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Friday, March 31, 2006


more walgreens abuse..

You better watch it as opposed to using the watch batteries in a meth lab... I am not sure who it is that made threats to a bankruptcy attourny buy I do no that I could be a cover story to by the medicine maybe a fake I.d. to buy allergy medicine to make meth with. I was getting alot of harrasment am getting alot of harrasment. One thing of note that if you buy the other ingrediant it is listed on the post card and that probily is why I am getting a bunch of abuse


this could be fraud 60% government bond


About five years ago, I found a unique type of government-issued bond that has a track record of paying incredible returns: 60% or more, in two years or less.

I first recommended the "60% Government Bond" in December of 2001, after meeting in person with the government officials who issue it. Eighteen months later it had returned a safe 60%. This has been one of the great discoveries of my career, and I love sharing it with my readers.

The good news is that the exact same government agency has recently issued another "60% Bond." I recommend you buy it now. You may want to hold it for a long time. The returns should be extraordinary. I also recommend you keep the details on this investment quiet–there simply aren't enough of these bonds available for every American investor to take advantage of the situation. In fact, the only other people I've ever seen write about this opportunity are the folks at Forbes magazine, who wrote about it in their July 2005 issue.

As soon as you sign up to begin receiving DailyWealth, I'll send you my full report on "The 60% Government Bond" It explains everything you need to know, and will arrive in your e-mail box in about 10 minutes.

this looks like fraud. 2001 was also the year the government paid off it debts bond wise..



THe expire date on the canned food made it look recent.. Rust and the cans are warm.... walking home a couple of rotten apples... THen I voted the poxies for my shares while listening to some jackass talk about me not taking the food.... Then there is a comment about a car after acting like a stalker he says something about me driving or not driving.... I didn't get a call from walmart I am guessing that means someone else got the job... happens they may have other jobs. I did not see any chick named diana though. I gave them the benifit of the dout and bought some groceries. I bought a three pack of floresent the month befour.. It's a budget..

Thursday, March 30, 2006


man in walmart over 40 hrs

He called it an endurance thing said the greeters noticed him at some point... Over 50% of lucent puts were called... seems to work to my favor to swap out and then I can make an extra $50. Deep in the money is not realy cash flow.. Looks like around $1,300 for the month ignoring the deep in the money trade.. Account may freeze tommorow.. end of the month dividend, looks like bad inflation news.. xmsr for the april contract $32.50 may be good.. around $90... I get to move another 100 shares of xmsr over don't know if that is enough or not... still looking div date of ert (or whatever the call letter is) for the dividend date.. plan was that it was going to pay in may along with the $16 monthly replacing $20 every three months... xmsr was up almost $1 for awhile.... xmsr and jdsu are probily the big two that move things.. Don't have my after the 15th stock picked yet..

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


looks like the turkey is for sale

Looks like the turkey unit is for sale and there is problems with the turkey oil plant... I bet there is alot of intresting patents.. there is a claim they have (changing tech) a plant that takes sewage into oil....


con agra

con agra is selling off pieces and not doing well. Seems like they are to good to licence to smaller processers... They may need a new person for the wall mart mob... Don't know if the person spray painting stock symbols along the bus route was busted or not... Possibly the old maintence person the one they are replacing.. They call them made... A good way to play china is to pick something with a good dividend out of the etf.. I think there was a bank paying 4 or 5%.... (last time I looked) No need to market time that is for fools The dollar will go down sooner or later...

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


looks like market is even and meth labs..

My market anyway..... THe opinions expressed are my own and do not reflect walmart (wrong don't necessarly reflect wallmarts) yahoo up $1 udr Keeps going up... might have something to do with the option being a hedge against lower reit prices.. jdsu uniphase keeps going up... The dirty jobs.. I see all the stuff on imigration also and if she doesn't put out ha ha ha ha... beds $100 gasoline prices are bad for walmart and blowing around grass clipping is good for meth labs. someone said something (the meth part not the comparison) yesterday about some of the harrasment I am getting.. I am buying shares of shell and we are going to stop blowing around agriculutural (spelling) waste


account value locked

account value is locked.... I think it is the dividend from spi they will adjust it tommorow... interactive brokers is wierd sometimes.. everything looks pretty flat up a little for the whole account.. The dividend won't credit to the account for awile probily tonight.. Synthetic covered call with jdsu.. Alot of april puts buy one call in april sell one in may.. comes out to $13 on $400 for one month. (april to may) + whatever interest until the april options expiration..

Monday, March 27, 2006


rambling ethonal stockpicks wallmart exc

Looking for an ethonal article mentioned on mad money

unrealated but I love the quote

Democrat who tried to block its expansion last July. "Taxpayers are being asked to provide huge subsidies to oil companies to produce oil — it's like subsidizing a fish to swim."

here's a quote

The current excitement over ethanol derives from research that has cut the cost of converting nonfood plant matter like grasses and wood chips into alcohol. Mr. Khosla says he believes that such ethanol, called cellulosic ethanol, will eventually be cheaper to produce than both gasoline and corn-derived ethanol.

