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Thursday, April 28, 2005



XM IS DOWN $1. good earnings news xmsr and less of a loss and wider loss by serius that means xm should go down and serius up... Hopeing that may isn't the end of the apac job but that may not be the case. my cushon went from $7,000 to $5,000 (cash value $2500 to $3700). alot of dividends are coming out april was a low div month... coming up with $800 - $900 a month for indefinate retirement may be hard to do.. I may not have enough credit card limit to do that..

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


telephone box is gone

I can't seem to log into stormpages I think it is the settings or something.
The metal box around all the telephone lines is gone. I have been freaking out a little about the slide of stuff xm bounced back a little bit. I am tired realy of all the games. I seem to have a good search engine posistion again for organised crime. My adress is public to people who may have access to terrorist groups, the second part of it is all the abuse I get and everything it would seem to me that basic comptency of law enforcement should be questioned.. my spelling should also..

Monday, April 25, 2005


more 911 stuff from march (sonique player)

Sonique player

WhiteCap v4.0 - MARCH.05.2001 top
AAAuthor: Andy O'Meara
Description: New and improved! More kickass! Must download! Buzzword, buzzword, buzzword!
Category: Visual
Filesize: 237k
Downloads: 483,199
Comments: 127
Sonique Version: 1.888+

[download] [details] [vote] [comments] RATING: (4.38)

I don't like that honto thing from march either when the flight stops crashing....


polac is an inspiration to all in a purely evil capitalistic world (at least where i live), a shining star, thank youuuuuuuu :) 2005-04-06 by noolout


Sunday, April 24, 2005


Here is some more muslem groups

they pretty much believe the white man will be destroyed and they will lead.

the Five PercentSupreme Alphabetsupreme mathematics
1 - Knowledge
2 - Wisdom
3 - Understanding
4 - Culture/Freedom
5 - Power/Refinement
6 - Equality
7 - God
8 - Build/Destroy
9 - Born
0 - Cipher

allah's nation of gods and earths
NOI branches, including the Lost Found Nation of Islam, the Five Percent Nation of Islam, and the Ansaaru Allah Communitythe Lost Found Nation of Islam United Nation of Islam.

I found the united nation of islam based in kansas city had a website and I found the 5%'ters math kind of intresting. Seem to have people involved in rap music.
I supose using the five percenter math you get for buzz. 1.2 knowledge...wisdom
and for 1.8 knoledge.....(build)/destroy. I think they have a website but I couldn't find it.


appears nation of islam doesn't like child protective service

HoustonChronicle.com - Attack slightly damages Nation of Islam mosque... devices were thrown on the roof of a Nation of Islam mosque in Austin earlyMonday, ... primarily at mosques in Houston, Dallas and New Orleans. ...www.chron.com/cs/CDA/ssistory.mpl/ special/terror/local/1051714 - 41k - Cached - Similar pages
Black America Today / Michael Jackson and the Nation of Islam... The news that Michael Jackson joined the Nation of Islam (NOI) sent the radio... and handling) to: ROMAR Media Group; PO Box 763127; Dallas, TX 75376. ...www.blackamericatoday.com/article.cfm?ArticleID=321 - 13k - Apr 22, 2005 - Cac

I think I figured out the harrasment. I get one postcard almost every month from walgreens. I sent a postcard to child protection services because I suspected something but wasn't sure in 2001 (early 2001)... I am getting cops and everything when these things come in the mail. The nation of islam supports jackson who acts like a complete loon. I suspect that has something to do with wiretaps these people may be roleplaying instructions to each other... I haven't had any of that nation of islam stuff next door but they may be are getting help from postal employees. I am going out on a limb and just send a bunch of postcards to myself... It's a fedral crime to say anything at all to me about it anyway regardless of being right or wrong... Some union people have been suggesting that one of the former managers is a white supremist. I may have got a fund raiser around my apartment. I have never said that everyone around the apartment was a problem just that there may be a problem because of the situation. It is just circumstantial that it is the nation of islam. It is an organised group of black men who apear to be taking orders from somone and some people that are probily just used as cover to hide behind numbers.

