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Friday, February 27, 2009


photo test

this is another photo test.. this is route 19

More photo's

I am running this as a test I don't have all the photo's I want for my "big" story yet


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


some picture

burger king corpus christi ... company policy over 8 hours no break clock at 4 and then not told when to clock back in while working and not getting paid for a check that is less than min wage..

copowel 1911 pictures..


this is a ten dollar wallmart camara... doesn't focus well in the distance for an intresting effect on the bayfront but I haven't uploaded those yet.. One of those great pictures but sad moments didn't turn out well.. A sea bird with a cross necklas around it.. It fuzzed and then you get some snow blindness with the lighter colours... I should be getting more conspiracy type photos up there... Helps to be there...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


A weekend of mischief and some surfing fishing...

I was looking for nois and robert is one of the people I have found..


He would be from the western noise region


he might be the type of person who would joing the ymca


co powell 1911 down the street from the ymca and all there weights.. the cover story is there.. We are going based on posible stories and not proof of a story.. The prez(biterian) churh and luara (lawyer).. quote is by mark twain.. alter mark.. I think it's a photo someone has that is done with a mirror and a co powel1911 mark with coastal enviremental across the street..

Someone tried to aproach me friday and I started to cross ocean drive and they started to cross ocean drive and then I went back to the sidewalk where I started from and then he just stood thier looking stupid while a car has to slow down to avoid hitting him...

COUNTY PRISON BUS LEAVES THE COURT HOUSE WITH THE ENGINE COVER DANGELING INTO ANOTHER LANE.. looks like a bad prison escape movie. It's bad maintence, I don't know if people do things so they can blame the boss for not running things better there is a good chance he is a one term guy because of politiacal realities, on the other hand it is likely that the county will need the space in the near future and will not be able to count on money from the federal government anyway.

what are the odd's that housing was overbuilt on purpose for the purpose of slowing demand later before an invasion on iran.. The vice president has been talking for years about how iran would be divided up.. I was even divided iran up in a simular fashion (and was called an idiot on one of the boards).. I forgot about the part of iran that the nation of islam gets because like they say we cannot get along.. I think it would be unlikely you could get one million people to leave let alone 20 million like they suggest on the website..

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


the steely dan copowel1911 conspiracy...

Corpus christi burger king. It goes like this you stand on caranchua (spelling is probily off) and you look at route 19 (we have songs for all the routes well some anyway)

hey 19 retha franklen
she's the queen of soul

exc exce exc
let me go with you when you slide on down

exc exc..

I come from boston

The box set is call citizen and that is why it is on the school on lepard I think, you have to think of the enemy as different.. the other route is 17..

the big disk is 2 but notable is

boston rag
through with buzz
daddy don't live in that new york city no more.
hey 19

another album steely dan album I noticed after the seven album collection was two against nature from 2001 where the two steely dan members are standing throwing off thier shaddows like two towers..

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