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Monday, July 30, 2007


answering machines says my daughter angel is in a life and death

There is some homosexual mexican saying that if I have a daughter named angel that she is in a life and death situation and wants me to call a phone in canada 450-463-2585.. I don't know that I have a daugter named angel and if I do she isn't in canada hanging out with someone named jason... Sounds like he kidnapped the bitch or something... maybe it is a scam where long distance is charged to your phone..

Saturday, July 28, 2007


sexual abuse on route 19

I am hearing sexual abuse on route 19 coming from somewhere.... There is one person on the bus sleeping and no one else.... control of comunication.. must be one of those military priests.. He does the job better when he is doing broiler.. exc.. Ya right.. I look better though and don't have to dry out in the morning... I am somewhat over-caffineated last night, I am to late to talk about the job prospect I think but there are other non-job things I can be doing. There is a add about do you love python and marketing.. I was amused when google started to run it. The other comment about google is the "do no evil" motto. When you roleplay that and combine it with kkr's (large steak of tobbaco company) java (shares of sun microsystem) what kind of backstabbing scripts do you get.


Friday, July 27, 2007


my hours haven't been corrected

I see a trend I hadn't seen befour.... a bottle of something with a warning label and then a cop is pointed out... Because I watch the way people do things... go spray stuff near the fryer... Yesterday It was there is a babe with (a good looking babe)... I look into loby it is a police officer promently displayed and then look around I do not see a discription of what the guy just said... I told him you better see some identification from this chick I am not sure she is over 18... jessica realy doesn't want to pay me for those hours... I noticed something with jesse that made me believe he came close to getting arrested last night.. This older chick comes in the lobby we have a contovisy (as they would say on bbc).. jesse is in the lobby she pushes him (You read stuff about women seeking abusive people and then trying to recreate the abuse...) He looks like he is going to hit her for a second.. I said you can't do that later because she isn't a threat to you or anything... (she is just annoying)... The cops got her at the circle k parking lot..

Thursday, July 26, 2007


burger king corpus christi...

I suspect the boss jessica is planning to not pay me for my burger king hours in advance.. I clocked in and out to mark my time for monday, it looks like they are trying to make it easy to mess up the time. We have to clock in and out at 4 am in the morning.. It also looks like my cook is trying to leave me bad food at night... maybe it was a bad night for him... THey dried out all the meat, and eggs after running a bunch of it.. They do great when we get big volume...

Our current special involves free blockbuster movie cupons... also we are advertising be yellow... I don't know if that means if you are afraid of war you should buy 20 woppers... I am ready to write some music, I haven't decided where to put it I am thinking maybe google video.. It is just sample stuff but theoreticly getting paid for my content is going to make them the choice to choose...


Wednesday, July 25, 2007


spanish on my answering machine

I have someone calling me in spanish today and yesterday leaving a message that I do not understand.... I hear the word columbia and that is all I can realy pick out. I hope I am not getting death threats or something.. I think I waited to long to talk to the people about my resume.... are you willing to car pool carpul.... I will have to think about that.... Seems like the microsoft people have a good sales pitch for microsoft office including being an information have not if you don't have it on your computer... I can't assume that the person I am doing software with has it though so I can't use it as a com object like vim... vim isn't as mouse dependent either... Power mac compatable with both linux and windows... That is starting to sound atractive... I don't have that kind of cash to throw around though... It may be a little bit of a break to not do the drug test and talk to the boss... I was starting to blur at the screen.... Hot looking black chick walked in during the test and started to chew something...

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Friday, July 20, 2007


more frymaster weakness

For four fryers you need to have four different computer chips... This should probily be a completly seperate item and just the sensors are in the modular fry unit.. That would get rid of three computers that are sucking up watage..



The problems with the fryer (besides circumstansial evidence someone is trying to burn burger king down).... I can't be set up to comunicate with the corperate office.. The casing doesn't go all the way to the floor.. moving the fryers makes all the pieces connected to it that move have wear and tear.... You have 8 buttons on top that use 1 to 3 watts a piece without having a way to disable wattage when you don't nned them..

If you are looking to compete with the fryer company you would probily want to adress these issues plus make it modular so pieces can be replaced one at a time...

I emailed the corperate people to let them know that I have two fryers that are burning very hot and one of my timers has been reprogrammened to cook for an hour and a half.. We do big volume at that store..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


oven oscilations

I just got paid the abuse is more exc exc exc... The money is pretty much the same regardless of what day it is I don't live month to month... Some cover story for industial espionage.... Ya she looks good in her super tight pants and she is spotless.... I don't see the signs of steroid use like the receding hairline but going by sound I would not be sure.. I could use some sleep or maybe alot of sleep... I am not sure if I will finaly have the new version of dex tracker out or not.... It is over due because all the back ground routines are done it is just putting them together.....

