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Sunday, April 30, 2006


tag team abuse

Ya it does sound like my apartment. The sexual abuse with the homo stuff and a bunch of people who should grow up... shorting something at 67 cents may hold alot of risk hard to feel good about the company because they won't zip it up.. A person when they run a department has responcibilty for what the department does.. nothing personal.. He can look through for some job ideas though no sarcasism just that we can chalenge him because he said it and the ideas are floating around.. public figure and all.. OTC companies are easy and even easier when you get the support of the city like an endorcement... maybe not all the alternative energy ideas but maybe a couple...

It looks like I am getting harrased about every post card I get in the mail, voters registration came in the mail saterday. I can only think it is because I went to the state child protectection when the city may have been involved and that the person doing it may be registered.. I will be going to the post office every time I hear it with the walgreens stuff.. I will then probiy get a stong abuse (sound retaliation).. We will do it every month (unless nothng worth while is there and I want to save the stamp)

Saturday, April 29, 2006


more graphiti

He's a kod he;s a kod... the kods are everywhere... roleplaying more stuff down route 29 and another route.. past heb hiring place... I was listening to someone on the bus talk about this cool chick that play's the tuba big music fan..


New graphiti more sexual abuse..

I am getting more sexual abuse and then I hear it he says it is sexual abuse and then a debate over promoting fruitloopness to someone against thier will in an abusive manner is sexual abuse or not. There may be someone who has infuence over thomas who shouldn't.. May be the wrong thomas.. I am getting sexual and mental abuse and someone being threatning about money. That may be why he sounds borderline retarded. because of abuse. He is still an annoying person and it does not excuse his behavior.

FIVE YEARS FROM THE MONDAY OF 911..... She likes music alot she will be near or near enough to where I was working.. shakira is here on sept 10th. She has an oral fixation. tickets went on sale today. That tuesday I was looking for an fm antenna and didn't realise why the chick was kind of freaked at the radio shack...

The graphiti... may be assembly of god (trying to interpitate the source) Going to tag your mom it says and tag'ing other people... Assembly of god on holly road it may be the one next to the mosque. One of them says grow up... sep is the other stuff there is also some white supremist graphiti at the walmart I think but I do not know who it is.. Saw it at apac and also at F.T.I. The sep is the software company that does the walmart software... Look for double meanings.. ticker symbal tag

"Tag-It distributes zippers under its Talon(TM) brand name to manufacturers for apparel brands and retailers such as Levi Strauss & Co., Wal-Mart and JCPenney. Tag-It also supplies a full range of trim items to manufacturers of fashion apparel, specialty retailers, mass merchandisers, brand licensees and major retailers, including Levi Strauss & Co., Motherworks, Express, The Limited, New York & Co., Victoria's Secret and House of Dereon, among others" (From the tag part of an msn news story)

Friday, April 28, 2006


Officer loudly at 2 am in the morning

This is how I was woked up the abuse has started for the day.. I am a little tired... jdsu went down a little bit... looks like it is out of favour right now... teks can tend to bounce upwards the next day... yahoo did that when it went down $1 on a strange headline about monster.com ....

Thursday, April 27, 2006


I am up $ today

I don't know if the drug stuff I keep hearing is true (about my neibor).. Looks like he has disapeared and it looks like his carpet disapeared.. I am not sure though.. I heard something that he is going to get what is coming to him.. hopefully it means that I get 10 g for at least one of the drug people that aproached me.. I looked into the window and I do not know any of them.. I am not sure if they are addicts or employees of the council place... xm down 75 cents was down $2.25 DURING THE MORNING ABUSE HOURS and jesus I didn't sell that many put options anyway.. THe danger is that I don't make a thousand in cap gains next month..


after all the thursday morning abuse....

The account is in a ugly looking place that it was in last month... The account value went into an either/or mode and the value didn't change.. I am almost ready to assualt someone because of the abuse I should leave the apartment and work some of it off..


verbal abuse and stock and option manipulation..

