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Friday, July 31, 2009


"Your going to walk for the rest of your life"

.... I am getting the audio abuse pretty stongly starting around 1:pm ... It's the sound that tells me thier is a homicide involved somewhere... very abusive sounds like a rough voice..

Thursday, July 30, 2009


I don't care about the kost

burger king corpus christi.. I may be going into work friday and saying you know the slime stock I bought this week is up 400% .... As a kid I would get to go to all the neat farms... I have fond memories of pond scum.... Realy it was a farm house or realy better put a "modern" for that time anyway farm house out in the country with a large pond in front of it.... I was thinking some things are figurative... I was looking at the algae research that ended in 98 or so because of budget cuts... (maybe the dates are way off, seems like it ended and then I started to hear someone saying I don't care about the kost).... The research was all what they call open air systems some of them in what they call racetrack ponds... (I had to pick up your grand father when he ran out of money at the race track).... My father dennis he worked at the telephone company (a bell company not the dennis at the behl company)

I am roleplaying the scum graphiti and I don't think it is behl, it could have something to do with lie detector tests at the refineries or stock manipulation ...

burger king... do the fryers as fast as possible extreme pressure... Every one back here this is the way it is.. (to chris)... you see this piece on the fryer filter picture yourself at citgo down the street and imangine yourself as george bush's best friend.... I had pick up the hose and the nozzle had come right off. This is why we want to give the fryer person space what is going to happen is the hose is going to squirt very hot 200+ degree oil at every one in the back area. It is going to be alot of fun everyone is going to get burnt there is going to be alot of screaming someone is going to need to call 911. Your lucky I am doing it because I check the equipment, someone else is going to do and not check. Another person thinks he is amusing is un-screwing everything.. This is why we don't play games over here it is just like working at the refinery....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


behl comercial

my behl stock has doubled to 5 cents.... They have a press release about having a commercial here's a quote from the commercial "It's not for us it is for them"... I think I would fire everyone for that line...

I am not going to satire behl today I thought I would make fun of exxon mobile.... And algae come in designer colors... They are dividend achievers every year gasoline prices go up and they (exxon and chevron) give that money to the investers.

disclosure author owns all the comanies except chevron..


the voices, robbery setup

burger king corpus christi.

I start hearing something about don't ask don't tell sounds like a hispanic rougher voice like some connection to the refinery maybe, middle age to 50's I think. I found some women in the military who made a video that I play when I hear that. I suspect the women will get kicked out of the military and end up in the gentlemans clubs. hopefully it isn't on a public frequency where the man ends up paying a large indecentcy fine. He said once DO YOU THINK I'M AN IDIOT... the man must be and I had to say outloud you are an idiot.

my rent is $440 and my check is $440 in a check where I am getting ripped off again.. Lets see I have to cary cash to pay my rent exc. exc. exc, because I don't have the money for the money order (it's not true only fools live month to month unless they have to)... or I have to use stipes because I was ripped of exc... exc... fight or flight mode it could be a self defence issue maybe I should apply for a hand gun to protect myself while I pay the rent becuase I will have to pay cash every month because burger king doesn't want to pay min wage.. I won't be carrying cash this is just trying to rolepay the person who is stealing money... maybe it is something where he rips everyone off but he is hopeing everyone commits a crime so he/she can keep the money... It feels like the wrong side of the gun where some drug addict will want to talk to me like drug addicts always seem to or yell as some drug addicts do...

Monday, July 27, 2009


satiring biocentric energy

I noticed a spike when exxon mobile ran it's algae add from .027 to .03
I am not sure if it is ligit or not so if I make fun of it maybe it will clarify it...

Dude I am buying a hundai... We are just hanging out trying to figure out if it is for thier potential customers or so they can bring the car back if the gig doesn't work out... We know biocentric energy is a dump the pump sceme... We are wanting to get the pond scum fanchise localy and sell to chavez and citgo... like atracts to like. I was trying to find a compelling reason to be a fanchiseee and I couldn't find one.. the bell I mean behl comany.. How do you stay in buisness without any cashflow.. To be fair about the korian thing korea gets hit several times by gas prices... car demand, electricty is from oil and gasoline prices... It's not clear why anyone would care about a korean municipalty, I am making a sales presentation shouldn't be news it should happen all the time..

Thursday, July 23, 2009


playing bridge with gates and paul (paul allen)

Playing cards is boring sometimes the stakes have to be raised.... Corpus christi beach is is allen street (think paul allen).... when you go across the harbor bridge you get gates (cemetary gates or think bill gates) .... You hit the robstown bus you get lepard think the mac os... steve jobs ... organ donation exc... It takes a car for a realy serious game of bridge..


