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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


"SPY" abuse wanting to know about military

I am getting harrased and asked about military stuff I am not supposed to talk about. I don't know that the military should be allowed to live in the complex with that sort of abuse. All I did was volenteer I didn't even serve. I yelled SPY. I am getting harrasment and then they fish for racial comments. I didn't get any sleep. I was asked what sort of people eat tortias. The guy sounds like he wants to discriminate against white people at heb. I was abused about getting a car. I suppose I could shop at walmart more often if I had a car but it hardly seems worth it. The answer is no I don't have time for the guys shit and they are ganging up on me and including the military crap and asking about lie detector tests and crap. The pyscological abuse is horrable. There was a sexy woman at l.k. jordan and I saw her once and she dissapeard forever. I was sent to a job that wasnt there. dexter what to do.. Who is good with dexterity. Seems like l.k. jordan is harrasing me about buying a car and it started to sound more like excell or whatever that company is across from the world trade center that requires driving.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006



Do I want to go to la with her.. sounds like opec (or apac) I had a fight with the mouse and the mouse one... I went over to glazers and I started thinking about the postal stickers I have been seeing. They are or were growing algae in the warehouse (or mold). Yellowstone highway refrences.. Unseen It is 45 street.. Unforgiven (maybe). Kod goes all the way to the north side. There is this chick that the white women did not want me around.. cigerretes are getting more expensive.. maybe she can steel me from the south side.. Sounded like the phone could have been jacked when I called about the dog on odem street. First I get an ansering machine and then I get someone who sounded like that chick. Many people sound alike but I will wonder until I call tommorow what just happened. Worst case the phone was just jacked at glazers. She wanted to know if I would take a drug test and then said the job required a car. I told her I haven't driven in ten years and but I am getting harrased about buying a car all the time. I told her I finaly got the police department to admit there was a problem (with abuse) Some older black guy offered me a ride. Seemed safe enough I walked though..

Texas enviremental people are out. emergency oil spill people this time. helocopters. some mexican guy further down was throwing fire crakers near the railroad track. Could be seen as threatning to someone who informed on it. They have a security problem that could also cause a wrongfull death suit. At the bus stop I see someone who is dressed as a county cop with what looks like a bicycle cops glasses. name is cisnaros (probily spelled wrong) but he looks white. says he is a sheriff on the uniform. More control of comunication abuse around the bus stop and I see another mobile home add on the bus route I always take (route 32).

They sent me near employment signs so maybe there are some hours.

Monday, May 29, 2006


more kod harrasment...

This is how she would roleplay it. She is K she wants you to be a homo exc. exc. exc. West of the mississippi the radio station is kod east of it is wod. Overdose radio. The abuse is realy strong after I informed on the abuse by vandelising the mobile home for sale sign. Even with the sleeping pill I wasn't able to sleep. The person was saying how do you like this job that job through the temp agency. Some try at guilt because I react in a belergiant manner towards abuse instead of buying cocain as an anti-depressent or being depressed. If I roleplay K she wants me dead. She says she controls comunication exc exc. I say then you can reimburce people because you are all powerfull. The mobile home signs cause property damage to telephone poles so you are talking about a negative replacement value plus some extra cash as a reward for my public service to the comunity. I did fuck your control of comunication abuse and then fuk kod (frequency unknown). I kept hearing he is going to go bankrupt and then why are you going to go bankrupt. I didn't make money from a terrorist attack (I am realy staggering around the apartment stoned off the medication). (check terrorist attack link for more details sorry netscape wants to run a buisness but there is a screen shot and the altemark page can be found).

Sunday, May 28, 2006


crime family guy starts gigling like a girl

Heres when you know you have mr crime family in your mist. This is a guy who is only at omni for one day. They are all talking about alcohol stuff, dwi's whatever the guy asks me why I don't apply at data general. He is all giggly like a 12 year old girl. I talked about the abuse at the apartment then I talked about the white guy who flipped me off. then I talked about the audio abuse at data general. Then (maybe out of order) I said I freaked and went to the cops and was belergerent. Then the guy stopped smiling like a 12 year old girl. Then I said I don't know what it is. It's the union or a muslem group or someone trying to sabotage the place so the jobs go to india. He dissapeared and then I heard something about he said something racist. (To be fare the last sentence may be out of context). In front of people he changed from someone who gets off on being abusive to someone who looked unhappy. It should be on film. I talked about being belergent about it in the police department and then fileing a criminal complaint.

