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Saturday, February 27, 2010


628 texan trail (adress looks wrong) arson??


628 texan trail corpus christi texas. I noticed the address looks like it ends up on the high school property across the street. As always and as anyone who would stalks me and harasses me as part of a civil rights crime would know (real estate and the bus control of communication crime). Whats cool about the civil rights crime about the bus is that a bunch of racists have the permission of the corpus christi police department to try to use harassment to keep me a former student in a court case school district (brown vs board) off the bus. The racists also have control of communication to try to use abuse to sell drugs hopefully I can kill one in self defense but I have only been able to hurt one of them so far. I might have an interest in the property if the price is right, probably in partner with other people. I would also know the price history going back into time. I think the price is high unless the financing is made easier. I think the game is that you get people who are looking for a job to check back with the waterburger on alameda and ask HAS ANYONE BEEN FIRED YET..... (as someone told me they are firing the "dead wood" before spring break).

More on race crimes (in corpus christi and their non-enforcement) including the kkk favorite of freedom of speech as an excuse is here


Friday, February 26, 2010


treason pictures


I don't know what happened to my picture of the route 19 bus and the rta booklet with the shape of a high rise in the route... I could get some more pictures online if someone wants (and has the equipment, I know where the stuff is roleplayed)

Thursday, February 25, 2010


unlikely theory

This is probably possible but only the true killer would really know (god I love adding drama to something that is probably something else).... They send him near death so they can blame the magic jack and how they do the 911 service. Really the truth is, if no one understands there is something wrong no one can help you... everything is in the blog and there isn't much I could do.... except to say that I would have went inside of stripes to make the call because I might even luck out and get emergency people plus it was closer. (so don't kill anyone else ha ha ha ha ha)....

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


buisness images review.

corpus christi texas 2010 I saw buisness images review for the first time (print version) for the most part it looks fantastic. It does look like thier numbers though for major employers is almost to dated to be usefull. So much has changed since 2007. It also seems like a shame some of the old versions are off the internet. It looks like it is a great resource on infrastructure that you probably will not get from other publications. So all in all under normal circumstances it would probily be more helpfull to job seekers but it is still a worth while publication and it is a shame you can't get back issues in pdf



trinidad and tobago..

I think they are roleplaying it... the land lord is trinidad (garcia) and the tile is Tobago. I am not sure what religion has to do with it except it is a small oil country off the Venezuelan coast that is much less likely to be able to protect itself from Valenzuela. I think mostly the noise is about Columbia. Looking at a map that makes Haiti a strategic place that is much better than porta rico as a base in the gulf. It may be in their best interest to be an American territory but that would be a big head ache for us unless they really wanted that (with self governance of course).


tippie love whitie graphiti...

I would roleplay the whole street but it probily isn't the markings from the last 90 years that are going to get you... I think hr on cooper street and black would also be markings I would role play. basically everything, I would look at the other servers on star street for stuff that is better than that... We might have some anti-capitalist crap in the graphiti so it might be insider stuff but I doubt it. The driver on route 719 seems to be increasingly bazaar and disliked by the passengers. It's is his demeanor really although I am not sure about the way he is breaking.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


the mentaly ill ask about do not ask do not tell....

I am not sure what the mentally ill do if there issue is taken away. two facts though control of communication and abuse is a way to sell drugs. If you have to sell drugs you are already dead and then I will brag about it because it will be self defense and because the police department said they couldn't do anything. I was almost successful twice and then the city is likely to have to pay for their bariel if the family can't afford it, better to let the state prison system have them and their control of communication crap.

Monday, February 22, 2010


roleplayed strip mall harbor frieght.

She was an angel grinder from chicago.... csl plasma ..... how about c sl (see saint louis)..... star bonus..... Ya but I didn't do anything... thats what they all say

FBI: Kopp Used Fake ID
Alleged Murder Weapon Traced to Pawn Shop in Tennessee

I think they caught him,

I thought I had saw a tall person a couple of weeks ago near the abortion place waiting to catch the bus. Crazy person looking for work, I was lucky that alot of signs were all in one place, the clothes store says they sell mens clothing but they don't say it convincingly, she is used to selling only to women or something.. That might be a thing with store design.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


shely street corpus christi graphiti and roleplayed

corpus christi shely street. I see shely (anthony's brother as a street name) and then I see anthony as graphiti etched into the concrete. The street is broken up by the highway... There is a house on the other side (the outer road is called david street he is a wonderful person who markets tobacco to children) of the highway that is borded up they are not afraid of the hurricane they are afraid of fema (They have been living in a boarded up house for two years?). I keep going down shely street there is what are probily rental units with siding that is probily from sears (like the siding I had on the house I owned) across the street is a funeral home and then across from where shely ends is an h.e.b and a salvation army store (I would suspect they are roleplaying shely as shell gas station when they were playing that game down alameda but they changed it to a p.m.i.

