every bit helps though.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


csound test post.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


freebase content

Note to self look to see if this is worthy free content that I can scam traffic from.


Sunday, January 24, 2010


sunday and looking for jobs again.

command labor corpus christi .... I am thankful I got some hours... maybe she wants me off her list ... I think I understand that some of the people can't be at labor ready, They are hanging around promoting the idea of driving and natural gas pipes, it is like a lobby for the natural gas business and then some idiot will talk about why you don't want to work like they are trying to give that job to an illegal alien or something. That said the natural gas jobs would be out of town and you loose alot of gas station volume so the claim that natural gas will create american jobs directly is completely false. I don't know about indirectly thoug, through reduced prices and it can also be used in fisher-troupe to turn into liquid fuel but I know that isn't going to be the big push. That bridge fuel thing where someone messes with someone elses car and causes an accident is something else I am aware could happen, either as a statement or as a horror story to promote natural gas.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



I am concerned about what this is,why I am hearing abusive voices. why there is somewhat simualar black people using the room for rent next door and why these soap products are left here and never used. I went to grab some otc stuff to get rid of a problem that I hope hasn't been caused by someone on purpose.

softcide hand soap



no jobs

corpus christi command center. Feels gamey ... it could be an organised short a cover story of some kind or maybe they are in trouble because they dont have any jobs. I am selling the contol of cummunication hit as a security threat I have sent one to HR BioPetroleum they are going to be doing some cool stuff soon..


Cc: Bcc: msabarsky@hrbp.com;



Picture Please consider my resume for employment

resume2.doc [77.5KB]

I have seen first hand that the citgo plant near my house is a security threat and the organized crime that comes from other countries that comes along with it. I have heard the excuses from law enforcement claiming they can do anything about it. I have heard the control of communication crap that is supposed to be ruled as auto accidents and overdoses. I have a strong desire to be part of the future of energy in this country. I have a great deal of marketing experience and I have publishing experience. I have some in the neighborhood of a million hits with my software and various web pages I have created (I have had a number of advertiser go under before paying me though.

Friday, January 22, 2010


smoking section???... and illuminati ...

I sort of have this story where she was going to leave the house to her daughter but she ended up with some smokeing related illness and she didn't want her boyfriend/husband to get it.... I just guess and roleplay someone I went to high school with.... An urban legend about a telephone company.... berkshire or whatever... It never had to pay dividends so it didn't have to be on a tax return. You would try to rip the kid off by promoting the priesthood or some other nonsence being abusive to children.. m00oooooooooo...


green revlution algae (food not energy)

I am still trying to get a bigger piece of the green revulution that is threatning to occur. I am watching on the one hand claims that food production is going to fall short from people like rogers and on the other hand that imitation flour, mustard and milk are going to be put onto the market befour alternative energy from algae is considered. There is a reason why one of the bigger companies is in Mexico. Food production, if we are not doomed in the short term what would be the reason why. The algae thing isn't going back into the box but it is a question of scale and what industries and uses so I keep looking for ways to pick off little slices of it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I sold some syntrolium

I stopped making any sort of money shorting banks (I told norman he could make more shorting banks than shorting the company he worked for burger king). I did pretty well but as a matter of self defense I have to figure out a way to make some cash from death and destruction. (ie. the only reason why someone would be abusive constantly is so we can make some cash from death)... I am looking at one of the Haiti telephone company. The reason why I sold alot of the synm is that I started to look at the natural gas bill and I started to realise two things. One is there may be some conflict of interest or better put more conflict of interest because we are a big refinery town when it comes to dealing with forien nationals, the other is that if there is a switch to natural gas it could shalack diesel prices. I kept the profit part of the trade and so a haiti telephone play or maybe a synthetic natural gas play could be interesting. I like the idea of getting all the electricty and more from a sewage plant like they are starting to do in England and would like to see if anyone really does that here (I don't think so but it is desirable as policy both waste wise and electric wise)


Thomas J Henry employment

Thomas J Henry Corpus Christi Texas. I was talking to them about employment and we went into one of the courts they have upstairs. There really isn't anything that would be considered attorney-client involved with that. A scenario would be that you talk to your boss about the pain and then you would get medication and you would be taking pain medication and or sleeping pills (because the sound keeps you awake) while you hear very abusive voices. Wala something the police department can't do anything about causing a death that might stop a legal problem with tobacco to children at ccisd from happening later. I don't really want to die, in fact I have been entirely against it from the outset. At burger king for instance there is no reason to hurt anyone but it might be considered a goal of management to do that, to go into court, and to sabotage the store for the benefit of stripes (Its very odd but the recession isn't helping either.)