I was woken up with some crap about cleaning my apartment.. xmsr goes down with the low morning volume.. The abuse if spread out amung alot of people or even just me may be enough to manipulate prices.. Low volume times like the morning market or the afternoon market move the easiest. I probily will murder someone if the sucicide stuff doesn't stop everytime a stock goes down.. A cbs xmsr deal isn't that far fetched.. mtv and the radio network get alot of programming that way at a cost that is already paid for.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


verbal sexual abuse like tomas was verbaly sexualy abused

I respond to the abuse by calling it sexual abuse. The guy is offended, I am offended. I am tired of hearing the abuse. The other part of this a large percentage of the people involved sound like fruits. I am also being abused about transactions that would get a tax increase should the democrats gain office. He says he just wants me to say I am a fruit, and he wants to make extortion like threats. He says does he think I am trying to control him (Sounds like refrence to gamblers anonomous).. Then I get abuse about using credit. Hundreds of hours a week of abuse only interupted when I take a long walk somewhere....

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


monday lawn abuse and bush talks about switch grass ethonal

I was abused again on monday.. The guy claims he is trying to get me to leave the apartment. extreme abuse even though what he claims he is doing I.E. to get me away from lawn clippings makes no sence. I turned up bush's speech today about all the eth including switch grass and he says f. u. They did change the grass around my apartment.. I think he is saying if he makes fun of me I am going to kill him. Not sure who "HE" is ... I think it has something to do with "CELL" usistic ethonal making him paranoid about what he is doing..

Serious aspects OF The speech and other players

This is a much better speech as far as being inclusive of tek. Not much mention of growing algea. The fox people have an envirementalist on talking about a supply side tax or a tax to support windmills and solar panels. One of the buiness monkeys takeing an oposing view.. On cnbc A number of people say only if it is a supply side tax. I.E. it increases supply with a windfall tax you create a problem. having the threat and not the reality may help in my opionion may give some incentive to the exxon-mobile people to do some alternative stuff for the image of it like the british oil companies shell and BP do now..

Sunday, April 23, 2006


with state rights comes state responcibilities

Because of the amount of miles I walk I tend to come across stuff... Maybe roleplayed to atf... I don't know what that means I do know that alot of the stuff I saw looks like drug stuff.. circumstanstial... cigerettes (That I destroyed delevery for the drugs maybe). three cigerette lighters.. A spoon with darkish residue.. maybe coke.. someone left out some rusty cans of food unexpired but out in the hot sun... Two dollars and two beer bottles was something I came across in the last couple of weeks. I was planning on buying two plates so I added a couple of food Items.. You can find out if the person down stairs is smokeing to hide a crack problem by drug testing me as a matter of fact that may be why I am getting blacklisting threats....


Allowing for a passing of the buck for high energy prices is something I won't promote the STATE OF TEXAS and RICK PERRY can do allot to reduce oil prices over time I am NOT TALKING ABOUT SOME PNIKO POLLICY TO REDUCE DEMAND. Right now today raising gas prices buy 1 cent a gallon to subsidise trash to ethonal maybe as an investment in trust for the counties.. I.E. shares of the ethonal producer dividends of wich could be subtacted from trash bills or something.. Add a penny to a trash bill, a gallon of gas, electric bill to subsidise and with the extra part of the funds forced investment in such things as lense solor for electric and water, solor pannels for public buildings, research into algea to diesel are things that are very much in the power of state government and even within reach of a number of counties that bind together for a common goal. All ready areas of the state have came together to increase alternative energy not for enviremental reason but because water is used in electricity production.. clearly in a farming area with a crop that could have value a hot costal area that needs water and the beggenings of rotating black outs could come up with a low cost option to adress these problems and spook the oil market. After all oil prices are being driven by fear and scaring oil producers by telling them we may not give them anything may be the best threat of all.....

Saturday, April 22, 2006

4 am in the morning across the sidewalk... she just happens to not be there and then knocking loud enough to wake people up in 16 units in the same building and maybe some on this side also... A cell phone and then unploaded onto the internet.. It costs some bucks at least $400 a year or there abouts.. I heard someone say you can loose money just as quickly as you can make it.... speaking of losing money

Not only is he part of the reason I hear radio or voice in my apartment he is causing air pollution.. role playing him I would have to short radio shack.. radio shack is in trouble.. I think there may be some shorts after them... delphi makes radio's that are not being carried and they are making money off of cell phones or not making money off of cell phones..

Illeagal alien girlfriend... where is this affectionate chick... I am not sure what that is about...


early saterday morning...