Monday, April 18, 2005


mind control forums and misc links

Will could include topics such as: Psychotronics, Remote Tracking and Monitoring, Implants, Government Mind Control, Government Experimentation, Projects such as MK-Ultra, Remote Control Experimentation, Radiation Victims, Victims of government harassment or torture etc. RA/MC=Ritual Abuse Mindcontrol SRA/MC=Satanic/Spiritual Ritual Abuse Mindcontrol, Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder.
MCF and MTC Online Forums also offers a private group for survivors/victims of Mind Control and all related topics. You can apply to join this group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mindcontrolforum/
Other resources are available at MTC Online Forums at http://www.ritualabuse.net/mtc
Will could include topics such as: Psychotronics, Remote Tracking and Monitoring, Implants, Government Mind Control, Government Experimentation, Projects such as MK-Ultra, Remote Control Experimentation, Radiation Victims, Victims of government harassment or torture etc. RA/MC=Ritual Abuse Mindcontrol SRA/MC=Satanic/Spiritual Ritual Abuse Mindcontrol, Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder.
MCF and MTC Online Forums also offers a private group for survivors/victims of Mind Control and all related topics. You can apply to join this group at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/mindcontrolforum/
Other resources are available at MTC Online Forums at http://www.ritualabuse.net/mtc
looking for good links I am a little uncertain as to validity to what happened notice the quote neo-natzi peace exc
http://www.mormon.citymax.com/page/page/552282.htm .......................................... It is like a cult without the church... ........................................... to virtual sole dependence upon the supposed superior spirituality of group-gurus regarding every detail of their personal financial matters and requiring their leaders' approval for virtually every significant expenditure. Commonly, in these groups there is constant allusion to the members as "dumb sheep" who must be "led" by the shepherds, ad nauseam. The definition of the term "led" in these groups is that the "dumb sheep" cannot trust their own judgment or ability to receive direction from the Lord for the important decisions of their lives, but must rely instead upon the transcendent wisdom and spiritual acumen of their "personal pastors." http://www.slm.org/trtdigst/articles/abuse.html ....... I think it is some sort of drug cult, I don't quite have what it is.

Sunday, April 17, 2005


white supremist ties to hijackers??

Not only am I getting the racial harrasment from some of the backyards down holly and around my apartment fox is starting to report about possible errorbic (arabic) ties to oklahoma city. I was looking for conspiracy links some of this is on fox. question everything though. http://www.warriorsfortruth.com/oklahomabombing.html

Saturday, April 16, 2005


pat haines... nme marketing

I was tricked by pat haines thought the envolope was hand written for a minute. checked into it on the internet they deal with the same things apac does but hopefully doesn't have issues where it is o.k. to harras someone who looks like they have a terrorist attack. I was watching cnn looks what my be theory as to where the amthrax came from. white supremist nazi like groups. the special is at 7 next week I still have a theory about cuba, who has the ability to go there and how they can go there i.e. bahama's (spelling probily). I have to mention clearwater and state that you go to vst instruments on the side of the blog and take a look and use the terrorist bass in a vst setup. I have a theory about what the jeskola buzz people are up to. Just like people wanted a program that was different from oil for food so people have started there own programs (I think it is a comedic spy group). Dave he don't know how to program exc. exc. there is a buzz church, I haven't read what is up there it is hard to tell until after the news comes out on stuff sometimes where people are coming from. There are people who just want to write music and realy know much of anything anyway like me. alot of pain in my hand, I am hoping they are not trying to hurt me on purpose. From time to time a black man with no hair on his legs starts to harrass me. thinks get pretty hellish sometimes where are the feds.. I haven't recieved a reply from the lawer yet. Hello florida fl make some sales

