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Monday, July 31, 2006



This is just listed as of last month. They are traded in the u.s. and Canada. The danger is that it is a scam or maybe it is a really good oil company but I didn't do complete research on it. Looks like the recycling truck is moved on a tempory basses because of remodeling. Hopefully they are coming on Wednesday to grab some of the stuff.. Mobile home adds just disappear, It is very unfortunate that I saw that add. The bug people have stopped coming and the base is closing soon, I suppose that means that they are not selling a mobile home so they better talk the government into staying.. Ha ha.. Started working for the storm department for an undetermined amount of time

Friday, July 28, 2006


The recycle truck disappeared

The recycle truck disappeared and didn't tell anyone where they are going or coming back for that matter. Everyone just assumes the semi is the truck in question but it looks like they may be doing the h.e.b. roof. There is quite a bit just waiting for them to open the truck. I noticed that the smaller cans of coffee are going up quickly so I went ahead and bought one three sizes bigger. I think one of the companies is buying all the shelf space to get rid of the other brands. I bought the don pedro stuff, I don't like it as much but at least it won't be as strong as the $1.00 bagged stuff (on sale no dout) that I mixed in with the $1.50 coffee I had bought last time.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


No more park department unfortunately

I was listening to the Hispanic guy who was running the police department in Laredo on cspan and he says that immigration should be way down the list. It is a product of the drug gang stuff and all the shootings and they freak people out about it. I hear about California but you have to think about shootings per capita and the Mexican side of the border in Laredo is number 1 in north America.. My stay with the park department is over and now hopefully they have another job for me. I smelled gas down kostorez I reminded by the gas truck that there is a long running leak that may still be there. I am not really bloging about the park department. I noticed something on the business channel about effency bonus for gasoline usage for Burlington nothern seems like the sort of thing the city could try fleet wide.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


the wireless people are watching

bandwidth is the enemy... If you can use up alot of bandwidth then we can get more construction jobs.. (maybe anyway). Because I know they are looking for projects to lure tek companies.. imagine everything underground charted in 3d space and the stakes that tell you where you are on the overlaid map. triangleation... I forgot to turn my antena on for my laptop and then I wonder why there is no signal... I am still trying to figure out what all they want for the download... I am noticing some of that self-publishing stuff so I am getting ready to disect the package I have along with another one that I have the code for..

Monday, July 24, 2006


Graffiti coverup al gore would be mad

There is a black coverup of the graffiti along holly road. Al gore would be mad, not only do poluntents drive up tempitures but the resulting heat uncovers dark earth and that makes the tempiture to go up even more. Under this theory black asphalt in Arizona has a negative effect on global warming. I am going back to look and see if I can get a whole copy of python and probily redistribute it since there is no restriction on it (unless you can't find it).

Saturday, July 22, 2006


We paid for Hezbollah not Iran look at the timing and oil prices

Iran and Syria may transfer money to Hezbollah but it realy us that pay for it because oil prices are going up because of it. Consider for a moment the timing during the slow part of hurricane season with nothing to prop up oil prices to the point they are now. This is just another reason to support synthetic oils and gases and non-crop burning ethonals with a small tax on gasoline (say a penny a gallon or so). Truly this and better cafe standards either on the state level or the federal level is the only sure way to get their wallets before they get ours..

Friday, July 21, 2006


abuse again around the apartment

There was some abuse around the apartment not as loud as usual and then abuse again this morning... That always happens when something calls or something.. I can't figure out the point except they want someone who doesn't have a drivers licence to buy a car.. Realy realy wierd... Looks like I am working next week.. week to week can be pretty rough on the planning and spending side of things, hope for the best perpare for the worst and things work out better that way.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


simularity between howard page mowers and john deere

I was trying to look up howard page + mower and it looks like they do not exsist. Either they are a small company or of a bygone era. I noticed that the john deere and the howard page mowers both have three blades. That was kinda a surprise for me and it looks like all you have to do is move the middle blade back and make it larger. Wala you can have three bagging mowers instead of three mulching mower. One left handed one right handed and posibly you could bag the center one from the back. Both mowers have an opening on one side like the old style mower but I suspect but don't know that alot of the grass doesn't go through that. I have to admit that I don't know that much about bailers and if one can be used with lower hieght grasses or not so possibly I just don't know what I am talking about. Otherwise on the section on bagging the grass. I replace the bag with a conveyer belt to a box in the back. poor editing and paragraph structure... tough cookies... spell check is busted...


nvtl trade of the day...

