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Friday, April 30, 2010


smoked beef fillet

smoked beef fillet... rolled in crack black pepper.... That better be something that is from or indirect from kane since we are joking about old people like me doing drugs,,, and a cigar no the coupon was get sausage for free..

The story I heard is that "she" is mad at him because she could have gotten more for her kid... I will deny that I slept with some black chick, so my name better not be on the birth certificate. I suspect not but it was all fishy including the person I kept listening to against my will.... I suspect nation of islam circa 2001...

Thursday, April 29, 2010


palm merger

I don't know if the june $5 put will trade or not since it is an all cash offer and hp has tons of cash. It doesn't hurt to try though. The os system they get is a version of linux and it looks like you should be able to emulate it and it is much more open then alot of the mobile os's no jail-breaking has to happen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Valeant looks like it may move well above my target price as a growth plus value stratagy. It is bouncing around above $40 quite a bit but monday is earnings. Attention to detail is my thing or better be.. More intense than print.. Then I will move up in the ranks and get my own body searching dog :) .... I am going to stick to being obsesive about my knives and promoting some rib eye steak for the time being...

Anything worth hiding in the paper..... property values are down and there is a vote one year from now about what is mostly procedural stuff in the city including term limits.


apac and curches...

The security guard at apac says if you get him fired you have to support him....

It is like we roleplayed church's chicken with a star bonus and then angel becoming the boss. I keep hearing stuff in my apartment about hearing gods calling and it is offensive and I was hearing alot of sexualy abusive stuff at apac..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


beef processing bio-gas link...



churchs (chicken)...star..(symbal) angel x (mexican resteraunt sign)

I see 4.... three inside one outside there's a look out?... the quantity 4 look out (double symbolism)... The pepsit frito lay division is close by (I am munching some of them right now)....

here's another sign....

churches (the star and everything)... 9.99 11 pieces..

I see the church (catholic) guy around the library.. I am not realy big on having him know where I am.. Looks like he is talking to himself, I am sure it's a bad thing with a little religion maybe to drown out his thoughts...


This is why I am a big fan of water recycling that and I am seeing it concept spring up in the housing market but pepsi has to be in front of the curve.


duke energy (duck energy) and exelon

They are talking about catching a falling knife with exelon. I tend to think that is an exaggeration but I like the symbolism for an area that I am in alot. The way to trade duke is to wait until it goes ex-div and then sell the put that is higher than the price to get the max discount on the stock. If you did that today at $17 it would bring the price down to $15.90 and you could go out into the future and do dollar cost averaging. yield is pretty good and it looks like they are converting some plants from coal to natural gas. earnings are going up slightly also.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


monatary harrasment

someone went by my window I think it was yesterday and stated the amount I was depositing from checking into another account. There is no way to get a sale of any item, I am not buying. I am expecting my power to go out as part of a sequence of events like burger king. A distubance a discount. maybe not but I have perpared for it and I could get a hotel room it's no big deal, crooked cop, crooked wire tap.

Saturday, April 24, 2010


some troubling signs

There seem to be some signs that an registered offender is doing something wrong. The we mind our own business stuff and it really doesn't look like anyone is living here at least until recently. There may be a sit where the said person is doing stuff upstairs or mistaken identity were there is a similar person upstairs. I am not concerned about women being in the house but children are coming into the house also and I don't know if that violates the terms of his probation. He seems to have become sorta hostile since the new offender website was released on the t.v. and the newspaper. I get my address looked up and his black face comes up, it is sorta amusing but probably not to him, he would also be much more likely to be wiretaped because of his proximity to me, because I have strange international contacts and have had threats from pro-citgo suporters (or at least one supporter) anong with distributing anti-Iran literature (In software it is almost art and I need to work on that tomorrow). If he wants to do drugs or drink or something I am cool with that as long as it is not at the house (room for rent) but I am concerned about his contacts with children. I also noticed that he has some sort of hair remover that smells like he is putting a diaper on his head. Hopefully that isn't something he is going to use as an alibi later.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


crn merger

Not only will I still be going to work I will be there early. It is a nice rate of return though. I have another conspiracy site maybe... roleplay mac lepard as (os scary) across from ole cafe the electrical substation formaly ran from the twin towers of the cpl 711 building has a 9 and an 11 on it....

Friday, April 16, 2010


consumer shock...