They do have an interesting spot their on star street next to hard rock cafe and copowel 1911. exc exc... They probably don't see it though or think about it.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


berkshire stuff

kraft is getting the rundown from some of its shareholders because of the price they are paying for cabery. It's a dangorous arbitroge because of currency risk but alot of that risk may be gone. How much of the old kkr influence (and the race groups that support kkr in spirit) is still there from the nabisco people is probily unclear but there is certainly some unhappyness with the current management by a shareholder that is usualy quiet. They may have been looking for a way to get bershire into the index (where they don't vote the shares anyway) to get a more stable shareholder base and better pricing for the stock. I may be able to use berkshire shares as margin after the split or after the merger, hopefully before so I can arb the railroad puts..

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


she loves you she doesn't love you..

here's some intresting speculation....


she is in dallas (I know someplace near a muslem education center that might fly you through))....

You want to sleep with the fishes ..... (she loves you) maybe love field
You want to sleep with the fishes ..... (she hates you) maybe dfw

It would fit in.. There is some black chick with a colege education who doesn't know how to spell anything who likes white men... I don't know if she would get me free tickets or not..


block trade roleplayed???

I think someone could be role playing a block trade based on the cokely election something to do with the risk trade but I don't see a security. unless it is yum brands or something to do with buffet. yum looks like a good trade on china and currency but it has nothing to do with cokely unless it is trading coke and buying yum .... then it would be something about buffet (besided lunch buffet)... I could be wrong though...

Monday, January 18, 2010


southwest airlines

I was watching the Dallas cowboys game on Sunday and the southwest airlines adds (they have a hub at love field in Dallas) .... They say that bags fly free.... Take a letter off and you are the "enemy", maybe your employer pays for your flight because they know that the plane is going to go down..... I see the Dallas area role played a lot so I believe there is event risk but I would not know about any particular threat and it may be that it is just something role played in Dallas that is news of some kind.

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Friday, January 15, 2010


android python and the concept of toast

I am collecting android python documentation and I discovered the concept of toast as a text output command. My first impression is that a terrorist hooked up a home made toaster oven to the phone and dialed the number and wala cooked bread. It is also useful for inputting text. It's amusing but it is kinda wierd at the same time because it doesn't seem like a command you should be using for output. I think it will be some time befour the android version of python has graphics but it should be possible to write csound scores on the phone and then send them to csoundnet and then get the song back in your email as an mp3. Something to do on a long car trip anyway. My csound probility language probily works on the android. I would have to test it, I could release it a little more favorably under the favors granted .... IE as returning the favor... I haven't played around with text files in the emulator yet though..

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Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have the android emulator working

I managed to get the android emulator working,
and I managed to get python installed and after some
searching I found rokon (a opengl game engine for android ).

I don't have the phone though, I don't seem to be working enough to pay
for stuff yet. It's an open question how much traffic you could get
with something like that considering the python interpreter has 1000
downloads and the engine has around 300. I think there is more graphic stuff
I would like to have on my emulator befour I decide to try a project.


mobile internet

command center corpus Christi ..... I think I came up with a systems idea .... The people I am with have mobile internet so it works something like this ... The ticket comes out of the computer ... and then the ticket is sent to the internet ... So if something happens the ticket can be grabbed with the smart phone and the internet ... Maybe just skipping alot of it but the ticket being grabbed off the internet if disaster strikes for some reason... I was having trouble understanding why they could use google maps if they had a smart phone.. Maybe thats where I come in if I ever get a job involving telephones instead of being a potential customer ...



robstown school.....

corpus christi... command center... It benefits robstown to get the people to work thier living thier, by improving or at least stopping the decline in property tax revenue and keeps someone from a potential murder charge... It you do something illeagal and it leads to someones death... wala a cop gets life in prison or whoever has the wiretap. robstown is building a solid school to noting shoddy there...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


iranian motorcycle screensaver..