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


burger king

burger king corpus christi texas, The important thing is that the nozzle of the grease filter is screwed off and can potentially come off causing death or injury. It appears that the bun guy is trying to kill shorty. Every delivery we get a broken pallet near the bottom that makes the stack lean and crushes all the bread. Yea we are all going to have to make a deal and none of us are going to be available for a death row case... I always see michelle if something can potentialy kill (me anyway) come in the morning or evening, very odd, I don't know what that means though... coincidence probily.

Oh yea and we are realy using that much soap on the floor. It sort of looks odd but it is possible to use very large amounts of soap and to sabatoge the bags and not be stealing large quanties of it.. It looks so odd that I wonder if they are stealing from the other stores and then demonistating how it is possible to use that much soap... I wasn't looking the other day and I think someone put in half a bag of that stuff... I was just using a small amount of floor soap and degreaser... what I got was a big mess

Sunday, July 12, 2009


heavy abuse (sound) followed by drug offer near fbi..

omni fbi corpus christi texas.

heavy sound or skitzaphrenia followed by a drug offer across the street from the fbi. The government is stupid anyway you can tell them anything. If you have control of comunication you can blame all the terrorist related stuff on drugs.... I told him the last person I met was a mot i vaaated seller and almost got hit by a car. He said he didn't want to sell it that bad. Entrapment scripts for the omni's security camara's (we are talking 5 star security) Once it doesn't work though the script gets stuck though..

everything was different. The people were all on the other side of the street. Not on the greyhound bus side. closer louder (star street) and more importantly no witness to weather the sound was causing me trouble or not except for one person who asked me for money...


It's Dexter!!!!!! He's out there waiting for you to try to sell him drugs.. LOOOOK OUT FOR THAT CAR.......

Friday, July 10, 2009


and so is norman

burger king, corpus christi texas. Norman is showing alot of the traits of a sexual pervert Wit older people where he doesn't understand boundaries exc. exc. we are hoping none of the 16, 17 year old kids do themselves in. Norman shows severe regression and he throws a tantrum if he doesn't get attention. The guy is over 50 this is a sign of severe mental problems. I don't want to die norman please open the windows when you take the natural gas powered broiler away from exhaust and move the food... One day norman will throw a tantrum the oxygen will be disappeared from the burger king and god will reject him and satin will too.... And so is norman. I have made my first contact with the aclu to see if I can get rid of my abusive wiretap problem.. I think it isn't enough I have to use the email..


Thursday, July 09, 2009



I am hearing abuse really bad sound wise when The letter wasn't picked up and again when I got home after I picked up the letter plus a free movie called maximum pain... I am under the impression after some more research that I should go to the inspector general each and every time I hear it and not the post office inspector. It's like an escalation of reality where everything has been prepared for a bill but the harassment itself and not the bill would be responsible for any homicide the guy has created. The person on the other side is looking for some weakness, I got rid of the phone and now it's email to the feds each and every time.... gsa is the right people to go to about apac anyway

Sunday, July 05, 2009


(*&# janet

burger king, corpus christi I was trying to get janet (atial) to understand that he should only have one special someone and that it should probily be chris. We have all seen how happy he is when they are right next to each other and how he needs to stay out of my way and stop annoying me. I was talking about janet davis and deads man's tuning.. I heard someone come up with the perfect tag line... A woman to die for (She is looking for a man like her ddad).... I heard another line that would have to be included somewhere (did you hear me stutter)...

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Wednesday, July 01, 2009


courtney love

burger king corpus christi texas .... Norman is having problems I clock in early and then I get into trouble... They have started to treat him like one of those people who come back to shoot everyone.. Either norman doesn't understand it isn't a dating service or there is some desire to go to court in the hopes of avoiding a death penelaty case "please I will do anything, any crime, anywhere, any civil case because I don't want to die". Sometimes people have to die and that is why we support the death penalty.

Phones create an excuse problem?? No it isn't attempted murder I am doing it to prevent a crime.. How about I get rid of the phone .. I think it is going to be threats to get the phone in my possesion. Then we will go back to why it isn't attempted murder.. (it's the mo, and I noticed all the people moved when the view was blocked by the stripes phones)... I think what I see are real homeless people and then later I will see someone who resembles a homeless person somewhat after a realy bad morning...

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