I noticed that someone paid half of my rent. I don't know if that has anything to do with me calling the cops last night or not. Today the channel 6 people are recomending nvtl... they are saying the open call number of over 2,000 is high (for aug) and that earnings come out on tuesday. They mentioned that it would take a sizable move to be in the money. (It probily doesn't have to be in the money to make money on the call)....

It has been hot hot hot outside... when I went to the bank on tuesday it was 93 and then going home 97... On the asfault it is even worse... I have the turban thing down with the old shirt under the hat to prevent my neck from getting completly fried... red-neck in a bad way...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


shell offers to by corpus christi park department giving them boardwalk and parkplace

Don't believe it for a minute I am just roleplaying it the shell I didn't roleplay yesterday.. What else can you do to win monopoly. Yea give me the three green ones also... Yahoo fell so far that my two puts are worth $100 a piece almost... I need to use protective puts more often that is where I always get screwed. I can't tell if someone sprayed wahoo or not it is ilegable on the dentists building.


Trade of the day (channel 6) and my rebuttal

I am starting to follow the trade of the day by channel 6. They are suggesting you buy luv with a stop loss at 50 cents. The logic is that oil prices are going to go down and we are not doomed by Iran and the economy. I was looking at the puts if you are looking for a movement either way. Sell luv at $17.50 for $1.55 and buy the put $15.00 for .20 to .30 cents. I just see their advice as a bad trade because it speculates on lower oil prices during hurricane season.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


trash and yahoo

seems like I am taking good stuff out of the trash. unused gloves a pretty nice coat, some yellow jackets to keep city employees getting hit by cars. I saw to rakes in there when I left.. To be fair they looked slightly damaged but I was tempted to try to grab them because they may be better than the one I have been using.

I am roleplaying saki lane or whatever the name of the street is... leon tire.. I think he is a satanist his sign is upside down. leon likes his money... chesters chicken chester the molester.... maybe I will walk down the whole street to see if there is anything worth roleplaying.. I noticed gasoline went to $2.80 realy quick.

Yahoo options have been trading wierd. usualy you would expect $100 between this and next month at near $32.50. You usualy see that two weeks befour now it is 3 days befour expire and I don't see that. It was completely killed in after hours yesterday but that is low volume stuff. three more days and they are expired, I didn't get to see if the puts I bought expired. I bought them as protection from a contraction in multiple that might happen if earnings don't grow at a rapid rate..

Monday, July 17, 2006


I live next to where the recycled cardboard lives (sorry this is not my idea)

I was talking about getting shot at over a week ago. Heard 2 shots then they yell and then I yell back and then he says he is not afraid of a c.d. The truth is that very little of the c.d. contains any guitar music. I am not sure how likely brian smith (If I got the name right) would even listen to it even if it is called organisms crime. I am guessing this happened in 3/4 mile to 1 mile area and then I did see a cop. I live over where the recycled boxes and paperboard lives, It is not my idea but after I get a ride home people wonder why the recyclable never get a ride home. Throw in a couple bucks from the budget to someone who drives that way anyway.. Might be the way to do it. I started to see the mosquito magnets add. Unless it is part of a wind turbine hooked up to a bug zapper I am going to have my douts. I can wash a truck down and change filters and stuff, If I am not seeming useful.