I may have a iran motorcycle picture to add to the one that is burning from the riots. I was watching chanel 6 at command center and they had the exploding motor cycle that killed the nuclear guy. I saw some black chicks walking on the outer road. That's my route when I take my hurricane pictures its the wrong part of the highway though.... It's my route when I have to decide if I need to pull bodies from wrecked autos that was a weird week. (It is now stripes support center and then airs to the outer road to weber.)....

Monday, January 11, 2010


death and taxes

corpus christi texas I have heard pretty good as far as two days of really heavy abuse.... death and taxes I suppose.... They are urder is concerned (speaking as dexter of course). I suspect liberty will not be getting back to me but I am not 100% sure so I am not ready to say we won't be doing that peeps... I am hearing how my software will not do me any good. dex tracker describes a way to comit a murder that is being done in corpus, I would of course market pyhon and pygame because the run on the windows mobile and is sold from the store and not "dex tracker" per say.... They know guerrilla marketing, so let me sell the classes for $10, $20 as a subcontractor I went to best but so it look web os and palm are the really big equipment people so windows maybe a smaller nich than I realize.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


freedom of the press and cell phone apps

I have someone using audio harrasment like usual trying to get me to give up my software copyrights.... (*&&* no the bank will get them no one else will...... I have a python project that will port to windows mobile very easily. I am not sure how they will do in the phone operating race but I do know they have a market of some sort and are available through pocket. It is just screen size.... Extortion where someone else makes money from my software by using abuse and threats.... It's my app.... period... Seems that freedom of press is a big problem also so I made a civil rights compaint to the fbi....

Saturday, January 09, 2010


tax test went all right..

Vietnamese chick is less dangerous than Chinese chick as long as you watch out for her arm. body language is interesting. best case deal is a short term job I think I did well enough to apply and I will take it from there, I am getting tired and all it is, is a simple change and I can release a new drum machine/piano roll thing.


rules of engagement

I need to have some "rules of engagement" .... I can filter the abuse out and then specifically go back to software development and language translation. specifically sexual abuse, when I have sources. starting with I don't give a shit about the military or if they are a all just a bunch of homos, who is a homo, exc... I am not an fbi agent so I don't have to be anything to bust you for being a pervert. I am not a cop I don't have to smoke dope with you. I am not sure why that is so hard to understand.


paradigm shift

It has that feel like a paradigm shift, The top manufacturer may be less important than the interface with usb I will be doing research mac is outside my budget though... where it any mobile company you get involved with may have a product that can be used outside of the network.... I found java for android... I am going to be doing pc stuff sunday because I don't quit and I will have my interface that is cross platform but probily not for phones and two sound engines one that may be able to be ported to windows mobile (I will have to look).

python android scripting

Friday, January 08, 2010


harden wouldn't run.....

some music.....

Your as bad as john

and then I keep hearing stuff alot of which is on the album..

it's about drugs (cocaine seems to be played alot on the album)

harden wouldn't run

hE has a gambling problem

I kept hearing you can run but your can't hide.....

even when you win you loose....

cash trucking and you roleplay another driver maybe..



The address look up game, I hope the city watches it and doesn't get me shot there is an abuse problem they can't or won't do something about.... If I have sources about anything it isn't their department.

Thursday, January 07, 2010


mtg moves.....

mtg is making some wierd moves the brokerage reports the price correctly in the after hours and then when The after hours market closes it goes the the regular closing price. I may be seeing some "fdic is getting ready to raid the joint" rise in ctbk. mtg might go back up in regular hours because after hours is more volatile. I did my studying I don't feel that confident about the test but I believe it will be somewhat useful even though most of it is in sections that I won't be doing. Its all cap gains and dividends exc. maybe I buy the software or search the internet since I am destitute, They have a windows mobile phone but I haven't search for the connections to see if It can be hacked into a (music)keyboard setup, You would do the googles mobile add with some software and maybe go to the app-store. microsoft is always a little challenging though .