It has been fairly quiet since the blacklisting threat.. guy downstairs seems unhappy about any comment that is anti-tobbacco.. Just trying to figure out why the guy is wandering around the apartment complex and then going to paradise and wandering around.. Cant tell if he is on drugs or mentaly retarded.. This was yesterday ... Some yelling by the chick in the building across... seemed unhappy befour.\ same woman unsure, probily same apartment.. she was with some military looking person who did not look happy.. jeez she is atractive and everything whats the problem.. Oil went up to $75 expensive... looks like $3 a gallon and then some.. No news on the expire today let 100 shares call, and somewhere near 10g in insured value go..

Thursday, April 20, 2006


three times blood....

correction three times blood not three times cript is in the graphiti... this was over by the port airs post office.. cell phones avoid the telephone game effect but I have to watch the cost side of stuff I am just now with $800 cash flow for the month..... had to trade out of xmsr for april... still some expire and a little more assets...


to extend and not revise the pot girlfriend beater notes

I get extortion threats... I get extortion promises and claims about questioning my honesty in court. Also a bunch of abuse involving alergy associates and there desire to embaras people who don't take alergy drugs to help supply there meth labs.. I will call the cops if there is violence but I am not taking a chance about it not being a con...


stressed out sounding abusive person blaims network color

stressed out sounding abusive person claims network color made him abusive. That would explains why they sound like they are trying to panic me they hate companies that print corperate reports and want to harrass me into not being thier customer and sell drugs...


more abuse I may be able to describe them as a couple

2001 this is a guess.. she says she wants a confession... I had a check for a very large amount of money.. The one guy following me down third street went to jail when his friend got shot to death... There was a truck with some chick who looked like complete hell blond hair died maybe and then some guy who followed me into the circle k and bought some miller light.. just a voice that sounds the same as the people I don't know if that is the same person who was telling me not to buy bonds or not... They roleplayed the rioting thing... what else... what else... He harrasses me about working a sales job but doesn't encourages me to work at the paper.. We have determened that I can be abused and the police will look the other way... That is organised short trading.. She is around 40'ish real thin looks like complete hell.. maybe 30ish.. H.E.B. meal deal is realy good.. (not the guy I heard that sounds like gus.. this was when I applied for the sales job)


more abuse I may be able to describe them as a couple

2001 this is a guess.. she says she wants a confession... I had a check for a very large amount of money.. The one guy following me down third street went to jail when his friend got shot to death... There was a truck with some chick who looked like complete hell blond hair died maybe and then some guy who followed me into the circle k and bought some miller light.. just a voice that sounds the same as the people I don't know if that is the same person who was telling me not to buy bonds or not... They roleplayed the rioting thing... what else... what else... He harrasses me about working a sales job but doesn't encourages me to work at the paper.. We have determened that I can be abused and the police will look the other way... That is organised short trading.. She is around 40'ish real thin looks like complete hell.. maybe 30ish.. H.E.B. meal deal is realy good.. (not the guy I heard that sounds like gus.. this was when I applied for the sales job)


The abuse may be about short trading the caller times

I am getting more abuse from around my apartment.. I am not taking food from the people who need it.. I can't tell what the abuse is about. One thing I did notice was the question I was asked at wallgreens matched the question at the caller times but did not match what was on the walmart app. If I try to get a job that is not at the caller times I get abuse. When I get closer to the caller times I get the possibility of a refrence. Sabatoge the employees through abuse to short trade the company is the general gist of the vibe I am getting. They had alot of mec problems a couple of years ago.


abuse sounds like gus formaly of apac (or at least a voice like that)

The abuse is realy bad this morning. He has a problem something about laura sounds like gus of apac. It is like they are going to mow this morning. It may be they don't want me to see who is trying to get raw materials for a meth lab, I am not sure if they are mowing today or not... I think he is complaining that there are no homosexuals in the apartment. He says he is going to be alone for the rest of his life and then some crap about children.. If it is figurative it is the person downstairs drinking all the time.. I tend to dout that unless it is a cover story to be abusive.. The people next door leave the porch closet room door open all the time and they put some card board on the deck. Seems like bazaar behaiver..

