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Friday, February 25, 2005


this is the irs on drugs..

good news and bad news.... at this pace I will have cash flow of around $10,000 on a $50,000 investment... I had to by my march option back for xmsr and sell it again in july. Scott trade sent me a revised form that did not look correct, I also have this problem where I already did my taxes so I had to talk to the irs. Black lady who sounded like she was on medication saying something about my adress being different. You would almost hope it was a phone hacker. How did they send me the tax form if the adress wasn't correct? It sounded like they may go after me for $20 in cap gaines and she told me I would have to talk to someone else about the 1250 cap gains... damn forms are a pain is the..... easier than they have been. She said she was going to send me a form.. hopefully scott trade is going to credit my account a g for the bond that was called I keep checking I don't see anything. may be a function of paperwork. I would have to say that I get different issues with optionsxpress money is a very serious matter because I may need to but food this month.. (or next).. On the whole I would have to say I may have a chance instead of being 100% doomed. Someone is playing intimdation games maybe or maybe just humor I am walking and there is a cd with dex scratched into it. Once in a while I find one that isn't completly messed up..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Novatel Wireless intitutionalised

This was a company that has some ties to varius end users like verizen and lucent. It's a scary stock it had tripled at one point and then it started to drop quick. One analist said he was buying befour the earnings. I just look today and institutions own 100%. there is a new 52 week low. I may be the other .01%. It is growing and coming out with new products that don't have other componies to compete with. It is what they call the falling knife, trying to catch a falling knife is dangerous. option yields have been very very high. they may have droped a bit from a therotical 60% or so. I get $700 cash flow and things still don't look well... (except for the cash flow part). They could end up teaming up with wireless to get you more satalite radio options.

xm droped quicker than I would have guesed. look at the $30 options from a price above around a week out and you have a abitroge.. the shorts may get caught by baseball. I was looking at the news and saw that serius was paying 20 mil a year for racists (nascar to be exact). That could be a plus for xm to loose that.

Monday, February 21, 2005


serius sec investigation

Just a mention yesterday 02/21/2005 a truck comes up behind me in the parking lot going to fast slams the breaks as she was driving away she says I used to work with him. I don't believe the sec investigation into howard stern necessarily involves howard stern. If you look at what managemnet and the price history did. First the loss freaked out the investers and then they said they made changes to the homosexual station freaking out the investers and driving the price down to $2.30. In the articles I am seeing there was specualtion that howard stern was going to serius. quite frankly they would save $100,000,000 a year if he was arrested. I consider it realy odd that right after they got howard stern the top person in management resigned. It did add to a short sqeeze that helped drive the price up to over $9.
As far as people predicting my investments in advance I have been looking into synthetic oil. Seems there is a butterball plant that has it's waste going towards synthetics at somewhere near a $20 a barrel cost. they claim to be able to use alot of different items to do this. They are also a privite company and they may be dishonest. Things to look for tommorow the options have just expired pay attention to xm and see if it dips. syntrolium also looks intresting they make synthetic out of natural gas and have an interest in a lease in south america if drilled, have some natural gas wells in kansas and are planing to go offshore in nigeria. I rate it good enough to be 1% of a portfolio.

Saturday, February 19, 2005


a non-yellowish truth to the serius sec investigation and insider trading rumors

I now hold 800 shares of serius bought for aprox $2500. When the price went down to $2.50 I was looking at both how much of my portfolio was in serius (less than 5%) and the option yield at $2.50. I have been getting a two part harrasment campain from men that sound homosexual one part is about buying a car and the second part is about my brokerage account. I have someone in what sounds like one of the neiboring apartments talking (vaugly the defence maybe a claim about coincidence and him talking about someone else). There was also metion about south africa and the shares I had boought with the money I recieved from one of the option payments. stock went up around 300%. Instead of hearing the acusations about gambling I am hearing them now about insider trading. There was metion about plight of south african minors and alot of b.s. I was origanily going to put the money towards credit card debt in a beat the rate sceme but the card refinanced at 0%. I was looking at steel companies but the price went up sharply befour I was able to invest. found a south african steel company in the sometimes working java interaction with msn.
There is some hope amung homosexuals and men who have no hair on thier legs that I will by a car and give them money. It's a very stupid premise and I truly have the same opionion that many muslems probly have. Needless to say I follow serius radio very closely the day befour they replaced top management the corpus christi police department roleplayed something and then any person shouted there is an investigation at my apartment. Just because I have something that looks like a terrorist attack and I get high double digit yields does not mean I am part of the gambino's. It's partialy risk-reward and partialy the companies I picked have done very well (alot of them are real estate and clean utilities).

Sunday, February 13, 2005


terrorists want verizen to buy sprint.

A direct quote going from someplace to place unknown. I don't want him to have a family (mci). Sprint long known as a threat to crime figures because of it's ability to be uploaded onto blogs is the favored purchase. Other graphiti noticed, some of the china stuff, a hong kong cell company with a good option yield. delphi wich has a good option yield, good div yield and a new buisness selling electric friendly air conditioners was also painted on a fence. ( the hong kong company was painted on the bus route). The opionin of the blog is that hong kong and china is a long term play and good yields without currency speculation is the place to start.
I have to note quest-dex is in the building also. The speculation on quest is that it may buy
dex with stock to get more cash flow. quest should probily be 1%, as a good agressive income play.

Saturday, February 12, 2005


prostitutes use online dating services localy

according to one of the local news channels the online dating services are just teaming with prostitutes. I am not sure how you can tell just by looking, maybe instead of likes to have a good time it sounds more like something written on a bathroom wall. Everyone knows that people in law enforcement don't date and would never be on a site like that normaly (had to say that) . There is a link to one with the option of using free pictures on the side bar there.