The abuse is realy bad today it is planned to be bad today. I said something loudly by a police car with an open window. He was just makeing sure that I didn't try to hurt or kill or riot over the abuse I am getting. I am getting abuse from one of the apartment about being homeless again and more financial pressure stuff. I had it with that so I called the guy who just put up his mobile home signs. Hi I am getting extortion promises (As the guy corrects me when I say he is making extortion threats) and I want to know about your mobile home. What would you like to know he says. How much do you want for it says I. He says 25,000. What an amazing coincidence living in my apartment is pure hell and he wants an amount that I could give him I think. I asked him if he wanted it in small bills so he could buy drugs with it. He said what to that. The extortion thing and my tone of voice where I sound pissed no problem. I told him you know I have someone who harrasses me and says he is making extortion promises and not threats I just want to fuck with someone and You are asking for money in the neiborhood so that person is you. I hung up the phone. I am to unpleasent to sell mobile homes to and the first think during any transaction will be me spitting in his face. There is a chance the guy doesn't even own the mobile home. As long as we never come face to face under any circumstances involving selling his mobile home then I don't have a problem with him other wise he dies. Extortion promises who nails wood to a telephone pole advertising a suspitious propery...

Friday, May 26, 2006


"America is a mobocracy"

You have some guy say I don't give an f and then he shows you how to do something and then I have to question it. I was thinking he sounds like he has laura smiths education (bankrupcy lawyer). I work with alot of great people though, we had the employee apreciation thing today on my birthday cool.. beef so tender it melts in your mouth. This wedding thing we did at the omni was over the top.

Some black dude talking about his friend john carry I think they are saying he is a black dude instead of a presidential canadate. I have to do some more research into james dan quayle or dan james quayle. Bush 1's vice president, turns out he is not maried to k he is married to marilyn. I found a realy intresting person out of houston http://www.rbthieme.org/ordering.htm Robert Thieme. He is mentioned as saying America is a mobocracy. Without even being around him you can just imagine how he would have looked at the iran-contra thing. Here is couple of intresting links to the church http://www.berachah.org/about.htm Robert B. Thieme III was invested as the pastor of Berachah Church on 28 March 2004. I think I saw somewhere there is some sort of affiliation with church of the apocolypse but that may be untrue. The church is mentioned as non-denomination and the tapes are free. 30 lessons on a dvd. Unfortuntly he has alzhiemers and doesn't recall as much as he used to. Pray for him it is a bad thing.

I would like to walk with her but I think she is talking to someone on the telephone. No woman around tonight.. Not the way a birthday should be.

Thursday, May 25, 2006


world oil

I think I found another mark, does that mean people wont roleplay stupid things around mark... probily not..

World Oil.. and then you look at the credits mark (something) vice president.. I was looking and thinking to the other refrences.. kdan.. (dan quaile??) more quail jokes about spelling... you spelled hijact wrong... alte mark he don't like world trade exc.. exc...

I let 100 shares of xmsr call.. that added 1400 to my sma as they call it.. 4-5% yield.. (that sucks).. paid off between $500 and $600 but won't be getting alot of cash out of it until december,, excepting $900 in dividends and deposits and it looks like they are trying to starve me out of my apartment.

baseball is a more than serius sport. we like to watch our pitchers do some damage to the other side (not hit people though).. Forget the hitting stuff people like nolan ryan and he would be on teams with people like fernando velanzaula.. (I am sure I screwed that up..

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


parking garage and such

maybe I can get a job behind the fbi in the parking garage..... It doesn't look like it presents much oppertunity to talk about all the terrorists I know. I am trying to decide how to unwind the postions I have.. xmsr is tanking.. jdsu isn't doing so good so well.. I am looking at 25 to 30 hours right now and that is a little scary to be sure.. I take everything a day at a time... there is a new lawyer every week that anounces a lawsuit after there is other news events. I find that odd. There is much less advertising than there was at least direct advertising.