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


market is jamming this morning..

someone spraypainted bp's problem with last years hurricane on the valero.. kod.. There is another one that says he is a king he is three times a cript.. I am almost tempted to short gm and by oil. I am looking for income stocks and I want to be in resources and I want to be hedged where oil doesn't cause me problems.. walgeens and toyoto are not income stocks.. I do have someone who looks for opertunities to try to panic me. I like real estate if I get cash back and I can get rid of whoever has such a problem they fell they need to harrass me, alot of people may realise that there are less jobs in corpus... I realy like ethonal if the city backs it... trash to ethonal and just chery picking lawn waste stuff...

The market is jamming this morning nite up to almost $17 I was selling the right to buy it from people at $10 and then $12.50 .. The value may be around $20 with a low multiple I will have to look into that.. interest rates are helpfull jdsu went back up... that is the one I was getting abused about.. I bought them back and resold them already... yahoo is up over $2 ... I want it to gain less than $2 a day or less than 20% more before friday..


The state of the hood on a very early wednessday

hopefully I avoid a situation where the guy chalenges my honesty in court after he beats up his girlfriend. He is a recent addition to the overheard dork stuff in the neiborhood. I have to be carefull of cons such as fights that violate the lease followed by real estate offers, other than that I am just watching... I still would go after a assumable loan with cash back perferbly duplex.. Following all the abuse about a stock going down it went back up. Today I hear he is just nickle and diming it.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


more abuse about market fluctuation and walgreens

It's not that I shop at walgreens it is that I don't get a check from walgreens and get an extra 10%. It's a great tool in the drug war to indentify people who buy the raw materials for meth. I get alot of reasons why he is being abusive just like I get alot of abuse when lawn clippings are blown three stories into the air. I dout I buy anything all that intresting. A smart person would realise that all the cops that drive by and are around the apartment complex probily means the police department could be wise to the crap.. I don't have smart people around my apartment. Sounds like mike durwalker, or a voice like mike durwalker.

Monday, April 17, 2006


hackers i.p adress

A computer with the i.p. adress attempted to connect to you computer using default block trojan

Saturday, April 15, 2006


some 911 stuff

911 We Know

Thanks to some great on-air promotion by 9/11 guru David Ray Griffin and a ... "9/11 Mysteries" DVD. We have, of course, been asked to put the show on DVD. ...
911mysteries.com/ - 19k - Cached - Similar pages

I have to question that flash movie maybe there is something there maybe not
here's another exerpt

9/11 Synthetic Terror
A power-hitting, sweeping probe of the coup d'etat we have come to call 9/11, better known as state-sponsored false-flag terrorism. Whistleblowing meets history. (Webster Tarpley, 479 pages) $18.00

order online here

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This is a different topic I was hearing a femail voice in the morning... please help me exc. exc. exc.. I don't think detonator driver means anything and
then maybe I am wrong...

I was also hearing alot of why don't you do something..

Lockergnome's Problem Solvers -> Hijact This Help Please
Hijact This Help Please, IE crashes..spyware reapears. Jun 26 2004, 02:04 AM. Post #1. Gnomie. Group: Registered. Posts: 7. Joined: 26-June 04. Member No.: 13345

27. may 2001
... www.3dspotlight.com/articles/detonator_drivers/index.shtml ... reviews the 3D Prophet II MX PCI. Tom's Hardware looks ... .com/news.php?id=1972. D2 updates listing ...

The other thing from that search


signs of what to come is a little scary

signs of what's to come · MarketingVOX

... for allowing a con artist to hijact the domain (removed).com from its rightful owner. ... The Age: Advertising guru warns war will delay recovery Chicago ...
www.marketingvox.com/archives/ categories/signs_of_whats_to_come/archive.php - Similar pages

Because I am a yellow journalist I can get it messed up as long as I leave the names out.
The source may not be any good anyway..
The mess started with puts. He is questioning his sanity. Posibly he is a satinist, and he is
currently involved with g.m. I can be very incorrect in interpitation and the source can be
incorrect. This is just roleplayed out of something.

