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Friday, March 25, 2011


bobs.ob (and rockstar)

ob means bullitian board... I saw it on seeking alpha yesterday and I started comparing it to the different versions of rockstar that are on youtoube. The currency is real

"when I went to school in Olympia" (i could see that as a play on olympics and they are coming to brazil

"what do you with a revolution??" (green?)
make me real fu (brazil currency)
make me f fu (prostitution??)

one or two of the versions feels like the line one sounds sorta anti-free trade or pro-auto maybe. Maybe anti free manufaturing but pro free energy trade.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


maybe I kick someones ass on the knife one day a week

I took it as sort of a challenge, It's the car thing and I think someone insinuates that is why I am not doing the knife, that's your raise and then some. I am getting threats at the house, my account number read back to me and then my password (unknown voice), Lets see if you have control of communication and claim a million times that I don't have a drivers license does that change my behavior no and I will make a fortune while bip brains wastes all his time on uselessness. It's retaliation for not driving but it is only a crime when we enforce the law./

Friday, March 18, 2011


dirty city cop...

one person harasses you and then they are gone and then you get a taller version harassing you with a sales technique... I also have a voice claiming it is offering protective custody for drug info.... I made it impossible for anyone but someone who is using as an excuse to use the abuse to have contact with me without getting hurt (usually down staples).. Thats a cover up there is no drugs and disappearing me so I can't dispute someone elses claims about drugs in 2001 and the connection to the hijact thing is nonsense... I think it is a dirty city cop who is trying to cover his ass, someone had told me it was the communication workers but they may be trying to get me to blaim the wrong person.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


My heard don't run things I run things

If there is anything that you should learn from working with cattle... My heard don't run things I run things.. Seems like they get upset when I am getting ready to make an investment.. Fredrick would say, They are crying because they know what is going to happen to them. If they know would you expect all of them to go peacefully or would you expect them to put up a fight. Sometimes you can hear them like they are desperately trying to get a last minute defense going..

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