I am not finding the amount of gasoline used in Texas and what you can get for one cent a gallon. I am looking at iogen and I see that they won't sell their ethanol enzymes. I am under the impression they are hopeing the government will pay for a large plant instead of investing in one. You have to think o.k. you have paid your one cent a gallon and now you have this alternative production... That's the states opportunity to sell and invest in other new production. That is pretty close to communism or fascism with forced investment who does it belong to... The people that drive and how to give that back to them after they have invested that money is probily a challenge


xnl came up in the search for enzymes

xnl has came up as a public company in the search for enzymes. Looks like they only have a 6 mil gallon plant that is expanding to around 21 mil. I think they are having neg cash flow of 2 mil last quarter. It is hard to tell people are not following the company. They seem to have a research contract with the forestry service and they are wanting to get into the northeast trash to ethanol business. In the search for enzymes it looks like iogen is keeping it's stuff close to the vest. I was able to find info on more enzymes for regular corn to ethanol process and there are also acid process that I haven't looked into to much and some mention of catalyst materials. A couple of companies that sell enzymes came up one is http://www.valleyenzymes.com/ethanol.asp the other is enzymes development company http://www.enzymedevelopment.com/html/applications/ethanol.html

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Corpus Christi Hammerheads and more graphiti....

I got to see the tail end of auction, not sure who or what it benifited. I was trying to remember where the abc boss went thought origanily it was itv turns out that it quality british programming. I think it may be www.im.com or somesuch im tv(no it is not a wierd pun). They have some pay-per and/or with advertising from what I can tell. view options that may be just the way to get some extra bucks for the league. Having something signed by krystal smith..?? She is a pinup gal for sure. I don't know if someone is trying to remind me of different women to have me put it in the blog. I noticed that she is number 30... without saying anything about who.. She says women get more active shall I say when they become 30..

A couple of trends.. maybe an english major perhaps double meanings... I am reading the graphiti.. loud or soud it is illegable.. looked like loud and the pattern is yellow for yellow stone, (hw 187), Koop as in CHICKEN koop, loud as in yell...OOOO I am not looking that up as a ticker symbel because of lack of sleep and stuff. There is something that says fuk mecca or close to that.. looks slightly racial or maybe a little more that slightly.

according to the corpus christi caller times Brian Smith new police chief. Property values up 10%. He enjoys music and poetry and comedy I have nothing to say yet.. except check mate property damage.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Hammer heads and other miss stuff

http://plasticycle.com/We have warehouses in IL, OH, NY, TX and CA PlastiCycle is always in need of any plastic scrap materials for our Nashville, TN recycling facility. We process lumps and chunks of any size (from 1 lb to 1000 lbs), runners, parts, sheets, trays, pallets, film scrap, rolls, and balesPlastiCycle buys all types of plastic scrap.
Polyethylenes, HDPE, HMW, LDPE, LLDPE Polypropylenes, Homopolymer or Copolymer Polystyrenes, HIPs, Mips and GPPS Crystal Polyvinylchloride, rigid and flexible PVC Polyester, PET, PETG TPO, ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate
PlastiCycle buys these materials in any form.
Film- Rolls, bales, boxes, wickets, finished bags. Lumps, chunks, purges Parts, runners, Regrind, Reprocessed pellets, Densified nuggets Resin, powder, pulverized

They should talk about what they pay per pound instead of just keeping it vague.. This looks like a good way to expand the amount of plastic that gets shipped. The recycle people have started to run a truck just for cardboard or maybe it is just that way this time around..

my good buddy john vaquez (I got a ride a couple of times) ended up in the corpus christi caller times. Looks like the rain is letting the grass get away from us and the mosquito's are all carrying west nile virus. They state they have 1926 acres of park land and 700 acres of roadside plus 342 acres of minor ditches. 3068 acres not counting county and public schools, that starts to give off the impression of major crop land. According to the paper there is more hours and more overtime right now because of the rain to catch up on everything.

Tonight we are cleaning up for the intense football league. Looks like the headquarters is in corpus christi as well as the team the hammerheads. I have the pages for you here http://intensefootballleague.net/ looks like tickets go for as low as $5. They should consider running some of the pages as syndicated blog pages for promotional purposes and possibly as a way to sell more add space. Team page is over here http://www.cchammerheads.com/ . The webpage claims 28 more days until the intense bowl championship. Not sure why there is a .com for the league and a .net so I might look in the phone book to double check the league headquarters.