The consumer is probily going to be shocked by his credit card bill so he is going to take the weekend off from spending.... I don't think I will have any bills this week so it is all emergency cash... found another intresting company to look into. I seemed to have sold my yum option to soon it is listed at $180 after it hit the money. I paid $25 and sold at $65 befour the earnings came out and now it is probily not worth trading for the value investor so he is going to move on and get over it..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


new wallet

I had bought a new wallet managed to get a leather one that my employment badge would fit into and then I threw the old one away. I noticed the trash cans disappeared after I did that. I found that sort of interesting. I had some metal embedded into it but I don't know if someone was after it or not, probably just trying to figure out what they are doing upstairs their really isn't any trash from down here.


tuesday runnoff election

The communists may be trying to supress the vote in the runoff election near the citgo plant in corpus christi texas. There was a prison mag on top of the newspaper making it harder to see the headline. her tagline is one party one vote (like in venzuluia.

The gentelman stands as far to the right as possible blocking the table. It gives a different and unergonomic feel to the job. I shift the way I do things to adapt to the position. Then he walks up and down the steps like he is a homeless person trying to keep from getting kicked out for loitering. Very weird

Monday, April 12, 2010


star gas

Star Gas Partners LP (SGU). I think someone is roleplaying this, they may do all right in the short term but heating oil is a loosing business. They loose to efficiency and more critically to new natural gas lines because of the huge amount of natural gas available in new york and Pennsylvania. The word heating oil is the only word I need to know.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


the moral to this story

The moral to this story is that he is a looser and he metioned 600 and included something with the number 3. Part of a group of loosers led by a looser. I got to meet one of the state reps (democratic party) when I had voted (not one on the ballot) I went to the county courthouse in the 5-7 oclock time. One set of the doors was locked and there was not message on the door, It was the ones closest to the voting booth with the messages about no politicking near it. theoriticly that could limit the number of voters who know what is going on.. Not realy much to vote for looked like the republican runoff was probily the more exciting one but you don't get to switch during the primary.

Friday, April 09, 2010


I am the maching

I am the machine.... rip rip rip rip ..... I slipped sidways, I think I may need to become flatfooted so that I stay more centered when I walk... I am o.k. though, its a near miss so the swat team should look into it... yum brands looks like it could go into the money... I am having trouble understanding it... $40.70 right now. I am a $42 call, I think I would keep half and then use half for selling puts betting it goes the other direction. price seems high, and europe or something could hit the whole market. I am not sure about using back up battery power.. maybe somewhat more reliable, probily should add a nine volt batter to the clock also.. I am thinking there is not enough power to the battery but it is a good hurricane supply also... probily could use a led flashlight in addition.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


blond terrorist group/old scary

The who song goes.... I hope I die befour I get old talking about my generation (electrical generation???)

The nation of islam believes in the seperation of races, I think they moved thier temple to the south side to make them stand out more. I had looked into thier cars. they refer to the blond hair and blue eyed devils.. I think it was thursday this black chick was at the bus station with her blond hair and her girl child, she had said something that I may have heard befour to someone else I may have seen befour to a hispanic male. There was an older black male 50's maybe but fit like robert mahhomod says you should be with a darker femail maybe from india... He was posing with his ciggerete like he was a bad acter or something (and one that hasn't been smoking for very long... There was a higher percentage of blacks than usual... I have no where to go with this just that it looks like someone might be playing for the camara's and I can't tell if it is evil or not.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


we had yelling last night at midnight

We had some idiot yelling last night at around midnight and then he started to bang on the corrugated metal. waking me up and he was probably waking up the neighbors also. There is no way to tell if it is connected to the drug trade as extortion for drugs, only time will tell, perhaps someone with a weaker mind trying to break the lease (understandable it sucks)

Monday, April 05, 2010


yum hit $40

I am under the impression this is overpriced and it went way over what I am willing to pay for it... I did get one call way out of the money..... looks like I am going to be following a drug stock that I like better that has better growth, yum is mostly a currency play.

Sunday, April 04, 2010


abusing people for god...

The abuse campain slowed down this Easter weekend I did hear a little bit of it from upstairs consisting of verbal abuse followed by reminding me I could go to a strip club hince a profit motive for keeping me awake. No mention of gods prostitutes or anything like that, I think I will hold out for that or not become interested in this cult.

Saturday, April 03, 2010


the angel investor

I see these blenders that match the amount of cash I received along with thier ability to create stuff that can be sold in a can or a jar in what would probily be much better quality or better ingredients than what is in alot of stuff that is sold, but probably not what you want for spaghetti or chili... Someone had asked me what my favorite food was on spaghetti day and then they started to complain about the price. sauce, meat and spaghetti. The true test is what it would cost to package alot of them with veggies and how you could get a cool looking picture on the box

Thursday, April 01, 2010


beef prices

worldwide demand for beef in u.s. prices looks realy good so I keep trying to look for the downside senerio. Natural Gas prices go up on a switch from oil to natural gas, millions of people in brazil become homeless, No longer keeping it real there is a panic and they all get dollars. Get real, it could happen so I suppose the hedge is some kind of investment into natural gas.

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