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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


THe john program

john at the burger king is just a set of instructions... a program if you will... The program claims he was convicted for selling drugs.. A number of them seem like people you would not want in the catholic church because they are sexualy abusive.. Playing devils advocate on not renting to or hiring sexualy abusive people.. I noticed that rents went down at the end of the year for some reason.. I didn't get to talk to anyone but cap one they want new leases to be signed in order to count the renters as income..

Monday, October 29, 2007


ing aproved me....

.... They are telling me they don't include renters as income... That means they aprove into the 20's for income for variable rate loans... Doesn't mean I have the loan... they are pushing variable rate loans with pre-payment penalties.. I don't know if that means they will have loan problems.. they want two paycheck stubs.. They do a max of two units and will not mess with a tri-plex... You would have to go overseas to trade them they are not listed in the u.s.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


small utility to use with fpdoc

This is a small utility to work with fpdoc documentation generator for pascal (included with free pascal).. extend

usage is extend_docs.py original.html file2 heading

the first file is the html file you have started out with

file2 is the text you wish to add to the html

heading is the text that you wish to use as a header for the section

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


nonjustified text library for phoenix ( pascal delphi )

unit phoenix_extended;

uses phxFonts;
type twh = record
heigth : integer;
width : integer;
Fonts : TPHXFontList;

procedure init;
function CenterTextOffset(pchar,cchar : char; fontnumber : integer): integer;
procedure outletter(x,y,fontnumber : integer; c: char);
procedure outline(x,y,fontnumber : integer; outchar: string);


procedure init;

function CenterTextOffset(pchar,cchar : char; fontnumber : integer): integer;
pcharwidth,ccharwidth : integer;
pcharwidth := Fonts[fontnumber].TextWidth(pchar);
ccharwidth := Fonts[fontnumber].TextWidth(cchar);
CenterTextOffset := (ccharwidth - pcharwidth) div 2;

procedure outletter(x,y,fontnumber : integer; c: char);
OFFSET,posw : integer;
OFFSET := CenterTextOffset(c,'W',fontnumber);
posw := (Fonts[fontnumber].TextWidth('W') * x) + OFFSET;

procedure outline(x,y,fontnumber : integer; outchar : string);
loop : integer;
for loop := 0 to length(outchar) do begin;
outletter(x + loop, y, fontnumber, outchar[loop]);

Fonts := TPHXFontList.Create;

Monday, October 22, 2007


how we fight the drug war in corpus christi texas..

,,, We fight the drug war by keeping people up at night in corpus... I was thinking of joining the drug war.. I could wake up 9 or 10 blocks at 3:00 am in the morning... We would find alot of drug adicts then... That is the way the person harrasing me in my apartment fights the drug war.. I am not sure where his neiborhood is though...

Saturday, October 20, 2007


throwing biskets on the ground for homeless people

..... source says... you should make sausage egg cheese through it on the ground and then give it to homeless people.. exc.. exc.. exc.. I could just buy a homeless person a bisket what is up with this and then the attempt at persuasion (I didn't offer to buy a homeless person a bisket or get the homeless person to go to loaves and fishes and am not sure of the homeless person in question)... then he asked me if I read the bible... I did say your one of those people aren't you the ones that want to bankrupt us to build a larado taco.. I am not sure who or what is being mentioned... I have some source code that I was working on in the loby, I need sleep and more time to release it in a couple of days monday is probily when I wan't to polish it up.. Another text library for roguelikes.. seems like the state people are letting the kids stay out insanly late... 3 a.m. and transport home kids nowaday's..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


b4 synth and other amusements

http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=in+b4 definition is amusing in sorta an escilation sort of way... I.e b4 the fbi takes us away in the party van... I take it some people use native instruments as shorthand for ni .. Nation ( of ) Islam

http://www.native-instruments.com/index.php?id=b4ii&flash=0 B4 II (the second version with the twin I's) and 11 tonewheel sets.... see the nov issue of computer music magazine... source unknown although we have been known not to protect our sources... I don't see anything intresting with TerraTec cards that I haven't seen b4..

ready 01/17 babylon by plane... b4 II sounds.....

KOMPLETE 5: (totalling 11 NI-products) $1149 / 999 € (instead of $3069 / 2689 € if bought individually)


stipes enemy list?? sabatoge of the burger king

In order to make an abusive stripes feel good about itself they play devils advocate in a competer next door... It looks and feels like industrial sabotage where they get people inside to bankrupt us and get all the benifit in buisness and maybe the real estate... There are more condo's going up downtown... They have received the orders to move out a bunch of houses by dec 31'st.. this one is closer to waterburger... I would expect it is possible that after the old heb building is done the old heb credit union may be next.. There may be a real estate arbitrage that could work with the local condo market... I.E.. sell your high priced condo and move down here to your lower priced condo and use the cash for something else...

Sunday, October 14, 2007


order to be abusive...

The phone rings and it doesn't ring... the answering machine picks up and it doesn't pick up.... The ringer is turned off and the sound for the answering machine is down to zero... reverse engering that would indicate that the trigger event or the "order" (because they have recieved an order to be abusive by a trigger event that is controlled by a person) must be either through a wire tap or something that is happening on the other side.. I know when there are messages by the sound of the abuse in the apartment in many cases... (If I locate the order to be abusive correctly)....