To be fair to the new york times heres the direct link


Some publicly traded companies with operations linked to ethanol include Novozymes and Danisco, both based in Denmark, and Diversa of San Diego; all three have said they have made major gains in reducing the cost of the enzymes needed to produce ethanol from cellulose. Bigger, more diversified companies like Archer Daniels Midland and Monsanto have ethanol operations, too, though ethanol is but one of many businesses for these giants.
Two mutual funds that focus on alternative energy include some ethanol companies among their holdings. The New Alternatives fund holds shares of Abengoa and Acciona Energía, two Spanish companies investing in ethanol production. Another option is the PowerShares WilderHill Clean Energy Portfolio, an exchange-traded fund that tracks a basket of 40 alternative energy companies. Robert Wilder, who created the index on which the fund is based, said that it currently includes just two companies with significant ethanol interests: Pacific Ethanol and MGP Ingredients, an ethanol producer in Atchison, Kan.

here's some good links.. http://www.o2diesel.net/links.php seems like having gasoline freeze is a problem in canada.

THis one is called mems.. looks like they are going to own a big chunk of one ethonal plant in ontereo canada (my spelling is pretty bad I know). according to the artical ontereo is going to require a 10% blend of ethonal by 2010

seems odd when some of them up in canada say they use excess grain and not corn that they mention corn

this seems insanely under valued growing and less than 4 times earnings. .. http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=ITEX.OB&d=t They are mentioned on nate when you
do the search.. looks real.. ebay is said to be a big buisness factor..

another wall mart interview... hopefully it is real and not just getting me out of the house during the interest
rate meeting..
another ethonal article....


These people are building an ethonal plant looks like they do alot of odd stuff


The downside is they do alot of building products

I think they are known mainly for coal.. looks like the partner is a coop


Looks like a big supporter in west texas.. ( MyWestTexas.com ) someone should tell him they burn cow dung in plca

sold 500 shares lucent afraid to get the puts again in case they called them again. I was not sure why the company would be worth more if there is no premium paid.. sold that real estate investment trust that yields 2.8% ,,, bought some high yield and $16 a month and edr plus paid the rest of the margin off... I am looking at the bonds I have that didn't transfer and trying to decide if I should sell them and then reinvest the money... The fed meeting is probily going to bring the market down tommorow... buy two sell one that is the cash flow positive way... can't use the value again until july If I have to do that... seems cash is better than equities. expire is three weeks off..

Sunday, March 26, 2006


executed lucent puts

I am not sure what is going on with this but all of a suddon I own 500 shares.. If they are still short it would be execute puts and sell short.. It was 50% of my posisition. I don't know if that will effect the volume tommorow.. The buyout was announced friday at least they are talking with alcitel (spelling)


The black people stuff again

My neibors are talking about black people again. It is a sizable number but
not all of them you have to be sure. All of a suddon you loose
all that money that citgo (Irans friends in venezuala) didn't want to pay
you anyway.. Someone believes they can get rid of the gang bangers that way
maybe. That is a way to blaim a terrorist attack and keep you from having
a security clearence also. I walk where I damn well please. Could be film
for someone who is already in jail or something I don't realy have the gist of it. It could have been that guys sister on wednesday.. The tall black dude used to go through the neiborhood like he wanted to get into a fight with me or something.. Probily a good chance it isn't his sister.. It will degrade into a bunch of pervert stuff and exc. exc.. It is silly pictures are on the internet and then you have the impression that there is a desire to keep me 100 miles from a lie detector test.

Sizler at 2.9% I am trying to figure out why I should keep it.. I am happy it is at 2.9% lots of capital gains.. I can probily grab at least $20 a month by changing that...

Saturday, March 25, 2006


http://virtjk.livejournal.com/ (I.e. Terrorist)

someone else probily seen this... looks like it is almost inposible to install.. We don't harrass people in order to assign blaim and get away with it.. won't happen. The equipment is all in the open while I am getting abused. There is also of corse terrorist attack up thier also. It is up to me to explain why I didn't get into some pregnant black chicks car while I am being abused and around sept 11'th. I refer to that is thier sucide.

Impulse Tracker diehards unite!
13 Jul 2005 by virt
... (it's open-source) is mrsbrisby, who is a hideously amazing programmer. ... for IT users: reViSiT, which is an Impulse Tracker workalike VST instrument. ... MIDI or be an encapsulated sampler within your songs in any VST host. ...

TERRORISTS - http://www.livejournal.com/users/virtjk/

Friday, March 24, 2006

http://www.unitedclaimscenter.ca/CS.HTM this is from the website

http://www.unitedclaimscenter.ca/ same site see the end for letter details and adress

Their specific functions for the U.C.C. are as follows:
To be able to present the offer from the U.C.C. to the Beneficiary in a clear and concise manner leaving no room for misunderstandings.
To help Beneficiaries better understand all U.C.C. documentation.
They may use the act of negotiation when required.
To classify complaints or inquiries, and promptly settle and/or forward them to the U.C.C.
The F.S.C.C. Mediators have the authority to negotiate with U.C.C. on the behalf of the Selected Beneficiary, which may include negotiating of fee(s), refund(s) complaints and/or any other matters pertaining to the account in question.