I was crossed of the list for some reason. They were talking about that at l.k. jordan where someone didn't get there check. Looks like they have big time hours for house keepers. Big time money going into the trash. aluminum last time I checked is 70 cents a pound. guy says they just throw that away... The usual man hours vs trash issues probily. They do seem to have alot of paper and cardboard destination unknown... I don't know that they do throw it away seems some people are extremly dishonest and there is some b.s. about getting skinny or whatever and codine. I suspect there is some roleplaying of cody's and not codine and then johny unitus is next door down carrol lane alone with hannoy janes face in cody's uranil..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


alter mark

They had someone who sounded like rob at sam hussains... I hear he is getting roleplayed a bit.. may not even be his idea to work thier could be someone elses. You could alter the mark to give someone credit for something that isn't thier fault so to speak.... I didn't have enough to go to the atf.. The guy at hussains said he was only hireing drivers.. I am not sure if that was figurative or they needed cdl people.


more agae links

Algae oil is the richest source of DHA available, with 40 percent DHA by weight. Algae are the dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids for fish, so algae represents the only vegetable source of DHA available. Algae oil is the source of the highest quality DHA supplements (See

www.askdrsears.com/html/4/T043800.asp -


this is an accident. butanol is an alcohol acording to the website that can be used in cars that are built right
now with no modification. They claim the three alchohols are methanol, ethanol and butanol

User groups of sorts for talking about growing algae for the oil.



I don't see any algae kits yet for hobbyists. That is when you know something is getting ready to happen in a big way. market looks realy good this morning. $400 for this month isn't realy that good.. still alot of time left though..

Sunday, May 21, 2006


fruit king and ethonal

I was reading this sundays paper and because I shop at fruit king and hear the god bless you part came up with this... Instead of throwing away food when it spoils like apples and other fruits possibly potatos even they could problily brew them to burn. I suspect they may throw away thier card board to.. waste not want not, plus they spend some bucks to throw all that stuff away... I think glaziers had thier roof fixed but befour they did had tubes hooked up to garbage cans.. Looks like a simple matter to hook up for the carbon dioxide for algea production for small stills.. I don't know if you can cook with algae oil though, I may have to look that up in google.

Saturday, May 20, 2006



I unwound a very small amount of what I had.. It should help.. I haven't seen the effect yet. I am looking to see what I should unwind next. I don't have any guarentee about hours, I am hopeing I don't need to take any of my dividends out.. Looks like only $400 in cash flow it should be closer to $500 but you take what you can get.. First baseball game on fox was this weekend.. xmsr looked like pretty low key advertising on the pregame show..

As usual an idiot is over on saterday trying to debate state law with me. He has a problem with abuse, intimidation and deciet being part of the definition and he intends to be abusive about it in an ileagal way until the law changes.. real jackass who must not have anything better to do on saterday.

Thursday, May 18, 2006


spill and other stuff

If someone may be roleplaying something do you call that an unconfirmed report.. (Not named) have a fork lift driver that looks like hugo chavez.. I was amused. Haunted break room (realy and she sounds evil like pysco evil so I had to leave the room) and some chairs that sort of made me nistalgic even though I dout they were as sturdy as the we had at the house years ago. I just got done working two double shifts monday and tuesday, I would be realy bumbed out if it wasn't for that. My body does feel that although I am not just going to roleover and die like this chick at apac feels I should do. Having someone tell you that you should just stop what you are doing and not do any exercisize sounds odd..

Texas enviremental commision or at least someone claiming to be the texas commision has been calling. I am not sure on all the calls, One of the voices sounds different but that could just be other facters although it is erily familier on just that one call. The rain realy brings out the contrast of the leak from the rail car and I could see it well past 45th street then when it dried again it isn't as visable. I wrote a couple of streets down hopefully this is what I was writing down when I was walking by the tracks. With everything wet and alot of contrast You start to see it at britton, brenza on agnes (If this is what I wrote down when I was walking I probily have other street names in my wallet from other things. I am sore but hopfully not as sore as last week. I don't know if there is a limit of this for my body or not.

The guy who says he is from the tecq is suggesting I take pictures and stuff. I was reading the paper yesterday and realy don't want the f.b.i at my house in a derogitory role.. Attractive nuesence probily is somewhat of a factor on those things saw more graphiti.. sbb.. I am not looking up that one could be a letter off at sbc.. found a large number of pennies in front of the sprint store..