Friday, July 14, 2006


You can make more by selling enzimes and sources for theoretical stuff

This looks like something unlikely for the park department Miscanthus grassgrows over 11 feet high can be used for ethonal production. http://bioenergy.ornl.gov/papers/miscanthus/miscanthus.html here is one mesquite tree's toenergy http://www.hpj.com/index~1.cfm?go=yu&0.432857394506 this looks like a goodsource on ethonal news http://www.ethanolproducer.com/ this is one of my faverite thingsfound so far
Advanced Biofuel Technology Program – EPA is authorized to fund projects to convert little-used cellulosic biomass feedstocks into ethanol and useful co-products ($110 million for years 2005 through 2009). Bioenergy and Bio-based ProductsTargeted Biomass Research and Development -- Updates the Biomass Research and Development Act of 2000 (as modified under section 9008 of the 2002 farm bill) to achieve the scientific breakthroughs required for expanded deployment of biobased fuels, products and power: • Refines program objectives to provide greater focus on remaining technical barriers, with emphasis on overcoming the recalcitrance of cellulosic biomass; • Increased emphasis on feedstock production and delivery, including technologies for harvest, handling and transport of crop residues; • Research and demonstration of opportunities for synergy with existing biofuels production, such as use of dried distillers grains (DDGs) as a bridge feedstock; • Support for development of new and innovative biobased products made from corn, soybeans, wheat, sunflower, and other raw agricultural commodities;--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTMLCellulosic Biomass Ethanol Grants -- The Department of Energy is authorized to. provide grants to merchant producers of cellulosic ethanol for facility ...www.ethanol.org/documents/ACERFSSummary.pdf
here is another .gov blurb
Cellulosic Biomass Ethanol Grants Program - $1.05 billion to be established by the Department of. Energy to merchant producers of cellulosic ethanol for ...www.hawaii.gov/dbedt/ert/ new-fuel/files/02-usdoe-yoshinaka.pdf
This is unlikely.. wood pellet for fuel makers.. http://www.dogwoodenergy.com/wood-pellet-mill.html

The enzime store http://www.esupco.com/enzymes.html enzimes seem like a profitable buisness.. fungus sugar

this is from iogen
Inside the liter-size vessel, a desert-loving bacterium is making motor fuel. The organism, which normally lives on the agave plant of tequila fame, is munching on the chopped-up leaves and stalk of a plant, and excreting a dilute form of ethanol, the gasoline substitute normally made from corn kernels in the U.S.
The tiny organism -- and others being engineered in competing labs around the country -- could hold the keys to a new U.S. fuel source: cellulosic ethanol, which can be made from crop residues, wood chips, switchgrass and even municipal garbage.
To help prove that these problems can be overcome on a commercial scale, the Energy Department is staging a competition for its backing to build the nation's first three plants. The department, which has $160 million to spend on the contest, is requiring each candidate to have a pilot plant showing a process that can be successful once it is scaled up.

this is because I see siu or somesuch in graphiti http://www.siu.edu/~perspect/00_fall/methanol.html
The guy has a pretty entense home page.. check mate property damage... Vanadium and vandelism .

Thursday, July 13, 2006



Regardless of what people say about filling up the new landfill as quickly as possible having new higher rates and longer distances to ge when they could profile use state recycle money seems silly. It's the labor part of it versus the contract part of it (in this case bfi). Throwing away boxes that are not broken down... Not my scene.. The recycle people do not look like they are that sure how they want to deal with stuff and they do not have the room to compress cardboard there they have just been throwing it in a truck. Sometimes renting a rider truck to haul some of it off. It looks strange to the observer (me).. Plastic compressors may be better than gas anyway when you look at driving versus putting together a hub but what do I know. You hire someone who lives near where they buy stuff and give him/her all the aluminum cans with it.. Parts of the id stolen and reused... Source vs idea thief but it may not seem like a good idea when someone runs the numbers..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