Although the U.C.C. may never contact a Beneficiary by way of telephone, we would like to take this opportunity to inform you that in no way, may a representative of the F.S.C.C. ever forcefully demand a Beneficiary to send in payment for any fee(s) that the U.C.C. requires pertaining to any particular Account. They are there to inform the Beneficiary of the claim that the U.C.C. has to offer them so they may make an informed decision as to whether or not to proceed with the Account.

this is from the letter

Beneficiary To Be Accredited $8,200cad

approximate consolidated monetary value

Item(s) subject to maturity, terms and conditions.

here's some stuff from the back of the letter

a) This is not a winnings, lottery, sweepstakes, gift or cash award and that there is no purchase necessary in claiming/collecting the account although service fee(s) may apply.

these people are in google


more wiretap harrasment

Here is what I hear... "You cant live off of it", I get harrased when the market goes up as well as down.. more harrasment about working.. It is a G in cash flow for the month... may contract though not much difference in decay in some from one month to two months.. I hear" xm might be in the money ". That could be likely if not you have decay from one month to the next.. seems like a lot of pressure like there is something planned. When someone abusive controlls comunication and has a wiretap and is an abusive asshole then it is probily a murder and I need to wait. He has a cover story about inside information being the reason why he is abusive.. wrong wrong wrong.... It is not about blaiming a terrorist atack on the people being abusive. There is a terrorist attack and you act like you have a forien countries interest... Harrased about recycling plastic that is when you know there's a problem...

Thursday, March 23, 2006


chalk graphiti... police car

There was more chalk graphiti by the art musium under the bridge.. Alot of jobs in high places... No absoulutly not.. Lack of sleep from harrasment and high places don't mix.. It was supposed to mean something to me I suspose.. I think it isn't perminent... The terrorist atack is still there when he's abusive.. I sorta half-way suspect also from what I saw from jim cramer that someone can go over what they call the tape. Looking for anything that dropped from march to september.. I don't know that they have all the exchanges though.. I will probily get more abuse tommorow and the terrorist attack will still be on the internet anyway.. One of them asks if I was blaming him because he is abusive.. I don't think I said that... They knew... someone knew... and it was tradable...... and someone said that promoting would do me no good (audio harrasment from unknown location)..


maxwell house coffee on sale

She wants her boyfriend to do well in the market so he can by a house. Someone wrote something about a cup on the sidewalk and some mention about not drinking. This clearly may be a crime to roleplay.

Most states also adhere to a legal concept known as the "felony murder rule," under which a person commits first-degree murder if any death (even an accidental one) results from the commission of certain violent felonies -- usually arson, burglary, kidnapping, rape, and robbery.

What is the difference between coffee and cocaine when it comes to looking at people who try to shoot cops to death with bb. guns.. this may be illeagal to talk about.. I have two cards that may show purchases walgeens and cvs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


least not forget columbia

I tend to forget columbia.. Ways to avoid polygraph tests promote fruitloopness, Try to sell cocaine. I get the abuse and someone says it is about drugs then I get a bunch of abuse and it is supposed to be a pro-life group. I am not trying to be anti- anything just trying to tie them all into a group.. There was someone at the bus stop talking about credit cards. He says those credit card roleups are a ripoff.. They are for people who credit turned north he is talking about bankrupcy and he clearly does not know what he is talking about.. Told him my credit was screwed to get a card I put a grand down as collateral.. He said something about 3 years.. It is not three years it is seven..


job fair.....

she looks like angel. she is unhappy looking driving a firebird.. She should change what she is doing in life it can't be worth being missrable all the time. I gave the city the link to the terrorist attack along with my work record. Now they can look without having to get a warrent or anything it is just there. The overheard dork stuff.. I talked to the military people 6 or 7 years ago, I think I may have someone afraid of me taking a lie dectector test. It is a fantasy though to think the military is the only branch of government or even the only branch of the feds that have the tests... Some guy with grey hairs getting comments about talking or not talking to the military.. I am not sure if they are trying to plant evidence of a goverment coverup with the tests.. I am not even sure if the people harrasing me are military people. I suspect they may be catholics (In some cases homo's ) of citgo (irans friends in venzuala) persuasion.. I got a call from some chick who says she works at conns for an interview tommorow..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


odd link when I was searching for csound examples

Python csound link

Welcome to Csound!What sound do you want to hear today, maurizio?then I answerf u youthen Csound continues with the normal performanceyour answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.884006new alloc for instr 1:your answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.884006your answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.889868your answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.884006your answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.889868your answer is "f you"a private random number: 0.884006your answer is "f you"...Embarassing.In the same instrument a message is created in the private namespace and printed,appearing different for each instance

