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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


terrorists mess up sidewalk on lepored street

corpus christi texas, tx o.k. not realy but it does sorta look like someone is getting ready to take credit for something...

the buc day parade names rios hole and where the sewer is caving in is heurta lawyer .... ya I bet it will, The problem is that it looks like a perminent marking and having someone fall in a whole and die is not illeagal vandelism is... It sorta looks like the only thing holding it together is the buc days tape that is left over and the sidewalk over the sewer hole moves when you walk over it.....


it is artesian and leopard street (as in leo rios ha )

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


pocasts happy birthday to me...

I am not realy happy with my mp3 player maybe I should have bought the ipod... I see the disadvantages now to the rca... The biggest being the audio is to soft, I get alot of python podcasts and some of them are getting drowned out by other noise when I listen to them.. I have a bunch of iron python podcasts from miss. places including one from the revolver person... seems I can't get the demo to download though on vista anyway.. I have some jython podcasts but they are news mainly and I will be deleting them hardly seem usefull.. my widget for pygame seems to be stuck on the redraw... I will have to go back to my pycap version and try to figure out what the difference is and if I am realy lucky see if I can make it self aware..

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


pycon 2009 recordings

I started listening to the pycon 2009 recordings... http://advocacy.python.org/podcasts/pycon.rss

I found the screen scraping ones intresting. You would figure with the i-pod and the need to figure out a use for large amounts of disk-space (ie the need for new excuses to buy hardware) that you would see more podcasts... I did come across a jython feed it looks like it is mostly news though.. I would like to see jython and iron python how-to (for beginners) to do graphics, include java, iron python libraries exc...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


chess both sides play black

corpus christi, If both sides play black what do you get... You have no game... It looks like a script or sloppiness where you have a county guy with his back turned and close to where the passengers get off the 79 bus at staples station.. take his gun or make that the excuse you don't want this or that person to ride the bus because now we are preventing a criminal offence.. I think I will talk to rta and the county there is no reason he needs a real gun anyway. looks like the olpc came up with no audio but it takes a long time to startup... I can emulate linux and other op systems without rebooting...

Monday, May 18, 2009


circumstantial jap organised crime and toshiba takeover

Toshiba for the time being is dumping laptops and the prices are falling... this week they went into the under $400 range $369 for a smaller full sized laptop.. the other circumstantial evidence that this is about the battery market and thus the chinese battery company that is in the auto buisness... Itunes doesn't work on toshiba I tried using the search everything was fine but it wouldnt accept my text... One laptop per child virus from jap emulator project that was hosted at http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~qemu-win/ . They lost so much money that they had to be recapitalised and they are now dumping laptops like crazy..

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Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have this friend

corpus christi texas, burger king . I have this friend named randy ( that works at burger king ) and he keeps talking about doing himself in and then I got this other friend named chris who started to talk like randy ( about doing himself in ) and now I have this boss (I won't name him ) who might be trying to electricute himself or whatever to do damage to himself,,, feels that he deserves to be punnished or whatever...

I have these friends over at stripes who may end up investing all thier money in susser because thier confidence is up.... woo is yee ... the truth is that we may be trying to give you bad investment advice.. That is how it always starts and remember not only do you have peek oil theory but you have two replacement plans (electic and natural gas ) that dont require you to go to fill up a tank... Short trading fast food companies like burger king is also a way to end up on the road to ruin... bankrupcy and prostitution (organised crime style and if you walk out doors you can even point at the fbi's office).... now that you have helped short trade burger king and went to sussers (stripes) next door and said bad things about burger king you can now be used later when the crime family wants to seriously run a burger king, take back some of the buisness and short susser.. It is because they hate you people...]]

I am your friend and I would suggest a balanced aproach..

maybe some burger king shares
some coka cola..
some chinese electric car company (replace with name later)
and some mcdonalds (because the news release say they are doing well because they have good coffee

(declosure bershire interest so It would benifit me to expose insurance fraud) mooooo.

Friday, May 08, 2009


The bat computer

I am finally running windows vista.. It looks like Toshiba is dumping computers but they may just be unloading before windows 7 comes out. The conspiracy theory would work like this.. The Japanese concerned about the Chinese auto industry and the company that is part owned by Berkshire Hathaway.. decides that the trio of products, laptop batteries, cell phones and cars is a big threat and decides to take over the laptop market and dump jap batteries as well as other measures... I have found that dex tracker doesn't work with vista because of missing .dll's I don't have an answer to that but I do have my modem fixed after I called toshiba's help line, that really doesn't satisfy me I wanted to upgrade to a much more advanced model :) I am really excited that I will be able to use pygame now and will have a much better distro going... I had an offer on half the cost of going into business (and some of the work) which comes out to $50 for half of the cost of the google ads.

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Friday, May 01, 2009


pixilang putc example

I started to mess around with pixilang. They have a working sequencer and drum machine but that is realy more than I need, what I am after is the graphics and then running an external file.. they also have less than I need in the docs / examples when they say refer to the c docs for file operations.. this is my simple demo/example for putc (to write a charecter to a file)

pFile=fopen ("myfile.txt","w")

fputc ( 't', pFile )

fclose (pFile)

writing a line like this takes a bit of work...

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