h.e.b. Sells out of off

The corpus christi mesquite infestation continues.. The city is breeding a few of them in some tires. A mosquito apartment complex... If there is a way to keep the tires out of the rain.. A lot of smeronof bottle caps in the parking lot.. Cigarette butts, double A batteries.. I think I hear someone doing smearing off at work towards the end of the shift.. Is there a reason that it has to be $911 a month instead of $910 or $912, Someone should take a hard look at their numbers to see if they are trying to inspire violence. The grass is extremely wet I might get away with it for awhile. I am getting abused by one of the neibors about taking medication again for allergies.. Shell one of the owners of iogen (the people that make enzymes to break down hay) isn't that far away. It is just branded shell, I don't believe it is owned by shell.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


kron graffiti


bad news for kron may be double meanings like the nation of gods and earths (A part of the nation of islam that broke off in Kansas city. Took a drug test today and they are going to charge me $20 for it hardly seems fair. Hopefully the heavy bills are over. I am not sure that I have a perm job with the park department though. Some of the kod graffiti is inside the park department. There was a cop that asked me where I was going.. I was kind annoyed about the mosquito's, but I smiled even though she was unsure where it was and said thank you.. Heavy heavy mosquito's. The gal at the valero wanted me to leave pretty quick my plan was to go into the store quickly and loose the mosquito's thereby having a nice morning...


circus is gone, they trust in god and gravity

The circus left sunday night, the temptation for those who have cellphones to get material for thier blogs or scrapbooks is gone. (I have a feeling that someone is trying to encorage me to get a cell phone for that reason. I get to see all the cool stuff because I walk). I believe the city's cut is 1 cent in tax, along with a little bit every month if that is the reason you get a cell phone. Sunday night they were up in the rafters getting thier stuff down, clearly by the cross on one of the simi's and by the way they tie down they trust in god and gravity. Lots of big box's with small weels were leaving the building. They have arena football on sunday and there is a wedding show coming up. Looks like I am going to be working for the park department for awhile. The shoes scare me when it comes to my credit card bill but steel toes at just over $20 doesn't seem that bad.

Getting paid to write

Out of the three I have come up with zero, (except for a few google adds and I could get paid for software also or instead. Get paid to write book reports?? They call them abstracts and you get paid when you have $10 or more in earnings share. It is like writing for the library system hardly seems to be much point. I am not even going to get paid to say nice things about people.. maybe I will say something nice once in a while (but don't count on it) I was looking up kod + corpus christi, I came up with a band called kod (kiss of death). I will do more research but I dout I will find anything that explains it just looking at all that graphiti starting with k makes it look like it is about circle k. (roleplayed) We want you to do a coverup (gang graphiti coverup).. kron.. k-wrong ? .. hr .. exc.. exc..

Monday, July 10, 2006


shooting downtown

Sounds like someone is shooting a pellet gun or something that is small calaber with a silencer near me at the signs. A car pulls up and then yells First Assembly of God. f.a.g. I remember that there was broken windows and stuff there a few years ago befour the town started to get repainted. The laundry had thier window shot. Got enough hours to be helpfull but no sort of security right now. Filled out an application always should fill out at least one to increase my chances..

Sunday, July 09, 2006


power grid for the hydrogen economy

This is the current article in scientific american. The truth is that there is a teck war between getting vast increase in watts available and getting things to run on vastly lower wattage. Waste is talked about often when it comes to power distribution but there is also a silent revolution where items like air conditioners run on fewer and fewer watts. imagine the light bulb going from 60 to 100 watts down to 12 to 25. build the most expensive distribution you can think of and watch the demand plument from something simular in airconditioning. this clearly is probily destined to remain in theory and not in fact.


ken lay is a saint (paid for by addperpost.com)

It doesn't seem to work right yet, It is like using the power for evil but I could probily use a $5 walmart gift card or whatever they are giving away. Seems like every year around this time I get dumped. july 4..... right after all the padapt posters go up and they have the concert downtown. Nothing really earth shaking except the usual...

You have to note when you note physiology that one person will organize stuff and the other people who help him/her may not know the purpose it is just planed that way. I write blogs about organized crime and then I hand you a business card. I think that is called charecterazion or some such and I am not kidding this just in from google or more precise blogger.com send a picture to an email address from a cell phone for inclusion in your blog or send voice to something you have to read it to be included as an mp3 file. You are talking about situations that are just waiting to happen it is just a question of who and what..

