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Sunday, June 29, 2008


no way jose the burger king arsonist of corpus christi texas ??

Yesterday would have been the second day that jose had flames comming out of burger king.. He had flames coming out of the filter machine befour it stopped working.. There seems to be a problem where he has to use the orange boxes we have as an excuse to sexualy harrass men. (to get burger king sued I think). (per fedral laws description)..
I am trying to come up with the thought process... He hates burger king so he isn't going to reproduce he wants to be a pervert arsonist instead..

He doesn't seem to be fond of the military and the drug war either..


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


termed at f.t.i.

I was termed at f.t.i. in corpus christi texas... The job consisted of what was starting to seem like planned interactions at lunch and and... Here are the messages on the wall

1) We are responcible (It's our fault?? ha ha)
2) We build relationships (Someone thinks it is an alternative lifestyle dating service?))

I am listening to some obnoxious stuff destination unknown about he has never been married exc exc.. I wasn't sure of the source but this guy (probily an alternitive lifestyle guy) was talking about his father being in the military (Not sure if that is a relitive or priest)... So what are you saying I can't be around women whats your point.. He didn't quite confess to being radio active and sexualy abusive.. You are supposed to assume meaning that everyone that sorta sounds like a woman is a woman.. exc. exc.. The employees are the enemy, well maybe not all the employees but you could see how those on the special pervert section would think like that.. You are supposed to understand what these people are thinking.. exc. exc..

The training is good for podcasting.. that is the original training with adriana.. So I should go in with what I have learned and test to see what the 'market responce' is.. being someone who understands a nich market and is aware that there is alot more bandwith available on the radio than there used to be.. someone has to do something with it.. why not all these podcasts and more..

Saturday, June 21, 2008


houses for sale blake street

The ad for houses for sale blake street comes up with nothing when you walk down the street other than the county action commitee and a house for sale that has to be torn down because the roof is not there... fishing for plates.. The other one I saw in corpus christi says possible owner financing of alot of properities.. may be stuff near the refinery..

Friday, June 20, 2008


sunday travel down Santa Fe corpus christi

We have started the affeminate black man wants to talk to me on sunday mornings and ask me for money thing so I avoid him and then go down sixth street and lawnview.. He seems to try to aproach me with instructions he gets on what to say. One week he had a father knows best shirt amusing if you have ever went to the clubs.. I nose her well but I am not the father.. (this is my belief not fact)... I am starting to get some white women trying to pressure me into walking the same direction????... I was asked for money and so I walked down the same street as the church named for the devil in the bible but drug addicts of all types believe in satinism and abuse now... (There are race reasons for the name and proving white and black people don't get along may be part of the goal for wanting the interaction)..... I don't realy have time for the crap and realy when you get right down to it the person looks alot like one of the registered perverts on the internet... I have my douts that the person is trying to get my trust because they think robert is or isn't a sucker and his kid is at work... The doors are locked and he is outside.. just a fact of life.. He seems a little mhmr so someone who doesn't want him in the neiborhood (the black neiborhood) may want to try to get him into a conspiracy to guarentee an arrest.. it looks like bad new all around.. This sunday will mark the forth week this person has been visiable when I left work at spots between pmi and the catholic hospital... It is a pretty narrow range of locations and I have a fairly large range of travel I may miss it my a mile or so..

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


all or nothing gates, evil kity and other questions

I neglected to say there is a wm by the sidewalk... speculation is that when you program windows and you have all these variable that start with wm this that and the other that it stands for william (for bill gates)... A nothing gates.. wm.destroy.. one of the burning questions we have about corpus christi what is an evil kity... I thought I would ignore this and tell the real conspracy of other names on staples street...

gc (golden corral).. it would be gc.exe or gcc.exe on newer versions..
gas (Yes we have gas on staples) gnu assembler

many languages use on ore the other to compile or compile to..

