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Saturday, November 29, 2008


burger king tattoo's

burger king corpus christi...

This chick at apac tells me that three dots symbolises that she is in an alternative relationship or some non-sense.. If they are in a strait line they are supposed to mean me and the homies and not me and the homos. five in a strait line is original gangster.. heres were in a triangle and I sounded pretty dumb, she realy is going around saying that though. A little tattoo humar that I missed and it freaked out the chick I was working with but she is saying they think she likes women, So I told her about the apac chick

A tattoo of three dots in a triangle, usually found between the thumb and forefinger, or the bottom corners of the eyes, stands for "mi vida loca" ("my crazy life"), or the three major connections of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Along with the pachuco cross, it is a popular "generic" tattoo among Latino teenagers, and may or may not be direct connection to gangs. The tattoo has also been adopted by Vietnamese teenagers, along with the similar interpretation of "tôi không cần gì cả" ("I need nothing"). A teardrop tattoo is said to indicate that the wearer has killed someone, or a friend of his/hers was killed in prison. It is worn by the eye.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


anttweakbar update

I am going to continue the tradition of calling it antweakbar so that I can link it to a search in my blog.. This is a slightly bugfixed version.. It is a shame that all the examples pritchard came up with have dissapeared hopefully everything is o.k. in his world


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


burger king thanksgivings..

corpus christi texas burger king ... It is just a coincidence I am sure she only looks happy when I am bleeding or something.. monday morning she wasn't ruthless or anything.. the maintence guy looks like he is almost dead though.. She's been giving him a hard time.. I work with her tonight...

The, devil devils advocate exc exc.. The improtant thing is to set something up so it could happen if you are not carefull but not do it... I may have a problem with the whole concept.. We are not going to cause the accident we (we in the sarcastic sence) are going set up the conditions and then hope it happens..

I think rob is playing around with the camars... It goes something like.... what goes through his mind exactly some suggestive stuff from the camara view and then the gm chick... Like staring in a retaliation flick... It's not a good gig, and it is hard to predict... If I can predict it I can make fun of it.... I think I am working til 7 am with jessica but I am not sure...

Thursday, November 20, 2008


gm...let them play golf

I am not advocating this but gm is worth something to the bondholder even for instance if someone buys the plant in wentzville mo (Near the house I used to have).. tears it down and builds a golf corse... In addition to the "cost" of lost taxes exc estimates that get thrown around there is the cost of fear.... It costs alot to wait... I have heard some claims that it may lead to an end to democracy or desires either way may be why someone would let it fail.. everything is paralised by the fear of what is going to happen... fear itself could be sending stuff under..

co powel 1913.... I am roleplaying this one out...

There is an atourney named mark. and then across the street one named rene.. A wilson sign with a radio active symbal (advertising apartments).. Then you pass by the iranian resteraunt equipment supplier (jeans) and channel 6... this is all agnes near staples more or less..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


deadline for citgo (chavez) to blaime bush jan 24

We are all excited at the downtown burger king in corpus christi by the upcoming deadline. The deadline to comit murder and blaim bush is fast aproaching and there may be a change in organised crime for military intelegence purposes and other stupid things... I think there are some who are blaiming the comunication workers and a deal to comit crime (as some of my sources claim but they may represent citgo workers).... Presures on fear no evil... GM at 10 cents on the dollar almost but the stock only moved 10%.... There is no reason for the optimism on the stock... THe bonds should be dollar cost averaged..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


pdf files at the corpus christi burger king


I think it is clear that there are pdf files involved with the corpus christi texas downtown burger king.. I am not filing this without the word retaliation and other stuff that was outside of burger king as being a motive, I need to go over the fedral stuff, I believe it is better to throw someone in jail and let them rot as oppesed to lawsuit abuse. The death penality is better but probily not aplicable.. i.e. I believe everyone should get locked up and that treason isn't impossable (walk down star street with me and look at the mags I got and tell me I don't have 911 investment advice) and this wouldn't even be brought up, unless it is an extra sentence..

It is always the victems fault that is what pdf files always say..

Friday, November 14, 2008


AnTweakBar download

I am playing around with different basic languages and I saw a post for AntWeakBar for free basic but the links were dead so I downloaded it and created a new wrapper. I haven't tested this yet but It looks like it is a must have for various code generation and editing programs.

AntWeakBar Download

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


general motors

I can't borrow general motors shares anymore.. The bonds are trading I estimate at 12, 13 cents on the dollar (ticker gmw) I see the liquidation estimates at 30 to 40 cents to the dollar. gmac is estimated at 60 cents to the dollar based on a wall streat jounal article.. I am thinking gm is more likely to get bailed out though.. I am all out of investment ideas (trading the stock for the bonds).. I think I just pay off the rest of margin and take the money and run... I will think about more gmw though after weeks of research..


Monday, November 03, 2008


takenote xblite archive

XBlite archive download

This is an archive of the message board and some of the helpfiles from some of the wrappers of the xblite basic programming language. This should be used in the takenote (compiled python) editor available at

TakeNote download

everything is available by catagory. One side note sometimes the files in the root can save as null strings. Either create a new notebook and copy the files over (renaming the file) or you should back up those files.. This file is saved as a backup so you need to restore the backup to start using it. I haven't even started to look at the reg xbasic group yet so I may have alot more stuff later on.


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