Saturday, July 08, 2006


saterday morning

Helium is the first writing thing I have signed up. It is supposed to be pay per view and I had found them through a google add on some sight. Looks like an alternative place to post I.E. cut and paste and then copy to helium. It is listed as a beta and they may decide to scrap it and the posts don't show up right away. Posibly I have some or alot of my facts wrong about who is out there practicing. I am hearing some stuff out of the pysc book. I hear that do not ask do not tell crap at the apartment also it is realy anoying. Without going into details I have also read pysc books about submissive - dominant pairs and crime. We are not talking about the run of the mill stuff but of the pysco who's discription sells paperbacks :) I am going to see what this pay per spam is all about and who is paying maybe it is benighn and maybe I will be paid by the estate of kenneth lay

Friday, July 07, 2006


behind the broom look and ringling brothers and barnum and bailey

On the marquee it is Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey july 5 through 9. I recently got a job through absolute staffing cleaning up for the circus at the american bank center in corpus christi texas. We are supposed to be there when the circus closes. There are a few of the circus goers wandering around on there way out. Wandering through the back areas you start to see trunks for circus school, amazing discapline to continue on with thier pushup in the hallway while an entire cleaning crew walks by in the narrow hallway. Practicing dance moves in an area called inner-mongolia. They are wonderfull with the kids showing them how to do the trampaline basketball tricks and other behind the scenes stuff. Even after closing time it is a busy place where it is hard to make a private phone call although we try to give what privacy we can.

As anyone who follows this blog knows I am almost destitute and I am writing for food. I may even be forced to say nice things about people at times. I recently dug up another site that looks a little like epionions but I don't know if they are republishing or not.. long live advertising. Helium Knowledge

Thursday, July 06, 2006


just when you though getting paid to post was dead

Should I mention that p.t. barnum is going to need me in a few minutes for there corpus christi circus. Just started to read buisness week and it apears that I can be paid to say nice things about people. I am not sure that I want to. http://blogstarnetwork is starting this but they are also changing there name to http://payperpost.com also noticed one called www.shvoong.com that may be a little less blatent about what they are doing. I believe it is called control of comunication. Are you a forien country who owns a gas company that sold tobbaco to minors then pay english people to write blogs for you. We just do it better on our side of the island.. (Just say we don't do that on our side of the island for anything perverted )


wed excitement

I just got a job at the american bank center. There seems to be a little desire to temp me into getting one of those camara phones by fate. I was walking to work and there is this dog with a glass eye or something. The dog has two different eye colors and can hardly see where she is going. Followed me from weber to everheart to the other side of spid. The circus!!! We are not cleaning up after the elephants though. I get to see a little bit of practicking of basketball hoop tricks where they jump on the trampaline and dunk the basketball and a couple of women are doing big time excercizes in the hallway because there realy isn't anywhere else to do them.. I had bought a couple of things at burger king.. I was perepared for flooding rain even a second pair of shoes. I had left previous cloths in there to long and they molded a bit.. We have panhandeling at around 4 to 5 am at the burger king.. I need a dollar for gasoline and I live very far away.. I don't think a dollar helps but the alcies haven't adjusted for inflation yet..

There is some sort of wierd fight at the bus station down town. It feels a little bit like a con of some sort. The male says he works for scott electric and they are having a fight across staples station and then a black male sorta tallish and musilish gets much closer and then a femail who has some weight comes over. She looks pretty bad because she steps into his space when there is no reason for it. She rationalises it by saying the guy is crazy exc.. exc.. It looks bad there is another hispanic guy who is just sitting there. They have exchanged blows and he calls the police. Now what she is doing is coming up with a story (that sounds like she is guilty) where she is not to blaime for what happened. (Teck they both are to blaime there is no reason for any of it that I can see except they want to have a quarel.) The 5:20 comes and I am out of there and on to other places..