someone who is anti-symantec "c compiler"
symantec "c compiler"

renamed to digital mars has the number one spot with important articles about d like hijack


would come up with thier own version
like this one by david freedman that list various targets that it will compile to
gnu d (pronounced knew d)

because gnu d is a free language I will have to bought a stake dinner to roleplay it further.... That is what she should have done in the first place instead of roleplaying an apparel shop case closed

Sunday, June 15, 2008


all or nothing tatoos

Here are some thoughts about a strip mall in corpus christi down staples street.. It has pauls sea food next to a all or nothing tatoo. There is a quote from one of the assembler books I have been reading that an and gate is an all or nothing gate.. That turns that into paul and gates (the founders of microsoft)... That is as far as my roleplaying goes but there is autism (publication) and q something or other (I could roleplay that as the q language but I won't yet).

Turns out that it is company policy to hire stupid people at burger king.. even with the orange boxes right by him he has to get in my way and take mine.. I will have to get his name so that I can have the number one spot for idiot plus corpus christi.. The indy burger is fantastic spicy and... might be good with jal.. peppers realy hot peppers without spell check..

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Monday, June 09, 2008


das ende .... Assembly language step by step..

The book is dos... dos is ended.. (or the end from a german jeskola buzz site I may have the spelling wrong memory and all)..
There is music software in this book.. on page 82 we go from

9.1.1 (data registers)..

hex can be represented by 24h ( h for hex ) or with the $ symbol.. this creates all kinds of fun for search engines.. fl is mentioned.. (Fruty loops could be a reference to the letters but they stand for flag registers. The book has alot of music stuff in it. )..

some odd statements ...

using mov...

mov1.dem (move one democrat???)

I haven't even had that much time to look through this.. copyright is 1989 - 1993 or 1990 - 1993
My thoughts are you would look for work that uses this as a source..

Saturday, June 07, 2008


criket wireless kkk sign

Cricket wireless recently came to corpus christi texas with a marketing campain that made them realy visable fairly quicky.. It was extremly impresive in fact. Cricket wireless is a division of leap that sells prepaid service..

Then came a closer look at the advertisments.. The humvee was a little annoying because of gas prices but today I saw something alot worse.. For some reason Cricket wants the k of cricket to stand out and then you have the flags with one k each.. three of them strung up on the back of a van.. One of the other places they have spent alot of advertising money is with rta.. Running advertisments on the bus's.... We have recently started to leave ropes (from banner adds) that look like a place to perform a lynching.. (I am not sure what rta is thinking when they left those up there and there is a construction problem where a crack is going the entire length of the mall station so it appears to be a management problem).

The NavyArmy credit union went on an advertising blitz (including on the rta buses).. I am not sure about there loans yet.. I have noticed the offer of ten dollars if they don't smile.. exactly enough to get another prepaid phone at one of the dollar places.. forget about the flag checking though, or maybe you should check all your flags to make sure they belong there..

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


bank of america cc policy

I just recieved my bank of america cc statement... I had complained several times they had changed thier policy about a prime rate deal they were offering building a delay into it that benifited thier profits that was never in it befour... They finaly lowered rates a second time... what else did they do... Put 34 days into my other card and the calulations were thrown off... computer wasn't designed for 34 days and the declosed rates were calulated wrong.. put 32 days into the month for the card that was lowered.. this resulted in a higher payment... At best the state atourney general or whoever deals with this could get me maybe $40 in damages plus I have been traumitized... This is a potential earnings hit but they have a higher dividend and they are a risky short.. Are they a mobed up florida bank??? Only time will tell.

Some physc doc explains that the reason why people write free software is that they want love. I am not sure how this realy works paid software writers hate you and for music software.. I love you and I have a big microphone to prove it.
Computer and the internet are scary places.. Filled with perverts, members of the russian mob.. If it can be done by the local mob it can be done on the internet. I write software fear me.. I have the number 1 spot for your adress on the internet.. Your licence plate numbers.. I posted where you are hiding drugs in your car.. I want your love they say...


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