Sunday, May 14, 2006


extend my remarks

I think I may be getting harrased by people involved with prostitution. I keep hearing sexual harrasment, I get abused and then aproached with drugs and I am getting harrased about money plus there seems to be a desire to keep me from working a job.. These to me are signs of sexual expoitation.. Not that I wouldn't be a giglio for some chick but the harrasment suggests they are doing a different kind of prostitution. I see a bunch of fruitloops come in and out of the apartment downstairs although it could be about drugs and the chick that was coming over to the house was bringing one of "those" people who I couldn't seem to get rid of..


femail voice

I am very distrated by the abuse around the apartment... I don't know if she means me. There is a hispanic male that is abusive all the time.. If she hears the gambling exc.. exc.. crap... positive cash flow but it takes some cash to pay my bills each month... They got me for $15 at the haircutters, I think they dislike me.. this is rambling.. there is a magazine there talking about the oil industry that may look like it is full of crap later on.. Some of the article looks like it was plajerised (spelling I know) from wired. I am meaning the part about black friday when exxon stopped getting oil from shale.. (I don't think it is newsweek it is one of those weekly things though from april). I noticed while searching for the texas envirental commision a list of texas biofuel companies. One stood out as being unique and it is smith bio-energy. They say they can make ethonal from manure. Most of the claims so far is about the oil content and not that ethonal is available. I don't think what I reported will wash away but there could be some effect from the water.. I think it has soaked into the ground and will still be there.. I think I was hearing the chick that was close to the $1. What I am looking for with xmsr is the first week of baseball on fox because it is a national network and there was a pattern from last year.. This is the first week but don't expect any effect until next week.. possibility of a gm strike and some manipulation is what I see and I think you will see a pretty good quarter where customer aquistion prices go down.. This may not be enough to help gm's pension plan and I think that is part of what is going on some organised shorts on gm with some spacing of some silly shareholders suits (maybe some with xmsr as well)..

Saturday, May 13, 2006


priority mail graphiti


This is a coincidence the page was done march 2001... It is a priority mail note

from seen (scenic??) sec /1/



The lines are up and down though also came up with something north of atlanta
... not stuck to anything though.. sorta looks like grand tetons or three stick people because they have heads maybe clouds or something label 228 from june 2004


more stuff theory mainly

I noticed some liegh pallets it is a rock and brick place on the haunted corner street.... THis is a story I heard when I lived in a radio shack.. He worked for cbs (costal bend construction) doing comericials (Property??).. I looked into j and d and saw all the wild flowers and stuff. this would all be stuff you would see at the radio shack nice landscaping, stonework and stuff... I dout it though.. I heard someone once un named italian DO YOU THINK WE ARE GOING TO BUILD OUR PLANT AROUND YOU???? I was hearing alot of italian person back then.. I keep hearing Do you see my problem.. or it is a phrase I heard maybe he speaks mainly to the blind because they have better hearing...


More graphiti some sound

k od this is my block... Down bus 19
I hearing and seeing something that sounds like roleplaying wow (way out weber)
jd is so stupid.. I may have seen the cabnet shop in graphiti and
I keep seeing the post office stickers from the end of the block..
I am not sure though

I hear something on bratton and brezna...
I hear get out of here get out of here get out of here.
I start writing I hear It's not your problem, Its not your problem, Its not your problem

The property is residentual that could become comercial..
I see two cars and possibly a third..


trash people...

It is possible that I could get backstabed because I don't drink. What they need is a privite contracter that gets half the difference between the dumspter costs and the price of all that cardboard and office paper. There is alot of air that is thrown away and the trash guy doesn't know how to park anyway someone will get hurt someday. A smaller less expensive dumpster that doesn't get emptied as often would be much better. I can take the recycleable plastic also if I get a ride home. One of us talks about how someone fell and then was just lieing there twitching because he fell off the dumpster. If the trash people kill my partner I have to walk home so I might as well get the money instead of the haulers.. I understand loss prevention may veto stuff like that.. I think rtf tags may be in thier future...

Friday, May 12, 2006


more graphiti.. and such

There may be a bunch of people that roleplay glazier... He is going out with a different gen (gin) everyday and she isn't good with your kids (alot of them are pretty good but management is anti-union). She is trying to embaras me or she needs medical help, I am not sure if she fell on purose at the bus or not and she sat in some water or something.. I now see food items in different places.. If you see an heb item somewhere pick it up what the hell. please walmart please help me run my warehouse.. some people probily do not feel that way..