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Satan as an angel of light and other corpus christi retail outlets

Satan successfully presents himself as "an angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:14). .. I heard it about 5 am in the morning when my alarm went off on kcta. I am reminded of a couple of retail outlets if you are looking for Satanist, or other drug users these places may attract them even if they are not named after Satan. Angel light is near an Arabic food store on Everhart.. They claim rituals and spiritual healing among other new-ageish cultish like rituals. The best place to look would be the business white pages if you are looking for potential Satanist front companies or places that would atrack Satanist clientele. More on angel light and connected chucrh at a later blog. Looks like I am working tonight.. hopefully this publishes looks like the computer doesn't want it to

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Is it apac customer service or OPEC customer service in corpus christi texas

The other complaints about apac. It seems that in addition to sexual harassment I would also get intense harassment when I recycled plastics. There is one other thing of note almost every day some looser would ask me why don't I buy a car at work. These are the same people that promote fruitloopness on myspace.com also don't want anyone to be around the camera's on the bus. At times there was shouting matches across 5 lanes of holly road traffic being abusive to me because I am a pedestrian. One thing I noticed when I go by is that no one who works at apac takes the bus, therefore no one is able to talk about what crimes go on in the building. They have complete control of communication to extort money and to try to get tips to perverts. Clearly any one who has seen the people that work at apac and then goes over a list of registered perverts knows the type of manipulate type of behavior these people are capable of.

I have to note that they plan things in advance. This chick would come over for sex or a sexual tease and then stop and then she would let her fruitloop friend in the apartment. There was no way to get rid of this person. I believe this is a precurser to how they promote fruitloopness at apac. One of the people that was working there looks like he has started to twitch because of the abuse and has fallen under "jens" fruitloop friends control. I noticed her in a car with some male with a chicks name so I believe it is company policy. There is some distance between me and the car so it may be a case of mistaken identity..

Monday, July 03, 2006


apac customer service promotes fruitloopness in corpus christi

I have to revise previous message they don't claim sleeping pills cure smoking cravings and the rerverse seems to be true. I should also note that suposibly if you harras people you can sell alcohol because 11% wikk drink compared to 8% taking sleeping pills. The apac customer service center in corpus christi texas has a policy of promoting fruitloopness on the part of its employees. Also as policy is vauge financial threats in addition to promoting it. One of the things you will notice when searching the search engines and myspace.com seems to be a major source of it. They seems to harrasing everyone and promoting a tell policy on myspace.com. Angel marteniz the chick that fired me would often talk about her fruitloopness. While I was working for her I would hear the equilivelent of audio rape and then her male fruitloop friend would just be standing there like a bad omen. Clearly this is not the place for anyone of morals or brains to work.


citgo / circle k tobacco lawsuit and harrasment to sell sleeping pills in corpus christi

This is what I found in the search engine for sleeping pills + tobacco cravings http://www.google.com/custom?hl=en&ie=UTF-8&oe=ISO-8859-1&client=pub-3239946176051515&cof=FORID:1%3BGL:1%3BBGC:FFFFFF%3BT:%23000000%3BLC:%230000ff%3BVLC:%23663399%3BALC:%230000ff%3BGALT:%23008000%3BGFNT:%230000ff%3BGIMP:%230000ff%3BDIV:%23336699%3BLBGC:336699%3BAH:center%3B&sa=X&oi=spell&resnum=0&ct=result&cd=1&q=%22sleeping+pills%22+%2B+%22tobacco+cravings%22&spell=1 This is what I have around my apartment people that contaminate the air and endless harrasment. I think the reverse is true also if someone does not smoke and you want to get someone to have tobacco cravings you interfere with there sleep. That doesn't mean circle k and citgo should not get sued it is just something the police department is going to look the other way on and cause more of a problem. The damage never goes away the yellowness on the fingers exc but that doesn't mean a group of people should get together to create more problems for ccisd by having racketeering and more damages with it.. who are they trying to protect anyway....