Friday, April 14, 2006


budwiser .. budweiser ...

budweiser + ethanol

think the people at heb want me to buy steak and budwiser so I can network for ... envirementalists love oxigen right ethonal doesn't seem to fit the bill ...
dexrow.blogspot.com/2006_02_01_dexrow_archive.html -

Turns out I spelled budweiser wrong as budwiser. 911 hijact from march is not my spelling see link. Ethonal producers are supposed to blaim other people. Plus the catagory with dates and edit history is available through demoz and court orders.


organised gm shorts

I have some guy harrasing me about recycling and suggesting that a
budwiser thing was planted in the landry room garbage where I usualy
recycle items.. The usual harrasment about being an alcholic when
I don't drink.. They may be trying to organise short trading against
gm... truth about the hybreds affiliate marketing to an area of the
country that grows crops.. ethonal is like the (new internet if you go
by the comercials) internet right now. dupont tries to get a pop by
saying they are wanting to pull corn up by the roots and turn all of
it into ethonal.. If you can't beat them buy them.... The cnbc mantra
I am sure that has some sort of effect... short the stock buy the
bond is something that is reachable for small investors for gm.. You
follow that with affiliate marketing.. I.e. The person is now part
of a group that would like gm's demise.. Buying the bonds gives you'
a value in bankrupcy and some protection from the upside..


more abuse

If living in an apartment is a misrible expierence you should by a moble home and die a horrible death in the next hurricane.... Affiliate marketing at one of the mobile home places and then she dies in the next storm that will teach him... They act like it has something to do with meth.. abuse about not buying medicince that can be used in a meth lab.. What is worse is the kids get forced on the medication and then the guardians use the medication for the meth lab. Grass clippings flying around above three stories high.. recently that stopped but the abuse has kept going. In fact not even a sneeze.. Who should you be abusive to if you don't like the aa (alergy associaites advertisments)... The guy who keeps complaining about being aproached after abuse who complains about extortions methods to try to sell cocaine.. Thats corpus christi for you...

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Alvarez lost to Rodriguez

I hear some stuff about me being a factor. I suspect it was mostly the debate. Normaly I would vote republican for law enforcement posts.. I noticed the thing about the fedral detention center where one side of the debate says they abuse prisoners and the other side of the debate says they provide jobs... Hey mr rodriguez I have these people the feds can detain if the city wants to continue to look the other way. It should be considered a deturent instead of a debate at least one would hope. I would tend to dout anyone would aproach me in a way that would convince me I should back him though in the race.

Mr Alverez since he volenteered (speeling ya I know) should be given all the job ideas so he can run for city council. I am not sure I should back that as an idea.. The power of a known name as opposed to backing someone else. People should remember that without food imigration isn't practible and that we would naturaly be the hub for alot of wood ethonal (and maybe trash to ethonal) because we have the water (na na na na na).. I think there are some threats about firing someone around the apartment complex.. couldn't be me..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Pete alverez is going to help us bring jobs to the city now that he not employed... probily not

Now that pete Alverez is unemployed He is going to help bring jobs to the city like he was chalenging the city council to do.... Probily not.. I suspect he will never again hold a law enforcement job in the local.. Show us the jobs and maybe he can be a councilman....

Around the apartment they are saying why don't you leave him alone (a loan) and let him go bankrupt.. pretty comon mornng stuff and while we are speaking about lack of sleep we can mention harrasment about working a job when I can't function well because of lack of sleep and harrasment is very common this time of the morning..

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


state police a cure for harrasment??

The Texas state police seem to be a cure for harrasment. I don't know if I should ask for a refrence or talk about the abuse around the apartment. abuse it is... I talked about the abuse around the apartment, The abuse at first data.. tradable info about a Terrorist attack from march 2001 and how remarkable it is that someone would use abuse at a credit card processing company and other local buisness keeping said person from paying credit card debt... I did hear abuse at the county court house and then alot of city cops around.. I walked past the circle k where I get abused and then harrased at the house to vote in the democratic primary against pete alverez because I was getting abused when he was running the department..

I go back to the apartment and go to sleep wake up around 9-10 oclock and then there is abuse about what I said at the county court house and the guy suggests I am dishonest. meanwhile on the internet terrorist attack and dates are still on the internet.. That is called a count everytime the guy speaks..

Monday, April 10, 2006


chalenge a terrorist informants honesty in court by relieving himself on bank of america

And other things that happen around the apartment.... I was watching bush today he looks sort of unraveled, The people at cnbc looked sorta what I don't know.. She looks so hot in the morning except today with a brief mood change when she was talking to rick santelli... I am reading stuff about our energy policy, My opionion is that panic is probily the best way to deal with it. I just saw 2.67 gas price. The british oil companies are spending all that extra money telling us we are doomed. I suspect it realy works like this... It is up to venzuala and iran to tell us how much we should spend on alternative fuels...

