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Sunday, November 29, 2009


quality is job juan.

quality is job juan... ford has alot of buisness in china.. I bought bonds and have a 300% gain and I will just collect the money for along time because I am not paying cap gains on it but the trade is over.. The common shares did alot better than the bonds but I get somewhere around 30% interest on what I paid on them so. If there is another panic I will pick through the bonds again. I don't think the panic mentality will get me anywhere with Dubai, I was thinking bonds on british banks but now we are to partialy coverd by the emerates and the property still maintaining some value, It could be a forced refinancing. they may have the same thing in ireland it's gods way of saying when the pope gives england a country god will punish you if you reneg on the deal. When they get rid of the government through a merger it will make it easier to pay off the debt..


I talk a bunch of crap sometimes....

burger king corpus christi .... Our equipment becomes a cover story for pysco-paths with drugs not just your average drug dealer but someone who wants to watch someone get hurt on film... A motivated seller who will chase after me to try to deal drugs... (ya it isn't the equipments fault exc.. exc..) We had the cops looking at our film the other day... I won't talk about it except to say we had a man break into the store and then tried to act like nothing happened. Do you thing there might be something wrong with what happened... didn't faze him at all...

Friday, November 27, 2009


Dubai debt

I am hearing heavy abuse, the Dubai debt may have to be rescheduled.. This is typical prostitution type harassment, If you go over the books it may end up being prostitution and or drugs being declared as rent (just like it says in the criminal justice books). The market gyrated and oil fell over $5 but ended up.. I think that means that oil is to high but it is been hard to get a better price the other play is bonds, small amount in Dubai or banks that are to big to fail in great Brittan. It is always the victims fault (from criminal justice books would also indicate something illegal)


Monday, November 23, 2009


nxp for $200

I should sell some and then buy it back lower, what they call trading around a position... probily the iran news... I don't understand oil prices either since at least $70 a barrel.. I keep thinking I should sell the bonds but don't know what I would go into..


burger king tile.

It's my ex or maybe I should say my con artist acquaintance the ice queen chick. burger king corpus christi ... we have a floor sink with no stopper that destroys all of our equipment, they sold us a box of tile to make it so you couldn't do a stopper, maybe a few hundred dollars so it could match all the other tile, some with fancy curve shapes.. I did a home made stopper but it is probily a bad way to do a good idea.. That might be half an hour a week.... I think they are trying to kill all our drains anyway we have a bunch of ketchap down one and another one is clogged.. It is the stupidest construction job, or maybe design job that I have seen.

Sunday, November 22, 2009



I think veronica is a printing company down route 19... I will have to look to see where they are/were

angel veronica is .... well someplace...

I am surfing this chicks friends and getting egypt

this chick says 19 and maybe its lawyer.... I will have to surf these...



conspiracy of homeless people to steal the barq soda from burger king

(corpus christi) I am walking home and I hear f burger king. the man is carrying a pillow with him.. He might be one of the homeless people that are trying to steal our barq soda.. twice I kept it from going outside... I unhooked it and hooked up the old one, still works. Probably one of those deals where they trade our soda for crack or maybe the homeless people have a soda machine in one of thier tents... good thing I have a tie died shirt where I can look into that further.


Saturday, November 21, 2009


mad money cramer says hienz

(burger king corpus christi texas) jim cramer of mad money says that hienz is a stock that could take off. It's part of the burger king portfolio (suppliers hienz, flowers, kraft, coca cola).. every thing has ketchap befour everything has ketchap now... maybe there are more units (burgers)... probily not much effect on the stock.. I did a twelve today, it seemed to go alright, probably went unusually smooth.. nobody that I don't know is getting that close to me so, it isn't tied to a drug offer. my help doesn't seem to want to be there..

I have been looking for a low oil price that I can jump on seems like it is talked about and then the price slowly rises... I feel good about my stock picks but I have been hoping for a much better price.. commodities and brand names...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009



ucbh (you see bitch) is finally trading again and I paid off a $900 credit card balance, 500 from margin 400 in cash, I haven't decided yet as to weather to pay it from my other account or whatever I have left over during the normal course of everthing, I think I may do the latter. I am hoping that is the only problem I have come across. I can probably expect the last check of the month to have less hours in it. We have a city church and now I am shorting the city bank..

I am doing more research on lesbians and I find that most of the people kicked out of the military are lesbians.. I have also been doing research on murder and I found some info from the navy about the warning signs of suicide I suppose you would reverse those and try to cause them for a contract hit. You would try for humiliation and then promote homoness and then with control of communication perform the hit... like attacks to like.. I am not sure why there is a pysco show with my name on it everything is self defense, that is why I am america's favorite pysco the person harrasing me though is some sort of serial killer.


Friday, November 13, 2009


busted drug dealer...

We had 5 cops outside of work when I came in.... It may be to the point I don't have to meet someone after one of the abuse sessions we just get a drug arrest.. probily not, seemed like there were alot of them fanning outside searching for someone. Someone I worked with told me I looked like a drug addict but you are realy smart... ya I could be a dea agent..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


He's a motivated seller he has to sell or come up with drugs

He's a motivated seller he has to sell or come up with drugs or he is in trouble.. They wait until I have to work and then start a bunch of scraping stuff. The wiretap gets mad when I don't have money available to buy drugs with.. control of comunication crap where I hear where are the drugs at exc exc exc...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


corpus christi islamic burger king


where the unbelievers go blind (because they will not use protective equipment) and where I live in the dark (because they turned off my power in my all bills paid apartment) the cow I think is relevant..

I don't want to die... they left the gas on on the stove and it was just going I thought I smelled something..... kaboooooooom I am glad I didn't hear one of those.. lots of ventilation though so problems are a little less likely


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