Sunday, July 02, 2006


apac is hiring again

It seems they are using myspace to talk about alcohol problems and to violate thedo not ask do not tell policy. Looks like apac is hiring while I was surfing thepages I only saw one thing that realy may or may not be cause for concern. somechick called poisen angel. hopefully they are not roleplaying crazy stuff stillI suspect that some of the people that are telling are also making extortion threatsor promises and look here is me talking about getting harrassed people selling cocaineand audio rape. apac + "corpus christi" + cocaine I am number two in the search enginefor that. Anyway angel goes on a diet and watches what she eats.. I think it hadsomething to do with the search apac + "corpus christi" + a*&@#ole I was looking forbig time dirt. Oh yea she has two kids and one on the way.. sounds to much like anaction instead of a name.. I was looking in the library and when they talk aboutthe percentage of crime comited by sexual preferance you would think of apac................................................ reminds me again I see some chick far away like angel and then some pissed off chick close up like angel in the apartment complex with two kids. and then I have to listen to someone who sounds like angel talk about graphiti and insane stuff while I am trying to fing sleep


Local pro-life group boycotts circle k

I am hoping this isn't the reason why I am getting harassed you can find more about the boycott here http://ohhowilovejesus.com/2006/01/31/boycott-of-citgo-launched/


circle k buys company that sold tobacco to minors and is in bed with tobacco manufactures

The abuse I am getting around the apartment is unbeliveable. To sort of get the idea as to how far the pro-tobacco people are willing to go. I recently went into a circle k with two large cans of tommato sauce in my pocket. The security who is always abusive but never kicks me out of the store went to the cops or was the corpus christi police department. The conversation wasn't good but didn't realy go anywhere just hostile back and forth as the cops determaned that it was indead tomatto sause.
There is more to this story circle k partners bought maverick markets. maverick markets sold (and probily had some marketing help at ccisd corpus christi school district) tobbaco to minors right buy the school for the entire time I went there (4 years). Want to know how it looks if you are trying to find who is financialy responcible for any lawsuit from this act. circle k partners bought maverick markets. The store that sold the cigerettes to minors is now a times market. There is one store that is a maverick market on lepard street near the depressed part of corpus christi.
The abuse never ends. We have entrapment scripts where I get audio abuse and then events happen close to the security camaras for circle k. After I was questioned about the tommato sause graphiti apeared everywhere. I even have some crazy chick interfering with my sleep asking me how I feel about graphiti.
two other things I should also note is that most of the local circle k stores are citgo branded and that I went to the desegrated brown vs board school district in topeka kansas. Are tobbaco comapies racist do you think. Where did this terrorist attack come from in the search engines. irans friends over at the citgo refinery and talk about being in bed with the people who sell cigerettes http://www.tobacco.org/articles/category/businessgeneral/?code=businessgeneral&pattern=%22circle+k%22 You might as well have tobbaco porno on the circle k web site.

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

But Hicks shows that the covert operators and coverup specialists actually set the ad hominem mechanisms in place as part of their secrecy strategy. The spooks go out of their way to choose “flawed” individuals to carry out their operations. They hire contract operators with a skeleton in their closets—and when the skeletons don’t already exist, they are manufactured. That way, if the operator should ever attempt to reveal compromising information, he can be easily discredited—and any journalist or media outlet that publicizes the information can be discredited as well. This strategy has for the most part totally silenced the media on such sensitive topics as W’s history as a draft-dodging, then AWOL cocaine arrestee, the CIA’s continuing history as the planet’s largest cocaine and heroin dealer,


There is Some truth and some attempts to manufactur reality and the question is who's spook is he talking about I am offended by the term flawed.... At some point everthing is a cover story and the cocaine dealers never shut up...
anyway I was surfing kvr and noticed this for whatever it is worth


abuse last night

I am getting alot of abuse last night some crap about what do you think about the graphiti dexter.. exc. exc. exc. I didn't do it but because there is a channel 3 truck around the apartment it is supposed to be ok to be abusive because it is a source?? geez.. I saw scum spray painted on the my faverite muffin building. I don't know what the intention is for sure. I used to tell people about a rebate I get to watch a free movie because I fight scum in my spare time (bathroom cleaner rebate). somehow there may be a situation that is simular.. I got a responce from the fmod board so I am going to give it a shot to see if sound finaly comes from it.

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