Friday, April 15, 2005


oil for food

here is someone who advertises in that space. they claim to have offices in new york and houston. www.nationalsecuritycrimes.com alot of the people I work with, or at least a number could use them at some point. It looks like two different cases are in the works 3 arrests connected to the U.N. and three cases connected to a Houston oil company with one conviction. Is it possible or not possible I came across them maybe. there is a source somewhere, I remember when I was involved with the music thing that there was an electonic back out in houston (merged with someone long ago) and mp3.com would pay direct to that bank there may have been a one time bonus to open an account I don't recall. I went from software package to software package through computer music magazine. There was some mention that someone named dave wasn't any good at programming. seems there is now one not good at the oil for food program it is doutfull that there is much there to work with maybe the quotes are still there but it is unlikely that it means much. I was looking in google at the time I was coming up with almost nothing some stuff about buzzards maine but no bayoil company. If there was something online it may be gone by now. I contacted the lawyer a defence lawyer would probily know the ends and outs of how to get the games stoped even if it is someone else on the stand. ....................................... Looks like I was killed in the market friday. everything is traded though I deposited $70 in my checking account and left the rest for when my option calls monday. bloody harsh, It looks like the ford perferred shares crashed, they are now yielding around 10%. It is hard to tell if it is a good idea or not. The reality is that if the currency crashes oil prices are going to go up sharply and they have the bigest trucks. they may be trying to start a panic on cnbc.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


cocaine signals

I had two of the cocaine signals last week and this week. silence that was the day of the car wreck and then alot of harrasment like anger that I didn't have money to buy drugs. There was an eight day period where I had a strech of two car wrecks a day for three days and then the last day another two wrecks where I almost had to drag the person out of the car. I even changed my route for a few days to avoid that part of the highway. stats say that it shouldn't be likely as a statistical event. The fire department guy was pretty serius until the kid was taken out of the car and then he was kind of glib about how messed up the car was behind him. I was trying to take an undertaker like attitude. You better be serius about how bad you screwed up because all of us are looking for an opening to blaim everything that is wrong with the world on people who drive like you.


I have nothing to say realy the cops want to know where everyone is and the rest is about the people involved. It's a little like battle fatigue (spelling?) the harrasment at work and then trying to remember what the guy is wearing. $300 is a bad month maybe $400 last month was around $850 in extra cash flow. there is a merger that helped to mess it all up though. good timing I got my $100 from 200 shares of xm befour it dived below $30 again. almost all may options and another 2 xm july options. $170 cash flow for the month. All of a sudden I have a month with almost no dividends or interest like I need to retire by june or something. I am hearing the pre-ordained game again. I hate that crap, there may be a point in time where the money is gone (not mine, the people that are giving it away) There is no point in time where I get involved with the priesthood. The gist of it is what and I may be wrong. you are not getting what you want you are getting what you need. I may have the game wrong. speaking of games someone came up with pass the trash real life (or what passes for it) so I keep hearing b.s near my apartment and derogitory terms about myself. (the later not part of the game). car, cards it's all the same game they take the trash can off the truck and sweep the car parts into it. If the insurance adjuster says it is bull (cuss word) ....... you max all your cards they aren't paying for it. maybe a variation if any of those accidents come up as wierd likely whatever happened is all that will happen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


tale of two vans....

This maybe someones theory, I blaim clinton for one of the vans I see (or used to see) near the base. You know who they are they are securities threats, It is now someone claiming to be a cop who doesn't want to write reports. There is no reason for me to hear the wisper. It is silly it was started in forbes I believe that gm was attractive as far as bonds. yesterday the yield was near 9.5% (not counting whatever the cap gains are). A bunch of abuse when I bought the odd lot. Someone saying your nickle on the yahoo board, You also saw a report in cnn but that was a few days after. As long as they are no nickle mc's, I hear wispers sometimes but don't always know the story.
supply side vs demand side.. I have alot of xm so I just invest whatever excess comes out of it for income. turns out that if I don't come up with an extra $800-$900 or something unreasonable (my return is probily unreasanable as it is) that I can't retire.
The cop says I don't want to talk to him I don't know if he was talking about me. I am standing there with the company report to the stage-coach people (wells fargo). The accident may be hard to see from the camara at the light, I am not sure how many different camara's are out there. You figure if it is to get me into court that slander would be the other way and I don't realy need a big hassle. The accident is unfortunate and everything. demand side on the gasoline along with supply side other sources (not wells though maybe). The danger is that something like brazil happens, currency crash, I hear alot of take every cent you have and go to forien markets because we are doomed. I see that as a problem.. two vans.. maybe it is like minded people I messed the enviremental thing up because I didn't know what the green party was. Investment groups are probily best started and then advertised... maybe with other investment groups instead of political groups..

