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Wednesday, December 30, 2009


abuse is realy strong last night.

interactive brokers is acting weird all of a sudden all my prices reset to yesterday price when it comes to profit and loss instead of what I bought it at. It is 3:43 in the morning though. Burger King went up over $19 I don't know if the abuse I am getting is panic from an orginised short in corpus christi over that or if it is abuse for another reason. The account is pretty much at it's high so I am not sure why there would be any abuse (except for poor law enforcement they know where to look). Maybe someone trying to panic me about a credit card bill I haven't seen yet. I may have the dt after all. it is down to $14.97 it may be the last trading day of the week. Two more weeks before options expieration and then $300 in cash plus whatever happens with dt. I can sell the june $15 call for $90, I am not seeing any compelling reason to do though. It would be around a 10% yield + div, I would have a realy hard time getting excited about that.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


dt above $15.00 in premarket

Looks like I am keeping the insurance premium and I am not getting shares in deutsce telekom. If it calls I get it for around 14.35 - whatever I get in interest for a month on the cash. You only get 50% of the value of the option by rolling it over yesterday because it is right on the money and you would have to pay taxes on it this year instead of next year. From the looks of things I would rather pay it on next years taxes. we go tue wed thur (maybe short day) and then three days of decay. It would have to be over $15 by a good distance to be compelling this week. I might be able to do more bni if when berkshire hathoway splits. It is an easy money trade, $100 per hundred shares at the $95 level in feb with bershire taking the company at $100 in cash and paying it off in three years.

Monday, December 28, 2009


dt and some other picks

at least I am making some money doing something. I had sold my state bond fund and moved into some other investments. I had decided that I was willing to buy dt and put aside $1500 for a 100 shares and then sold the $15.00 put to brind the average cost down. It looks like I may not take delivery of the shares and everything I bought when I exited the bond fund is up pretty good as well as getting some decay from bni (burlington nothern is pretty much a sure thing for a couple of months). I am looking at dt trading at almost $15.00 exactly and we have a short 4 day week maybe less trading on new years eve so another 3 day decay where I might decide to roleover the put and buy some calls if the price between january and febuary looks good and of course the interest and a few extra dollars difference between the trade will go for something good. looks like syntrolium is catching fire, I am starting to be able to go into these with 100's of shares, they don't start producing synthetic fuel until later next month it is on my serious list while I wait for it to double. burger king is up pretty good so someone is probily trying to make it look like they are going to poisen you in the downtown corpus christi store. It may be an orginised short that seems to panic when the price goes up. It's only uP 25% not much compared to alot of my trades last year but enough where they freak out.


english translation of guiu

This is the english translation of guiu A gui library for pygame (sdl for python). I have translated alot of the names and documentation and one of the examples.


click on the photo for a larger version.

If there is interest let me know, I would become a little more motivated to do docs tutorials and new widgets.

dexters forum

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Friday, December 25, 2009


some nigerian terrorist

Marry chirstmas looks like some nigerian terrorist took a flight in seat 19 (a special islamic number) in position a. Very symbolic as far as position. Took awhile for the news to get out I was reading in the google news that someone lit fireworks on a plane and then the news got out after I was watching the jacksons on cnn.

Thursday, December 24, 2009


like a young warren buffet

Like a young warren buffet I bought some shares of Pepsi, sometimes cows should eat oatmeal it helps your cholesterol and you you exercise before eating your potato chips. So that means I have ko and pep so I am a name brand type of person. I moved out of state bonds at the end of the year. I am listning to marc faber and his doom boom and gloom report it reminds me of grapes of wrath. He is talking about the possibility of war in the future and that you should buy alot of wheat. contranion on jap banks looks scary because they are underfunded. He reminds me of my grand father to some extent. Looking into the wheat angle I came up with a food company... trying to remember the name they do alternative feul with a company called changing tek. they would be hurt alot by higher feed prices in general so corn and wheat would bring them down... You have to wait until they are doing realy well though and then wait for gas prices to send corn prices up and the whole chain reaction again.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


liberty tax service.

maybe I have a job with a tax service. I think there may be some kind of assault/illegal evidence game where someone leaves me a copy of windows 95 for an older computer I have.... If the cop knows how to set up the wifi in linux then he can look at the computer otherwise it is old and it's slow with only one processer but still has a nice resale value if I can get a good deal on a smaller netbook..

Friday, December 18, 2009


He says I don't want to be a dairy queen

some call it the telephone company, some call it cow bell, roleplayed berkshire hathoway works something like this..... riding that train high on cocaine no...no....no o.k. coca cola and a rail road... dairy queen... I don't want to be a dairy queen and then the rebelion goes to something like shares of pepsi (pep). seriously though someone will roleplay it in a sexualy abusive way and then you would roleplay the rebellion as the texas state police.. I will have to double check that though.. coke and pepsi can be part of the same portfolio though. I am not sure about telephone though, I am selling off a large bond position at a 10% cap gain and need something to invest it into... a little of this a little of that, dividend achievers is what I am looking for. There could be a large amount of new oil on the market from iraq that is ofset by declines from places like iran.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


conspiracy theory with jesse ventura

I just saw Jesse Ventura conspiracy theory shows on the world trade center and the haarp project. It's a quality work of yellow journalism that may have opened up a new question about honesty from the government even if some of the theory's are proved to be bunk. It certainly has it's place and it would be a shame if there was no follow up on it. It may take some time to see what the response from non television review sites as far as follow up goes or if it just stays quiet. I will do a follow up on that.