This sounds like what is around my apartment I don't know if they are privites or not.


oil sweat and rigs.... discovery channel

A little bit of a reminder about gasoline prices going above $4 a gallon in some places. Looks like the british oil companies are making the rounds in the news and documentary's. Part of control of comunication is more about ethonal and not much about bio-diesel.. Looks like bernanke killed the stock rally, Been watching the range looks like everything was going towards the upper end of my range and then sort of fell apart. Maybe another week and there is alot more decay. educatonal reality went back up to a 7.9% yield. recomended by mr cramer, looks like the coal comany I bought went into gyrations.. I am still looking at shell oil company

Monday, March 20, 2006


cnn "you were warned" more oil doom and gloom

looking at what is listed in cnn's doom and gloom. iogen came up as a privite company owned partialy
by royal dutch shell.. they also do wind farms and also sell solar pannels.. Looks like they have a european bio-feuls
company as well. brion is a privite company noticed them on the side of a large storage tank. web site is
http://www.broin.com. I noticed the shell website alternative energy has a bunch of z's... in it.. More stuff about
why someone is putting matresses on the track.. doesn't look like they are in a postition to benifit from
the current ethonal shortage. (this is a local source who isn't talking to me just see stuff roleplayed)...

I should note the shell station who is always a few cents higher. I don't know if it is a company store or a
franchise. I suspect the later. Playing devils advocate are you willing to pay a higher price for the same
thing.. Sorta anti-eth.. You have to note that they are doing cellelose ethonal where they don't burn crops and
we can get rid of some of this crap out of the air.. Looks like they plan to sell enzimes.

As we look for ways to get more tax revenue all of a suddon making a deal with shell to by enzimes with a
portion of the tax money from wind towers becomes a no-loose deal.. I was looking at the forcast looks
like analists feel like shell rev will go down. Don't know if that is about assumptions about gasoline
natural gas prices. I have seen recomendations of 20% in resource stocks for asset allocation partialy
as a hedge against inflation. I noticed they are getting into clean coal also.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


The case against tomas friedmans 3'rd party like fear mongering

We here in south texas have control of a fairly large water supply while those around us lack it. It is satire realy you name someone thomas and he is different because he is the enemy exc exc. exc. Forgetting one thing and that is what we should have learned from f.t.i. Never miss a chance to mail out envolopes to your neibors, shareholders exc. North of us they give money to help make comunities more sustainable and they also could give us a large volume of port traffic. What makes thier comunity less sustainable.. GAS PRICES even more than oil prices. Ignore this person who is making an extreme sugestion because he want's to be seen as a third party figure who had his position adopted by scarring the bejesus out of everyone.. 500,000 people maybe it should be 5 cents a month and a penny a gallon (for people in san antonio) What do they get lower gas prices.. more truck sales.. less pollution by moving to switch grass.. 5 * 12 = 60 cents 1/4 million plus what little gas tax would be needed in exchange for a intrest in a south texas ethonal maker and the chance to send tree waste, (maybe some "non-reyclable" paper waste), and switch grass by rail or truck and out of the land fill.. It is not just san antonio all of west texas could send the small amount of what would previously be waste to corpus to make ethonal.

Friday, March 17, 2006


across the street and upstairs

He says I don't think he cares about your kids he is just going out to get the mail.... The maintence person told the kid I was crazy.. I not sure that I care what the maintence person has to say, I am not sure what that is about. I did notice the cops over there seems to be different women there at times.. They are bringing groceries to the apartment on foot, They may be looking for a score (as in cash) or something. I am just here to inform because google pays me to silly people.. I should add some white noise to the piece I am working on.. fade in then static... don't know if I can get the mike to work or not....


end of the week

end of the week and 7 12.50 options expire..... xmsr goes up a rally.... Bad news and then a rally looks like the fools do more than volkswagen.. I think this is a weekend that has an effect on decay. All of a suddon there is an increased supply of puts therefore lesser value.. not sure when the may contacts come out though..

Thursday, March 16, 2006


more bankrupuptcy stuff

more harrasment about bankrupcy again... cashflow $750... I won... nite goes back down and 7 options expire tommorow.... cash flow $900 .... safe trade ..... dividend on monday and cash being transfered I can just pick off the safe ones for the rest of the month.. I may be ahead at $650 ..... A job is better though.... You would think having a life and not yelling at my apartment would be best ....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


he says he is supposed to roleplay it

that is why he is a jackass..... Add information systoms... IS to noe what do you get noise... white noise??? I don't think the military goes under that bridge.. 1.8.....


xmsr instituionalised

100% checked it today.. give or take a few shares. Nite passed $14.50 that is probily beyond where I want to be involved most of it expires friday. matress on the rail line... sleeper.. That is not just terrorists maybe a stock is a sleeper. now someone has an excuse to count the cars of ethonal on the line... someone keeps saying it is about drugs.. maybe meth(onal) saw this thing in the job add's. Allied waste is going up mostly owned by institutions It is on the pricy side for me, unless I am working for them.. noticed ntn or something of that nature makes games and has something to do with something wireless. I had a glitch in the city system and it said 1.8. seems like it could work better. gasoline futures are up because of the ethonal thing I suspect there may not be enough ethonal. We can tell the iranians it is a conspiracy to get rid of e-85. BRAZIL!!!!!!! CUBA!!!!!!!!!