I am getting killed in the market and I am not sure that 20 hours will help or not. I asked lk jordan for some more hours they told me that they have something at delmar in the morning monday and tuesday.. 32 hours is good if I can get it..


fuk 83rd ..... 83rd mob (I think of 83rd airborne because it is catchy but could be wrong Frequency UKnown)

hr k (I am not sure if this is an HR issue or not possibly related to K OD)

FUK HR (Frequency UKnown HR???) hr mob (human resource mob??)


k od kae radio shack

The abusive guy is at the car stuff again. Saw something on route 32 that is new... kae radio shack, I am not sure if the graphiti person knew about that in advance or not... There is someone who has the inflection of someone I was listening to in 2001 but the voice just isn't the same.. I noticed a place that buys used office paper, cardboard and newspaper. I don't know if that means they don't buy paperboard or not. May have something to do with why there is less newspaper around the recycle truck or not. They also have smashed plasic. hopefully I get at least $120 I am still having a hard time this month, It looks like I may make close to $300 and that just doesn't cut it unless I get more hours.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


2:00 abuse about buying a car again

2:00 oclock abuse about buying a car again and then he harrasses me about saying that it would cause me a financial problem. He is allowed to commit murder and be abusive exc exc exc. He will give an excuse and it will sound realy great. In the real world people go bankrupt if they don't get enough income to pay there expenses.... I think I need at least $600 a month.. No car not now not ever because a homosexual drugadict with a problem is abusive and is harrasing me for racial reasons. Him and his iranian and venzualian drug dealing and poluting buddies.. I have noticed spills befour and now I have to put up with homo's who claim to be in the military and there racism.. I hate that crap..

market is getting killed... I don't want to go bankrupt.. I want to pay my credit cards.. At least I am working this may be an over reaction. I am hopeing for just reduced cashflow from it..

I was walking down the tracks on agnes and there is a line of a dark liquid and the weeds in the path of what looks like a leak die when they are in the path of the leak and the rest of the weed lives..

A cop tells me I look like a person he is looking for and cards me. May be looking in the search engine. He starts to card all the white people and generaly being sorta hostile. I don't know if the situation warents it or not. Someone left some apple juice on the line. People don't just find food items and that isn't safe to take them. Some prego black chick is smoking and then goes off to north beach. I don't know if they are roleplaying it or not but some chick is talking about the best hotel rooms and how she and her boyfriend were arrested. She is talking about some butter dish or something and how she isn't sure how she got it.. maybe I have the wrong item.. says she is 19, I am not sure if that is chapter 19 or 19 years old. jdsu is getting killed

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


product + recipe

I think it would be product + recipe (in google) for route sales. Probily best to test it befour spreading it around.. You know the gal comes to the house you have a nice meal exc.. exc.. exc.. xmsr is getting extra volume today because of the options markets.. They gave me 400 shares today.. I am out of this months contract I sold the shares and went into next month.. They have been pretty cool to me.


bloody hot....

It is bloody hot.. I watch a freakinsh amount of cnbc and see equipment that automaticly shoots packing material in a box. It can be done with paper though.. Calculate the breakage with some accounting for breakage inflation. It effects your ability to think a little bit.. I just could not get enough water, (monday) I drank a 16 0z and then walked down to circle k bought a 32 oz. went to work drank some of the water.. They could use a fountain for emergencies. bought a 32 oz gateraid at lunch.. The design of the shelves may cause some breakage.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


job and such

playing devils advocate with other people maybe. I had walked past the other distributor and I hear H like hurricane and some other wierd stuff and then f Dexter. It is going to be a big help. The new tax for the school distric, I have to say it is probily stupid because it will cost local jobs and probily not give us extra money, may make less money available. I won't say that taxing cigerettes is a bad idea though mainly because they ticked me off. Yanking some of the gas tax and putting it towards growing algea and brush ethonal and such for bio-diesel and ethonal may be a good way to do things.. I don't see any kind of proposels except to make it more expensive just for the sake of making it more expensive..... $25 dividend today.. noticed that gold is getting realy pricey. I may let what I left for may gold (and silver) to expire..