Thursday, October 11, 2007



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Procedure Color_crt_out_text_rewrite(x,y : integer; textcolor :LongWord;textstring :shortstring);
//This is the same as crt_out_text_rewrite only you choose a color for the text
this overwrites the background it just prints black over the old letter...
If you want to get fancy you would save the background and then write it back.. would be a little slower though



back to index

Procedure crt_out_text_rewrite(x,y : integer; textstring :shortstring);

this overwrites the space with black and it then prints the letter...
If you want to get fancy you would save the background and then write it back.. would be a little slower though.



back to index

function Input_line(x,y:integer):shortstring;

This is a readline function that prints what is typed on the screen and returns the string to the calling function. It reads text until the user hits enter (charecter #13)



return to index

Procedure color_crt_out_text(x,y :integer;textcolor :LongWord; textstring :shortstring);

same as crt_out_text only with a color some extra instructs so a little slower

THis is an attempt to imitate the behavior of the crt unit

x,y is the position in letters not pixels

this is only good the first time..



back to main page

Procedure crt_out_text(x,y :integer; textstring :shortstring);

THis is an attempt to imitate the behavior of the crt unit

x,y is the position in letters not pixels

this is only good the first time because it does not overwrite the charecter


wingraph extended

The purpose of this molule is to provide some extension to make wingraph (pascal graphics library for free pascal) more crt like. Hopefully making pascal (or delphi) the programming language of choice for retro projects. I am using this for a roguelike that I am building but hopefully it has many uses... I am also willing to add other routines and links to this if they are usefull. I may also port the idea to other graphics libraries for pascal if there is an interest (and enough documentation for it.. This page is currently under construction so check back for more details. This small library is available at
wingraph extended extensions and more examples for the free programming library can be posted at dexrow bbs







Usefull sites

Wingraph homepage

swain article on wingraph

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


defeat the three bosses


This is sorta amusing defeat the 3 bosses martina being the last one to win the game... I am sure I have the name wrong but it is a version of my boss...


burger king food typewriter

It is like a food typewriter.. You don't even have to look at the food you know where it is at... This is the second time he has annoyed me the other time it was when he decided he couldn't read... Ya it would be cool if we spent $1000's of dollars for a display that went over the food and told you what you were making... Plus we could have people we work with sabotage it and it would be a pain in the .......... The meat tongs do not go in the stacker sauce and now I have to worry about A) is he trying to get us sued B) did he try to keep us from burning down so someone else could have the building C) This is a again why do you put the meat tongs through saran wrap that we never use on the table twice and then again after I put a plastic lid on it??

back to basics would probably work well for our store plus just getting rid of the double meaning for Italian chicken..


you don't have to stalk dexter you can be cured

http://www.narth.com/menus/cstudies.html They will cure people who have been sexualy abused and other forms of homo mental illness... THere is a school of thought or maybe speech that you can cause homo mental illness by stalking and audio sexual harrasment.. The skanky chick was radio active... in her 60's and radio active skanky mexican chick..

Thursday, October 04, 2007


very still water on the bay..

We seem like the downtown waterburger.... Management doesn't want to talk to the customers anymore they want to get rid of all of them... jessica says there is alot of strange customers at night... jessica is trying to make it look like I am being sneaky or being dishonest about going to the job fair.. I tell her the truth.. To be honest sunshine (I don't call her that but it would have been more dramitac) I am watching what my fellow employees are doing and it looks like at some point we are not going to have jobs because the company goes under... Our customers are putting on the job fair... meaning american bank center and the corpus christi caller times... I believe some of our other employees should be there.. The morning cook is giving to much information about what he wants... It is the word down I think, never say you need a quantity down unless you want them cooked, we didn't cook them though.... He does realy good though..


almost no waves.... You can hear the boats realy well... It is like a song almost.. It gives an intresting background for bird photography and jelly fish will be upside down on the first step of the seawall in just enough water to do there thing.. moving around... You will see crabs on the wall.. drugs drugs drugs I hear in my apartment he is lazy (Italian and not the person I describe as being loconaly roid rage skitizphrania) and he wants people to find drugs for him... I can run some advertisements on my website... Lack of sleep maybe sound doesn't sound normal for me.. I mistook tires for a helicopter that was flying around..


Tuesday, October 02, 2007


science fraud and skitz...

There is some chick with a room for rent $300 no drugs no cigerettes.. It already sounds like a much better neiborhood.. airline and mcardle.. I don't know that it would be an apropreate apartment under the circumstances... $150 and I will sleep in your room and you can rent the other.. It is further than I want to go though since I work downtown..

He is going to extort his way into my apartment because he is fighting a drug war... He is trying to tick me off.. I don't want to insult our customers but it insults him so I say *(*) stays outside you bring a woman over here and you can fight the drug war you claim to be fighting. This is a replay on what I smeared the cops over like ccpd has decided it is going to become the gambinos. If I sleep with a police officer I get a discount on the rent..

science fraud and skitz.... I found a letter I saw in the graphiti... E


stephanie H is only insider trading if it is someone I know you should be in real like tiker H... no screw real life (down 98%)

Monday, October 01, 2007


lawyer sokolov (spelling probily) and heart resteraunt

The government waste hotline and email... I remember mr heart saying that he loves corpus ha ha ha... I am getting harrased and ccpd won't prosicute.... It isn't considered lawyer client privelge in the form if ccpd is embarased about being corrupt... (or if they feel harrased I suspose)... I don't know if the lawyer will get back to me or not but the stalking and audio resembles mental illness and the feds pay for that with insurance money when cops decide that slander is better than enforcement... I would rather go after them with a racketering suit if I keep hearing it and will...

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