Methane from decaying trash becomes electricity for San Antonio ...
San Antonio Express (subscription), TX - Feb 25, 2006
... of Houston, a subsidiary of an Australian company, to design, build and operate the on-site power station. Energy Developments has constructed landfill gas ...

trash + ethonal is intresting plus scandell...

Pencor Inc (original company and maybe the mob)

Chartwell International Inc.

I have come to conclude that some rail enthusiasts are so eager to see a train, any train, that it matters not what's on it or where it goes, as long as it goes down the tracks. One cannot look at the freight rail consolidations of recent years and say that things have gone smoothly in the rail industry - certainly not for the customers. Must Middletown become the next victim in the industry's effort to find new cargo?

Well, let's hope so. This is a city where one mayoral election some years ago seemed to turn on the matter of shade trees. A city, and not that large a city, that let crime get out of control before finally reining things in. A city where the petty can trump the right.

As I said, rail cars of trash. Weeks to months.

should I mention there is no water in san antonio.... I am taking a long shower..

this is them on yahoo http://finance.yahoo.com/q/pr?s=chwn.ob looks like they didn't pay for thier website that is a bad sign. We can tell mr noe that we should get trash from new york and that allied waste may or may not want to sell the place.. plus the landfill + selling shares to people from out of town so we can tax some wind towers....... looks like they didn't loose as much as they did last year.. should be on a watch list maybe one share of stock.. they are spending big time bucks checking the facts though may make it a different deal..

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


allied waste services

Allied waste services is selling off pieces. One thing of note there is a methonal pipeline if they can get a source of oil used or waste from a slaughter house (or from algea or something).. recycling is real popular but not as popular as alternative energy when advertising as an investment. I think they are saying there is a wind project that will pay king county 100 million dollars (sounds like alot until they say 20 years). It is like a gateway to other city revenue and jobs... The people in houston may be willing to pay a recycling fee and other such stuff if getting to the top of the landfill is something that is declared as a stated goal. Alot of abuse from the neibors, clearly someone organised them to be a conspiracy. I have the terrorist attack maybe it is citgo or an iranian agent or something.

Saturday, March 11, 2006


main focus of the abuse...

The abuse seems centered around my complaints to the police department about the abuse. The answer to this of course is more abuse... I don't understand that as a defence. Well he will do whatever he damn well pleases.. that I understand, It is understood that after an event like a wreck or whatever it could be a cop or someone else calling also. There does seem to be a desire to isolate me by the abuser as a way to get more power. Not that all the people I deal with are saints or not in thier own right.. From a criminal standpoint he is not alowed to say anything to me about anything. Everything he says is a crime, but only if it is enforced.

Friday, March 10, 2006


The ruse behind the thomas friedman row and 1000 fbi complaints

The apearence is of course two exremes. destroying the economy with much higher oil
prices or being held hostage by the iranians and other producers. The reality is that
many political ideas are toned down in practice some increase in price to support more supply.
any would say that it is apropreate for the people to by gas to support the hiway system
and much of the gas tax goes to that. The reality is that you pay part of the price per gallon
for more exploration. The same may happen in the future for producing more ethonal/methonal and
bio-diesel. It is very common for locales to use tax money to attract buisness. It's the people
that drive who benifit and I believe you will see at least some combination of the ideas to get
more supply to those who need it most "the american motorist".

closer to the expire date looks good. something in the news of intrest nasdaq-london stock exchange
offer. Could be possible to make transactions easier by finding a way to price in dollars and quickly
convert back to the pound.

40 complaints to the fbi in the last two days
I expect to make more than 1000 harrasment complaints this month
either there is no protection and terrorist can do what they please or it is like white noise who makes
the buzz synths (the movie seems strange) The dead talk to me one of them says

they go something like this I link to the terrorist attack Then a quote about the harrasment including some that sound like retaliation for not trading it

link to a terrorist attack 2001 complaint number 10 about harrasment today
2:09 femail voice says he is desperate to get him to stop the abuse

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


My neibors may have a victory sucide in the valley

The people responcible may be outside my apartment right now.. was he harrased into leaving corpus christi. I was getting harrased at circle K and that may be why he picked circle K to do it.



SAN JUAN — Police are waiting for results from an autopsy on a 27-year-old man from the Corpus Christi area who killed himself in a crowded convenience store Sunday morning.

