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Saturday, January 29, 2011


The bigest looser

The account went down Friday and the biggest looser starts harrasing me and starts calling me a drug addict (Your a drug addict when the market goes down a particular day?). The man has nothing else to do, It is a brown vs board problem because investments have income and that makes it look less like brown vs board hurts children (with blackmailed cop support).

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I think I get the gist of what might be extortion

One person had started by saying that homosexuals won't kill anyone. (very untrue)
you hear the voices asking for money and making threats at the house
and then I hear sexually abusive voices at work while someone starts playing devils advocate with the gun who may or may not be described by the first sentence. The voice claims he doesn't work there (perhaps a play on lawsuit abuse that racists and the johavas witness would worship). He's just trying to walk closer to the gun, a game the air person does not like, Its like tailgating a semi. It doesn't even mater if it is the drivers fault. It may be retaliation for not getting money by the idiot with control of comunication.

Friday, January 21, 2011



It's the wrong thing to attract someone who is depressed or looks depressed to being near the air gun... I an hearing something that would indicate that the person I am hearing has the other goal... his friend used to play devils advocate about the gun and I would have to assume that it is an attempt to steal money from the insurance stockholders who deserve the money and give it to miscreants.

Thursday, January 06, 2011


kimberly clark

I am not sure why there is more optimism in the news. I am not against it and I don't seem to see it in the price. It seems to be in the options market though.... Every year you get a raise.... I am dollar cost averaging it, I grabbed 3 shares after it went ex-div and I will grab up to 7 shares tommorow. I stop when I past 5% of my portfolio. its kmb and then dtegy and then it may be kmp the pipeline company or something that I have book marked maybe enzimes, I don't feel good about the ethonal but the bio-gas is probily going to grow pretty good and they have alot of food products exc...

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