So you wonder what the perv who used to be at the security agency is going to do.... All those classified records maybe he talks to jerry...... The deal is on ....... The deal is off ...... The deal is on.... Hiring him may be the way to leak something on purpose... It's realy odd the person should be more intelegent than that...


uso (oil etf)

I was looking at the new oil etf. The description would indicate that there will be decay from one month to another. I was looking for a description of what they are doing.. They are saying that they are backing the account with treasury securities and then going into the market long. The backers of this thing are pretty clueless considering they are getting paid based on the amount of assets they attract it would seem that they would have a simple web-site that you could find in a search engine. Victoria Bay Asset Management uncovers only news stories but nothing strait from the company. That is always a bad sign when it comes to clarification.


monday morning

I hear someone say he is going to blaim me for going bankrupt... exc. exc. exc... Another one. All I have to do is sit here and he will go bankrupt exc. exc.. There is some chick who doesn't wear underware making the rounds.. crew cut.. She can defently woop someone.... Of sturdy frame.. athletic to some extent.. Saw her downtown and then at church of acts (While I was on the bus)... Here's an intresting link http://www.prnewswire.com/cgi-bin/ind_display.pl?Account=DIV&Template=EXDIV.menu I am thinking I don't want to invest in peru if they are going to be crazy like chavez. There is an election coming up $10 special dividend from some cable company good for the phone buisness I supose (To have cable company borrow large amounts). Morning T.V. chick doesn't look like she is in love or whatever was going on last week. Sorta down looking realism or something..

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Brian Doyle ( more background notes )

he was a 26-year reporter for Time Magazine before landing his current (soon to be former) job.


So what do we know about is Brian Doyle? He's a former long-time Time magazine Washington bureau employee, a civil servant, and a registered Democrat. ***

They are mentioning him being in the washington buro... The other refrence is inacurate about being involved in

I don't know as of this time the reason why the under cover officer choose to say she had cancer.. There is a big
cancer refrence in jeskola buzz.. May be a way to compare him to micheal jackson. Could be fishing, could be nothing...

My phone rings and The answering machine always For more about 911 short trading and what is going on around the apartment I can be reached at www.dexrow.com (I spell it out since in isn't alway obvious)

Around 10 oclock I tend to get a bunch of abuse today he says I bet he doesn't know why I am harrassing him. I tend to think it has something to do with getting raw materials for meth. At times though I have been getting the cocaine hard sell and then approached. I think there may be some fear of a lie detector test and that there is a desire to make sure I don't take one..


He is roleplaying places where you can get food

Reminds me of the twins or whatever when I was talking about the hijact thing around the airforce base. Very abusive people.. Was going to give me a lift or something, A scary person to get into a car with probily end up killing someone and dumping them out into the farm country or something..

Friday, April 07, 2006


Silence is what I need....

lot's and lot's of copper in hybreds.. A bunch of people roleplaying the bus route... Leo's on one side of the house.. She doe's doggy style in the other part of the house.. I only want helpfull advice.. abuse isn't helpfull.. He's crazy she says.... sign says "now available" I don't know if she is roleplaying the bus route or not... There should be a way to roleplay it without being abusive to me personily sounds like it is just an excuse... income last month 1270 expence 710... A little bit off this month so far.. A femail room mate who isn't wierd and who can come up with part of the rent would be helpfull.. I don't want comments about credit cards or whatever.. I am being harrased about 0 percent and 2.9 perminent rates.. Not good for cash flow though...


more about me talking to the cops about the abuse

After I told them I wanted to kill the guy they said they know.. He just said he thinks it is about money... I also get sexualy harrased it's very offensive I would like to kill him over that.. I tend to get a repeat of every investment in an abusive way.. He can stop doing that if it isn't about money. He won't it's about money. I told them If I call the neibors will hear it and won't be there I hear thier phone ring they hear mine a convienient excuse to allow a crime family to operate..


more audio abuse

this is a common theme " He is not intrested in cooperating with me " . I.E. I owe it to him for there to be something to spy on by getting involved with other people. I just want him or whoever dead because the abuse never stops.. I won't lie I even said so openly to the police department..

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Three people said between 1999 and 2001, Doyle viewed pornography on Time's computers,

Three people said in separate interviews that, between 1999 and 2001, Doyle viewed pornography on Time's computers, was caught and faced discipline, and that bureau colleagues circulated a petition or letter in his defense.