Friday, February 19, 2010


texas gov race

What I get are a bunch of abusive hispanic women who are promoting religion befour the election. They are doing one of two things, marketing against rick perry and against kay huchenson (kay will have her shot at the border long befour she reaches the outside of my apartment) or she is marketing for star locke by pointing out he may be underestimating the number of ileagel imigrant (spelling probily) criminals. They have been painting the outside of the apartment for over three months, It's hard to tell if the land owner knows this or not. Just another story of voter harrasment the police department can't do anything about.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


some impressions of the health department

corpus christi health department. I went down to the corpus christi health department today. It seems that they show a video of a stripes store with all the horrors exc... It begs the question of weather it gives people the idea that they can create thier own horror stories that include those they want to retaliate against, after all a couple of fines for some non-sense about hot dogs might be worth it (to someone anyway). It also might encourage the manufactured story i.e. trying to arange for people who you think are going to do something wrong into circumstances so you can back-stab the city, citgo and the oil industry in favor of natural gas. It seems like that could of been part of what was going on at burger king (near the citgo plant and right by the "this planting was paid for citgo sign". It would probably be marketed as pro and against stripes and then maybe for and against the health department for a cover story to spread disease and then... It is a wonder no one has martyred someone yet.

So where I am staying it is a room for rent and supposedly he works at the health department for a few days and someone had spread something in here that looked like it could have been medical waste. I put up with some overheard abuse from the hispanic woman about not sleeping with who-ever before marriage exc.. I said I never had a health card and I worked at burger king for three years the other hispanic (that does custodial stuff) guy called me an asshole in Spanish


Friday, February 12, 2010


google advertising.

Some say my heart is half empty.... it is the Presbyterian church (renamed the city church at one of their locations. Some say my heart is half full..... Its a google advertisement where you get $100 in free advertising.. valentines day card.. I am not sure I have an effective campaign this political season. I am not sure what I am running for either, I think it might be some economic czar for the next county...

Thursday, February 11, 2010


New alteranive energy forced investment theory

... Loans against future taxes (The gov gets an ownership stake but with enough room to be wrong about the tax value)... an opt out for homeowners either shares or you can opt out and buy solar panels or a windmill.... It's even better for jobs in a local area, even though you don't get the prop tax on the solar panels you get more sales tax from a higher resale value (hopefully) and maybe less disruption effect from storms... Thats my new geothermal or sewage to energy investment thesis. It is clear we are not going to import natural gas from Venezuela (or anywhere else) so there should be less political clout for the concept.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


rob and swindle

The original sbbs person so you would roleplay rob and he would be abusive with some overheard stuff ......... you can make fun of the servers over at the omni...


route 19 and 17th street steely dan song roleplayed

hey 19 take me with you when you come on down.....

You been telling me your a guinues every since you were 17 in all the time I have known you I still don't know what you mean...

agape training center on route 19 near 17th street at 1 911 ayers street..... I think that nails it..


civil rights thing (bus transfer)

This might be a civil rights thing where you give someone a bus transfer to try to deny them a public service (bus service)..... might be someone making fun of a perceived weight problem... get the cotton out of your ears ate group not hate group... You have to give someone the benefit of the doubt but it tends to look like a civil rights thing.

Friday, February 05, 2010


yum brands organised short

corpus Christi Texas The customers keep suggesting there is a problem, everything pretty much went down except for burger king stock so what kind of inside info is that crap.... I see more block letters kems .... I noticed the $95 puts on burlington northern wich is being bought for $100 cash is going up, that probily means there are some margin calls involved and prices are going to be a little out of kilter, same with the price range today down 160 and then up to around 20..

Thursday, February 04, 2010


ora a building idea

Someone called me a nazi when I suggested forced investment but allowing you to do whatever you wanted to do with what you invested in. Throw in borrowing money and using a percent of the taxes (property tax and hopefully you could get the education district to take some of the tax as equity as well) you get from the new plant as collateral, and the option of direct purchase by the public directly from the company and you can get all kinds of intresting projects at least in some of the nearby counties stuff like burning the sludge from the sewage plant to synthetic natural gas, sludge to dirt plans to avoid high cost waste costs. The government isn't leaning in that direction but I would love to be involved in somekind of development plan. There may be other geothermal sites as well that are not on state property.

I saw an advertisement from rick perry and I have to wonder what he's thinking. First they mention the name of an opponent giving them free advertising and then bashing her on something that might have a questionable impact on the Conservative base. It is probably not an effective advertisement

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I was wrong market doesn't like it

I should have done a butterfly but it is a low dollar deal to see if it is good enough to make money on.... heavy on cnbc yesterday was the word risk and then followed by yum brands earnings.. dollar is up and that is bad for yum brands.


Wednesday, February 03, 2010


risk graphiti and yum brands (pizza hut, kfc exc)

I have heard all the things I saw in the graphiti on cnbc today.. How do I trade that.... I don't know I think I will just wait and then when it goes up or it goes down, I would black mail you for making trades based on the graphiti. I don't know that I like or dislike pizza hut but I think gasoline makes it challenging for the drivers sometimes.

I will look again at kfc (on staples where I might fill out an application some day)... where they are screwing up all the orders and maybe it feels like an organized short that involves a homosexual and I will look again at the price and maybe the best bet is against that.... a low dollar option that there is an idiot involved.

Monday, February 01, 2010


dan and I with throats run dry

cooool cleeaar water
chorus water

Down ayers street is a very large number of tax places the like of wich has probily never been seen in such a small area of a town. It's like a gold rush. I was looking into the water filter buisness, I am not sure they like the 75 maybe not even the 60 hour answer, do I get to sell the big filters to the refineries, algae and and... Probably not. not yet....

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