Monday, May 08, 2006


quiet like bad things

It is quiet like bad things are going to happen or bad people are coming near. They mowed today and I may have thrown off the person who is being abusive. cant tell. I noticed some new graphitti.. 83rd mob... like 83rd airborne I don't know... then one says f 83rd mob.. that one is military itel ha ha ha... xmsr anounce as many lawsuits as possible. I find that odd..


Sounds like felan

Sounds like felan (in the heb) that worked at apac. telling me I needed to work at labor ready and saying something about the amount of interest I am making. Says something about not caring about if I shop at walgreens. I walk down there and then I walk back. Getting into other peoples cars while someone is being abusive to me sounds like a bad idea. Could be a fatal idea so I won't do it. looked like there is a lot less people inside than usual.. sad but I have to spell check with google instead of word pad..

Eric Dexter
3802 caravelle parkway apt 502
Corpus Christi Texas 78415

Qualifications I have around 6 years of customer service sales experience talking to people on the phone. I am also very computer literate, I can help with internet marketing
campains and have been able to influence search engine results. I also do have some warehouse experience through the temp agencies

APAC 03/2000 to 08/2001 Job duties included technical help for pharmacists, direct sales to pharmacies. Customer Service and sales for ATT (Now comcast). Customer service for Verizon
01/2002 to 12/2005

SITEL 08/2001 to 12/2002 Job duties included sales for Discovery card and customer service for fleet (Now part of bank of America).

FTI 01/1999 to 01/2000 Job duties were to call and ask for volunteers for non-profit companies

this is my rough draft anyway


He has a gambling problem...

The "He has a gambling problem" stuff is starting again. from one of the near apartments. I am looking to see if I am coming up with the $750+ this month... maybe, maybe not.. This is a common abuse theme around the apartment...

Sunday, May 07, 2006


stuff from cspan

I am trying to tie what people are roleplaying to various stuff so this may be close or real far off base... j.d. is so stupid... (I am just trying to come close with what I saw on cspan). Mr burt stupik he is from michigan. A couple of other names that caught my eye are Roldan who does cybercrime for the fbi. I don't know if you can get k-dan from that and then you have the other graphiti k-od (dashes are not in what I see just there for the effect). There is another name that came up aa. general or assistant atorney general. Alice Fisher.. roldan is talking about a saudi that came over to do something to a child and the trouble they were having getting rid of child porn and how they are setting up the sites on cspan. You would have to go from that to a securities crime. Classicly they try to make the victem feel guilty like it is there fault (according to americas most wanted on fox who had the dallas police with the ATF on there show). They had another one who I believe is wanted by the f.b.i who is another polygamist but not saudi but church of latter day saints. I think the stats are about polygamy and the type of people who are involved in polygamy instead of just singleing out saudi arabians.. There is some sick people out there they even controled the local police department.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


nike autoparts

Nike is already doing sneaker recycling. Alot of people talk about free trade and stuff for backstabing reasons. The truth is the oil is in iran and that is a big reason the jobs have went there. In the mean time 250 million pairs of sneakers go into a landfill. The rubber mats inside of cars and the things that block rocks on larger trucks would seem to make sence. They could probily sell the cotten to lear because it plays to what the auto makers want. I am getting a bunch of abuse again about recycling plastic and the amount of gas it takes. They want to cut off some of the raw materials for nike instead of helping them grow thier local buisness. I am currently getting alot of abuse because of the recycling and even get harrased when I recycle items. It is true rob erred (or ar err rob) I ment for him to over hear me and the other one he says I am going to get to the top (of the landfill) and screw everyone over who gets in my way. The basketball courts and such plays to the public maybe but they overlook using non-profits and toyota sustainable living grants to do a startup and reduce material costs in a small way.

Friday, May 05, 2006


suggests motorcycle wreck

Motorcycle ministry. He would do the faith healing and then talk about physisition heal thyself. He does look redder. The food being left looks dented and the shoes have wear on the top of the toe that would suggest a motorcycle (or bicycle). I heard I am roleplaying places where you can get food.. Church of acts and the catholic church. There is a first assembly of god and a temple between the two. The shoes aren't built for motorcycle you have to look at the toe for quality or qualities is better put. peeled the bottom of the shoe off.

are you statisticly more likely to find someone who is pysco when you are encouraging motorcycle use. possibly. I am not getting sued over it but ya if you roleplay morgan and you think more organs and then roleplay down to assisted real estate you could have one of the people around my apartment.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


sell you loose.. cell based eth 6 to 18 months

6 to 18 months or 2001... company is partialy owned by shell in canada will turn what they call ag waste into eth and sell enzimes and it is estimated to be cheaper than corn is now.. homeless iranians will just roam the street unable to pay for thier herion fix..