Brian J. Doyle to ad director at Metropolitan ... Richard B. Thomas, former publisher of Time magazine, dies ...

I Dont think this is the same doyle at the metro... Else they sold it to time...

I wouldn't rule out that He could have been black mailed or recruited.. Self destruction during another major Nothing to tie him into the demoz list and no mention of what he does.. unles it was advertising and then it would seem he would know promotion rather well..


Enviremental Trust Company (spelling I know)

A transaction is made and then there is harrasment and the money isn't available for an abusive person... EXTORTION... $1 is 1% of $100 .... lower fee's percentage wise is cool... southern copper yields around 12.1% div yield.... cvp with a yield of 14.1% looks good.. american exchange requires me to buy 100 shares at a time.

Looking at theoretical corperate stucturs....

Enviremental Holding Company (ehc) (as a listed company starting as a bulitan board stock)

Enviremental Investment Comapany (Listed on american exchange managed by EHC)

Enviremental Trash Company (They may be a motivated seller Watch noe for details)

Trash recycling trust (non profit funds from requested donations used for recycling)

enviremental wind mill company (fully owned sub king county is getting 100 mil for 20 years if that isn't good enough I will tell you about more years)

recycled fuel corp.. (san antonio as a forget the sales term for selling to a group of people) Ethonal from trash/other biomass oil from waste/non-trad crops.

Swamp Land Trust.. (non profit run by ehc) Do you think we will build a swamp after you fill one end without money to maintain it. Possibly could be harvested for ethonal/oil crops such as algae and switchgrass and maybe methane gas if practicle..

I was looking at alot of those amex traded trusts seems they want to do 100 share min. I did find one that offered div investment at either the nav price or the listed price whatever is less expensive. It is like legal skimming where you get 1% and call it a fee. It looks like there is abuse of it by churning the hell out of the accounts. Not realy something that has to be done and probily a way to look good by comparison....

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I don't respect him he says in an abusive way

We established many years ago that no one has respect for anyone else... THere is still time to get to the strip club. The abuse from this person is supposed to generate money for strip clubs. Tend to get harrasment about buying a car. I can't own a car because he has no respect... AND ANOTHER 3 OR 4 YEARS OF ABUSE AND MOB BEHAVIOR.... That is why I voted against pete alverez.


non meth lab friendly mowers...

Alot less dust is flying around everywhere it's an improvement. Investment account hasn't moved the "insurance value" a penny since the month hold on withdrawing cash on $800 expired. xmsr is up a $1 counting after hours trading. I do have 4 cents to transfer over. zero percent until sept and then 7.9% came in the mail.. looks like I should transfer my best buy card over to it so I can avoid interest. An offer with no transfer fee, I like that..


background of Brian J. Doyle

Gid Blog
There is a text somewhere on how to get control for subversive purposes that I am going to have to find sometime.. What I hear around the apartment "the job is full of KLJKJ" and "I am not going to listen to someone accuse me of treason everythime the phone rings (femail voice).. Not realy much of a background on this brian guy didn't even exsist over 12 hours ago as far as the search engines go. Here is probily to much of a quote from gigblog

"Mr. Doyle has to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but let's pretend he's already been tried and convicted; not only is he a pedophile, but he's a stupid one.

Doyle, who has access to classified intelligence and has a hand in making decisions that affect our national security, put himself in a position to be blackmailed by an unscrupulous party. The "fourteen year-old" who was actually an undercover cop could just as easily have been an agent for China or some other country... and yet this man passed numerous background checks conducted by the Bush Administration."

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


swamp land, bio-diesel algea, homeland security

The homeland security guy was arrested.., girl claimed she had cancer. Did he get arrested on purpose? There is a quiet period befour I start making fun of him. Swamp land destroyed in one area can be replaced in another area.. Tourist attraction, non-profit park.. I am back to whatever form of socialism/republicanism that includes public companies and non-profits. I delve into a slightly science fiction relm and alot of times in the past science fiction comes to past. To expand the basic therom alot of times a devoloper is required to replace wetland when they do a devolopment. The perfect breeding ground for algea, tourists and more research money for the college. The doe site looks like it may be behind where the university sites are concerning algea oil research. They truly are more behind celulose ethonal (that can be made from algea) Looks like mean green bio diesel and that crazy algea that grows in smokes stacks is a real company or has defrauded doe. 6% oil isn't very good, doe stuff I read touts it as a way to get rid of nutriants in water for sewage treatment and then as higher priced bio-diesel.. The univerisity sites are touting it as a replacement for oil. I am touting it as a way to cherry pick the oil industry and a way to get more non-profit bucks so we can have jobs. The guy they arrested does remind me a little bit of the guy that was running the flower bluff newspaper that dissapeared some time ago... The odds of it being the same person or a related person is very very small...