Friday, December 11, 2009


we are pulling heaters.

I am not realy sure about this electric heater that I have. It arched on the outside of the outlet and in more than one slot I have a black chard line. It also makes weird sounds. We are all christen so it should be drama about how we are all going to die because the place is going to go up into flames because of the heater. The land lord (The acting "trinidad") was acting kinda strange about that and her collection of heaters.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Miguel Garcia Bayardo Corpus Christi Texas Death .

burger king corpus christi . It probily doesn't matter if it was natural causes. I believe I saw miguel garcia bayardo befour he died around the corner of my house. I am being tampered with though someone who claims someone is recruiting perverts into the catholic church and it isn't thier fault.. And then I hear some crap where he says its about drugs and then I get harrased about driving. He might have to die or at least be disapeared befour I talk to the cops about it. My payroll times may be doctored also it is against burger king policy to pay min wage but you might be able to get the times I went around the corner and left for work and went home from work..


And someone died....

corpus christi burger king. Someone died around the corner from my house in the stripes parking lot... The police want info.. he looks familier but I wouldn't know if I had saw him on that day or some other day. He moved like he was old and the picture says he is 83. Nothing out of the ordinary, I would be seeing his picture every day if I was going to work instead of in some pending crap because it is on that bus, as well as in the stripes store next to the house. Some self important person is using abuse to keep me up so I can have a conversation with someone at the burger king office. saying bs about what do you think of the catholic church and what do you think about sabotoging the catholilc chuch exc exc. exc. They are not all perverts they are doing it for a noble reason, why is that my problem except I might be one of thier victems as far as tobbaco is concerned. A bunch of self important bs that might fall under witness tampering..


Wednesday, December 09, 2009


"We" like to promote religion and be abusive.

We like to say abusive things outside, It part of religion I guess promote religion and be abusive to british people... It may be some hope of an organ or something... god doesn't like you because your a jackass and doesn't want you to have any body parts (This is near the hospital on the outer road)

Monday, December 07, 2009


burger king up 10%

burger king corpus christi. they are going to let me know after the ex-div date if I have a job or not... that feels like an organised short up 10% isn't that exciting, it would be like having norman back there again seeming more freeked out when the price goes up... cyan is up almost 100% so I took some off the table as kramer would say, one of my two no gain without the pain stocks both up in mult of 100%... I think oil prices are going down for the near future, I am still long syntrolium but it seems like the dollar and oil prices might be against it.. having alot of fuel might be for it.. I just don't get excited any more except about my star bonus and I was looking at the options before the merger took place and I remember all the calls and how it seemed like I made a crap load of money off of it... and and... I didn't buy any of them and they merged... that was a weird feeling.


burger king pending review

corpus christi burger king. Pending review means you don't have to say the word fired to the feds or something. They played around with the schedule and then told me I am not working any more. l.k. jordan asks a drug question maybe we are hoping to burn someones face off with the unsafe filter machine we have but we want there to be a positive drug test.. looks cool on the security camera, Thats a way to fish to achieve an objective. The stripes people on this side don't seem to be as personable as they do downtown, It's hard to measure up although it seems like they have done a couple things that didn't discourage sabotage at burger king. Something like that would be questionable as far as envelopment though. Across the street from a mcdonalds would make a much worse organized short against a restaurant.

Friday, December 04, 2009


just energy

I just talked to the just energy people and the chick in the office told me after I had asked about state mandated percentages that they don't have that and it is up to the customer how much environmental energy they wish to buy.

renewable percentages (texas gov page)

Not only is that untrue, they can sell the extra credits to other companies... The other thing I noticed is that they don't have an internet affiliate program.. for an international company $50 a month is nothing and it may even be less expensive than that. I am under the impression she doesn't know the history of what happened at cpl and the mergers exc... I would have to look into that people will annihilate you if you get your facts wrong.

Thursday, December 03, 2009


The masons and the illuminati in corpus christi.. and 911

I am putting this together as an unproven conspiracy theory. I have been listening to mark dice and his comments about the masons and 911. The Illuminates (free masons) as sun worshapers and thier desire to infilitrate other religion and then I realise the masons near a bunch of churces and an open air catholic church on the beach...


It doesn't mean anything though it is reasonable cause to look into someone elses beliefs.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


suspended for a week

Burger king downtown corpus christi. Rob told me I was suspended for a week. It may be a way to steal vacation pay it looks like they may be keeping two scedules and using that to steal money. I am walking by the county jail and someone is talking about how he was getting harassed at work (if he was working at burger king that is probily true)... Ya it is a bunch of harassment and entrapment crap that usualy involves a newer car (possible insurance fraud).. That doesn't mean you are getting out of jail if you did something messed up though..

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