I don't know if someone is placeing canned food in the open bad idea they have storage temp recomedations to prevent food poisening.. Found or it was placed a fairly nice pair of nikes.. The bottem came unglued strange wear pattern maybe a motorcycle rider that was hopefully not involved in any motorcycle troube. explains the $2. $1 for the superglue and $1 for the shoe strings. very confortable. sorta strange looking by bluejean standards.. I see a number of womens shoes also, I am not sure what that is about... looks like she lost a pair of sandels and one red heal... red heals and a $1 dress and that chick is wow.... (This is of corse assuming that it is random acts of littering..

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Moussaoui and postal service

I am sort of torn on the sentence... whatever it takes to get other people he knows I supose. I saw something in the street map that looks like it gets roleplayed sorta matches what was on one of the 911 websites. euro on 11th street and morgan and then across the street fire (station) I think there is a homo church (Not to be insulting but to compare to what is online). I am not sure about any airplane or such that could be roleplayed on 11th or 9th. We have the arabic texas and the iranian resteraunt service people around there. There is a little bit down morgan that sort of sounds fimiliar.. stuff like bright street and radio active car repair or some such. As far as roleplaying goes I suspose

Another fraud thing .. I was hearing around the apartment a bunch of abuse about making a false claim and then I get a call. Sounds like a black woman, says she is calling from ken hughs or some such. The number is 888-249-1037. I don't even care about how much her collection service wanted. The postal system can have someone be me and find out. The abuse today is pretty bad in the apartment. xmsr looked bad again and jdsu can't decide what direction to go.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Pattern of coughing

There is a pattern of loud talking and then coughing from downstairs.. Maybe a cold.. My throat is sore... Seemed like it would get loud and then a break and then coughing for a short period of time and then it stopped...

Dividends on the first day of the month were good.. I am going to have to go to another temp if I dont hear something from them I don't want to wait around.. xmsr... got killed.. real estate is jamming though so the account didn't get realy killed with it.. cost per sub stuff but when serius reports it is no big deal because it is all stock. three months june,july,augest.. Look for new numbers with less advertising...



I don't believe it.. I will shop at wallgreens and do the rebates.. I will get the post card telling me what was added to my gift card. I will get alot of abuse.. I will complain to the post office.. I will get alot more abuse. the post office will send a postcard and the city will make money off the paper and extra tax revenue..

What is on the postcard.. That would be whatever they were offering that made some sence... maybe.... + 10% .... nothing illegal or that would bother me if it was posted on a bill board. For awhile It seemed like I had a cop almost in my mailbox every time it was sent... Someone says they arrested someone for the death of a postal worker... or incitement or some such... I tend to dout it...

Monday, May 01, 2006


The audio abuse is pretty strong this morning

I keep hearing the guy say sucicide and then a bunch of abuse about my finanaces. I also got realy heavy abuse saterday the guy keeps harrasing me about me talking to the cops about kidnapping. He has a real problem that harrasment is part of the definition. The cops won't do anything if you use a radio then you can pretty much get away with murder. The abuse about xmsr had already started at 8:30 am.... I am in the library I will also complain to the fbi again.. I made around 50 harrasment complaints one day. I would make a complaint and then there would be heavy audio abuse I can barely stand to be inside.


A day without mexicans

Without getting into sarcasm people have... Income investers all of a suddon alot of demand dissapears for oil products... Deflationary and helps income investors. Don't know that it will have enough of a inpact on gasoline prices.. That is the watch.. Effect on gas prices would mean there realy is something to be said for consumer power.. Gasoline is what tears up income more than anything else..

Could have an inpact on overall employment if it got out of hand.. I don't think a self inflicted wound is going to be created by it... housing inventory is rising.. It's a volentary reduction in supply.. may help stabelise housing prices.. Soft landing is what they are saying on the buisness channel....

More graphitti stuff the guy harrasing me says he is a mexican... amex.. yea.... He is going to get delisted as an american if he doesn't zip it up... (company ticker is tag) graphitti says why don't you grow up... I think he may be on a watch list because of the graphiti...

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