It seems to be the oven is getting changed alot.... switch turned off and on exc... very annoying I am catching it though when it happens...

Sunday, July 15, 2007


free flame resistant undergarments for soldiers only $10


This is one of those google adds I am having a problem with... Are alot of them flaiming now??? I blaim clinton for that if they are...



some drug addict mexican guy offers to sell xanax

I don't think we have to worry about the two day sticker on frozen biskets in the frezer expiring and someone taking them with them.... Then again you never know what kind of crazy stuff goes on. I suspect I have an actor and maybe it is satire, I am not sure.. This job may not be for you, I asked him if he could read and write.. THe fryer doesn't look like it is a job for him. Janitorial maybe...

Someone offers to sell zanex or is it xanex or something... says it helps you get beyond embarasment exc.. and more of a stupid sounding line... I said to be honest I am not the type of person who gets embarased when I am harrased I am the type of person who wants to go out and beat someones head in... more graphics descriptions of violence exc... I am kinda a jackass when I get harrased.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I think I had someone follow me to social security first black person no drivers licence second black person no driver licence (or texas id) third person (me) no driver licence... A little threatning.. I found my ss card and id.... I also found sendkey and will try doing that instead of piping tommorow sometime

Sunday, July 08, 2007

We hired someone who thinks he is playing basketball.... I think he is predicting where I am going to be and getting in the way on purpose... He doesn't seem that bright.. I have to walk around him and go the other direction because I know he won't move.. I am doing some big time codeing this weekend (hopefully it works I am through with emaks until at least next week... I have a couple of grids and such to look at... I am going through the csound versions... d and f... You have to watch out for .dll's that is why it is f for programming.... I am just musing and satiring.. I like the way it is setup because when I do an interface I can make it ridged and still have all the power underneith to make different instruments and concepts.. I am thinking about doing something simple for graphics that way.... send it commands and let it draw what I want to the screen.... I haven't researched or thought through how I would want to do that yet.. It is suggested by some of the bigger figures in python that you keep your ui and your working code seprately... now I can use my ui with other programs easily and doing that with a graphical concept (during editing)... will allow me more reuse of my code base...

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Thursday, July 05, 2007


911 csound and buzz

I have just started to go through all the instruments on my csound disk... It doesn't have the number of files to match the instrument number but some files have more than one instrument.. The csound book looks like it would be a good one to read.. problem is that I don't have a grant or anything and I should apply for one to fix that.. 911 stuff... weak stuff to foster thought and not suggest proof of any kind... I went through comanjun(exc more to his name) WTS.. weak suggestion of wtc.. cook collection (another person from csound that is published).. last instrument suggested as table hell and then into dodge (you never know when you need to get the out of dodge)... dodge jerse.. there is one instrument that uses a buzz osilator and has 9 1 1 in the table... lots of mention of kars in the names.. I don't have a strong linkage except to suggest it may be something that jeskola buzz refered to a common text book used in music classes (that had examples in csound) to describe the date.. there is some weak linkage that could suggest that a pysco is planting clues or that there was a source somewhere.. From a practicle standpoint it would be better organised as instruments and effects (and sometimes parts of instruments like adsr)

Monday, July 02, 2007


fake estates and other issues

I am dealing with a new Realtor.. I am finding people in the past that are not very motivated.. I may need to get a buyers agent to help with the loan process exc.. My boss at burger king is more abusive when there is women in the restaurant and I noticed that he is doing that to other employees and then they respond to him in an argumentative way... last Saturday some black chick comes in.. At least I think she is a chick she was adjusting something (g-string maybe).. I think it was timed for her benefits (not that there is anything special about her at least that I know about, she didn't seem that interested even)... I could be wrong it could be something retaliatory that she wanted to see him do... Since I was thinking of buying units on the northside I have the think of the renters as different... people who cause trouble when the rent is to low........ We don't allow psychopaths to work in the corpus christi burger king restaurant any more (that I know about)..

loans... I am looking at non-recource loans meaning that my job and assets are not conncected to the loan.. They list at below prime and they require the assets to have positive cash flow.. I went to remax but it is possible they are not going to reply although it may be that they just need to get back from the weekend.. I noticed my bills the fixed cost stuff went up $1.50 in three months.. The 32 day billing cycle and the balance has fallen more thatn 3% so next month it almost has to fall... there are no more days to add to it, and the principle payment is dropping..

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