Monday, April 03, 2006


The guy sounds deluded

sounds like delusion... some stuff about not commiting treason.. exc. exc.. I seen it on the comercial afterwords. He's funny. Nothing life and death depends on one person who doesn't know what is going on. That would be a design fault but that is the story I get while they try to act like it is whitewater. A code of silence instead of a code where you generate calls to a hotline with abuse that is the family way. harrasing me about the food left along the sidewalk.. Some stuff about kramer and something about it not being his problem.. Another person says I am going to make it his problem... They sound like they are trying to destroy my income... Clearly there is some kind of behavior where he prays on other people. It is suppose to be control because he is funny ha ha ha... Looking at xmsr clearly up in the morning hours then some strange behavior where the list the subscriber number. manipulative behavior. I think when people talk about it they say you get control with drugs or finacialy. Sounds like I am being harrased about both. followed by news not hitting msn money at the same time. Instead of up 75 cents it went down slightly.. looks like reits got hit.. didn't get any cash at all..


shorting in an alternitive market alte-mark

shorting U.S. stocks in an alternative market alte mark... could be mexico, germany I am not sure about indosnesa (spelling I am sure)...... The guys a socialist..


alte-mark .... alternative + mark market???

search for alte's and marks... some variation 2001 and march in some search's and some search on doe (dept of energy)
I can see it as being against the inporting of natural gas but don't have the entire story but maybe getting much much closer to the viewpoint expressed.

this is odd but not verifiable as far as dates go (at least by me)...


doe looks intersting but may have changed since 2001... Could be alternative of you are completly playing charades maybe I should look for goa music

the pages take forever to load (*&jsd .pdf files. this is fishing..

[PDF] The Honorable Spencer Abraham April 26,2001 Page 2
... Paul H. O'Neill, Secretary of the Treasury The Hon Mark Sobel, Acting Assistant
Secretary for International Affairs, Department of the Treasury The Hon.Donald ...
www.mbe.doe.gov/me70/nepdg/National%20Energy%20Policy%20Development%20Group%20pgs%2000501-00750.pdf - 2005-04-27 - Text Version

more algea stuff Cyanotech Corp (from the doe)

Spirulina, as other cyanobacteria, are not as highly productive as green algaeand diatoms, (unlikely to be anything)

Wake, L.V., and L.W. Hillen. "Study of a Bloom of the Oil-rich Alga Botryococcus braunii in theDarwin River Reservoir". Biotech. Bioeng., 22: 1637 - 1656 (1980).

This is an impressive web page

http://oldlitho.com/altenergy/altenermain.htm (I don't know about the content though graphics are tripped out

Finland has an interesting program (in my 2001 search) where people pay extra for windpower and a small amount is
put in an investment fund per customer for more projects (via a doe page)

The Brattle Group"The Role of Alternative Energy in the US Supply, chapter 11 in "Oil and Gas ... El Paso Merchant Energy's Exercise of Market Power March 2000 — March 2001, ...
www.brattle.com/Publications/PublicationListings. asp?ParentExpertiseID=12&PublicationTableID=2 - Similar pages

Sunday, April 02, 2006


code of silence

They are all laughing at him exc... exc.. exc... who cares.. watch out for recording equipment, We have the guy who is trying to get kicked out of the apartment complex by smoking and having a clothsline in the apartment complex. The guy who is trying to get fired by killing all the new grass.. leaving an equipment door open and running over all the sprinkler heads.. Then there is probily someone trying to get arrested.. makes the place a little more dangerous.. I may have a never asume and it is about someone else sort of thing after alot of abuse.. monday fri-sat-sun decay, dividend and cap gains... I need to wake up early the first day of baseball.. intitutions went from 100% to 96% a small amount of buying for indivual accounts sending the price up a little bit for xmsr...

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