Florencio Seguro Jr. walked into the Circle K at the intersection of Ferguson Avenue and Raul Longoria Street around

8:30 a.m. and pulled out a handgun, telling the female clerk he was going to kill himself, said Investigator Anthony Flores of the San Juan Police Department.



spankradio.com is spraypainted on the train. It could be a moron who is roleplaying something. I also saw what looks like graphite closer to the methonal pipe line. How cool and close to aw. What we need is a big tank and some yeast and the leftovers go the cows.. non-recyclable paper and cotten undies.. cow remains for mad cow diesal... You mix the meth with eth and add an oil.. unless the eth prices are through the roof.


tons of steel run over a matress on the rail line

You can't well sleep on a railroad bed. I think it is the texas-mexican rail line, I believe the burlington notheren has thier own police department or something to that effect but I did not see any mention of anything other than an emergency contact for the tex-mex. The blanket was on the rail when the train rolled over it. the matress looked like it was in the middle of the track and there was a coat beside it. This was close to agnes street. I didn't see any sort of fiberglass place at all. Looks like a huge chunk of railing dissapeared on lepard street and I saw another mattress. I also noticed a two way radio place and the well real estate people. I just remembering hearing someone say she wants her boyfriend to do well.. Someone else say she is dis-lexic (lexington mobile homepark ha). She wants her boyfriend to do well so she can buy a house (at best buy for some reason maybe it's way out of context). I kicked the matress out of the railway... very light weight. I also noticed a city cop close to the second matress where the bridge railing was out.. barely noticed the brige railing was gone until I was right on top of it. arthritis medicene bottle was in the ditch. A good size hole were soneone is going to break thier leg at some point was also down lepard... I don't get a job where I went but she passes my name on.. pent up demand for vacum cleaners and such... she would always be my favorite then..

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


sneaking A I love hamas sticker on his car

We are going to have to get him an I love hamas bumper sticker. Basicily I am to leave and not testify or talk about how a group of people decided to use abuse to recuit people to raise funds for hamas. Because he said so, I believe I have been tampered with and that men shouldn't f other men in a loud manner in my apartment. For anyone who just happens across this post I am being harrased by someone who personaly benifited from a terrorist attact just hit the terrorist thing on the side. Bought 100 shares of rmh. It is hard to get odd lots to trade for some of these stocks. realy it is a bond fund I will get $15 on the 20th and then it pays on the 18th every month.. I may have to go into lower paying reits to deverisfy out with smaller lots. I did it partialy margin.. $1,800 is more cash than I was planning to use.. I should probily focus on a may paying reit if there is anything left after that.. 20 + 10 + 15 + 9 + quarterly... alot of my bills aren't interest they are capital.. realy when I do my bills it is interest and then capital.. unfortunaly I do not have cash to pay someone to do my taxes, It is becoming a problem to try to fill out my taxes and listen to men talking about f'ing other men.. I heard one f'ing dexrow when I said the terrorist attack wasn't going to go away just because he is an abusive person and then website spelled out www.dexrow.com ....


Do you know that you are dead (hijact)

The guy doesn't understand that He is dead. Alot of times the weejie board will come up befour a death. Like the 911 terrorist attack that happened in march. In the movie the main charecter falls from a tall place. The dead allow him to save a life by telling him befour hand. White noise is up on the internet with zwar (zwarkasi), 11 effects, es-9, Hijact, weejie. You are supposed to record the dead and then use white noise (His synths are available through jeskola buzz and possibly as vst instruments or you use the sound refered to as whitenoise.) I believe the movie is about him He denies that he is dead.. He's a three demon... then you can speculate on carol black (street and school) and I think there was a glen or a widows I will watch it again. He did say yesterday that what he wanted me to do is "threaten to comit sucide" and said he wanted me to make good on my threats. I told a corpus christi police officer I would probily kill the guy if they didn't arrest him. It follows the movie pretty well

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Do you know you are dead (quote from whitenoise)

That's my apartment sorta and the people around me. Also got Tales of the Kamasutra (The perfumed garden) could of sworn I heard you are an embarasment to bush when I was listening to the movie.. More from white noise "Do you know you are dead" and then she says more to the spirits "what do you wan't". Sounds alot like the harrasment i am getting I may have even said that once. I heard You know "I don't realy like you" around my apartment tonight. I don't know if it is the channel 3 guy or not. More choices can be hard on people, He was talking about espn. The one person is unhappy I watch stuff other than 3 and then the other person says that is just buisness and he doesn't want to hear it. Chronicles of riddick is fantastic but I will resell it along with a couple of other ones I bought used. The thing to note is how I think they tried to make the movie more game like. You also see credits for trackers, I am unsure if they wrote the music or not. Soundtrack from Tales of the Kamasutra is fantastic it is almost a shame they talk..


more baseball and ge flouresent

The second week into my retirement and I have to fork over $8 for light bulbs.. Walmart gets it for having slightly more selection although when you think of what it could be if someone sold one light bulb for $3.50. cost of capital comes out to 3.5 cents plus a month and then the bulbs don't last as long. offset by the cost of 2 to 4 watts and lower cost per bulb.. I burnt out both the 40 watt equiv and only one other bulb, I think they were 8 watts ge claims a 5 year guarentee with three hours use daily, nothing else will fit in my kitchen outlet and they are leveraging that.. Also used my $25 gift card for some movies $2 in tax and $2 in sales above that.. I will trade the movies in when I get another gift card or maybe sooner if I get bored. It is not realy worth buying the movies unless time becomes a factor (or gift cards).