A comment of note.. I was telling someone about the sillyness that is going on instead of using a wireless device to harrass me while I am driving I now have people I have never seen befour seem impatient with me for walking. Instead of inciting me to violence or something they have decided to help me smear the police department. Like I have always said I keep telling you there is a major crime family. There is some claim of being in the military, A fitting responce I supose instead of court martial would be to send them somewhere where they don't have peace.

found a bug in the google blog use a very long line of periods or whatever and the sidebar is pushed all the way to the bottem have to email them about that..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


military what.... excuses (and maybe not miltary ones)

I wouldn't know the difference between an iranian and a taned person. I believe that someone decided that abuse was a viable way to send messages internationaly to stop terrorism or maybe it is that it was a good excuse to try to cover up a bunch of crap. Dulusions of who's grander I don't even have a car. I was looking at one of my accounts and a partial number
is 05 am without the whole thing osami is what it looked like. These people have been acting weirder than hell, the brokerage is (or should be anyway) options express. They seem pretty unresponsive and they have told me that they had to resubmit my transfer broker to broker but had no problems with the certificates I sent. I have some black sounding person talking crap about a million dollars won't help me exc exc. exc. sounds like extortion right. I look at the account number again, he better be talking about a saudi prince or something.
I extended my roleplaying into the search engines 05 ami was one, remember the terrorist attack was on the music sites. 05 iuma. Someone timed the dates in the engine and made it go 05 in the posting. Creapy if you would think someone was trying to pass something on it would creap them out maybe but as anti-war propiganda or maybe as a version of the truth. I dislike sharades because of creapy randomness that may not have a relation to anything heres a link though iuma + 05 + law + terrorist (it was number one in this search).

American Arrogance... - IUMA Bulletin Board... a failure until people realize the problems with international law. ... Mish* Member,posted 04-13-2003 07:05 PM Click ... and shit check out: http://politicide.iuma.com ...


note this is almost exactly two years to hijact being sent into the search engines and the time helps it be 05 iuma. The Title American Aragance (AA right) sounds like some crap I was hearing of alot befour 911 you are supposed to embarass him and then alot of abuse. noticed this in the search engine also the search is ( am iuma law terrorist 05 ) Sudan wiseman. roleplaying the jeskola buzz site all the gens stopped working maybe it is supposed to be genicide

http://susandwiseman.iuma.com or www.iuma.com To God Be The Glory ! ... IP: Logged.John.L.Schick Member, posted 02-04-2005 05:37 AM Click Here ...


As far as one last creepy thing anyone ever notice the saudi builing that looks like it has a whole in it. You think a relitive suggested it be built that way so that planes could fly through the building.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


marine or moron. (like david lettermans will it float)

Marine or moron is the game. It is a little like david lettermans will it float. Imagine a set of orders, the claim is that he (they) are following orders to harrass me whereever I go. We have claims about being in the military. We have people yelling out of car windows disturbing the peace through entire neiborhoods, yelling out of back yards across holly. You can just imagine the guy who is saying he made this as a promise and he keeps his promise or the ollie north claim that there are


Just think about this for a moment what are orders.. (or claims about orders) . They are just a set of instructions. In programming terms it becomes just a plugin that can be used by programs to either gather information or for the programmers purpose. I have been acused of being racist (odd claim). All I have to do to use it in my smear campain is just walk nothing else but there are other programs. Everyone knows that you can backstab military personal when it comes to promotion by either proving they are morons or racist or the best backstab security threat. All of a sudden a script can be used to draw someone out into the open. Or as part of the cover story for various anti-american groups all because programs when they become plugins can be used by any other set of instructions they are compatable with. Has anyone been outsmarted, moron I think is the judgement that should be made.

Saturday, February 05, 2005


jail keeps salid bin.. ( ishmael salahud-din )

I remember it well all the copters and stuff going over my apartment and then all the intresting looking people that ended up behind the apartment as if the drug running was being moved across weber.. He didn't make bail the problem is they didn't get all of them these people have been running amuck over here, the south side has capsised into a haven for drug dealers and loud achoholics... (excuse my spelling). At least the bastered didn't shoot me on the way to the strip club so my luck may be looking up a little bit.

Thursday, February 03, 2005


scottrade gets sneaky backdating the prime??

I just recently made some changes to my account getting rid of a chinese mutual fund and buying 200 shares or xm mostly on margin. I have been paying down the margin a little bit through dividends and out of my paycheck and by selling the options. It apears that scottrade waited for the prime to go up and then backdated the interest payment. (came out to about $17 apox average over $3,000 for 24 days).

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


scitzaphrenic voice requests I buy highly eplosive product

I don't know how explosive that wart remover is but back to out story alot of abuse and
a bunch of crap about moving next to the oil refineries on north beach... I am not sure I used
the product correctly it's a bitch to use.. In fact I can't use any other product for it or I should
have it surgicly removed.. explodes at 120 degrees that may be something that should not be on the market.
To extend and revise my notes leading a good muslim life by living debt free also seems to be a big issue.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


xmsr (xm) break the shorts?

The news is that the short side could have to buy ten days of the float. For max leverage you would sell calls for 07. not such a bad yield and long term it is a good move. I have to disclose I own xm and serius regardless of what I have said, but it is a chance for some hetrosexuals to make some cash coming into baseball season. I am also looking into msn, Does it realy help them to have a big fight over the media player, They could do better just to buy shares of real player and to give people the option. The radio thing could prove to be a big thing in europe where there is enough english to make it worth while. Is there another special div after they settle the issue. The thought is to agressive income microsoft regardless of weather you think they have another sizable div or not. You also have that sizable overseas buisness.

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