THere is an investment angle I haven't found yet

corpus christi liberty tax. Lets say that h and r block employees or shareholders want a bigger say in the business. You do not have an organized short available because it is a Private company. intuit (spelling maybe) is putting pressure on the bottom line so you would organize something to protect the Catholics from lawsuit abuse by making them abusive at a competing tax preparer with a cover story based on a badly written magazine called ga and then use abuse to harrass the employees. You can throw in the military to give it an above the law sort of feel. You could look at h@r block puts

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


tax code

The tax code discourages saving money unless you can make it so you can't have access to it with the way they do the earned income credit. Unfortunately the finances are relationship issues that you have to plan for. You would probably just move securities into an ira early in the year to avoid earning dividends. I remember them lowering the amount they withheld to help the economy but the housing credits may start providing a boost in a couple of weeks to something at least. maybe cars, computers exc...

there is or was a liberty office that was located in a house that decided they were going to role-play the magazine ga. something to do with investment adviser. I have a sense of humor you invest and are not able to join the salvation army. The magazine is just a prop to cause trouble though. I remember recently makeing fun of general atomics for just that reason (ga).


marriage and taxes

I might have to revisit the what product does government make thing. He does that intentionally. I am under the impression that they own two auto companies, and insurance agency, two morgage companies and at least one but probability several utility companies but he is focusing on the auto part of that. He is talking about the benifits of marriage and it is true, but only if the other party is responsible and not just playing games and such. She role plays that person in the lobby.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The tax boss is testing us or something....

I think sometimes speaches should be written and then torn apart for factual purposes. I think he did that a couple of times with things that were out of the area of his buisness. If he wants to run for office he should run those by first. I think there is a text book definition of a dividend somewhere that is the ideal but not always the way things work. The quote "value" does have to come from somewhere but not from earnings.. It also doesn't have to be in cash. because I read that part of the book and I look at 100's of companies a year for investment reasons.


some eerie visuals....

Lets say you have someone who wants to make a terrorist threat that looked like a terrorist threat someone else has made in the past and wants an excuse to be abusive... He would promote homo as in homo side and make a bunch of food or other threats... I think that is what I was hearing at apac and what might be going on when I was working at burger king.... You would do something like a half tone on your myspace page and then you back away far enough where 'GO' is visable across the top. The markus (dating website adds) would be visable at the top.


labor ready

dt is right on the dollar pretty much less than 10 cents over $15. I may have a 7% div stock then. The decay isn't much yet but if it goes up decay should buy the option back. Looks like command line has no jobs all the jobs are at labor ready. I am looking at hh but I am not sure what the mult should be looks like without charges it is around 12 times earnings and cutting costs

Monday, January 04, 2010




I am working on my myspace page. listening to music it sorta has that feeling of place. or places. Not really sure how far to take that, the play list is interesting. I haven't heard any of the strong audio abuse since sunday, that might be a bad thing, means something is going to happen... .


quiet at the temps.

They don't have anything at the temps.... I think they are playing a game about the pipe yard talking about how dirty it is and everything.. One of them has this movie that must be very important to him judging by his attitude were someone backside ends up in the movie.. I don't have a ride out there so I suppose that is out but I will find it next time or dispute the claim that there is a pipe yard in robstown. There is one job at the mall.... hopefully if it isn't there I become part of the unemployement number or I will have to go in person so that obama doesn't look good (because I am not working). It looks like I will not have the dt's it went up to $15.20 it still isn't in a price to take profits and play both sides of the trade yet. (the jan option hasn't moved that much yet)

Sunday, January 03, 2010


And he comes back trippen..

One of the people in the house has decided to act like a crack addict it is supposed to go in combination with the drug test at the pipe yard maybe. he knocked into a chair and such. All the black guy has to do to get even with me is to smoke crack. It may be a way to try to make threats to make a sale... I have no way out thier anyway so it is probabily just a way to get reward money for an idiot.... The chick that looks like the land lord will say something abuse every day and then the black guy will leave his ashes in the sink... thereby motivating you to buy a mobile home (that I am not eligible to buy) or something...


landlord is religiously intolerant towards islamic culture

jenny wood

usually I get what is a person for insurance (who is the hispanic lady who is supposed to bee trinidad today) or abuse purposes coming over here promoting religion and her imitation of the cia working on a house. There seems to be what sounds like a hispanic male talking about sin (i.e. a second control freak that thinks people respect him because he is an abusive person with control of communication. Most of the time it involves the apartment across from mine, The voice promotes the catholic church and then the abusive female just promotes Christianity in general. I may have to go to hud about that.

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