yield curve spreads out a little that hopefully means extra cash at the end of the year when the bond funds borrow short and invest long. Looks like only part of the dist is cap gains also got an extra half cent from one.. I was wrong it is the world baseball clasic and they have a couple of daytime games coming up.. watched part mets vs. porto rico. Looks like they are playing in florida, and another one cubs vs sf giants. The adds on the outfield walls looks local to the area including some perhaps to porto rico and then national franchise's. Same thing when I watched a little bit of of china vs korea. I can't tell where they are playing on wgn may be chicago looks like some national adds. nothing as far as I can tell is radio related either by a car company or by xmsr itself.

Friday, March 03, 2006


the boys of summer ( baseball )

looking at espn and the 1240 am ( ksix ) . I think they are listed as keys in the paper, I will have to look again. It's espn radio or tv either way. The adds do not indicate xmsr. looks like there is more spring training of tbs I think. Espn was the visual in the base ball stadium and it looks like the tek is hd and dish network with some flashbacks to the regular season (I saw the stadium viagra add. Also of note there is some sort of world world season that plays at 11:30 to 1 am in the morning (when you look in the sports section for sports line-up). They are talking about some of the players leaving spring training and then going to the olimpics.. A little more exposure for baseball than usual. As I have always said spring training is one of the most important parts of the baseball season. To note serius is having trouble. Two things that could hit both stocks.. football strike and howard stern being forced to sell a large number of shares..

Thursday, March 02, 2006


jeez I don't have any idea whats going on...

I don't realy have any idea of what is going on. It seems to depend on alot of abuse to try to get me out of the apartment one of them says. I depend on the radio so I can continue with my taxes.. I have only a month and a half and I cannot afford to have someone else do them.. It does seem to get quiet around 3:30 or so. I had went outside to get the mail.. I am thinking I should get the large box of eggs. I buy two cartons anyway and the teamsters will like me better because they can drive the box somewhere... I am not hanging out at the labor ready, I should get paid and not just hang out hopeing to get paid and not do my taxes... I also have someone who has enough of a problem to hurt me and that is also a huge factor.. haven't done all the apps I could, was a little disspointed that I had to have a big harrasment deal with someone claiming to be from walmart. was educational however... nite looks about played out..

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


some registered apac people with photo's no less

I'm amused..

Find sex offenders near me

I could upload the photo's to the website but I don't see a need.. As far as I can tell for the most part they are not harrasing me although I am not sure because I hear and not see them.. Some of the photo's are real bad and thier is no guarentee that they are required to send a photo every year. sometimes perverts will get together a pervert household..



Just a graphiti theory keep in mind I am being harrased about alergies that could be ended by growing switch grass for ethonal. I was sent on a wild goose chase by someone for a auto tek job for walmart she says. could be walmart could be express temps. Could be just visual clues being sent to various locations. she is a methonalist (methodist)....... Or someone who looks like her as it would be better put. methonal comonaly made from wood chips or natuaral gas

COD (chemical oxygen demand). ... kod??? I saw it three times unless that is three rebuttals channel 3? who knows she says her name is k (at work).... soke is rice wine.... fake if you are not in real life are you in the movies.... hard to tell what it means. pacific ethonal is going up things to note hi now requires e10 for all cars. additive is being replaced by ethonal.

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Biodiesel Production
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Biodiesel - Rapeseed Oil to Diesel

Plant & Animal Oil - Plant & Animal Oil supplier,Plant & Animal ...Fish Oil, Squalene Oil, Cod Liver Oil, Shark Liver Oil, Tuna Oil Fish Oil, ... The biodiesel is produced only from refined rapeseeds oil NOT used. ...
www.tradeindia.com/TradeLeads/ sell/Agriculture/Plant_and_Animal_Oil - 72k - Cached - Similar pages

Edible oil manufacturers,edible oil exporters,indian edible oil ...... KARANJA OIL, BIO - DIESEL(PUNGAM OIL) INDIAN-BEACH OIL, PUNGAM OIL CAKE, ... SESAM SEEDS, EDIBLE OILS, SEEDS, OIL SEEDS, SEA SOME SEED, RICE, WHEAT ...
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Jatropha Curcas
Posted on: 5th November 2005 [India]
Jatropha came into the picture as the prime element for the extraction of biodiesel, it was known as just a crude plant which grows on eroded soil and requires a hot climate and hardly any water to survive. The seeds contain 55-60% oil that can be converted into biodiesel by transesterification.