Friday, April 08, 2005


ford focus means you should focus on the road

I don't need sources, there are rumors. There is a hispanic with a thick accent that was speaking to me outside his window. (near the hiway). I think he was saying you want a woman like this you should get a car. He could have been saying anything realy the accent was thick. They have camara's now, I stick around because I have to. things of notice he hit the back of someone who says he works for the fire department and just happen to be passed by someone who says she was a nurse (like there are other jobs in corpus). the families of both arrived at around the same time. almost exactly. If he is lucky he had the military credit union car offer that I got. enter key doesn't work ................................................................................ xm has been flying around up and down, calpine looks better a few more cents and it is a neutral transaction that expires in 07, napster is close to the money could mean $120 for 200 shares. the telephone wires look to exposed I realy dislike that. I almost want to do my trades now instead of waiting it creates a problem for me.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


redneck madness.

redneck poetry. Poems about things that go down the our kansas river or arkansas.. There is a woman who isn't around enough and sillyness that isn't inportant. Someone plays games the telephone equipment is getting injured on a regular basis. It maybe because I walk more or it may be that the people that cause me trouble at the call center are the same sort of people that would sell service door to door. Stock symbols etched in the sidewalk.. robert has gone all over this town he did unspeakable things to dennis... cmt.. channel 69 the great american country... the number 69 always gets f.. symn and then you never see anyone do it but there is a nitrogen tank around the corner. It can only mean one thing.
The telephone equipment is likely to be replaced. Control of comunication probily means someone is going to get busted. I see alot of the fence go down along with the telephone equipment it may be bad design or it may be that we are trying to get people to do stupid things around the telephone equipment but the fence gets it also. For a long time people would go in through the exit until a large chunk of the fence was taken out by a wreck. it is no suprise the telephone box was hit. I see stuff going down towards holly. (I also hear some good samples maybe coming from the equipment). I suspect that some protection needs to be built into it. concrete posts exc..
post cards are nice stuff in email gets missed sometimes if it isn't something that doesn't look like junk mail

internet tag... I don't have the funds (no guarentee of funds for any length of time due to threat and other factors) to go for pictures. I would have replied but the password thing causes alot of trouble. computer is probily the first thing on the list.


Sunday, April 03, 2005


Venezuela vs columbia cia fact book

I was listening to rebert kaplan on cspan 2. If you are getting approached with cocain then this is something to keep in mind. Venzueala and iran are in opec together, Venzueala owns citgo, Venzueala exports alot of oil. There is no clear connection yet on thier views with recycling one would suspect that it isn't much of a factor. The issue between venzueala and columbia.

'maritime boundary dispute with Venezuela in the Gulf of Venezuela;' (cia fact book)
robert kaplan says that Venezuela is trying to destable columbia. there is also a high percentage of drugs coming from columbia. All of this supports that everything I have promoted (i.e. publisised) supports Venezuela's view of the world.

Saturday, April 02, 2005


more harrasment

I don't know if I am getting anything in my email haven't checked yet. black guy named eric is harrasing me. Instead of emailing the fbi and saying he is harrassing me I need to say I want to press charges against him for harrassing me. I am not sure it is up to me to have him prosicuted. There is a lady who says he's a fruit (or implies it) she may be in financial trouble though that always reduces the chance it will cost you anything if your sued. GE credit sent me something, they say I can't use it unless I make $20,000. I don't realy have any idea what I make I go off last years tax records. I may be making over that by a sizable amount. I have ways to reduce that (tax losses and stuff). Some religious mag in the mail, maybe it is supposed to be figurative, unless she entends to move into my apartment. katherine brinsdown. sort of rimes with bridesgown.. I am not sure who she is unless she has been hanging around the apartment complex or has called.
someone from an anti-war group called me delusional I should post the message but I will wait. made $100 from a month of yahoo can't sell it or let it call until may though. bought 100 shares on monm, I am watching the xm and napster also have a covered contract on calpine along with a put on calpine that I will probily let call. It is better for me for calpine to be at least $3.30 to get rid of the put and break even maybe less than that. whoever heard of an anti-war group doing a cover up it realy is stp (stupid). I may have some of them against the drug war.

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