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Containerize Biodiesel Processor
Posted on: 28th October 2005 [Netherlands The]
BioKing is an manucacturer and provider of simple biodiesel processors, Containerized turnkey high tech biodiesel plants and much more. "BioKing" supplies a complete range of biodiesel processing equipment. From simple compact processing kits to a full-scale commercial turnkey containerized plant with equipment, personnel and training provided as required. Please visit our website for more info ...More

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Rme Biodiesel En 14214
Posted on: 23rd October 2005 [Italy]
Specifications: My company produces and sells RME biodiesel DIN V 51606/EN 14214. The biodiesel is produced only from refined rapeseeds oil NOT used. The capacity is 15.000 MT/years. The production will begin from the end of 2006. With of supply contracts the prices they come down. We sell also crude glycerine and refined glycerine: Distilled Glycerine (USP XXIII) Odour: Odourle ...More

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Palm Oil Refinery To Biodiesel
Posted on: 12th February 2006 [Costa Rica]
Having 25 years of experince in chemical technology and successfully designed and built many plant like palm oil refining, fractionation, fat splitting and distillation , fatty acid fractionation plant. We are now making turn key plants for any of above and for Bio diesel to any commercial capacity.

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Sell Biodiesel
Posted on: 7th January 2006 [India]
We can supplt Biodiesel. Biodiesel is renewable fuel which is made from the non edible oils.

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Biodiesel, Tea Seed Oil, Stearic Acid & Glycerin
Posted on: 28th November 2005 [China]
We are the supplier of BIODIESEL, TEA SEED OIL / CAMELLIA OIL / TEA SEED CAKE, STEARIC ACID AND GLYCERIN. You can findWHAT EVER THE QUALITY YOU NEED from us. Please contact us for more details.

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Biodiesel (Palm Methyl Ester ; B-100)
Posted on: 11th August 2005 [Turkey]
We are starting to sell / export; Palm Methyl Ester (B-100). Our company will accept minimum order at least 5,000 MT and maximum order is 20,000 MT per contract. Delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks after sign the contract. Quality analyse result is also available for serious buyers. The analyse page is coming from independent SGS Laboratory. Quality is suitable for EN-14214 norms. Payment i ...More

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Biodiesel (Palm Methyl Ester; B-100)
Posted on: 6th August 2005 [Turkey]
We are starting to sell / export; Palm Methyl Ester (B-100). Our company will accept minimum order at least 5,000 MT and maximum order is 20,000 MT per contract. Delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks after sign the contract. Quality analyse result is also available for serious buyers. The analyse page is coming from independent SGS Laboratory. Quality is suitable for EN-14214 norms. Payment ...More

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Biodiesel, Oil Cakes & Glyserol
Posted on: 27th April 2005 [India]
We deal in Biodiesel made from Jatropha Curcas and Pongamia, Oil cakes and Glyserol. We are looking forward to Hedge the booking orders for the year 2007-08

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Biodiesel, Used Cooking Oil
Posted on: 22nd March 2005 [United States]
We provide Biodiesel, Used Cooking Oil, Waste Vegetable Oil, Inedible Tallow, Palm Acid Oil, PAO, Palm Fatty Acid Distillate, PFAD, Soy Bean Meal, Soy Bean Oil RBD, Animal and Vegetable Waste Oils and Fats -For Industrial Use ONLY Please feel free to contact us.

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Posted on: 27th September 2005 [United States]
We are now offering Bio-Diesel. There are several types available. They are 100% Soy-Based Bio-Diesel, UVO, and Tallow-Based Bio-Diesel. Please let us know your requirement.

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Rapeseed Oil For Biodiesel
Posted on: 18th August 2005 [Lithuania]
Iur company "Imlitex" is located in Lithuania, and We are trading crude, refined and technic rapeseed oil from Belarus and Ukrain. if you are interested in our product, please Contact us.

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Posted on: 10th September 2005 [Singapore]
Palm Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (Biodiesel) Substitute to Diesel D2. Please contact for more details, packing and prices

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Posted on: 12th August 2005 [India]
We are involved in cultivation of Jatropga curcus and Biodiesel reactors. Kindly contact us for detailed information.

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Biodiesel (Palm Methyl Ester)
Posted on: 21st May 2005 [Malaysia]
We are currently exporting biodiesel from the largest biodiesel plant in Indonesia with production capacity up to 320.000MT/monthly and our biodiesel is EN14214 certified. Biodiesel (Palm methyl ester) are ready diesel substitute which has been successfully tested and used as fuel for power stations and diesel passenger cars. Name of commodity: Palm methyl ester Usage: Bio diesel Param ...More

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Palm Oil For Bio-Diesel Usage
Posted on: 16th September 2005 [United States]
WE SUPPLY PALM OIL FOR BIO-DIESEL AND FOR INDUSTRIAL USAGE. We are dealing directly with factories that produce palm oil and soy bio-diesel for industrial use. We sell the same quality of palm oil for bio-diesel usage that our competitors sell, but our prices are low. Send your order to us and save money. The different types of palm oil for bio-diesel (industrial) usage we supply are: ...More

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someone claiming to be from a walmart that was not listed on the app wants me to drive out to robstown right now. Not that it isn't posible, I had a call just seconds beforehand beep beep beep beep. Sounds like they have circle K's employment scedule..

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